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Story Requested by an old GF

Josh was floating with his back to B&B when he heard the back screen door open. He turned around in and saw Debbie and V walking across the back lawn to the creek. "Damn," he thought, " busted skinny dipping. Now how am i supposed to get out of the water with them there." Debbie had made V wrap a towel around her shoulders, having convinced her on the run down the stairs that jogging across the lawn topless toward a man then had know for all of 60 minutes may not be a great idea. V had taken her advice but a semi close look would have revealed her tanned stomach and the hint tan lines from the... Continue»
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Male spanking #5

Last week before I left Cam's house he asked me what my shoe size was, nine and a half I replied and then asked inquisitively why he wanted to know that, oh you will see next week he said, I have a surprise in store for you. Well a week later I still had no idea what he had in mind but would soon find out as I drove up the long driveway to his house.

Cam greeted me at the door in what was becoming his normal routine, a short tight T shirt, running shoes and nothing else, and of course a fully erect cock. Before I could even say hello he directed me into the bedroom and said to put ... Continue»
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The Quest (Chapter 8 Conclusion)

Chapter VIII

The Man - When the final hour has come Maria enters the room. I smile at her. I kiss A and then turn to Teresa.

"Hang in there girl. I know you can do this, even though you may not know that yourself." A kiss on the forehead - all covered with sweat - and I leave to get dressed.
Maria - you believe this must be her - releases your retraints and signals A to hold your hands behind your back and take you the bathroom, where you are washed down, swiftly and thoroughly. Ropes are tied to your wrists and you feel the two women lead you through the hall and outside. Y... Continue»
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Despite their enthusiastic response and the immediate effect on their sex
life, Ben and Jeff needed some time before they could discuss what had
happened with Craig. It had been an old fantasy they were happy to have
realised but it remained dangerous, given how close friends they were with
Craig. At least, this is how Jeff, more rational than Ben, saw things.

Later on the same week, they met Craig by coincidence when eating out.
When Craig left his table to use the restroom, Ben followed him as he
didn't want to miss the chance to have a quick chat with him.

- Listen, I just w... Continue»
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The woman in your life

The woman in your life

No offense guys hehe

Tomorrow you may get a working woman, but you should marry her with these facts as well.

Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are; Who is earning almost as much as you do;

One, who has dreams and aspirations just as you have because she is as human as you are;

One, who has never entered the kitchen in her life just like you or your s****r haven't, as she was busy in studies and competing in a system that gives no special concession to girls for their culinary achievements.

One, who has lived and loved her parents & b... Continue»
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The Last Cigarette

The Last Cigarette
The long, silver package sits on the bed beside her, zippo resting on top. She lifts the package, rolls it onto its side, lifts it, and rolls it again. It revolves as methodically as her mind, rotating back to the same thoughts again and again.
She opens the pack; only one smoke remaining. She glances at the clock; enough time to get out later, but now she’s focused on enjoying one thing. She jiggles the pack until the white filter of the cigarette pokes out above the opening. She quickly grasps it in her teeth and slides out the long, white smoke. The zippo chimes ... Continue»
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Daydream Quickie

In and out my tongue dances inside her, making her squirm with each passing lick.. She lays on her back for me on the black furry blanket, her body glistening from the flickering candles on either sides of the headboard. I am drawn to her; her beauty, her soft silky touch, the warmth of her aroused body, and the a****l inside which begs me to tease her into submission before fucking the last remaining innocence from her soul. Her pussy tastes so good, and my saliva drips down her lips into the crack of her ass, which I tease with the tips of my finger. My other hand rubs her breasts, grasp... Continue»
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Knightly Affections III

Upon the fifth day of ceremonies and solemnity to honor the fallen heroes of the Allied kingdoms, the remembrance celebrations concluded. Prince Daniel, eager to return to his duties as chief historian and royal archivist, (and also to ‘restore company’ with Sir John), bid his compatriots adieu and mounted his faithful steed, Oroboros. Sitting upright with the authority befitting his station, straight backed and chest out, a solid but gentle grip on the reins and his feet planted firmly in the stirrups, the Prince was a master of equestrian skill. Oroboros, (a gift from Sir John), who possess... Continue»
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The Seduction

Imagine you're standing, dressed in a silky slip with stockings and
suspenders.  The silk clings to your body highlighting your breasts
and curves.  You close your eyes.  Slowly you feel my breath inches
away from your face.  I start to kiss your cheek, your forehead,
your closed eyes then... gently... your lips.  Then I move on to
your neck, nibbling at your skin.  Simple, sensual kisses.  I
slowly lift my hand to your waist and caress your body lightly.  My
hand moves under your slip and in small strokes I search out your
breasts.  Gently I touch your nipples, just enough to s... Continue»
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Sitting in a sexy outfit, I open up my mind. My g-string teddy is so comfy, my light purple bra underneath helps me feel feminine.
Most exciting are my bright red 5inch high heels. They feel so good on my feet, better than I ever imagined. Size 12 special order, I love them.
I am getting used to wearing them, and learning how to walk in them.

