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It had been an incredibly long and exhausting few days here in Winston, Salem. My work had taken me here, from literally the other side of the world to help sort out a problem for a company that had purchased some specialized software that we’d designed. They’d allowed me five days to do the fix, and I knew by the end of day two that I’d be finished sometime the following morning. I was at least glad that I hadn’t ended up in LA or New York; I’m not a fan of big cities, and Winston was comparatively small, not that I’d seen all that much of the place. But knowing I’d have a few days before my ... Continue»
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Helping out a friend

I was at a party that was just finishing with my friend Pete. A big mansion owned by some guy he worked for a whole ago. As the place emptied Pete and I were out by the pool deck near the sauna room when the owner, about 50 with a beer gut and body to amtch and one of his mate, who looked the same walked up to Pete and said "so who's your mate?" "I'm Joe" i blurted out offering my hand for the shaking. He shook it and turned to face Pete.

"So, still wanting abit of extra money?" he asked. I assumed he meant work but then Pete got enrvous and said &quo... Continue»
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Simple Ideas for Dominating the Male

1. Must use "Mistress", Madame", or "Ma'am" at all times.

2. Handcuffed to the shopping cart, while shopping.

3. Handcuffed or tied to a pole outside store. (waiting for Mistress)

4. Handcuffed, hands in front or back, while shopping.

5. Metal cock rings, collars, chains, or leashes when going through airport security.

6. Having him get a good tan while wearing a bra, for later exposure at the beach or while washing the car without a shirt.

7. When at a restaurant, eating in an unusual way; being fed by the Mistress; using your non- dominant hand, no utensils.

8. Forbidden... Continue»
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The first time I ever did anything sexual was at the ripe old age of 19. Yeah, I know, too late for these times. But anyway, I don't regret it. I had been to a porno movie theatre with some of my friends before, and I had liked porn so much, I promised myself to go there by myself some time soon.

When I came into the theater by myself , I noticed an older man looking at me. He was taller than me. I was kind of shy back then. And even though, I knew I was gay, I had never had any sexual contact with anybody, man or woman, I thought I had to be feminine to get a man, and I hated that possibi... Continue»
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Das Tagebuch

Netzfund ...eine der geilsten Geschichten, die ich je gelesen hab!

Patricks Tagebuch - erster Eintrag
Heute stand wieder einmal das Schwimmbad auf dem Programm; ich liebe es über alles, weil ich da so viele sehen können, wie stark ich bin.
In der Umkleidekabine war ich leider allein; dafür war die Männerdusche gut besetzt. Ich mache mir immer einen Spass draus, entweder in der Kabine oder in der Dusche meine Badehose auszuziehen und die anderen mit meinem riesigen Ständer in psychische Krisen zu stürzen. Die ausgewachsenen Männer fallen total in sich zusammen, wenn ich ihnen meinen stol... Continue»
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Imagine my tongue
very soft and sublime
Traveling down
the length of your spine
Tickling your hips
then parting your thighs
Your taste brings me pleasure,
you voice pleasurable cries

Imagine my hands
As they inspect and explore
Make your nipples erect
your body hungers for more
Then plumbing the depths
Your attention they get
Bringing you close to the chasm
But not over not yet

Imagine my arms
As they encircle your waist
Lift you up and on top
You slowly settle in place
Then they pull you in close
Around my neck your arms slide
The slow dance of lovers
In ecstasy we ... Continue»
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The visit

Sometimes my mind wanders and I begin to day dream about the days we used to hang out. It sort of always started like this: A knock at your door alerts you that I just arrived and was waiting at your front door. You open and receive me with a warm hug as our minds begin to race with thoughts of what might happen this evening. Your embrace as well as your sweet voice all point to the signs that you are happy to see me. We both find our way to your living room couch and talk for a few minutes, usually about one another and what we have been up to. You offer me a cold corona because you know the... Continue»
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Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 9

Chapter 9.

We rested awhile, lying in the soft grass under a warm spring sun. It was my idea of a perfect place to fuck. I imagined how going to this place as a teen would have made me grow up a very different person.

Soon, we started the walk back toward camp. We stopped several times, and Max pointed out some of the interesting flowers and trees around us. At one stop, Max turned to face the side of the trail and started to pee into a bush. He held his cock casually in one hand and just let it flow.

“I wish I could do that,” I commented. I really had to pee. “I shoulda gone before w... Continue»
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The Journey

As we journey across the mountain pass, the sun shining and the cool breeze blowing, we stop for a brief rest. It's been a long day... You've been touching my thigh during the drive and looking at my package hungrily... As we stop, you unbuckle your seatbelt, slide over on top of me, and plunge your tongue down my throat... Kissing me madly as you grind against my quickly awakening shaft....

Your kiss goes straight to my loins, causing me to harden as you grind against me... I pull you in tight against my kiss as my arms wrap around you, your breasts aganist my chest.... You pull your top o... Continue»
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My fantasy

I'm 23, my girlfriend Ana a little more: she had me over for 4 years. Looks amazing: high natural blonde with green eyes, hair dumb above the shoulders, with a small straight nose, with alluring and enticing, full lips drop ... add to this spectacular figure, long legs, delicious ass and tender flesh edinichku, which is so nice to take in hand ...

Think about the topic seksvayf I started a long time ... I love cracked his evening about his girlfriend chatting (there is such chatrum on - "my wife and I met", though the name may vary slightly from time to time) to provide all ...

