The Next Time ( Sarah's Story 2)

The next time we got together, when I went to pick her up, she said, “hold on a minute,” and went into her garage. She came out with her son's metal baseball bat, (he was a High School baseball player.) Sarah walked over to the driver’s window and said, "I saw this the other day after we played and thought, “I wonder what this would feel like?" She had a devilish look on her face I said, "bring it and we'll give it a try and bring a baseball too!"

She went back into the garage and came back out , her bag over her shoulder, the bat in one hand, tossing a brand new baseball in the other. As she hopped into the passengers seat she handed me the bat for my closer inspection. This was not a tee ball bat or a softball bat, it was a full size aluminum bat with a rather large barrel! I tossed the bat into the back seat.

Sarah hiked up her jumper and sat tailor seat on the leather bucket seat fondling and tossing the ball. Then she said, "I wonder what we’re going to do with this baseball,” then laughed knowingly. She tossed the ball again and let it fall through her hands. “Oops, “ she teased as the ball went between her legs, (she was not wearing panties.) The bright white ball with red stitching was now resting up against her exposed pussy. She then took my hand and placed it on the ball then rocked her hips forward against it. “OOOO” she cooed, “it feels nice, let’s get out of here!”

We got back to my place and began with the usual preliminaries a couple of cocktails, a little oral, some vaginal and anal fucking. I went out to the kitchen to get some items for our insertion play. When I came back there was Sarah running the taped handle of the bat through her labia and teasing her clit.

“Not yet,” I said. “Yes Sir,” she replied. We began our play with a large cucumber, moving on to various bottles, inserting both the neck and then the bottom end. Sarah loved the hard, cold smoothness of the glass and the girth of the bottle stretching her. With a Corona bottle bottom inserted in her hot wet hole, she took matters into her own hands. She had a firm grip on the bottle’s neck and was fucking herself so hard and deep she brought on a rockin’ orgasm. “ Damn that felt so good,” she exclaimed pulling the bottle out with a pop.

“Wait until you feel this bad boy." I handed her a large butternut squash ( the ones that look like a penis with a large bulb at the bottom). The shaft was thicker than the bottle but not as thick as the bat. She fondled and stroked the shaft of the squash provocatively. So I squirted some lube on the top and she stroked it again coating the entire shaft with the slippery goo. “I’ll bet this feels great,” she said adjusting her ass on the bolster we used to prop her up.

She tried to insert it but it kept slipping. “help me damn it!” she implored. So I positioned the penis like squash at the mouth of her hungry hole , spread her labia with one hand and worked the squash in with the other. “Oh yeah,” she squealed as I drove it deeper, “hell yeah!” “Let me,” she asked and I obliged. Her hands still slippery from the lube she put her hand under the bulbous base of the squash and drove it home. “ “Help me please,” she asked so I grabbed her hands and helped her to her knees the squash held in place by her thighs.

Sarah began to ride that squash bouncing up and down having a good old time. She continued to ride the squash quash while I cleaned and sanitized the bat. Gotta love aluminum, easy to make sanitary and no risk of splinters. For safety's sake I was going to put a condom over the barrel but Sarah stopped me saying, "don't waste a rubber, anyway the cool, hardness is what I am dying to feel!"

She came again and pulled the big vegetable out. Her ride on the squash had her soaked and gaping. “You ready,” I inquired, slapping the barrel of the bat on my palm. “I think so, “ she replied grinning ear-to-ear. I put some lube on the top of the barrel and pointed toward her hot hole and she helped me work it in.

It was amazing to see her clit erect and throbbing her labia stretched around the barrel of the aluminum intruder. I continued to apply pressure watching 6 or more inches disappear into her cavernous hole the printing on the barrel had all but disappeared inside of her, coated with lube and her cum as it slid in and out.

She was groaning and vocalizing,her pleasure twisting her nipples, strumming her clit. Then she said "Help me up,". I slid her to the edge of the bed and with bat still inserted, she got to her feet. She squatted driving the knob of the bat into the hardwood floor and the barrel even deeper, It was amazingly hot to watch her squat down and impale herself on that thick metal bat. She up her full weight on the soles of her feet and drove it to what I thought was an amazing 8 inches (we made a mark with a Sharpie and measured later).

She turned faced the bed got on all fours and implored me to fuck her with the bat. Being a considerate lover a squirted more lube on the bat (not that it wasn't already coated) and fulfilled her request! When I removed the bat she was wet wide and gaping. I could see her cervix swollen and creamy as if opened with a speculum. I couldn't resist I formed the duckbill with my fingers and thumb and slid right into her up to the wrist. The hot wetness was amazing the contractions around my hand were unbelievable.

I pulled out my fist and opened her gaping cunt with both of my hands. The rush of cool air made her shudder and squirt a stream right on me. I laughed as I looked deep inside I could see her g-pot was bright pink and swollen, as was every thing else. Sarah shook her ass looked back at me and smiled. I went to the desk and grabbed the baseball. I pressed the ball against her open hole, already wet with her cum and lube. I was met with a little resistance, the ball turned a bit, but I pressed even harder this time. I heard her gasp as it dove inside.

I inserted a few fingers and began to spin the ball inside of her. “Oh My God,” she cried, “that feels amazing!” Sarah reached back and grabbed her cheeks and spread them. I could see the white of the ball deep inside as she gaped herself. I picked up the bat and inserted the knob and the handle pushing the baseball as far as it could go. She came so hard her knees gave way and there she was tummy on the bolster, baseball deep in her womb, the bat handle still inside quaking from an amazing orgasm.

I began to fuck the handle in and out, when she said, “that’s not fair.” “ Not fair? “ I echoed. I grabbed her around the waist and helped her back to her knees. “Spread yourself again,” I demanded. She reached back and spread herself.” I pulled the bat out of her pussy and pressed the knob against her throbbing rosebud. “Not fair,” I mocked. As I pressed harder I saw her pushing back. “You’re such a butt slut” I derided as I began to slowly fuck the bat handle in and out. “ That’s it that’s it” she said urging me along. When the orgasm hit she expelled the baseball and shot a huge stream of cum from her pussy.

I removed the bat from her ass. Rolled my hand into a fist and punched my way in to her already abused hole. “Oh yeah fist my cunt,” she was a wanton bitch at this point. I pulled out my hand squirted some lube on the baseball and shoved it back in. She rolled over on her back, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand into her wet, wide hole. My fingers reached for the baseball, it slipped and spun inside of her but I was able to get my fingers around it!

She grabbled my wrist again and began fucking herself with my hand holding the baseball. She Tugged on my wrist pulling my hand and the ball almost out then plunging it back in. Her body wrenched, she stiffened and convulsed, it nearly broke my wrist. She came so hard her skin turned into goose bumps, her cum squirted down my forearm, even her ass came.

I pulled my hand out feeling my cock getting ready to explode. Sarah pushed the baseball out of her hot abused cunt. I blew a load of hot spunk all over her body it even hit her face and hair.

When we were done cumming, I handed her a mirror, I watched as she scooped my juices off of her body then licked her fingers. She said, “Wow that must be what it feels like to fuck a horse!" Then laughed devilishly.
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