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Indian Princes + One (Part 3)

. . . began to kiss. First, very lightly - then a bit more passionately. Well, they got the attention of both of us (me and my dick). For two women that handn't been together before, they seemed to be naturals. The tipping of the heads as they kissed showed not a bit of clumsiness. The fingertips caressing each other's cheeks was incredible. They DID take a break - first to giggle, then to look at me, then to resume kissing.

Their hands began to slip down to their chests. Lisa appeared to be fairly slim-breasted compared to the Princess. Ever so lightly, they began to stroke the fabric that... Continue»
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Remote Control Slave

Part 8

I was trembling! I fell to my knees and looked at the floor of my living room, afraid to look up at the figure that had appeared on my computer screen.

Piss-Master and Cock-Master were watching my display of, of….of fear? Was that what I felt and exhibited? I had been so preoccupied with serving the two new Masters that I had not given much thought to the man who started it all. Now they had hooked up a camera to the Internet and once he positioned himself in front of the camera on the other end, and I looked up, I would be looking at the face of my origina... Continue»
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Beauty and the Smurf pt 1

Fan Art / Fan Fiction / General Fiction Beauty and the Smurf--Chapter 1

Beauty and the Smurf Chapter 1: First Discoveries

The next morning

An elderly woman, appearing to be in her early-mid 50’s with pale blonde, almost white hair, bright gray eyes and dressed in maid’s clothes was returning to her kingdom after going out to gather fresh exotic fruits from another town the day before. Accompanying her was a robot Smurf who sat on her shoulder. “What a beautiful summer day, isn’t it, Clockwork?” the maid asked the robot Smurf with a cheerful smile on her face. The robot Smurf, Clockwor... Continue»
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kia kajira formerly kajira red silk of gor

Dedicated to Kia kajira formerly kajira red silk of Gor Kajira va was once jan very best me'shan, that could have been. Ki once did va dishonor or complaIn, trik va was never lay va only ever gave Mayam not just to me. Roh va shak was ki other who would tale what va did. I was nerak van an van I did ki wali va. Even when fori Ma I stood in your vee. My own needs where hab on my kana even after jan jula of your kan. I could not bare to loose va. Or ever wished to! The tor and parabu of kajira me'shan was to great a mayam to loose. Now va have gone, jan light now dims jan jesuil of kar and dedic... Continue»
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Finding a sensual slave...

Begging to be me online slave. Required to send its full nude photos (including face)

Told to get on IMAGEFAP FETISH CHAT completely naked, head to toe.

The slave's cam captured (video and audio) as it tells me how much it loves being a slave and begging to serve. The slave verbally gives me all rights to all past, present and future photo/video of the slave (a verbal model release).

The capture posted on xtube, xhamster or some similiar site. The video remains there until the slave agrees to another session.

The next session is more humiliating. On it... Continue»
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Crossroads Part 3 (fiction)

Something clicked into place in my mind as I looked at the reflection of myself and the approaching Rachel and Alice. I felt their warmth as their arms embraced me. We looked at each other in the mirror and knew this was just the beginning, there was no going back for me now, Pandora's box had been opened. I was steered towards the bed and as I walked I could feel the tightness in my calf muscles caused by wearing the high heels. I was certainly steadier on them than I thought I would be. I knew it and they knew it but were to polite to say anything, looking down at my shoes I said, "I am goin... Continue»
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first time date

You are getting ready for a night out. You have a special guy you’re going out with and you know it’s a blind date. You want to look your best because you’re so horny. You decide on your black satin bra, panties and garter belt set. You have a long bubble bath, taking time to shave so your baby smooth all over. You get out and let your body dry naturally, putting your hair up after drying it. You choose your favorite eye shadow, a smoky purple, and paint your lips a nice red. Your nails are still a nice red from earlier that day. You put on your favourite perfume behind your ears, your wrists,... Continue»
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Steven R. McQueen Slash Series: Episode 3

Episode 3: The Burglar

Series: Steven R. McQueen Slash Series
Rating: NC17
Summary: Something incredible happens to me when someone sneaks into my bedroom late at night.

It's so very late at night and no matter what I try, I can't get back to sl**p.

I have a deep dark secret that if my parents would ever find out, they would want nothing to do with me any longer.

I'm gay.

I have tons of mens magazines but not those of FHM or Maxim.

Magazines like Torso or Inches or even Freshman.

My dick changes into a full cock when I see pictures of those men and twinks.

I... Continue»
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Romanticism: I know how to make you happy....

Over us the hot summer sun, the blue sky on which white dancing clouds, and around the warm dark blue sea float. It is our desert island.
We, having joined hands, absolutely bared we lie on warm gold dust, we luxuriate under beams of the southern sun and listens to surf noise. From the sea the light breeze blows, it envelops niches of a body an invisible matter, from pleasure on a body I run ants.
From a shining sun my hair have burnt out and became more light, than usually. Now they have become wet and have mixed up with sand...
I touch with a hip your foot a little, this touch burns...
Y... Continue»
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my fantasy...34

after i get out of the shower
i walk in2 the bed-room
without even bothering 2 dry myself
& i see that your insatiable cock
has again grown 2 it's full length...
as u lie there on your back
your cock sticking up like a fleshy flag-pole
i stand up & then straddle u
facing u
so i can watch your expressions...
as i lower myself down
on2 your long thick dick
i grip your swollen shaft
& guide it 2 my tight pucker...
i can feel your fat head press against me
as i lower myself a little more
feeling the giant pulsing head first spread
the resisting ring of my sphincter... Continue»
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The Tyrannosaurus R(ex) (Va)gina; our big bag of c

The Tyrannosaurus R(ex) (Va)gina; our big bag of collective Canadian Rights.

