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An SMS That Changed My Life

I was late for the office that day, in fact, I was late every day!I took my laptop bag and was rushing towards my car. Suddenly, my wife’s cell phone had a message alert that I didn’t care much about. I just said bye to her and zoomed away to the office.

I was stopped by the routine traffic and signals, and in fact, one signal was really more than 2 minutes! Suddenly, my thoughts went around the message alert and started thinking who could that be and just wanted to check it out of curiosity and rang my wife. For a surpris
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The Weekend

Back in high school and college I dated a BBW redhead name Kristen for about 4 years. Her bright orange hair matched her flaming bush. Never seen a more flaming pussy.. She was my first and was always a hot fuck. She had a friend that was a year younger that we always hung around with. Her friend Jenny was a blonde, a little taller, and curvier with large DDD cup tits and great hips.

I always found her attractive, but I never really thought of her as other than my girlfriend's little friend. That changed one weekend night. I was a junior in college at the time, and my girlfriend was a... Continue»
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A Boring summer holiday - Day 2

Both Sam and Jo were woken the following morning by their mother calling up the stairs “I'm off to work I've left a list of chores for you to do don't forget see you this evening. “
About an hour later Sam was woken again. This time by his s****r. Jo kissed him on the forehead and climbed on to his bed.” Morning Sam. Thanks for yesterday it was great fun.”
Sam looked at his s****r she was wearing a floral print nightdress. He had seen it before, not on his s****r but only in the washing. Normally if she was up and still wearing her pjs she was well covered by her robe.
“We'd better get up... Continue»
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My buddies Mom continued,

Please read the first part My buddies Mom to understand the continuality of events. Rachel is the forty-ish mother of my buddy Russell. She is also the mother of Lori, a snotty, cock-teasing sixteen-year-old. But it was Lori who set up the previous events, which allowed me to consummate with Rachel on the foyer floor of their home.

I held Rachel’s hand as she led me up the stairs, watching her bare-naked ass sway from side to side allowing momentary visibility to her slightly swollen cunt lips. With each step, and each sway, something drove a signal from my eyes to my cock. It was unmiti... Continue»
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My Slut Wife TINA does 15 GUYS

(CK. out My PICS. and VIDEOS after the Story = Search Slut Wife Tina)

So there we were Tina and Me, at our monthly business meeting. She sat proudly at the head of the table. She looked great as always in a white blouse, jacket and thigh length black skirt. It had been a particularly hot summer day and, as usual, she was bra-less at this time of the year. As she spoke to the f******n businessmen in the conference room, I could see as her jacket parted, that her nipples were extremely hard. My cock hardened in my pants as I noticed that most of the guys in the room had also spotted h... Continue»
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i had sex with my first cousin, after 20 years sin


Summer of 1987. She moved back to Toronto. My cousins and I and my siblings one night at parents house were watching tv together. I got up, went to my room didn't say anything to anyone. I went to change my shorts. As I was changing my bedroom door opened. There I was half my shorts on, and my cousin her being 2 years older than me watching me change. She wanted to come in, but it didn't happen.

Two weeks later we were at there house, she asked my mom if she could stay a week with us. AFter hours of yes/no from her parents, they agreed to let her come home with us that night. Now my c... Continue»
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Kara's Cuckold Bitch

I reached beneath the hem of my wife's skirt and touched her smooth hairless pussy. She had a fresh Brazilian wax and my fingers quickly found her swollen labia. I broke the seal of her pussy and a flood of liquid goodness quickly covered my hand.

"Can you feel it baby?" Kara moaned as I sank two fingers deep inside her soaking wet cunt. "Can you feel his cum inside me?"

"Yes," I hissed as I pumped my fingers into her cum filled pussy. I was naked and my achingly hard cock bounced violently as I thrust my fingers into her.

"You like it don't you baby?" Kara asked playfully as I finger... Continue»
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by Patrick

I was just into my 22nd year of life, and my final year of College when I met Henry. It was at a dinner party with some friends, and you could say he swept me off my feet or swept into my life like a tornado or knocked me for a loop, or any of those corny things, because it was absolutely true. I was totally and completely overwhelmed. I'd grown up in a small town and my parents were very strict and conservative, and although there had been one or two males in my life since I came to College and I wasn't totally inexperienced, Henry literally blew me away with his charm,... Continue»
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My f****y

Our Daughter's Plan

I watched as Jo put down the bottle, then, with her eyes nearly closed, slowly lowered her head until her lips enclosed Joe's cock, gently sucking until she had swallowed all of it. It was a moment of passion, love, and most of all, a moment of tenderness. You see, Joe wasn't her lover, we weren't swinging or swapping, no, Joe was something special to both off us. He was our son and all this came about because of our daughter. She was sitting beside me in the hot tub, smiling, with her hand on my cock. Liz, along with Jane, had spent a month of scheming and planning, fir... Continue»
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Nephew's panty fetish fuels great sex

This happened quite a few years ago but I thought it was a good story to share today in the light of what happened in our house the weekend just gone.

