Patriotic Duty

In 22 Hours I would be on a C-130 to point’s undisclosed leading a
platoon providing perimeter security to a team of Delta Operators
doing d**g interdiction in NW Peru. Having survived Panama I wasn't
too concerned, except that 3 of my best soldiers, including my weapons squad leader were out on sick call and I'd have 3 FNGs replacing them. I was visiting with an old school friend who lived in Oklahoma City, we spent this night in
Dallas hitting a few spots, it was getting late and we headed to our
last spot for the night "Corvettes" a car themed dance club. My boy
was a regular and had been a star receiver at North Texas, so we got

About 20 minutes after we’d deployed a Fuzzy Navel appeared in front of me!? WTF, I am a Gin and Tonic, Vodka and Cranberry guy most of the time, but never a Fuzzy Navel?! I explained this to waitress, who was a dead ringer for sprinter
Gwen Torrence, and she said, “It’s on the house; the bartender said so,
she wants to do her “patriotic duty"

Does she? Well I decided to do some recon.
The bartender was 23 or 24, a black girl with cat's eyes, a little like a thicker Nia Long and very, very big breasts, A Balcony From Which One Could Perform Shakespeare!™

Her name was Karrina and she was an Army brat and an aspiring stand up, I'd
done some comedy too, so we talked about that for a while and we
talked about Army life.

As closing time approached I dropped a 40 dollar tip, I had about 90
days worth of pay on me and where I was going I wasn't going to have
any chance to spend it. I was about to try to locate CJ when
Karrina grabbed my forearm and said, "Hang out for a while you'll be
glad you did."

So when CJ found me I told him that I had something/somebody I had
to do. So I kept her company as she cashed out, shared out tips,
re-crated stock and logged out of the POS, when was done I asked
her, 'so where are we headed?'

”A little after-hours spot I know”
So where’s your car’
She gave a Mona Lisa smile
“Won’t be needed, give me a sec”
When she returned she and the Gwen Torrence look-alike were in just
bra and panties.
“You don’t mind if Zelda joins us do you?”

The more the merrier.
The 2 of them began kissing and soon I realized that I was unlikely to receive an engraved invitation and should invite myself in. Soon we were all kissing and touching, the women undressed and then undressed me. Both seemed pleased with my sidearm and where sharing it, first Karrina would take the head and
Zelda the shaft and balls, then they’d trade places. Finally I
grabbed Karrina, placed her on a barstool and licked and fingered
her moist, fuzzed, dewiness, sucked at the lips and clit of her sex
orchid while Zelda showed that she was a “head professor.”

After about 5 minutes Zelda started putting a condom on me Karrina
scrambled onto the bar, I knelt on the stool and Zelda got in
position to lap at Karrina’s pussy as I entered her. After about 15
minutes they switched places after we had done this on the bar, pool table
and on top of Ms. Pacman I was about ready to let the juice. I asked
Karrina “can I tit fuck you until I come?

She didn’t speak, but I guess I had my answer when Zelda wet her
cleavage and my dick and placed me in “happy valley” while I
pistoned away Karrina licked the head and Zelda circled behind to
lick my balls, before long I was nearing “raunch launch.” I felt a
strong pulsing and suddenly 4 thick streams of cream hit Karrina in
the chin, neck and chest, and then she and Zelda shared the thick
liquid while kissing.

I was bleery eyed and 1/2 awake when I got back to base but it was worth it!
83% (5/1)
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2 years ago
this was a fun read. =)
3 years ago
My patriotic duty is to take a dump down your military throat....
3 years ago
very good