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The Hunger

A cloaked figure walked amongst them. So many people lost in the music and d**gs, bouncing around with not much a care in the world. What a perfect place for Trystan to find his main course. He walked around the outside of the pillars in the smoky strobe light dance floor, watching the young women move to the beat produced by the many speakers. Trystan could feel the urge to let go too, the trance pouncing his chest, the waves of sound soothing from head to toe. He wasn’t here for that. It had been a week since he had known a woman, and likewise several days before he had fed. Vampires ... Continue»
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Wild Call of the Moose - Part 3

I awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon cooking and coffee brewing. I got up and put on my robe and went out to the kitchen where Kari was making me breakfast.

“Oh you, I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed,” she said and she kissed me.

“Really, do you want me to go back to bed and pretend I am sl**ping?” I asked her.

“Sure, you might as well,” she said.

“Okay,” I said, “I don’t want to mess up your plans.” So I went back to bed and waited. A few minutes later, Kari entered the room with two big plates of food and a can of whipped cream.

“Breakfast is serv... Continue»
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Isolated Island of Long Love For a Foxy Triple Victim Gang-Bang
Two tasty smart slender sexy pretty Parisians are among my finest friends, for sure the most kinky of all.
As a tribute to their tastes and foxy fancies I invite them to a private party first weekend of September.
I imagine we will all three end up at centre of a hot hurricane of love in a triple gang-bang in open air.
Ile de Frioul for experts in geography, frivolic centre where the Mistral runs into hot local love storms.
Hahaha, how did we three get into the centre of that cyclone of love, you will wonder? Well, jus... Continue»
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Rodney Rules

The intercom buzzes and Melissa only manages to say, “Kerri” before you walk into my office. You look at me with those gorgeous sexy eyes of yours and I can feel the heat start to travel through my veins. “Are you too busy for me today, little girl?” you ask, that slight grin on your face. “I need some attention from my little Kerri.” You close the door but don’t lock it and you pull the blinds closed across the window. The butterflies are rioting low in my belly and I have no idea what you are going to do. “Rodney”, I hiss, this isn’t a scheduled meeting and either JC or Shack would feel fre... Continue»
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Girlfriend from the 80's - Part 4

Memories of a girlfriend from the 80's - The birthday treat

It was time for summer holiday and my girlfriend had already planned to go to Rome in Italy with her mom. I went on holidays with some friends.
After the summer holidays we met up again and enjoyed each other 100%

Soon hereafter it was my birthday and I invited her out for dinner.

When I picked her up after work, she was wearing a red dress showing a little cleavage and mid-thigh.
She had black flat shoes on and her legs were bare and had a little sun tan from her holiday in Italy.
She did not look cheap at all, but just... Continue»
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Exploring Nipples and xhamster

Its been an extraordinary 10 days. Last weekend K and I had a fantastic erotically charged couples time. We built a nest with three other couples in a room supported by tantric guides. We inhabitted that space and played with candles, and chocolate, and feathers, and oils together. It was bautiful. It was held in a perfect setting for us, and if there are any xhamsters who want to share and understand the special spaces we went to, in London - then do get in touch.

For me it was also special. I have been on xhamster for 2 years, never being dishonest, and K knew I was exploring. However she... Continue»
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1001 nights

Found on another website

Jasmine danced in time with the sultry beat of the drums, dressed in a scanty red harem girl outfit to Jafar's liking. Her hips undulated smoothly and her arms whirled gracefully over her head despite the heavy shackles at her wrists. She felt the heat of Jafar's gaze on her with shame as she danced for his pleasure alone. The drum beat quickened and she fell to the floor, throwing her long ponytail around as she thrust rhythmically.

"Stop," Jafar hissed. The drum music stopped immediately and Jasmine remained knelt on the ground, her shackled wrists held ... Continue»
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Chastity blog day 10

Day 10:

Wednesday I woke up feeling better, so decided to go to work again. As usual after a stomach problem I felt quite dehydrated, but other than that I was OK.

By the time I got to the office I was a little late, but as they seemed quite surprised that I was in, plus they said I looked like shit still, there wasn't any problems about the time. They'd cancelled any meetings I had for a couple of days when I called in sick, so I spent the morning catching up on paperwork and drinking loads to rehydrate myself. Unfortunately, by lunchtime this meant that I'd had to visit the toilet quit... Continue»
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Kewanna was surprised that Glenn had indeed kept his word and came to see her. She sat in a very nice restaurant looking over at him and had to smile. She had heard from so many guys they wanted to come meet her but none had so far. They made small talk while they had their meal. Glenn kept telling her how beautiful she was , how much she turned him on, and how glad he was to finally meet her. She was dressed kind of conservative but it still showed off her body also, the top hugged her breast making them look bigger than they were. She knew he liked her body anyway even if she was what she th... Continue»
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Claudia Gets A Really Hard Whack!

She was s*******n; I was nineteen. I had led her to the top bedroom of my Grandmother's house – the Victorian four bed roomed property I lived in along with my mother – because it was not necessary for anyone to hear what I was about to do.
Claudia was half Italian but wholly pretty with large dark brown eyes, doll like features and full curly raven hair that cascaded to the mid point of her back.
I had ordered her to strip and now she was totally naked in front of me - trembling slightly.
Her skin deeply tanned apart from the intimate areas covered by the bikini. Her tits ... Continue»
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Caned Extremely Hard By The Headmistress!

