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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Sex Toys are Fun. Most couples get bored with their sex lives at some point in their relationships. Sex toys add a bit of zest to the relationship and keep things from getting dull. Using a sex toy together can bring you closer; sharing new experiences together can be very intimate.

I didn't try using a sex toy until I was 28. Although I've always been open-minded, fairly sexual and comfortable with my body, I'd never gotten around to actually buying one, for a lot of stupid reasons. I was embarrassed; the only time I'd been to sex sho... Continue»
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HOT Session most MY men could relate to?

So about my wish... well I've always wanted a lovely girl such as yourself to take me in the ass with a strapon. I know it would be a lot of pleasure to lick your incredible pussy and ass then work my way to your breasts, kissing and licking them all over. I would caress your body with my hands, always remembering to reach down and rub your pussy. Then you would put on a 9 inch strapon and I would suck it to make it nice and wet, all the while I'd be fingering your pussy and ass. Then I'd go doggy style and you'd spit on my ass to lube it up. Playfully you'd put the tip of the strapon against ... Continue»
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A New Love in My Life 1

I think I have found a new love in my life. I was really dreading not having a boyfriend at Christmas. Everywhere I go, I seem to see couples holding hands, or touching each others bottoms in anticipation of good sex to come. Even my Dad is having an affair with our maid. Anyway, I met the boy on the jeepney going home from work the other night. The jeepney ride to my place takes about 30 minutes, by the way, and has always been a good place to get to meet boys. I think a lot of sex has started with the f***ed touching of knees or thighs on a tightly packed jeepney.

When I used to be c... Continue»
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The Emma J Chronicles 2 Part 5

Chapter Nine
Marcus was sat at his expansive desk on the sixth floor of the head quarters of the respected City of London firm of accountants; Throgmorton & Fisher. His feet up on his desk he was surfing his favourite porn-site, He shifted uncomfortably in his chair and adjusted his trousers to give his erection more room. He flicked over to watch the Live Cams, hoping his favourite oriental girl would be performing. He’s just clicked on her thumbnail picture when the internal phone trilled loudly.
“Yes, Marcus here”.
“Marcus, come up to my office immediately I have a grave si... Continue»
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The first time ( a meeting )

This is a true - ish story, but the names have been changed to protect the individuals.

His wife didn't understand him, she was too vanilla and he hated it. He wanted more passion, more excitement and he knew he was never going to get that at home. John had found something to keep himself, or his hands occupied too. I'm not sure, maybe he wanted to feel more wanted.
The sex site he had found had great video's on it, plenty of choice, and a world away from anything he had ever experienced ever.
John and Sara had mutual friends and had started dating, and as one by one their friends go... Continue»
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My hubby and I had a barbecue at a friends house recently. We were sitting up on a slighlty raised deck and I was wearing a short little see through skirt with my new high platoform heels. I noticed my husbands friend couldnt stop staring at my feet. The sun started going down and my husbands friend went down the stairs to clean the grid. I stood next to my hubby against the railing with my one foot slightly over the edge. I felt something bump my foot and out the corner of my eye I noticed my hubbys friend crouching under the deck with his face right up against my foot, I could see the bulge ... Continue»
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fully developed...

I have never been with someone like you, I want to, so bad. I see the pictures, taken by delighted husbands, younger black lovers, taken in front of the mirror by the elegant goddess herself. You are mature, skinny, fit, tanned, ripe, hot. Your naked silhouette, long legs, slim body, perfect in the doorway, the sunlight behind you, wearing only sexy high heeled shoes. Sunbathing, nude in a public place, your tight figure glistening in the sun, tanned, oily, slightly loose skin, still perky, a little deflated pale tits, a flat ass, hard long nipples between hot tan lines. I am wild with desire.... Continue»
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I was out for a drive and didnt know he was filming me with a very small camera, the lorry drivers loved watching me. What I got up to after flashing, well you can imagine.
I get really horny watching vids where people are caught on cam so I started collecting them. At first it was difficult as they are mostly private but you know how you men are, it didnt take me long to change their minds.
So now I am going to share them but cant put them on the internet, a deal is a deal......... Continue»
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The Webcam Model part 2

The next night, Sean logged onto his Skype and added Amy as a friend. She was all he could think about for that entire day! While waiting for a response, he went to her page to find out a little more about her.

"Hmmmm. So she's into BDSM...blowjobs...nice!", he thought to himself. "Oh, she's a cutie, too! Nice tits and a nice smile! That's always a plus! Oh, wait! We're not too far from each other either! Meh, keep dreaming, dude. You'd be happy with a private show with a woman who looks like that!"

After a few more minutes of thumbing through her pics, he heard a tone on his Skype indic... Continue»
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the gift

This is a story I wrote, after an amazing f***ed orgasm scene I did for the site

I am bound to a table, my arms over my head, my feet tied by the ankles, about to shoot a f***ed orgasm scene. The photographer is a nice, friendly bear of a guy. Somewhat quiet.

But..when he picks up the hitachi, the quiet bear is replaced by a very stern DOM.

He’s already discerned that I am sassy. He teases me about being a switch..he warns me that this day, he is going to tame me into a whimpering, submissive ball of jelly.

