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A Slash Series Special 2

Title: A Slash Series Special (2)
Rating: NC17
Note: Crossover between the Ian Somerhalder Slash Series and Steven R. McQueen Slash Series

I was just minding my own business while at the local bar.

Well... was I really?

I was in the mood for sex.

Lots of it.

So dressed in a white tank top and tight blue jeans I thought I could take on the world.

Women would be very disappointed if they knew my real preference and I wasn't worried telling them.

Nope, not one bit.

I didn't care if they would think 'wow that is one hot body' and then find out that I didn't swing th... Continue»
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Love poem for Nikki

Her face so bright, her eyes so wet,
I love to taste her sweat you bet.
I lick the tears, I taste the salt,
She make my heart beat, from beat to hault.

I place my tongue to her lips,
My hip to her hips,
She hugs me tightly,
From my love she sips,

I love her dearly, she loves me too,
I need her dreary, she loves me true.
She is older, much more than I.
I her master, till she does up and die.

I kiss her, nothing being held back,
She loves my kiss, and kisses my lips so black.
She melts, I melt to her body so fine,
Make me wonder, How the Nikki became mine.

I push my love ... Continue»
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The Job Interview - Part 4

The Shower with Charlie
You need to read the Gym session to get all of this… Paddy

I was woken by Charlie rubbing my shoulder, incessant,” Wake up, wake up! We are late and the Mistress does not like to be kept waiting.” I looked it was 10 to 7. I was so exhausted after yesterday. My cock was pleasantly sore from the Mistress’ attentions, fucking Alex and from the ministrations of Charlie at the Gym. Her face was now so close I reached up and give her a languid French kiss. She responded in kind, whispering in my ear “I know Johnny, you are very hot, but we will have to play next ... Continue»
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The Quest (Chapter 5)

Chapter V

The Man - I stand in the hallway and decide to go outside into the garden for a while. The evening is a friend. It is already dark and the breeze is cool. I sit by the pool, number two brings me a bite to eat and a glass of wine. She's a treasure. In the moonlight I see her eyes glow. I smile and kiss her forehead before she disappears again. I look up at the stars, sip my wine and light a cigar, let the smoke curl through my mouth and escape again through my nose, tasting the dark, sweet Brazilian tobacco. My mind replays today's video. Image by image, carefully analy... Continue»
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Road To The World Title Prologue

It was always a fetish of mine. I love female wrestling since 2005. I have had fantasies about being in the ring against females for awhile. So when Vanessa has been in an adult league I was intrigued to learn more. I am 19 years old and a current college student studying in the general studies program. Vanessa is the same age as me she is 5'3" tall, has 42DD sized breasts, her black hair down to her shoulders, and wearing a black one piece top, a skirt along with calf high boots.

She started to talk about this new found league.
"I couldn't believe it when someone told me, Babe" Vanessa sa... Continue»
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Hotel Sex

You im me and tell me to meet you at a hotel. You then tell me to bring my toys and come prepared for a night of fun. I start asking you for details but you will not tell me any. All you will tell me is "be ready for me.". I become wet at the thought of what we might do together. I reach down and rub my pussy under my shorts then my panties feeling how truly wet I am. I can tell I'm already soaked. I rub my pussy some more telling you on the im. Reading that makes your cock get hard quickly and you start stroking thinking of getting my pussy around you. You tell me that you are masturbating to... Continue»
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Sexin' My Ex aka Doin' Time

The thing about Hilo is that it, like most of the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, got

balls friggin’ hot during the summer. Which was good, because it meant all of the

local slutbags showed off their bronzed skin and jiggly bits with fewer and fewer

articles of clothing. If you went out to the beach you would see sexy girls in string

bikinis rubbing oil down their long toned legs. If you really wanted to get your perv

on, if you went in the morning you could catch them running, which was nice

because then you could see the chicks sweat and bounce with each hard, ... Continue»
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Chinese Pussy for Indian Cock

Sharon and I met on an adult website catering to people who want to explore sexual liaisons with likeminded individuals of the opposite sex . It was just a few weeks ago that I glanced upon her profile which had a very sensual picture of her posing naked in a sensual pose in her shower.

The lines of her body caught my eyes. She is slender, sensually !! Her pose in that profile picture is perhaps the most arousing but not of the vulgar type. It has poise, it has class and it has a compellingly carnal effect on any person who looks at her picture. In my case, I had an instant hard on that I n... Continue»
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Harriet Potter

Harriet Potter and the ring of fire pt 1

Harriet Potter was just 19 just like her very best friend Hermione Parker.
They were by far the naughtiest girls in Cockington , a small town in the county of Dorset. The entire town seemed to consist of naughty girls and just a few naughty boys . Harriet and Hermoine were by far the naughtiest of them all.
Like all “HP’s they were very saucy indeed.
The headmaster of their school was at his wits end as to what do with them .
He wanted to expel them but there was no other school for th... Continue»
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Theatrical …….4
This story is called theatrical because of how I first met my friend, if you haven’t already done so I would suggest reading that series first.
I woke the following morning still tingling from the previous night’s activities, I reached out sideways across the bed and found nothing, I looked around and there was no sign of my friend, then I heard the sound of the shower and breathed a sigh of relief, I had lost contact once before after he turned my world upside down, I had no intention of letting that happen again, I was prepared to do anything to hold on to him no matter wha... Continue»
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Sex Before Christmas

Ben and Julie fall for each other in pub.

