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Harriet Potter

Harriet Potter and the ring of fire pt 1

Harriet Potter was just 19 just like her very best friend Hermione Parker.
They were by far the naughtiest girls in Cockington , a small town in the county of Dorset. The entire town seemed to consist of naughty girls and just a few naughty boys . Harriet and Hermoine were by far the naughtiest of them all.
Like all “HP’s they were very saucy indeed.
The headmaster of their school was at his wits end as to what do with them .
He wanted to expel them but there was no other school for th... Continue»
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Atypical Gangbang/Bukake Fantasy

You're dressed in a very sexy, classy black dress, as if going to a high-end
social event such as a charity dinner or opening night for a theater
production. The dress is expensive and shows off your beauty and sexiness,
but your class even more so.
Of course underneath all this finery, you are dressed as the slut you are,
with stockings, garter belt and no panties. (Do you even *wear* panties?)

After your evening out (or even just getting dressed!), you are blindfolded
and tied to a large, comfortable bed, spread-eagle.

In the background, you hear people, mostly men, talking in ... Continue»
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Rose Petals

I walk into the house and see a trail of rose petals…I follow them into the kitchen where I find a note and a glass of wine. “Take off all your clothes, grab the glass of wine, and follow the rose petals to the master bathroom.” With a smile on my face I do as the note says. Slowly I remove my coat, then I start unzipping that little black dress I wore just for you. I know it’s your favorite. You love the way it hugs my body, showing all my curves. I let my dress fall to the floor and I step out of it. Standing in the kitchen with just my black lace bra and matching panties and my 5in heels on... Continue»
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where was I ?

so where was i I'd just come into the room, you were stood at the window looking out over the night sky of venice the breeze coming in to the window and , of yes i'd just eased the dress from your shoulders and was kissing down your neck,
down your back with my hands gently cupping your beautiful breasts.
I turn you slowly and kiss your hips as i'm turning you sliding your panties off your bottom and down as i continue to kiss ,
licking your rose as i move toward your pussy
my hand has glided up between your legs, up between your thighs until it reaches those soft lips , i g... Continue»
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Lizzie's Rendezvous

June 8, 2003. Lizzie was finally home from college for the summer. She was looking forward to seeing her boyfriend Doug again. They hadn't been together since Easter Break. She gave Doug a call and asked him if he wanted to go with her out for drinks at a local bar up the street. Of course Doug wanted to and Lizzie said she would stop by and pick him up.

She had her own chick car, a black Honda Civic coupe but that wouldn't suffice for what she had in mind tonight. In addition to wanting to get buzzed on booze, she was looking to get laid. It had been too long since she was lying on her dor... Continue»
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Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

We walked into the busy Gare du Nord Eurostar terminus with Andy and Loraine and made our weary way up the stairs to the departure platform for the train to London. Just as we all sat in the departures area my phone rang.
I checked the caller ID and saw it was Anne, a lady that we’d been corresponding with using msn. We’d never actually met her but about six weeks ago we’d received an intriguing message from her in our SDC mailbox, it read:
I’ve seen you on here for quite some time and have a big favour to ask of you. I want to punish my husband John, he set me up with 3 guys a... Continue»
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Rin Ch. 03

James the father of Matt's c***d
Please read Part 1 and Part 2 to have a continuation of this episode.

Matt stirred and pulled himself up sitting at the edge of the bed. He looked at the naked form of his s****r lying just beside him. She had her right arm over her face, covering her eyes. Matt’s eyes moved down to see her breasts heaving gently as she breathed. He could not help himself as his penis began to rise again, getting hard at the sight of Rin, lying there, so defenseless and at the mercy of his cravings. But somehow, he controlled himself.

“Rin,” he said, “I love you and what... Continue»
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The Real Thing (latex fetish BDSM)

by Thndrshark

I'd lusted after her for some time. Having followed her through the small amount of modeling she had done, I had grown to be an avid fan. Not only because she was innocent and beautiful, but also because it was clear how much she loved bondage and submission. Living the life of a fetish model, I was always surprised that she complained as much to me about not being able to truly submit. Her last boyfriend was handsome for sure, but not into the "scene" as they say, and constantly disapproving of her work in bondage. As I grew to be her friend more and more, I tried to tell... Continue»
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Fantasy ?

Hi...this is'nt a story as much as what my fantasies are ...just thought I'd put a few on here ...where to begin..........

I'd like to be on a bed with a man, or knelt at his feet whilst he's sat down....I'm wearing just my swimsuit and hairpiece...he doesnt touch me sexually at all......but I am giving him oral.....I want to stop and move on to something else but he holds my head firm and makes me give him oral to completion and then makes me swallow his cream........another variation on this is that I am wearing just my hold ups and hair piece and he puts me across his knee and so... Continue»
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The Tower chapter 5

[b]Part V [/b]

So a couple of days later when Bart brought me my breakfast he lingered after he had finished the cleansing and feeding routine.

“Bart, do you have something on your mind?” I asked.

“Today is the first day that I will not lock the door behind me. “ He said, “but I need to explain how things will work, then you must decide if you are willing to accept the circumstances of your freedom.”

