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B6 Chapter 21 Jordan's Revenge

Chapter 21: Jordan's Revenge

Dee Dee and Cleo raced back through the corridors of the Island. They arrived back in the quarters where the four girls had spent the night together, just after Rhiannon had finished
'gifting' Jordan.
What Dee Dee and Cleo saw was a sight they were totally unprepared for. Barocca was lying on the bed, with a terrified look on her face. Surrounding Barocca were five identical copies of Jordan. Each girl was naked, with a raging, two-foot hard-on.
Dee Dee shook her head, and rubbed her knuckles at her eyes for a moment. "I must've hit my head harde... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 6)

Flora was, in a way, enjoying herself immensely. Although the corset
portion of the rubber body shaper was uncomfortably tight, making her feel a
bit breathless, the rest of the outfit was another matter. Her head was
tightly encased in the helmet and felt, well... TIGHT, as if she had been
drinking. The balloon gag filling her mouth distended her cheeks slightly,
and gave her a kind of simple, oral satisfaction, like she got from performing

The fiendish attachments of the corselet felt entirely too nice, and she
squirmed a tiny bit, as little as the steel bar... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 15 Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Fuc

Chapter 15: Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Fucks Cleo

Jordan and Cleo sat there, each catching her breath after Jordan's blowjob on Cleo.
Cleo stared at Jordan's splattered face, and couldn't help herself, and began giggling.
"I'm sorry, Jordan. I just couldn't help myself there. Are you all right?"
Jordan began wiping the excess jism off of her face with her fingers. She shook her head and said playfully to Cleo, "Of course you realize, this means war."
"C'mon, Jordan. I thought all the girls on the Island liked the taste of cum."
"The taste, yes. Wearing it for a mask? No than... Continue»
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Naruto Lemon Series Part 2

You were skipping through the village humming lightly to yourself just enjoying the bright spring day. Naruto was off on a mission and Lee was as well leaving you optionless for people to hang with. You decided to just walk around till you found something interentsing enought to grab your attention. You stopped short as you quickly hid behind a tree and peeked your head out blushing. Good he didn't see me.. hehe I still got it. You thought smirking as the youngest of the Aburame clan began walking by not noticing you. Alright so you and Shino were complete opposites of each other, but that onl... Continue»
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Officer Josh takes Julie

Josh says:
call me officer =o

Julie says:
Sure thing occifer.

Josh says:
i got some handcuffs so i need a naked women resisting arrest right now =o

Julie says:
Sounds like you're gonna have to do some detective work there occifer sir.

Josh says:
im onto a hot lead but her sexy ass has evaded me.....for now
*stares at you from the corner of his eye*

Julie says:

Josh says:
i hope your not resisting arrest =o thats a serious crime and u'll get extra punishment =o
and the extra punishment is the kind where i end up saying and thats why they call it doi... Continue»
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Culture Shock 10/23

12.06 A.M.. Elaine's teeth were brushed, skin moisturised, ready for sl**p. Kneeling tall on her bed in the dark, she'd opened the sliding window widely. With her elbows resting on the windowsill, she smelled the fresh air. A warm breeze caressed her face, billowing the gauzy curtains.

Street lamps and house lights dotted the hills that rolled into the distance and Elaine stared. Her room was on the opposite side to the quadrangle and looked away from the city. Until then Elaine had wished she had a view of the bright colourful lights and the promise of excitement. But it wasn't the city sh... Continue»
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Chapter 52. Thump thump

Terry's penis was being quite moody today. He stared at its veiny shaft as it quickly swapped too and fro from stark raving hard to completely flaccid. As a result, terry's penis head quickly slapped against the underside of the table and- thump! "Golly!" Terry exclaimed, "there is is again!"
"what's the matter honeycakes?" Erica inquired as she went over the hair of her vagoo with a louse comb. Then she exploded because she was imaginary or something. Terry couldn't hold it in any longer. "Well golly gee!" he shouted as his bowels let loose, "this day just could not get any worse. Then it hi... Continue»
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Your fantasies

You can see me kissing down your body now..and i look into your eyes as i do.
You can see my cock very hard end erect of being so very aroused.

I kiss your belly slowly and gently and I kiss my way up again….finding your lips. And we start to kiss with passion..our tongues swirling deep around each other.
My hand is gently squeezing your breast…feeling your erct nipple sliding between my fingers, as your body is still so slippery from the massage.
Your hand is going over my back..and ass,,and I feel my cock throbbing as you do…we kiss even more passionate…
Than I lift myself up in front... Continue»
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Nude Linda Made To Bend And Then Slippered

My name is Frances and I’m recently retired. My lover and long time partner, Mary, tragically passed away last year – I miss her so much.
I have found with grief that you don’t just mourn for the person you have lost, you kind of mourn for the whole world – it’s so difficult to encapsulate an emotion in words.
Nearly three decades ago I was witness to an incident that changed something inside of me – irrevocably: Friday, 14th March 1980… my birthday: thirty three.
I was a secretary at a high school on the South Coast and it was coming up to five o&... Continue»
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From the previous episode Maureen was watching from outside Mike’s office,
Mike's head suddenly snapped backwards in a lustful grimace, his eyes spotting Maureen through the mirror as he slammed his tool as deep as he could into Maria's ass. A sneer crossed his face as Maria could feel him expanding inside her and used her muscles to try to contain his ejaculation. She was excited that he was Cumming inside her ass, Mike gave Maureen a sly wink and roared as he flooded her draughts ass.

