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Locksmith Cottage Grove a a lot superior way for t

Folks residing at Grove are lucky to create distinct locksmith options to their challenges, they may be now less worried to shield their individual and commercial properties from theft. Locksmiths Grove options and products are a kind of boon to help the individuals dwelling within the city. There have been quite a few corporations involved in generating the life extra comfy for the individuals. Comprehend their concerns linked to the security of their properties, corporations create and style such products that happen to be simple to use and gives 100% security assurance to their clientele. K... Continue»
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Show for the invisible one

Recently I start to sl**p without underwear... One, for the season, too muc hot, and two, to give different ways to my nights... So I think a lots of fantasy, the first one to masturb for someone. I think that is very wonderful to come for the person who is with you to have sex.
The last night I was in bed and I didn't sl**p, so I start to stroke gently my cock, caress it like was alive. At a moment, while I had eyes closed, enjoying the hand's stroking on my penis, I imagined a ghost trapped in my room, and so I took out the sheets, I spread legs and I start to caress my pubes, coming to the... Continue»
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Meeting my BBW dream

If I could catch a break I might just get to have some adult fun in the crazy whirlwind that has been my life. Between work and home repairs I can barely steal a moment to jerk off let alone have a romantic interlude while out and about. Working from home limits my necessity to leave the office for a meeting so when I had the chance to drop off a colleague at the airport I jumped at the chance. Sure I will pick up the Wilson Reports on my way back to the office. Henrietta seemed like a sure bet for an easy commute from the office to the airport so I had been checking the backpage for loca... Continue»
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Mr. Egyptian

Mr. Egyptian


We have been sexting for months now. Each time we talked, it left my loins ablazed, wet and hungry. I longed for the real thing. Sex, unfortunately, has not been a part of my life for more than two years. If you were to ask me how long has it been since I have had good sex, then I would have to say it has been more than five years now. It is a god-awful long time for someone with a high sex drive and he truly challenged my life of celibacy.

Naturally, I augment my sex life using the internet. I surf a porn site for films, chat with some sexually ... Continue»
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Three of three

Three of three

This is the third story in a set of three about three ladies I slept with over 6 years all related to my best friend Davy.

If you are reading this then it would be better if you read Times three first as it will explain what has gone before? You will find it here.

Followed by Two of three which is here.

It will help make a bit more sense of this one.

I had been good friends with Davy for a lot of years by now and if you have read the stories leading up t... Continue»
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Her thigh was rubbing my pussy as she was pressing her pussy hard on my thigh. I obediently co-operated and reciprocated each of rub by rubbing her pussy with my thigh. Her arms cuddled me and she kissed me all over my face and licked wherever possible. I could sense her breath was hot and steamy.

Our breasts were pressed hard against each other and I could feel our nipples were already hardened. In a moment she lowered her head and started sucking one of my nipples. It was too sensual that I groaned and moaned in ecstasy.

Without releasing me from her embrace, she rolled me to my b... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Pqrt 10

I previously mentioned Paul, who had moved in with Hong. (Kim's aunt) He was the E-7 who had arrived at the same time as John, the E-6.

He and John and I moved us into the new house, and it was he and Kim who had suggested that some outdoor furniture would be nice, so we wouldn't have to sit on the ground all the time. He and John had gone with Kim to shop for it, and they paid for it, as I was paying the rent and utilities. We ALL chipped in for the food.

Paul had come to the house (the old one) one evening, to pick me up to go to work. He met Hong, and liked her very much. The nex... Continue»
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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 8

"I'm still a virgin," said Kyla. "Jodi, I'm so hot. Would you mind terribly if I took my
nightie off and laid here with nothing on?"
Shawn caught his breath as he watched her strip the thin nightie off, baring her
enormous breasts that seemed to swell as he watched them. He saw now that her
skin was olive and flawless and his prick swelled up hard inside his tight underpants.
"I'll do the same. After all, we're both girls," said Jodi laughing. "It is hot, isn't it."
Now they were both naked on the bed and Shawn feasted his eyes on them. Kyla's
tit-cannons were pointed upward at the ceil... Continue»
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ROTC Bootlicker Gay Authoritarian/Military story

Most people thought I was just a normal k** when I was growing up but
what they didn't know was that by the time I had reached junior high school
I had developed a growing fascination with men's boots. When I started
high school I found myself dreaming about boots as I rubbed my crotch..
Next I found the joy of masturbating while fantasizing about being under
the domination of men or boys in big black boots.

