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Beauty and the Smurf pt 2

Beauty and the Smurf Chapter 2: Secrets Revealed & Decision

For a few split seconds, no one in the castle knew what to say. It was strange enough that Lotus and Paige are from the future. But for them to know Valentina the fairy godmother is even stranger… Finally, Papa spoke, “Lotus, Paige, how do you two know Valentina the fairy godmother?” Lotus answered without hesitation, “Mademoiselle Valentina was our next-door neighbor in Paris. But tha’ still doesn’t explain why she iz here…” King Gerard had kept quiet the whole time the conversation went on. He had learned early on from Homnibus t... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Just A Local Girl

The morning started in its usual way, the sun came up, and so did I. Lying there, half awake, staring at the ceiling with a throbbing erection. The things you do to me in my sl**p. Lately I have been waking up like this, mainly because you love to cuddle, and hold something. This morning was no exception. You stir, slowly sliding your hand up and down my cock making him twitch. Still half asl**p you look up at me, smile and then down at him. Quick as a flash you move your head down, down, engulfing him in one swift movement. That hot mouth clamping on my throb... Continue»
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Sophie and I share some loving moments...

I wrote this for my lover whilst she was having a crappy day at work.. it cheered her up and she even contributed a little in the middle of the story... enjoy!

Her tits seemed to fit perfectly in his warm strong hands. His fingers were gently squeezing her breasts, touching the sides, drawing up to the nipples which he lightly toyed with using his thumbs. His cock in her mouth was hot and hard, but the tip was so smooth on her lips and tongue.

She licked up one side of the shaft, flicked her tongue over the knob, sliding her it across his slit before licking down the other side before f... Continue»
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schmutzig69 had the most intense orgasm.


I love your bod. I just had the most intense fuckin orgasm looking at your hot pix. I got home about 2 hours ago. I jumped on Xhammy soon as I got in the door. I had just jerked out my 4th load a minute before I happened to cum across your hot pix. Just before I felt the urge to cum (looking at your gorgeous tits), I squeezed hard right below the head of My Cock. Then I felt My nuts before I felt the urge to cum (looking at your gorgeous tits), I squeezed hard right below the head of My Cock. Then I felt My nuts dance like jumping beans... I couldn't hold it anymore. I released... Continue»
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To a would be mistress

And yes I give you permission to touch yourself while reading this, actually I am telling you to slide one hand down to your clit/cock and slowly work it while you read this. Make your self cum to my story or fantasy or my reality..........

You open the door to me but before you can say a word I walk in and pin you against the wall as i lean in to kiss you but stop right before I get to your lips just so you can feel my breathe on your lips. You try to lean forward to kiss me but I pull away making you want it even more but not yet not yet. I look you in your eyes as I take your hands and... Continue»
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Barbaric Sex

Barbaric Sex
A Super Duet Intense Taboo Erotic Psalm
John, “Big John” Gallivan
Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist
"Viking Gladiator"
C. Elaine Harris
Spiritual Poetess/Romantic Psalmist
"Spiritual Poetess"

I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist,
And I am here indeed to give you this taboo psalm.
Every woman in the entire world has this fantasy:
Of being ravished and taken by a warrior of passion,
Who will not take, “No” for answer whatsoever.
To be pinned up against the wall, hair being pulled,
And f***efully penetrated until she ... Continue»
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I thought we could compromise - the slip of the to

PART 1 - The beginning

It was a cold November day in London, and David and Maria were lying in bed talking about their eventful days as usual. The conversation started with discussing trivial matters, but then things changed.

David and Maria were married, in their late 20s and generally happy as a couple. David was originally of French descent although he had lived and been brought up in England; he did not speak a word of French for that matter. Maria was Colombian, a real beauty. She was curvy in just the right placed and had the most refined dark hue. David and Maria had met through a... Continue»
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Car Wars

Car Wars.. Chevy Corvette Vrs Toyota Prius.
I wrote once that God Drives a Chevy Corvette, Toyota Prius was made by the Devil. Only one person ever said anything about that. She wrote to me and said " But Prius cars are great for giving abortions in!"
It hurt... It was like a knife was thrust into my V8 heart. So I wrote this.
I'm not sure if I could describe in detail the power felt when shifting that Corvette from Second gear to third, at 4500 RPMs... You can feel the mechanics like the bolt action on a powerful rife, slowly but firmly pushing the projectile into the tight virgin barrel.... Continue»
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for evil thing

its monday morning.
ur s****rs and jeff r all gone to vegas..
u start waking up with ur shake...
talking to me at on my phone ,wich is weird acording to u.
what u dont know that i didnt realy tell u the whole truth.
coz i wasnt working at all when we fact....i was allready pretty close to u.
while we talk at aim....u keep doing ur things in the bathroom.....singing.......brushing ur teeth..
doin ur hair and make up after ur shower...ill tell u uve got a automayicly generated message in ur head....u go to aim mail......and after that yahoo...... Continue»
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The Boy's Story (Chapter 8)

......spanks my arse with his paddle and puts his three fingers back into my hole. He leaves them in moving them in and out slowly each time going in a bit deeper and between this he is spanking my arse with his paddle. I know he is preparing me for some serious arse play and I wonder if he will try and use the giant dildo on me???....

Chapter 8.
I lay still on the bed on my knees with my arse up in the air but as I still have the hood on I cannot see - all is dark. I feel my Master withdraw his fingers and then suddenly his mouth is on my arse and his tongue is pushing into my hole - th... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's Sexual Healing

Hey, gang!