1. 1. What is RECTUM? definition of RECTUM (Black's Law Dictionary)
Definition of RECTUM: Lat Right; also a trial or accusation. Bract; Cowell.

The etymology of words provides for hilarious interpretations of the truth. Lawyers are wordsmiths and one of the little con games they play on their hapless victims is to change the meaning of legal terms to twist the meaning of the intent of all their Acts (plays). For this reason I always defer to terms specifically from Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition. This is t... Continue»
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My first fiction story guys.... don't expect much... =3

This takes place in the wonderous land of my imagination. But the people in my imagination call it "Fiona"

its just the adventures of the main charecter jordyn and all of her sexual mischief.
And remember, this is my imagination, who knows what shit will happen.



It was a foggy morning when jordyn woke up rather early for her, but most of the town was already awake. She checked the
clock and got dressed. After she was dres... Continue»
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TOT Part 10 wanting more cock

It was just after 10am when I woke the next morning, my first thought was Greg then my morning hardon, then Greg then a piss, I decided the piss was more urgent and went to the bathroom without having to worry about covering up, It was the school holidays, I was alone the house was empty apart from me and the dog, Mum, Dad, John and Jamie were all at work, I pointed my solid cock towards the pan pushing it firmly down so that it could not spring up and give me an eye full of piss, I imagined it was Greg’s hand pushing my cock, then as the piss drained he began stroking my willing cock, I could... Continue»
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Remote Control Slave

Part 5

Cock Master left me alone for the rest of the day and night. He had errands to run, he told me, and ordered me to withdraw $300 from my savings to pay for his purchases. He gave me a list of chores to accomplish…the entire apartment was to be scrubbed clean, and I was to wear nothing except a diaper and my plain brown dog dollar while doing it.

As promised, he had taken away my little-boy underoos, and they had not yet been replaced. I was also under orders to drink lots of fluids, but to NOT piss. He said he would call at some point and then I could ask p... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's Sexual Healing

Hey, gang!

I've head about this amazing thread so thought I'd share an amazing experience I've had with the gorgeous جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly slut.

After a couple of tours in Iraq (I'm a US marine) I returned to my hometown Detroit in a complete state of physical exhaustion. The docs told me about a new military hospital that was trying a brand new experimental procedure which was already having amazing results on ex-servicemen patients suffering my condition, so I signed up...

I was put in a private, single ward and put immediately on the program that consisted of a series of inje... Continue»
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Lucky Josh part 7

Introduction: Josh gets busy after the party

Half an hour later Josh arrived at his new home and paid the cabby.
He rang the bell, cursing at himself for not bringing his keys and waited.
A few moments later the door opened and lucky for Josh, Vanessa opened.
“Yes, can I …” she started before recognizing Josh.
“Oh sorry Mister eh, Josh”
“No problem” Josh smiled “I am just glad it’s you opening the door, the others don’t know me yet so that would have been awkward.”
Vanessa just smiled and opened the door further letting him in.
“Anyway, it’s good that you’re here because I need y... Continue»
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Pantyhose fantasy for a friend.

I decide to take a holiday in the US. I make my way to your town and book into a hotel and send you a message to say that I have arrived. After a short while you message me back to tell me how to get to your place. I shower and dress, putting on a pair of my favourite sheer to the waist tan pantyhose with the gusset removed. I pull on a pair of trousers and a tshirt and a pair of shoes. I call a taxi and give the driver the address that you have sent me. It isn't far away and soon I am knocking on the door. You open it and invite me in. You offer me a drink and we talk for a while about the th... Continue»
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The Villa - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – It's Just A Razor!

We pack up and come down to start getting ready for the evenings fun. As we enter the bedroom you stop, turn and face me. A slight frown comes over your face and you say, "I have a bit of a complaint. After this mornings fun I ended up with a hair stuck between my teeth. Now I know you said that you had tried shaving in the past but stopped because you nicked yourself too much, but can I try?"

I tried to look shocked, but it doesn't work. "Go on then, but please be careful."

So out comes the scissors, shaving foam, razor and towel. Then you start. With... Continue»
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what i need

I want to be able to meet a sexy bbw with a nice round and plump ass. anyways i want her to be dressed in a sexy corsett garter belt high heels and all that good stuff to show off her sexy curves as she dances slow for me as she makes her way to me seductively as she starts to grind her knee on my dick just pressing agianst it making it hard and throb with anticipation as shes shaking her big ass in my face. im trying my best not to touch for she told me I couldnt touch her until she was ready. im watching her ass shake and rub against my lap as she sits on my dick smashing it in between her a... Continue»
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Joyce looked like a calm, normal Asian girl. After the last three days, I was looking forward to normalcy. My body ached, and my nose hurt like hell. The man in the suit had brought a doctor over from the mainland the night before, but I had to take some painkillers and other stuff to reduce the swelling.

Joyce had a pleasing bit of baby fat on her – not fat, just that nice fullness of hips and a c-cup chest, ... Continue»
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