A... Continue»
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Um casal muito interessante

Dia seguinte, sol quente, e às 10 horas da manhã com nossos respectivos maridos ainda dormindo. Desço para a piscina e já encontro Marla tentanto recuperar o bronzeado perdido em muito tempo na Dinamarca . Ficamos ainda algum tempo reclamando alegremente dos nossos corpos doloridos e trocando impressões sobre a noite anterior como se fossemos amigas a longo tempo. Trocamos mil confidencias a respeito de nossas aventuras sexuais , dentro e fóra do casamento, e logo nossas risadas nervosas indicavam a excitação voltando a tomar conta de nós . Ambas vestíamos sumarissimos bikinis que mal cobriam... Continue»
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Hijab Slut Anam

Hijabi slut Anam had a special talent, a dirty secret, her naughty passion hiding under her colourful headscarf - she loved giving blowjobs. Anam was about 5'6'' tall, light skinned Pakistani with full lips and big eyes and a mole on her face, she wore her Hijab and colourful Asian clothes. She didn't hold back in her naughty secret, she loved pleasuring cock and would always swallow the cum, though she also gave titjobs and handjobs, she loved the sensation of the guy making a slimy, sticky mess all over her hands. There was, however, a twist to Anam's 'hobby' - she only did it for white, Chr... Continue»
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The death of me on the sunset strip by Romance666

a short story by Romance666
coming in from the hot dusty weather, Jamie lifted the canteen over her head water poured over her long black loosely curled hair making it cling to her rock hard body underneath her army green wife beater and gun belt hanging from her shoulder. Zombie brains washed down to the floor and floated down the stream on the concrete. What's for dinner bitch? she jokingly says to Lucy, Lucy had stayed home to cook a dead dog they found on the street on a scavenger hunting mission they did earlier, Jamie had brought back a box of baby wipes and pine sol. not really a larg... Continue»
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The state of my union :D

If you're a regular visitor to my page you can tell that i love a nice round female ass. My Mistress's butt is nice, it's round, but it's small, and my girlfriend's ass well that's a different story; her ass is very thick. Now i know that most women want to be thin, and many women watch their calories and so on, but i am not one of them. If i ever get to post real life pictures of myself you'll see i have a thickness about me, i'm not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but i'm thich.
Anyways, to get to my short story, i've been super busy lately and i've not had a chance to come on ... Continue»
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Bounty Part One

Her name is Elisa Grumway and although she may look like a Supermodel she is anything but.

She drinks to much, smokes cheap cigars and eats more McDonalds than a long haul trucker and yet she has an amazing figure. When asked how she pulls it off she always answers:

"Good Genes and lots of Running"

Elisa is a Bail Enf***ement Officer aka Bounty Hunter.

You may ask how a Woman who looks like so stunning and should be prancing down a Catwalk in Milan fell into the Hunting game, well it all began Two years earlier.

After being "dismissed" from a brief stint as Mrs. Cluck (a cos... Continue»
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Life As A Gigolo

You won’t notice me stand out in the Metro crowd

I won’t be the one to turn heads at the office party. I don’t make you feel threatened by speaking to your wife or your girl hell and till a few months back I dint even know how to speak to a girl. But this story is not just mine it also belongs to Deepika!

The perfect wife a loving mom a generous wife and the ideal woman and fair beautiful a former model who had with age put on weight only in the right places and a face oh what a face it drips innocence her brown doe eyes,

Her long and slender nose her perfectly shaped strawberry pout... Continue»
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Cindy's Surprise

I had reserved a suite in a nice resort and spa for the weekend getaway with a separate bedroom and living room. We checked in Friday evening taking are bags to the room and getting situated. We then changed to go to supper and out for the evening. You put on a dress with high silver high heels asking “do you like” which of course I responded with a yes. We found a nice restaurant having a nice supper after which we walked up to a nice bar up the road. We found a table and sat down ordering our drinks. It was at this point I saw a 6’ 4” tall black man well built looking over at you. Af... Continue»
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Story i just sent my ex 2/10/12

we have been broken up for some time now but still talk and this is a story i made for her.
Well i come to town and im waiting for a friend to get out of school.everyone starts to leave and i look over and see you. and i cant believe my eyes cause you are so sexy wearing your cheer uniform. so i get out the car and say your name and sure enough you look over. and at first you had no idea who i was then you smiled real big and ran over to me and pick you up and give you a huge hug. then i set you down and you say "what are you doing here" with a big smile and i tell you im here for a friend bu... Continue»
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The Monster Inside - Vampire Pt 5

In her sl**p she loosened her grip but we were always touching, I had awaked very early trying to come up with an idea of how to handle this whole big mess I gotten myself into. Here I was in bed with the one person in the world that I connected to and possibly love, even though I've known her for only two nights. But how would I to tell her that I was not human. Gwen stirred and started waking, she looked at me sl**pily she smiled.

"Good morning, someone's an early bird." She leaned over giving me a... Continue»
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A Chance of Snow

Wrote this as a Christmas present for Nik. I tried to make it somewhat sentimental and romantic (such as I can manage) which is actually the kind of the story I prefer. It's also more difficult to write and develop. I hope this is a step in the right direction.

"So, you doing anything this weekend?" It's taken me four months to ask you such a simple question. Four months since you started working here. It started as brief nods, "hello"s and "hi"s as I see you coming in and leaving the office. Eventually, they slowly evolved into "What's up"s, "How's it going"s, and "What's new with you"s. Y... Continue»
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