It was late December, Christmas was close, and Ben was in the partying spirit. Every given opportunity Ben was down the pub getting absolutely leg-less. All of Ben’s mates went down the pub, including all the various girl friends he had accumulated over the years, except that is for Sophie. Since that night when Ben took her innocence, Sophie had turned into a bit of rebel.

She and Ben continued to have sex every so often (whenever her parents went to bridge), they experimented a lot, from being a shy little girl, Sophie had turned into an absol... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 11)

...and I feel my arse start to close back to normal. "Please massage my hole" I ask and my Master puts 1 or 2 fingers inside me and gently massages my arse to give me some comfort. I roll over on my back and my Master lays in my arms and we kiss tenderly as I know I have pleased my Master and we share a special love.

Chapter 11.

We lay together for about 20 minutes just holding each other and occassionally kissing tenderly. My Master looked at me and said "Your arsehole stretched quite big". "I know", I said "I could feel it and it hurt a bit but got a bit better after".
He said "I w... Continue»
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Macy's Blog: Hot New Friends

Well, I’ve found some southern friends. Two friends (separate) that I plan to continue to fool around with while I’m down here for another month. I meet Troy last night for dinner, then followed him back to his house… way out in the country! He lives a bit far and smokes, but has a nice big cock so it’s worth the drive at least a couple more times.

We were at the bar in the restaurant and I had an extra pair of black lacy panties in my purse. I told Troy to go to the bathroom and put them on – I was wearing a matching pair. He came back to his chair very happy with my panties stretching ov... Continue»
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My sexual fantasy of Carol Vorderman. Part 2 Carol landed on the bed her big saggy breasts flopped around rippling as John jumped upon them with his mouth and began sucking and nibbling on the nubs of her nipples. I watched amazed as Carol moaned and rolled her eyes back and writhed her body up starting from her hips. She was groaning loudly and eventually John stuck his fingers in her mouth for her to suck on and shut her up before throwing his lips onto hers kissing her passionately to stop her groans, but they just increase as she writhed her body even more as I grabbed her thigh that was dressed in stockings. I ran my hand unde... Continue»
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My Leggings Fetish Narrative

So, I have a leggings fetish?

I simply annot help it. They drive me crazy, and it does not help given how popular they currently are. I constantly walk around in a state of tortured arousal, daydreaming of what I would get up to with every woman wearing them I see!

Black, have to be my favourite, the more sheer the better. Having said that, any colour is fine, and if they're revealing a perfect arse or camel toe....I'm really splitting hairs over the colour by that point!

Perhaps the following will help convey just what seeing a nice pair of legs in leggings does to me. I hope it gets... Continue»
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The Hostage Chapt 5 (end)

Trevor and Martin started their jobs, and Janina resumed her role of being
a stay at home mom. For a month it seemed that they could lead a normal,
peaceful life. The black car still cruised the neighborhood, and still
parked discreetly a short distance from their house. The men even began to
venture out in the evenings, and they made some friends in the gay
community. They had their favorite watering holes, but never stayed out
late. They still feared for Janina's safety.

One day the inevitable happened. Trevor covered a disturbing story. SWAT
teams had raided an apartment ... Continue»
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Lisa to Liz part 2

Well when Jim called told me what Liz had told him frist thing I said was who the hell is Liz? He explaned that Lisa was his wife but when she wanted my cock she was Liz. I started to try to make sure that my friend was ok whit all this but unknow to me the phone was on speaker and she yelled that it did not matter if he cared cause he was the reason it all started in the frist place. This was a lot for me to handle I told them I would come to there house tomorrow and talk about it.

After I hung up I started to think she was right it was his idea but, he was also my friend for all... Continue»
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Part 4

After my close call with the police from across the country, I was more careful for a while. I knew what would happen if I got caught again. But just like any addict, it is only a matter of time before you want to do it again. I started jerking off outside in wooded areas more often and avoiding more public areas. Then I got sent to another job across the country for a week. This time I was with three other guys and we had one car. I did manage to break away each night and go for a walk. I would walk over to a certain "super center" store, and look for downblouse shots. It's also funny some of... Continue»
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avoiding ejaculation for weeks to get totally arou

Enjoy delaying ejaculation as long as possible for maximum pleasure! This can involve avoiding ejaculation for weeks to get totally aroused, incredibly horny. Then begin slowly caressing, repeatedly stopping just shy of ejaculation. Let the penis calm down a minute or two to safely avoid cumming. Keep repeating this cycle. Now I'm fully erect, extremely ready for you...

Eventually, if desired, the cum explodes with a powerful orgasm. Or, just STOP, get dressed, and see if it can wait until tomorrow...... Continue»
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Nicki Minaj - I love her horny song lyrics

Sex in the Lounge

Sit that pussy on my bottom lip
And after that you know we gotta switch
My house so big that bitch came with a lobby
We didn't use a rubber but I came on her body
I lay her down and kiss her neck
Talk dirty to her
Like I get that pussy wetter than a dirty sewer
Fuck you mean tunr around and bust it open for me
Get on that dick and get that money
Go oprah for me
All you girls don't like me cause they know you love me
But if you scared go to church it's open sunday
I d-dig in that pussy
That's what I found
Tunechely and nick
Sex in the lounge

Sex in ... Continue»
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