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A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster Pt.10

As my tentacles began to drink from big s*s’s new and improved tits, the ones plugging my own finally released. The pressure did not go away, my nipples not spilling a drop to my initial disappointment. They had grown again from the volume they now held, now about as big as Mommy’s, and I could feel the weight had significantly jumped from the thickening of the milk. I quickly got up again, pulling my soon to be breeding s****r from the floor. She seemed hurt that I had stopped her from gobbling up my kitty’s juice, but seemed to forgive me when I pushed her head to my chest.

Her lips... Continue»
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Frankie & Ian meet a couple

Frankie & Ian meet a couple

Frankie and Ian had gone out for a meal in a local restaurant and while there met a couple Chris and Danny and they had all got on like a house on fire. Chatting easily and having fun in each other’s company.

Before they knew it they had spent the night in the restaurant and it was time to leave, as they got up to leave, they were saying their goodbyes and agreed to keep in touch swapping numbers with each other.

Ian asked the restaurant to order them a taxi and when they said where they were going Danny and Chris only lived a couple of streets away so the... Continue»
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untitled contd.

Had they been looking outside their windows it would have been virtually impossible for anyone in that neighborhood to identify what was happening to the woman who lived at 1368. But I doubt they were watching anyhow because I heard no mention of the a*****ion on the police scanner inside the van. It was inside the van, however, when the day really became strange.... Continue»
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Succubus Meal Catcher(Part 1)

(btw this is all fictional,just a creation and inspiration)
It all started with a little note,
And it said "Meet me in the alley,Love your mystery friend" I quote,
Curious and anxious, reading it over as I looked,
I made my way to the alley,with my gun under my shirt,

Mystery friend,had a lovely face,
A body that looked a succubus that will drain your soul if given a taste,
Letting my guard down I say "Hi",
"Are you the one,who told me to drop by"

She didn't respond,only gazed,
Her darting eyes towards me left me amazed,
I asked again,and all she said was move closer,
Soon i wa... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 13

Three weeks after the party, I finally met my Mother-in-Law.

She came to the house to bring Kim the papers she had left there for the city officials to fill out for us to get married according to Military Regulations.
Kim, knowing I had to go to Saigon, some 75 miles away, came to the gate and asked one of the MPs to call me on the phone and let me know she was there.

I arrived at the gate and asked what was wrong. Kim NEVER bothered me at work. She pulld the papers out of her purse and showed me what she had. We were both happy to have them because now I had to take them to the ... Continue»
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How do you solve a problem like Maria pt 8

“ How do you solve a problem like Maria”?
Chapter eight

There was a time in the history of man when women and girls were never consulted about anything of importance.
Wives and daughters, servants and lower classes did as they were told .
Mothers had some power over their own c***dren but the final say was at the complete discretion of the man of the household.
This was even more so when that man was a Baron or “Ritter” of the Austrian Empire.
A man such as George Ritter von Trap had such power beyond question.
... Continue»
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my fantasy...39

when i hear u shut off the water in the shower
i slide quickly from the bed
& then meet u at the door...
" u wanna fuck me in the ass... don't u ?? "
i ask
" u wanna stick this thing deep in my ass... don't u ??
u wanna fuck my tight ass full of cum... don't u ??? "
as i press u up against the door
& slide a hand down your body
& grip the shaft of your fat cock...
u still don't say a word
but i can tell from the look in your eyes
that u want it as much as i do...
i just whisper
" let's go fuck !!! "
i lead u through 2 the living room
& then bend over the back of t... Continue»
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The look on his face, standing in the doorway dripping with raindrops.. He had came for one thing, to profess his love to her. Too long had he stood by, idly waiting for some moment, any moment to present himself. For months he dreamed of an encounter, daydreamed ways to say how he felt, and minutes a day thinking about the things she and he would do, if he should ever get her alone. He wanted her in the worst way. Now he stands, looking at her and saying the things that are on his mind, hoping for an outcome that proved worthy in his favor. What he didn't realize, is that it was her favor too... Continue»
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Frankie & Ian Sex Game Part 2

Chris held out six straws in her hand and asked each to pull one to decide who went first, explaining the first cards would all be light until everyone had had two go’s each and then they could be medium or hard.

The short straw got to go first and the rest followed in size upwards until the longest was last.

Once they had all pulled a straw Chris held the final one out and measured against the rest, Ian had pulled the short straw, next the all selected a game piece, Ian selected a boob, Frankie selected a set of balls, Cathy selected the cock, Dave selected lips, Chris selected a pussy ... Continue»
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That Duck was Pissed Parts 1 & 2

That Duck Was Pissed!
Part One

Wetzel, a popular high school friend of mine and me use to set together in class and although I had, had the boyhood exploration, experimental gay attraction encounters when I was in grade school, I was never! in lust with anyone like I was with Wetzel.
Wetzel was a comedian, very energetic and one hell of a looker. He had honey brown hair that he kept so clean that you could count every gleaming strand. His facial features were smooth and delicate and very! attractive---he had that innocent little boy look that I loved ... Continue»
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Kent held his book in one hand and sc****d dirt off the side of his sneaker with a stick he held in the other. Deciding to read his assigned chapter on a bench in front of the English building on the nicest day of the year was a big mistake, Kent thought. Waaaaaaaaaaay too easy to get distracted out here.

