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Do you want to know what is really happening in college toilets, girls are going crazy, caressing and rubbing each others’ pussies, read and get really hot and wet!

Diana likes the taste and smell of an excited woman. Maybe it sounds dirty but that’s the truth. Why lie to yourself?.. We all get aroused from such things.

Diana is exceptionally skillful in sex. Tender lips, a hot mouth and a teasing tongue. As no one else in the world she knows how responsive the scarlet nub between girl’s thighs is, what a convulsion goes through the body during an orgasm…

And she likes c... Continue»
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Forbidden Fruit - The Sg JC girl

I sometimes work at my old JC in coaching football. I used to be a school team player. I was quite useless lah but i played defense and was quite a strong tackler so I got into the team. Anyway i have been a good alumnus for my school and try to take part in a lot of events. About two years back, they're part time coach left and they asked me if i was interested. Only twice a week - one Saturday morning and one Wed evening. Pay is nothing much but it was more for fun so i accepted.

The team is ok lah. During my time, we play ITE and Poly but now only JCs so the standard of football is lower... Continue»
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Two Slutty Daughters - Chapter Three

An original Story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 3

The next day after school, Diane and Anita again headed straight to Diane's house. Anita had called her friend the night before to tell her about fucking with her b*****r, but she hadn't shared any of the details. Diane was dying to hear all about it. She was so jealous she could hardly stand it!

"Come on!" she said, taking Anita's hand to hurry her along.

"Not so fast," Anita whined. "My pussy is kinda sore, and can't run."

"Oh God, it must have been great!"

... Continue»
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Extreme Maid Training with Mistress Madame C

Life has become an extremely busy in the C household – and, the general house slave as of late had NOT the met the high standards and range of ever changing skills set out in his contract. As a result -he was fired!
The household had to advertise for a new assistant; one with an open mind, one who was adept in the art of assisting Madame’s every whim and alternative lifestyle and, one who was aesthetically pleasing to Madame’s eye and that of her guests.
After many months of searching, the day finally came when a suitable match was sourced and arrived for an interview with Madame C.
Miss ... Continue»
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I Start Fast

I Start Fast

My favorite fantasy is that, instead of being born in 1977, I was born in
1957. Back then, nobody knew the dangers of smoking, and it was considered a
glamorous thing to do. When my mom got pregnant in the summer of 1956, her
doctor asked her about her smoking. She told him that she smoked two packs of
Lucky Strikes per day. He opened a drawer and took out a pack of Winstons and
a pack of Satlems. He told her to smoke one of these new filtered brands
instead, and recommended the Salems in particular because they were a menthol
"that will help you breathe more clearly"!... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 2

Tavia was sucking Princess Venetia’s clitoris avidly... and was rewarded by the ecstatic wriggles her lips produced. It was lovely to be able to please her divine Mistress.
“Oh darling... d-darling... yes ...oh yes... sighed Venetia happily. The two women were in the luxurious cabin below the poop deck. Both were naked on a large bed, Venetia with her thighs drawn up and parted, Tavia’s auburn head between them. There was one slave in attendance, a young male who wore the customary tight leather restrainer. He stood silently in one corner, head averted from the bed. All the same, his eyes fl... Continue»
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9:00 PM … Darkness had finally set in, the sun having retreated in the western sky over an hour ago. Dressed in black, the stealthy figure moved in the shadows, down the street through the neighborhood. A car turning onto the street cast the beam of its headlights into the yard in front of the silent figure. Quickly moving into the bushes the shadowy figure dropped to a prone position, the lights passing barely overhead.

As the car drove on down the street, the figure silently got up and looked around, taking in the homes on the street. A li... Continue»
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She stands alone in the quiet room. Blindfolded, she is unaware of what is in the room with her, though she knows that he will be there soon. That knowledge both excites and frightens her. While she knows the fear comes from the uncertainty, from not knowing what to expect from him, she is excited by the mystery and anticipation.

Since she cannot see, she cannot easily judge time, yet it doesn't feel that it has been long before she hears the door open behind her. "He must be barefoot," she thinks, hearing soft footfalls approach. She turns her head as though looking for some... Continue»
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It was the middle of a Nor' Eastser (Bad Snow Storm In New England) when the lights went out and the winds were howling like giant monsters across the roofs...

Snow was piling up fast and the only place to be, was in bed.

My fleece sheets and I were cozy and the battery operated toys were set to run smoothly for a cold and snowy night...

I wasn't sure if I should start feeling myself, perhaps, my handsome next door neighbor, Mack, would oblige me with some candles and wine and then I would be finished for the night with an outrageous orgasm and he would be trying to work his way int... Continue»
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My first Crossdresser - Part Two

We finished our drinks and got up from the table. As we walked out of the restaurant I could feel everyone's eye's on me. On us. Uncomfortable to say the least, and I wondered for a moment just how it must feel to her, or to anyone who lives outside the norms that our society dictates. We walked through an open lobby and entered the Sahara casino side by side, but a group of oriental tourists rushed past us and she stepped ahead of me to get around them. As she walked in front of me I once again saw just how sexy she was, and for the time being my discomfort took a back seat to lust. Beautiful... Continue»
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The Italian Job 20