I've head about this amazing thread so thought I'd share an amazing experience I've had with the gorgeous جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly slut.

After a couple of tours in Iraq (I'm a US marine) I returned to my hometown Detroit in a complete state of physical exhaustion. The docs told me about a new military hospital that was trying a brand new experimental procedure which was already having amazing results on ex-servicemen patients suffering my condition, so I signed up...

I was put in a private, single ward and put immediately on the program that consisted of a series of inje... Continue»
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Working Too Hard Part 4

They laid down together and started to kiss each other tenderly and obviously enjoyed each others company before? IS had wore black suspenders with belts and stockings very milky white pale skin and lovely red locks of hair, flowing down to her face. I remember thinking this was a Kodak moment!
IS liked to be dominating and started parting P's legs she licked her softly and attentively like a cat. Purrs coming from lady P's rising pleasures. I could see her clit had started to throb and after intensive sucking the clit was large and twitching.
I took my shirt off and walked up to them.
"IS... Continue»
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Lads Holiday Chapter 2

After having some very erotic dreams that first night in the hotel, I was
relieved to find that the next morning Charlie didn't mention anything
about the blowjob i'd given him. He was totally cool and normal, and I
relaxed again and really started looking forward to the holiday. I didn't
get to catch up with my old mates that often so i'd been really looking
forward to it, and I knew these other guys would be a good laugh when we
all got d***k.

The flight out to Berlin was pretty choppy and we were all a bit shaken and
out of it by the time we got in to Berlin airport.

It was ... Continue»
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Indian Princes + One (Part 3)

. . . began to kiss. First, very lightly - then a bit more passionately. Well, they got the attention of both of us (me and my dick). For two women that handn't been together before, they seemed to be naturals. The tipping of the heads as they kissed showed not a bit of clumsiness. The fingertips caressing each other's cheeks was incredible. They DID take a break - first to giggle, then to look at me, then to resume kissing.

Their hands began to slip down to their chests. Lisa appeared to be fairly slim-breasted compared to the Princess. Ever so lightly, they began to stroke the fabric that... Continue»
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Remote Control Slave

Part 8

I was trembling! I fell to my knees and looked at the floor of my living room, afraid to look up at the figure that had appeared on my computer screen.

Piss-Master and Cock-Master were watching my display of, of….of fear? Was that what I felt and exhibited? I had been so preoccupied with serving the two new Masters that I had not given much thought to the man who started it all. Now they had hooked up a camera to the Internet and once he positioned himself in front of the camera on the other end, and I looked up, I would be looking at the face of my origina... Continue»
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kia kajira formerly kajira red silk of gor

Dedicated to Kia kajira formerly kajira red silk of Gor Kajira va was once jan very best me'shan, that could have been. Ki once did va dishonor or complaIn, trik va was never lay va only ever gave Mayam not just to me. Roh va shak was ki other who would tale what va did. I was nerak van an van I did ki wali va. Even when fori Ma I stood in your vee. My own needs where hab on my kana even after jan jula of your kan. I could not bare to loose va. Or ever wished to! The tor and parabu of kajira me'shan was to great a mayam to loose. Now va have gone, jan light now dims jan jesuil of kar and dedic... Continue»
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2 Boys fucking a girl butal

I am a 22 year old girl weighed 56 kg and have long blonde hair. My name is Nancy.
It's a warm sunny summer afternoon. I lay on the terrace and sunning myself.
While I had read a book while I noticed how there was a rustling in the bushes. I thought nothing of it at first, thinking it might be a cat, and read my book on.
But again and again there was a rustling in the bushes, so I was intrigued, and then ran to the bushes. But I could not see. Put me back on my couch and me on sunned.
I did not realize that watching me the whole time 2 men aged 22 years.

Time passed and it was... Continue»
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Finding a sensual slave...

Begging to be me online slave. Required to send its full nude photos (including face)

Told to get on IMAGEFAP FETISH CHAT completely naked, head to toe.

The slave's cam captured (video and audio) as it tells me how much it loves being a slave and begging to serve. The slave verbally gives me all rights to all past, present and future photo/video of the slave (a verbal model release).

The capture posted on xtube, xhamster or some similiar site. The video remains there until the slave agrees to another session.

The next session is more humiliating. On it... Continue»
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Crossroads Part 3 (fiction)

Something clicked into place in my mind as I looked at the reflection of myself and the approaching Rachel and Alice. I felt their warmth as their arms embraced me. We looked at each other in the mirror and knew this was just the beginning, there was no going back for me now, Pandora's box had been opened. I was steered towards the bed and as I walked I could feel the tightness in my calf muscles caused by wearing the high heels. I was certainly steadier on them than I thought I would be. I knew it and they knew it but were to polite to say anything, looking down at my shoes I said, "I am goin... Continue»
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first time date

You are getting ready for a night out. You have a special guy you’re going out with and you know it’s a blind date. You want to look your best because you’re so horny. You decide on your black satin bra, panties and garter belt set. You have a long bubble bath, taking time to shave so your baby smooth all over. You get out and let your body dry naturally, putting your hair up after drying it. You choose your favorite eye shadow, a smoky purple, and paint your lips a nice red. Your nails are still a nice red from earlier that day. You put on your favourite perfume behind your ears, your wrists,... Continue»
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