The first, scorching hot jet of semen hit Maria like a bolt of lightning and made her gasp out loud. Sh... Continue»
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B7 Chapter 12 Epilog - The Island

Chapter 12: Epilog - The Island

Dee Dee was in her quarters, placing an on-line order for a replacement door for her lab, when the phone rang. It was Jordan, and she was with Summer. Either one of them had finally checked a computer and gotten the message, or someone had seen it, and relayed it to her and Summer. Dee Dee tried not to berate them too much over the phone, and had them promise to come to her quarters right away.
Dee Dee was still attending to details on her computer, when there was a knock at the door. Without bothering to see who it was, Dee Dee assumed it was Jordan... Continue»
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Life at the homestead [A Dairy conversion 13]

We now had a weekend till Ann went back to work and Sam to his home to pack up and sort out, plus doing his last few shifts, I meanwhile called the dog trust saying that the first two kennels were ready, and that weather permitting we would be finishing the other two the next week timothy the local agent for the trust us a couple of bales of straw for bedding, some blankets bowls and the like if we could collect it and he had a dog that was causing chaos in his kennel could we take it till the next weekend when it was due to be sent to the big centre in Essex unless a home became available... Continue»
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Indian Milf cont

so carrying on...

it was time for the reception, i got there a little late cuz we went to a bar first.

i saw alpa straight away at the bar and she looked like she was on her own. she was wearing a tight black saree. I went up to her and she just ordered JD and coke. i told her bar person so allow the coke and and to get 3. she said she wanted it with coke but i just told her to shut up. The drinks came and amd we wemt off to the side where nobody was, and i took one drink and put it to her mouth. she to a sip and said she didnt like it, so i grabber her close to me and pinched her pussy ... Continue»
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my fantasy...8

we are sitting at a bar
having a drink & getting re-acquainted
when i suddenly just blurt out
" do u wanna try starting over ??
do u wanna try fucking me again ?? "
u quickly answer
" i was hoping that was why u called !! "
so we quickly leave the lounge & go 2 your house...
u go in2 the bathroom & take a quick shower
as i get cumfortable & sprawl out on your bed...

u return from the shower
wearing only a towel around your waist...
sliding 2 the edge of the bed
i slide my arms around u & caress your back & ass...
while my tongue explores your navel
i can tell how m... Continue»
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scenario 2

As the door closes beind you, you know that there will be no diturbances till room service knocks sometime the next morning.. Gazing down the hallway your eyes lock with mine, eager with anticipation, a slight glare glazes over your face. As you take a step towards you, you reach for your collar pulling down the zipper to your jacket. As the sides of your jacket begin to spread apart, the shirt you have chosen to wear becomes exposed. A larger fishnet shirt that shows the definition of your breasts. The holes in the shirt both support your breasts yet at the same time show through to you... Continue»
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Hugs to Old Friends Part 2

My old friend did not notice how pissed Frank was but he kept talking 'She used to live off my block before I moved. We had Ecology class together, and in that class our teacher let us do a lot of group work by the people we sat near. I was in a group with her, and I said she stuffed her bra, right? She said she didn't and I told her I didn't belive her; so she grabbed her tits and gave them a nice squeeze proving that it wsnt no tissue in that bra. then one summer I kinda tricked her into a wet tshirt game. I kept filling up my super soaker and spraying her tits and she would just take it, ... Continue»
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Luck Josh part 6

Introduction: Josh does as Sam wishes

Their peaceful hug was disturbed by the door opening and Sam coming in.
Josh looked over Danni’s shoulder and smiled at Sam, happy to see her.
Catching his gaze Sam saw his emotional state and the sparkle that came to his eyes when she entered, he was really happy to see me she thought and took place beneath the desk, taking Josh’s limp cock in her mouth.
The realization that Josh liked her that much made her shudder a bit and she held herself tightly as if she was cold.
Sam couldn’t recall any time a man had looked at her as Josh just did and it... Continue»
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Christmas Day will be coming

I climbed to the mouth of the well, which, according to Robinson, is 125 feet in depth, and drank from an old leathern bucket, worked up and down by a coil of rope drawn over a beam suspended for the purpose, bestowing a small baksheesh upon the Arab who drew for me. The quality of the water seemed to me to be far better than that of Siloam, and is highly esteemed in the city, an immense quantity being Nike Zoom Kobe sent up daily on donkeys. There is a constant supply, and in rainy weather the surplus waters run off, and form a stream down the Valley of the ... Continue»
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mysterious neighbor Chapter 9

Eventually, I gave myself permission to reach out to her. I let my finger trail over her face to caress those soft lips. I was rewarded with a slick of her tongue as it tried to get rid of the pest that annoyed her. I finally moved over and buried my fingers in her hair to hold he head while I kissed her; tenderly at first, but with more insistent kisses. They weren't in any sense sensual or sexual kisses, just kisses of a deep, enduring love.

"Haven't you had enough of me?" she finally asked, smiling up at me.

"I'll never get enough of you," I said. ... Continue»
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The Fantasy


Have you ever had a fantasy where its so vivid, that its like YOU were really there? Well tonight, I will share one of my fantasies with you. And you will be here, with me, watching me, reading my every thought, as I live my dream for you…..

I’m wearing one of my sexy outfits….standing in the middle of the room, the music is playing softly…very sexy music…it sends tingly sensations up and down my spine…my eyes are closed, and when I open them…. you are there ….standing before me….

Our eyes make c... Continue»
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