The Italian Job 20
The night went well with Maria giving her usual performance, she was staring at me as she took the guys in turn as they lined up to fill her with spunk, it was running down her legs in rivers by the time they had finished and got bored with her,
I was surprised because neither Sonia or Yvonne got involved with anyone else and there were plenty of potential suitors but they didn’t seem to want to know, Christina was still a bit sore in her arse but she took some guy in the pool that I think both eased the problem with her arse and took her mind off the problem because she... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 24

Desert Heat – Part 24
Thursday, August 16, 1985
Thursday morning, I woke late. Ginger and Pepper were already up and eating breakfast. Jerry and Rosemary had already left for work. They handed me a plate of food and invited me to join them. As I ate, I asked what was on their agenda and they said that there was only one thing on the agenda today and it was me. They said that they both missed me and wanted to make up for lost time. I asked what they meant and Pepper said that I would just have to wait and find out.
After breakfast, they e****ted me to my recliner, handed me the morning... Continue»
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College life spring semester 32

Waking with Corey on Sunday in our dorms in April, I quietly watched him
prepare to leave just before 7. We spent the night holding each other with
lots of hot making out. We forewent sex since our heart would not be in it
but it was great to hold him.

"Feeling any better?" I asked.

"I guess. Maybe it was one of those days. We're allowed those, right?"

"Yes, we are allowed a moody day," I said.

Corey was reaching for a shirt when I heard his golf clubs rattle together.
It hit me what he might be able to use. "Corey, I know what would be
perfect for you."

"What? A case o... Continue»
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The fun part of stephons run in with sora

Ok, its going to be ok stephon. I think to myself as I reveal her cock. It turns out shemale cock isn't that different from regular cock. Or at least mine, I have never sucked off a guy so......


Mouth, neck, upper chest, natural breast, chest, belly button, below belly button, shorts, panties. I stop, im still second guessing myself and then just nut up, expose her cock and lick it.

Umm.... This feeling is different than I expected. I think that I'm actually enjoying it. Like three minutes go by and im sucking on the head. sora is moaning so I guess I'm doing good. I was fuc... Continue»
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A Surprise for Shelly

It's been all good lately and Shelly and I are comfortable with our lifestyle changes that we have started to push the limits. Right now, she's laying across her desk with a blindfold on and her wrists are tied in the front. I am about to slip her headphones over her ears when I see you pull up in the drive - your timing couldn't be perfect. I left her shoes on just for you, and as I peek down into her arch cleavage my cock gives a little nod of approval. I'm still fully clothed when I wave to you through the glass, inviting you in quietly as to keep her 'out of the loop'.

"Shelly?" I say, ... Continue»
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For Markie ♥ You drive me wild ♥

You and I finally get to meet. You jump off the road runner shuttle and I jump into your arms, giving you the biggest hug and the sloppiest wettest kisses ever. I say lets throw your things in the house and I’m going to show you a good time. I’m wearing my sexy black latex outfit with corset and your wearing leather pants and black pvc shirt. We drive downtown to LA to the Bondage ball. Your like shit I didn’t know we were going here....why didn’t you tell me...I said no worries you look fab babes ;) You come around to my side of the car and grab me by my chin and look deep into my eyes and sa... Continue»
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Taking a Dump

I'm sure that upon reading this, you'll nod your head in agreement as you will all have experienced most, if not all of the scenarios listed. If you haven't you need more fiber.....

The Perfect Dump
Every once in a while everyone experiences the perfect dump. It's rare but a real thing of beauty. You sit down expecting the worse, but what you get is a smooth sliding, fart-less masterpiece that breaks the water with the splash-less grace of an Olympic high-diving champion. You use the toilet tissue to find that it was totally unnecessary. It makes you feel that all is right in the world a... Continue»
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me andthe girlfreinds mum

as i ly i my girlfreinds bed quickly tossing my slef off as she nipped of to work. i was getting quite nar to the max until BANG!!! the door swings open. it was he mum. as quicky tried to pull te covers up the mum just jumped on me. i then started to kiss her therousialy. she was begging me to slip it in her ass. DING dong!!! MY MISSUS HAD finished work and was already on ay up the stairs. we just managed to hide all the evidence. and to this day sh still does not no :)... Continue»
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He slipped his hand under her dress along her thigh feeling the lusciousness of her flesh and the silk of her skin. The lights had been brought low and the wine had flowed freely. Katriona found herself settling in more comfortable on the couch as they conversed on every topic imaginable. It had been a long day and coming home to find her boyfriend had fixed supper for them both with dim lighting was enough to set her mood to rights and her bl**d to singing.

Kat shifted slightly to him so that he could have better access to her body. Her curves were magnificent to him and she loved feeling... Continue»
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Next Door Neighbor Casey Cont.

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue.... part 12(part 2 of Ethan doing Casey)

“Okay,” she giggled. She was glowing. Her body radiated sensuality. Her eyelids were closed sl**pily over her eyes and her lazy smile showed the pleasure she was feeling. She found that if she moved herself up and down she could make his cock slide in and out. The faster she moved, the better it felt. The higher she raised herself before she came back down, the more intense the sensations. She put her hands on his chest so she could support herself while she moved her ass up and down faster and harder. Her ... Continue»
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