It all began on a mid-week morning when on coming downstairs after getting dressed for work, my wife, Kath, confronted me holding a pair of bright red lacy panties.
“Is this anything to do with you?” she asked.
I had no idea what she was on about, the knickers were definitely hers so she couldn’t be thinking they belonged to another woman I might be seeing, so what was it?
I shrugged and gave her a quizzical look and simply said sharply, “... Continue»
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Katy Perry Nasty d***k Fuck

Dont ask me how but the other night I managed to get into the VIP section at a new club in the city. I couldnt believe some of the A list celebs that were there and got an instant hard on when i saww my favourite celeb slut Katy Perry was there wearing as usual a very revealing tight outfit that showed off her huge cleavage. She seemed pretty d***k already as she was very loud and stumbling around laughing. I couldnt keep my eyes off her or her cleavage and thought her tits might actually fall out at any moment. She seemed to be annoying everybody with her loud d***ken behaviour and aft... Continue»
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Matt and His Teacher enjoying a naughty detention

Jenny Murray was 24 years old. She had 34D breasts, not huge, but she didn’t want to seem to appealing to students, so she just wore a plain white bra, a loose white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a knee-length skirt with a small slit down the side, and her hair tied up in a loose bun, with a couple of stray locks, and she was proud of her physique and she knew that several of the later year boys found her attractive from the occasional glances and peeks when she bent down. Fresh out of finishing training to become a Biology Teacher, still on various courses on school holidays. She began he... Continue»
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Caught Again by s*s

Well, if you read my last story you know that I like to go around home naked, when I'm alone. I've always been way to scared to let anyone in the f****y see me, except for that one time when I got caught by my s****r and her friends.

Mom and dad were going to be out of town for the weekend, leaving Friday night after work and coming home Sunday night. They told me I could stay alone if I wanted to,but my s****r (Stephanie a.k.a. Steph) was going to stay at one of her friends house starting on Friday. I liked the idea, home alone and naked for the weekend, what could be better?

I go... Continue»
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An Evening With A Beautiful Woman And Her Cock

An older man finds an older woman and her cock at a Spanish class.

With winter coming to an end I was taking a class in conversational Spanish at the senior citizens centre because I planned to travel to Spain or Mexico next year. The people in the class were about my age, 60 to 70. I was fortunate enough to sit beside possibly the most attractive woman in the class. Unlike the others she dyed her hair a bright red and, come snow or sleet, she always wore a dress. For a number of classes we worked together trying out our poor Spanish until we could both ask where the toilet was, or order a... Continue»
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White Bride's Horny Moon of Hell

my name is Jenny, and I am nineteen years old. I come from a good f****y and was one of those girls that was raised right. I guess it is a little ironic that I kept myself pure all while I grew up only to have it taken so filthy from me on the very night of my wedding which was suppose to be the start of my lifetime of respectability.

It was still worth it to me that I stayed pure until my weeding night and earned the right to wear white for my walk down the aisle though. It pleased me how everyone said I was such a pretty bride. My mother let me wear her dress. I guess it was my great gran... Continue»
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A Familiy's Taboo Story

This is my first erotic story so please comment.

Was requested by a girl from my friend list who is into this stuff.


Back many years ago I though I had a normal f****y and I had a normal everyday sex life with my beautiful wife. Though we were married at 18 after graduating from high school and she became pregnant with out first son.


My wife becomes pregnant with our fourth c***d.... Continue»
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A night turns into glory hole fun

I had just broken up with my girlfriend of two days. She just decided to up and leave one day and wasn't exaclty nice about it. She ended up cleaning out our entire apartment. In an attempt to cheer me up a few good friends decided it'd be a good idea for me to get out and have a couple of drinks. After a while of pounding them back I decided to just head out and drive home.

As I was driving home I passed a run down looking sex shop. My d***k curiosity got the best of me and I decided to wander in. After wandering around for a while I came to the pay to wacth porn booths. Figuring I wasn't ... Continue»
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Detention affair

I was working as an aide to a development center for the local school district. It was called a development center but in reality was a special school for students with behavior problems that the regular schools didn't want to deal with. The grades ran from 6th through 12th with most of the students being in high school. My job included various tasks from answering the phone to making copies to even helping out with the lesson plans of the teachers. My third year there a new policy was implemented in that after school detention was now allowed for the students involved in minor problems. Usual... Continue»
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Shemale Stewardess Seduction

Please note that this story is not written by me! It was stored in my computer for a long time now and decided to share it with you. The author's name as well as the site I found the story are not known...

My introduction into the sultry, steamy world of shemales came (and I mean came!) at 35,000 feet, on a plane flight to the Northwest.
I had been working myself to the bone, staying until ten or eleven at night, coming back in at six o'clock in the morning, and I guess the stress was visible. My boss, Terry, a very pretty, sexy lady (who I later found out was a hot-bod t... Continue»
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A mothers mistake 9

Chapter 9

As had happened a lot lately, Chris was in a daze the next morning when he got up. He knew what happened last night wasn't a dream... it had been unbelievable, but not a dream. For the first time, he found that he felt guilty. It almost seemed that he had taken advantage of his mother. She had obviously had too much to drink last night and he could have stopped things before they went too far. Unfortunately, he hadn't had the moral character and now he feared that his mother would somehow hate him.

These thoughts were running through his mind when he came down to breakfast... Continue»
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