He starts off by lightly passing the vibrato... Continue»
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Caught with Master

   I've wanted you since the first day I heard your voice.  We've both tried to walk away, but I can't forget you, and you can't forget my daughter.  Even though we had long ago decided that we wouldn't see each other anymore, a perfect opportunity came up, and we seized the moment.  My husband and son were deer hunting, and Barbara had gone to a friend's, so I invited you over.  My goal was to feel one last time your absolute dominance over me, but of course your goal was to prowl through my daughter's things.  I knew that you were completely obsessed with her, and in my darkest moments, had ... Continue»
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First Time Gay III

We were with some other boys playing in the dark some hide game in one of the boys f****y room. My BF had a great ass and other boys commented on how cute and femme it was. I find myself behind him. I got up close to him and put my hands on his hips. I became very hard and began to grind my hard cock into his cute big ass. We were still in clothes. It was dark in the room and boys were laffing and making loud noises. He reached behind and began grabbing my hard on. It was so hard. We went and sat down in a corner area where we could be undisturbed. He proceeded to grab and rub my cock t... Continue»
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Pierced nipple 2

If you read my account of how my piercing came about and a naughty happening because of it, you can guess a few other 'occasions' occurred. Nothing that went the whole way as it did with my old boss, but great fun never the less.
My husband worked every Sunday, he would be gone by 6 in the morning and rarely home by 10 at night, leaving me with plenty of time for the housework, gardening etc. However one thing I, or hubby could not do was car maintenance but fortunately our friends husband did. Bless him whenever I had a problem with the car we would ask if he had a spare couple of minutes... Continue»
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Tales of a Hitch-Hiker, Chapter 2- The Torment

Her captor was gone for quite a while before returning. She wondered what else he would do to her and if he would ever let her go-alive, that is! It wasn’t long before he came back to the bedroom to check on his prisoner. He was not wearing a shirt as he gazed down at her naked, vulnerable body and she could see, once again, the growing bulge in his pants as he was getting very aroused.

He reached down and raked his fingers through the thick locks of her generous love nest, tugging several times, making Christina yelp through her gag. He continued exploring her- running his fingers throug... Continue»
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i needed to pee

Then I had to pee...

And that opened a whole new world for me. There were 6-8 guys in the restroom in various stages of undress, sucking, rimming, and fucking each other. I had to play. So I got naked and joined in. I was fucking one guy while sucking another HUGE dick when I felt a blast of warm, salty wetness hit my face. At first I thought it was cum, but it kept on soaking me. When I realized I was getting pissed on I popped immediately. The guy I was fucking whipped around and started sucking the rest of my cum out of my cock, and then snowballed it back to me. Then I heard a female v... Continue»
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feet suck

I woke up with my cousin ive always thought she had sexy feet. one day i went to her house to play. and she was alone and bare foot. i walked in to her room and i sat on her bed slowly reaching for her feet. i grabed her feet and started sucking on them and spitting on them she got horn and started to suck my perfectly painted hot pink toes. and we suck on eachothers feet for about two hours. she then asked me if she could call her boyfriend to come and fuck us and i said yes.he walked in and we both gave him a blowjob he had a perfect long big hard cock.he then fucked us and came all over our... Continue»
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I’m still dreaming of fucking her sexy ass

Do you remember the day when you lost your virginity? This guy lost it with a hot, mature chick and he will never forget it…

My name is Alex and I want to tell you the story of my first time. Though it happened over ten years ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was 21, a fair good looking easy going guy, but still a virgin. It was something frustrating what I didn’t like at all. I was not a sucker or a fool, but I would get it off with girls. All of my friends had girlfriends and had already their first sexual experiences.
Then came this day in spring, approximately 4 weeks... Continue»
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Fairytale Adventures Ch.2 Jack and The Beanstalk

Kristen hurried down the road, hoping that once she got to the village someone could give her directions home. She was also trying to remember the next story in the book that she'd read... that damn old tarot card witch! If she had something to do with this...

Suddenly Kristen spied a young man, about her age, walking towards the village with a cow. She hurried forward and caught up with him.

"Excuse me," she said, "What's that village up there called?"

The young man just stared at her, and Kristen suddenly remembered that she was very scantily clad, and not only that but her breasts ... Continue»
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The House

Charity House was a high class whore house. The girls there were well trained and good at their job. They did any thing the men wanted or needed. The men were all wealthy and demanding but paid a lot of money. Mona was very popular. She had creamy skin and a hot sexy body. She knew the art of fucking and turning her man on in many ways. She was very popular with her strap on and fucking the men in the ass. She also loved to sit them on a big dildo with it deep in their ass and she would straddle them and fuck them hard till she had them screaming.

Tonight the senator was coming and he like... Continue»
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Beach Sex

The sun broke through the mid-morning haze as Brandy and I made our way over the dunes and toward the beach. For the last couple days, we had been camping at Watch Hill Campground on Fire Island. It's a beautiful place, well removed from the hectic pace of the city. Unfortunately, the campsites are placed so close together that we haven't had much privacy in this otherwise intimate setting, a reality that proved insufferable last night.

This was my only grievance as we traipsed over the dunes. Actually, I traipsed; Brandy moved across the sand with grace and a little flaunt. Like a skilled ... Continue»
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