I nodded, so excited that I was unable to speak, after all I had only seen the inside of my tower room for a long time, especially when you consider I had never had any limits ... Continue»
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Milking Time B3 Chapter 7 Ebony Changes

Chapter 7: Ebony Changes

Ebony made her way through the West sector of the Island, running an inventory and a check on all the wall jacks and the extension numbers, as Dee Dee had suggested. This was something that hadn't been done in a long time, and the activity helped take Ebony's mind off her thoughts of Barocca.
It was the middle of the morning, and just about all the quarters were deserted, as the girls were off at their various duties or assignments. As head of security, Ebony had a master key, which let her go anywhere on the Island. So far, everything had been routine. Nobody... Continue»
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The stranger

-Hey, look there's that freak again, Jimmy said.

-Where? Wayne asked.

-Over there, don't you see him; he is looking at us.

The boys were in the middle of some show-off on a skating ramp, which cost
the council ten grand. It was a bleak metal colour with no graffiti or tags
on it. But the middle-class spoiled little brats didn't have the least of
interest in being creative themselves, except of course on the skateboard.

-It's the cowboy from last year, I recognize him. But why is he watching

-He must be a pervert.

-PEDOOOOOO, Jimmy yelled at him.

But Wayne waved a... Continue»
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Zoe & Denise

thank you shy_january

My name is Zoe and my fantasies are many. One of which is to meet my co-worker, Denise, for a wonderful time in Toronto at Skydome hotel. I'm a petit, w/f and Denise is larger and full figured. I am new, a virgin of sorts, and she takes control. After an afternoon of sight seeing in Toronto, building our tension and desires while strolling the museum of art and walking about through the garden of fountains we enjoy a light meal and a few cocktails to soften the edges.

When we arrive back at the hotel she leads me up to our room which has a panoramic view of the... Continue»
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for 5 years

My Dear, Emma!
If you read this letter! Emma please, relax!
I would like to make something special for you today. I even also find it good that we both
had no sex for a long time. I think when we meet us, we have very oft sex!
After work I just take a shower. I come after the shower into the bedroom. You lie in
underwear at the bed and expect me with a camera in your hand. You smile and ask me: "My
darling, I may take photos of you so?" You stand up and say to me: ”Please Darling, sit
down on the armchair there!"
You make a couple of pictures.
You grin sweetly, you open your bust hold... Continue»
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letter to GF part 2 (bbw)

continuing of first letter
comments if u like plz

I grabbed your hips and slammed my dick deep into your pussy making you let out a loud moan. And got up and ran to the bathroom
“TEASE!!” I heard you yell as I was running off
Nobody was home so we were able to go through the house without our clothes. I got to the bathroom and you were close behind me. We got the shower going and got in. we started washing off and you kept looking down at my dick which was still hard. I started washing it off and you reached and took it from me.
“I will do it for you baby.” You then began rubbing up an... Continue»
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Sukky Foxxe - contracted pornstar

The continuing story of Sukky Foxxe, one time glamour model, now a porn star, and more!!!!

Contract Girl

The Euro star thundered into the channel tunnel. The internal lights flashed by in a blaze of green, blues and gold’s. She glimpsed the occasional worked, frozen in a burst of light. Sukky relaxed into her seat, and closed her eyes. She dozed, and then slept. Sukky woke as the train slowed at Brussels’ Midi. She had to change trains here, onto the Belgium/Dutch intercity, which would take her to her destination. Sukky carried her bag to the other platform. It wasn’t heavy, just her ... Continue»
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Session 2

Chapter One

She liked to use the nickname "Sky "and even though I
knew her real name, Sky is what I called her. She was
not a full-time prostitute although she did accept money
for her services on occasion. We had been introduced by
a friend of mine who knew about my sexual preferences
and had thought that Sky might be willing to give it a
try. That first meeting was two years ago and though we
only meet a few times in a year, I like to think that
our relationship involves more than just money.

I arranged to meet her for lunch and we spent a pleasant
couple... Continue»
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Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris

One time Chuck Norris was walking around in the woods looking for hippies to use as firewood. Suddenly a Kodiak Grizzly Bear crossed his path and made eye contact with Chuck Norris, Bad Idea – Chuck took out his Swiss Army Knife and stabbed the Bear in the throat. Chuck ate the Grizzly Bear and used the Grizzly Bears’ fur for a rug.

If you don’t know who Chuck Norris is he is a world champion at kickboxing, karate, ninja arts, sumo wrestling, Tae Bo, street fighting, hand to hand combat, and also was a national spelling bee competition winner. Chuck Norris has no weaknesse... Continue»
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This comes as my story to start with and good responses and I have a stock of one story every day to share and enjoy. Let’s come straight to the point now. I was in Dubai at that time say in 2009 and used to freak out at the discs and pubs on week end nights.

One such Friday night I was at a premium disc on Sh. Zayed Road with my friend and his girlfriend night was getting lovely with every number played and people were chilling out to the max and we had already booked the table for us to make things more comfortable to us.

We had one of the finest locations in the hall and I ordered wit... Continue»
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Jenny 01

Not finished yet, will update....keep looking..thanks....any comment will be truly appreciated.......Ianx

Jenny 01....

“OK, see you Monday.”
"Wow! What a week! Gerald thought to himself as she closed the door.

He watched her as she walked down the road and joined the throng pouring into the college gates. She was a good looking girl, just turned eighteen but you’d think she was older to look at her.

She walked with a confident movement that was quite fascinating to him. Her figure was very attractive as was her personality. She was bright and effusive, always ma... Continue»
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