I so much want to wear them out in public. Drive somewhere I don’t usually go, put my heels on in the car and go for a walk. Maybe go to a shopping centre, walk around and enjoy the rush of wearing high heels in public dressed as a man, enjoy the l... Continue»
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part 2 of slutty annes adventure

Chapter 2
Broke the Ice, were it leads....
Into there game a few kinky dares, were done a few truths told. Alan asks the group shall we move on and call this games quits. Yeah babe Micha agrees and Brandon suggests going inside to cool down. In side we go after I help ya put these chairs back, ill meet ya inside , ok daddy micha says as she closes the door. So b*o how amazing was that? Brandon had a huge smile and said it was chill, what now, Alan told him to hold on as they worked a deal. Ill take it further to the next base between you two if it counts as your b-day present, and you s... Continue»
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my fantasy...16

when i wake in your bed
after such a long absence
i turn my head 2 see u sl**ping beside me
& as i slowly roll over on2 my belly
i can feel the squishy & gooey sensation
of last night's liberal loads of your seed
still deep inside my aching anal passage...
as i mentally re-live the long & hot night be4
i moan softly 2 myself in lustful satisfaction
& my crotch involuntarily presses downward
grinding my hardening cock in2 the mattress
as i reach back 2 caress my tender opening...
as i slip a fingertip in2 the cleft of my ass
& press my knees wider apart on the bed
i feel u move... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – So little time

The next few days just disappeared as if they didn't exist. No matter what we did time flew bye. We even tried to recreate some of the things we had already done. Even a visit to the Secret Cove. But when we got to the place where we left the car last time there was already a car there. I went down to check the shelf and there was a rock on it. It was as if something was telling us our time was up. Neither of us wanted our time here to end. If we could just stay, but we knew that wasn't going to happen. Even making love wasn't the same. We both wanted to please e... Continue»
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Ja i mój penis

Dumą i troską każdego faceta jest jego penis. Męskość: wszyscy o tym rozmawiają, wszyscy faceci zastanawiają się czy wielkość ma znaczenie. Czy ich penis nie jest zbyt mały, zbyt krótki, itd... Kobiety, choć większość oficjalnie zaprzecza również zwracają uwagę na wielkość - choć podobno tylko obwód jest ważny. Ja tego nie wiem - moja żona nie narzeka.
Przedstawiam Wam poniżej mojego członka [Ze szczególną dedykacją dla Kasi]:

fotki mojego penisa

Ale, choć moje Kochanie dba o niego mocno, zarówno rękoma, językiem jaki ustami; czasem jak każdy facet mam ochotę zrobić to samemu...Nieste... Continue»
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The Dark Side

I’d been going down the same pub for about 2 years, but had never really noticed her !! She was tall 5’10” with long ginger hair, it looked like she had nice long slender legs under the baggy jeans she always worn. She also used to wear baggy tops as well, as if she was trying to hide her body away !!
Anyway I was talking to one of the lads at the bar one day and he told me she was a lesbian !! But I could tell she was not all she made out ! I thought to myself I was try and see if I can fuck this sexy thing. It all started on Good Friday, I was in the pub from opening time and was drinking ... Continue»
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I talked her into this!

I talked her into this!!!

She looked down at her smartphone and read the text she had just received. Smiling she began replying to the sender. Her husband sat anxiously in the driver seat of their car as she squirmed in the passenger seat replying to the sex text.
“Is that him?” her husband enquired.
Continuing the text message she replied.
“Yes that’s him and he’s giving me the address of the apartment I’ve to meet him at”.
Her husband was now resigned to the fact that his faithful wife was about to allow a different cock enter her body and basically do whatever the owner wanted and he... Continue»
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For Buff_boi07

Another hard day at college completed for Alex was tinged with the excitement of Beth and the gang coming over to get smashed that evening.Alex had had a crush on Beth for as long as he could remember. Only recently had she moved into his social circle, allowing him to get closer to him. Alex's dad worked away and his mum was visiting his grandparents, so the nest would be free for him to make his move.
Tom, Jim & Dan turned up nice and early. They brought some sweet tunes and added to Alex's stash of Strongbow with a slab of Stella. By the time Beth and Abbie turned up, the mini p... Continue»
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Freewill 504: Pary 4

Freewill 504: Mardi Gras
By: Chris A

I absently sipped at my beer and tried to pay attention to the television, but the last thing I wanted to do was watch TV. I could hear the shower running in the background, and I only hopped that Kim would hurry up and get ready. Cathy had called half an hour ago and said that she and Beth would be over in 45 minutes which wasn't going to leave me much time to get ready. I knew it was a mistake to let Kim go first since she was notoriously slow when it came to getting ready, but she was persistent. There was a knock on the door which proceeded Kim anno... Continue»
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Saints Row Gangsta- Tomisha Jackson part 2

Saints Row Queen Tomisha Jack Vs the Ghost
By lilguy
Tomisha runs a foul with a Russian mob.

Tomisha Jackson was called many things. She was called a hero, rebel, villain, Anti-hero, nympho, gangster bitch among other things. She was also referred to as one of the most dangerous criminals and Saints Row. She was a king pin who took out any gang who got in her way and rage a war against a crooked Corporation know as Altor. Her battle sent bl**d and bullets through the streets in the Orgy of sex and v******e. When the dust was settled she was a rich woman and the top mo... Continue»
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mail between me and my owner Nigel


My Nigel,
I was one week working in Dubai. I did 2 ****s in one week. One **** takes over 14 hours and so many man did abuse me. Mostly Arabs who ****d me bare. Because I sold myself as an old used slut there was no way back. Now I'm back in Ankara an lay all day near the pool. Only a few man fuck me. Not so many. So I feel already netter. But I also liked to be ****d. So they asked me back in Dubai. I seemed to be a good whore.
Your old bitch deedraa (feeling so abused)

8:56 am, August 8 nigeblue

would love to be abusing all your holes right now and making you feel so Used ... Continue»
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