I am sixteen again.

I am naked apart from my sports shorts – I am not wearing underpants.

I have been summoned to the Headmistresses study.

I am to be caned for truancy.

I am standing with my arms by my side in front of Miss Moody.

She is about thirty five of medium build and height.

Her chestnut coloured hair had been pulled back by a band into a pony tail – it makes her appear severe.

Her cold blue eyes and firm mouth with thin lips betray cruelness.

She slips her jacket off revealing a white sleeveless blouse.

Her bare arms are pale and toned.

She p... Continue»
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Tricked Sluts pt.5

Josh and Shawn are on a plane heading back to California after visiting Josh’s f****y and giving Sage the best birthday present that she could ever have wanted. During the flight, Shawn was passed out asl**p and Josh couldn’t take his eyes off one of the flight attendants. She was a very good-looking Japanese lady. He guessed she could about 5’4/5’5, and had a small frame that was able to hold a large amount of weight on her chest. He couldn’t help but notice the top half of her outfit was literally trying to rip apart.

She spotted Josh checking her out and he quickly shielded his head with... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Those Threads That Bind Us

We crawl out of the pool and return to the bedroom, showering; taking far longer that it has a right to, just can't seem to keep my hands off you. The only clothing that seems right are the sarongs'. One each, mine around my waist, yours covering your body from your breasts to your knees, just.

We go to the kitchen, for some reason we are both ravenous. Part of the deal was a small stock of food, just enough to get us through the first morning. Problem, they forgot the bread and milk. Never mind, if that is the only problem it will be a small price ... Continue»
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Anna's Panties Screts

New Story fom J

I was walking along the street one day, when coming the other way I noticed two attractive young ladies, on their way back from a shopping trip.

One asked me for the time. After checking my watch, I noticed the new handbag that one had just bought. I said, "nice bag, is it new?". She replied "yes, I need a new bag to keep my new toys in which I got for my birthday". She then put her hand in her bag and got out a pink vibrator.

As she licked the end, she said, "my name is Anna, and I'm feeling really horny right now". While distracted, I didn't notice the other girl mov... Continue»
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Demoness: Chapter 1

"Damn humans. I promised mom I'd go to school with them, but it's just getting worse by the second. I can't walk 5 feet without bumping into some random pevert who begs me to fuck him." Drena said into the phone. "Don't worry, s*s!" exclaimed her b*****r whom was talking to Drena through the phone. "They could **** you." Drena paused for a second and replied,"I am not a ****e, I am a r****t! I am a succubus after all."
"Heh, sooo... whatcha wearin'?"
"Don't phone sex me."
"I wasn't. I wanna know what you're wearing."
"Plaid skirt and black t-shirt w/ cracked skull deco. Goodbye."
Drena ... Continue»
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One of my first stories.

It 's the first day of great heat, looks at my house with a long tank top, shorts, jeans and high-heeled sandals that give a glimpse of her beautiful legs in black enamel. It 's the first thing I notice
We are both very open to any argument about the sex, no special taboo. Some practices "extreme" that we do not practice, are sometimes subject to very beautiful and intimate conversations, without judgment nor prejudice.
We dealt with great complicity anal sex, coming to it gladly play with my little hole.
So I decided to talk to her a couple of days ago that my passion for some practice wit... Continue»
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to my mistress

Hello mistress

I can only tell u what I would want, not what u would want

I want u nude, no frilly anything wearing a thin choaker collar black, a chain around you waist, an ankle chain, a toe ring u must be barefoot, hate shoes

I am nude with a collar on, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, cock ring, and a dildo or vibrator

tie my hands above my head and whip me senseless, lots of marks on my chest, stomach, thighs, ass, back

my cock will be incredibly hard and thick, leaking goo

ocassially rub my cock & balls

after I have been whipped, release me and have me eat you on your hand... Continue»
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my fantasy...15

i am sitting on your couch
watching one of your porno movies
wearing nothing but a satiny thong...
it will be hours be4 u return from work
so i figure i have the place 2 myself...
as the movie gets more & more explicit
i start 2 absentmindedly masturbate
squeezing & stroking my throbbing cock
through the smooth material of my thong...
i am so totally engrossed in the movie
& in the feeling self-induced pleasure
that i don't even notice u enter the room...

then u clear your throat
& shock me right out of my fantasy...
i am stunned
& unsure of how u will react
as we are bot... Continue»
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They had met on the net, a chance meeting of two complete strangers - Lisa had random chatted Tom, picking his profile from hundreds of others on the xHamster dating pages. They had first messaged, and then almost immediately switched to an online chat session. After the first few minutes of this text chat, it was clear they got on exceptionally well, and as time progressed they both realised that they had a similar interest, namely erotic stories.

The polite chat had extended to flirtation, and flirtation in turn lead to exchanging experiences of sex. The inevitable eventually happened ... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's Live Sex Show

Hi guys!

I remember my favourite news day...

During the bulletin we had a guest come into the studio to do a live interview. I've always had a weakness for black men and their huge, thick, long, hard cocks so imagine my excitement when the guest turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous big black stud!

I tried to stay focused and keep my questions on the subject but all I could think about was how much I wanted to see, feel, taste and ride his big black cock. My hungry pussy ached for it and was getting wetter and wetter...

Before I knew it, my hand had subconsciously slipped under t... Continue»
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