A deep purr caught Kent’s ear and grew louder as an old pick-up truck rounded the corner and slid into one of the student parking spaces. Dried mud was splattered across the entire truck like it was a mobile Jackson Pollack canvas. Kent trained his eye on the vehicle as the driver’s door ... Continue»
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Powell Redhead

As i said in the subject my favorite color is red, doubly so when it comes to red heads.

And red heads it what this story is about. The first time i ever had sex in public was at Powell's books. I was wondering around the fantasy section, then there she was, a D cup thin legged red head, hot as could be, wearing skinny black jeans, and a white tank top and push up bra. She followed the Portland puck scene a bit because from where I was standing i could see that her nipples were pierced. When I got behind her, pretending to look at the books in front of her I could see down her shirt at tho... Continue»
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Laura and I meet - Part 1


For now this is a work of fiction. When it comes true we shall let you know :P
I met laura online a while back and we talked but i was always horny. one night whilst wanking i asked to see her tits and i blew my load straight away! the same the second time too. 36D tits with perfect round and hard nipples made me cum!, then she showed her pussy in pictures and i came again, she makes me cum first time every time! One night on webcam she bent over and showed her little pink asshole and pussy together, both covered in a slight fuzz of pubic hair, and once again i came but not too fas... Continue»
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SB1 part 2

Sugarbaby 1 part 2
So the next week I make arrangements to meet up with my new "sugarbaby". I am excited to get to fuck her since we only had oral last time. We are going to get a room...until, I get a text from her that says she got her period...I tell her I was really looking forward to fucking her so she replies that she could suck my dick some more....well, since I have been bj depraved for most of my life I am ready...she needs me to pick her up and we go back to my vacant office space. I brought her a present this time, cause well, Im a good daddy. This time she is wearing tiny booty ... Continue»
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A Weekend of Pleasure and Pain – Part 2

You struggle to walk down the few steep steps in your heels and go slowly in the poor lighting. I can't think about anything else but your naked ass, the smell of my cum dripping out of your holes, and my insatiable desire to slap it hard. I refrain though, because I know you're entering sensory overload mode again and that's exactly where I want you. I know your heart is racing as I walk you toward the cargo centre’s control booth.

It's a fair size, a little over 2 meters tall and about 3 meter across and 3 meters long though you have to weave between the 3 seats and the ben... Continue»
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she put my hand down her top and placed it in her bra i played with one her tits she un did my zipper and pulled my nob out of my boxers and started wanking me i was gettin harder with ever stroke mmmm oh yeah she placed it in her mouth and started sucking .. her friends shouted across bus r u enjoying the cock haha she shouted back yeh it tastes nice u wanna go ...she sucked me harder i took my hand off her tit and grabbed her by her hair and pushed her down on my throbbing cock with spit off her rolling down my steady hard shaft u dirty fucking bitch she just got her breath back and sed i kn... Continue»
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Liz Comes Back for More

It was two days after the 'massage turned fuck' session that Liz called and asked me to meet her at a hotel bar that afternoon. I thought her request was a little strange, but I wasn't about to turn her down. In the shower, my cock grew hard at the thought of our last get-together and I wanted to jack-off, but not knowing what to expect at our meeting, I held off. I put on a pair of boxers, then changed my mind and decided on just a pair of walking shorts - the kind that as long as I stayed soft, were quite modest, but if I got aroused, I'd poke out along the leg.

I got to the bar before Li... Continue»
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Theatrical … 2

You remember at the end of “Theatrical” how I told you that I had not seen the guy from the theatre since he fucked me in the disabled toilets and how much he meant to me, how I had been looking out for him, well!! I’ve seen him again,…… yes!!, in the city with his wife, I was walking through one of the arcades and I spotted him in front, he is really easy to notice because he is so tall, well my heart stopped when I realised it was him but then I thought “how can I make him see me, maybe he has been looking for me, I have got to make him see me, make eye contact” so I turned... Continue»
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Camel Whipped

CAMEL WHIPPED. Writer: David (This story was illustrated at the member's area)

The beautiful naked blonde hung on the whipping tripod used for public whippings in this arab country.

The tripod was placed on a 3 meter high platform so that the crowd could view the whipping.

Her legs were spread wide apart and she hung slightly inclined so that her tits hung freely .

It was midday so the sun was at its peak.

Christine Jones was the name of the blonde before she was captured by this band of nomads in the

year 1876.

Now she was the property of Shiek Omar who she had ins... Continue»
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Wild Calls

It was late on a Saturday night when I came home from the bar. You’d stayed home because you were feeling unwell. I’d had more than a few drinks and was wishing you were waiting in my bed instead of in your own bed, sl**ping.
I decided that since I couldn’t be with you, I’d send you a dirty voice mail instead. Your phone rang twice before the answering machine picked up.
“Hey. Can’t come to the phone. Leave me a message.”
After the beep, I put on my best sultry voice and said, “Hey baby, I know you’re sl**ping, but I wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you all night . In fact, my pu... Continue»
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