Since x-rated movies and adult shops were still off limits, I fed my
boot lust by watching war movies. I was really turned on by army commandos
kicking and stomping their w... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Milf's Forever

Mikey was sound asl**p when I returned to our room, so I slipped into the shower and washed away the cum and sweat from the fucking I had just received from my daughter’s boyfriend. I brushed my teeth and removed all traces that I had broken my vow to quit smoking and then I slid into bed with the man I loved. I wrapped my arms around him and his head moved over to kiss my lips. I loved him so much and if the babies didn’t wake us up first, I would wake him in the morning with my lips wrapped around his hard cock. The thought almost kept me awake, but I was spent from having both of ... Continue»
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I need black dick

Laying here wishing I had a friend with benefits...... Ughhhhh I just want the cover moved off me and my leggings pulled down. No panties on so he can immediately cover my fat ass with juicy kisses ass he starts playing with my dripping pussy. My legs will open wider as I come to my knees and arch my back so his mouth can start sucking and fucking my pieces . I wouldn't want him to stop until I nut hard. So the I can turn around and lay in pleasure as he sucks and bite each nipple as I feed him my titties. That gets me hotter and wetter FYI. Then I would direct him up so his dick can meet my ... Continue»
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Neighbourhood watcher (part 2)

My heavy makeup was complete, with very long false eyelashes, and my heavily glossed red lips glistening, ready for the big screen. My shoulder length, fingerless rubber gloves were tight, but somehow comforting, my deep red nails contrasting sharply with the shiny jet smothering my arms. My black PVC leotard was tucked under my semi-transparent, smooth, wet looking, red rubber miniskirt. The hair tonight was blonde, big, and back combed. I left the bathroom light on, dimly illuminating the small kitchen, hoping my shinywear would be spotted, glistening, as I tottered back, slowly, and seduct... Continue»
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Waiting for You - Chapter 2

My heart is beating so hard inside my cheast. All I can hear is the "whooshing" sound of the bl**d being pumped through my head. I have fisted the comforter in both hands. I can't believe how nervous and excited I'm feeling! "Breath", I tell myself. I hadn't even noticed I was holding my breath until then.

Slowly, so painstakingly slowly, the door opens. My nipples harden instantly. A quiet moan slips from me. I slide my hand up my stomach and caress one of my breast, tweaking my nipple with a hard pinch.

You walk into the room and let the door close behind you. You grab the only chair... Continue»
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First Comes Punishment

I was in trouble. When He told me to think about what I had done, all day, and that he would talk to me when I got home, I knew my punishment would be bad.

When I got home He met me at the door and instructed me to strip.

"You were a bad girl. You will be punished. Repeat." He said.

"I was a bad girl and I will be punished." I repeated quietly, looking down.

He then led me to a chair and told me to bend over. When I did he said, "Don't move, Slut."

"Yes, Master."

"What if I were as unfair as you say I am?" He asks.

"You aren't unfair, Master."

"You said I was this mo... Continue»
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Kristina Gets More than She Bargained For pt. 7

As Kristina made her way down the hall, down the stairs and out the front door, she tried to teach herself to walk in such a way that did not make it obvious that she was being DPed with plastic. Marci stifled giggles as she watched Kristina struggle. It was hard to stand upright, let alone walk in a normal fashion, but by the time they got outside, Kristina could manage.

It was just after 10pm, and Kristina thought she might be able to use the cover of night to hide her situation. Her dorm was four blocks away, and she could not see too many people on the street. Perhaps she cau... Continue»
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Each day she would awaken with the hope to feel his touch. She'd shower in the mornings and carefully shave her pussy the way he had requested. Her silk panties rubbing lightly against her barren flesh would cause her juices to flow. She was in a constant state of arousal. A sexual frenzy from which there was no escape. Masturbation was now a twice-daily event. The first Friday evening finally arrived and she found herself literally on the edge of her seat. She felt certain that he would repeat the previous pattern and make contact with her at some point that evening. Again she refused an outi... Continue»
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The Dream

She was dreaming again and she knew what was going to come. One minute she was working, trying to stay awake and keep the nightmares at bay. The next thing she knew she was in a room lit with firelight and waiting…for him. The air was sweet from scented candles; a storm outside moved the trees in a haunting rhythm. Everything was so sharp, so clear that for one brief moment Hanna thought that she was awake after all. But then, from out of the corner of her eye, she saw the shadows converge into the shape of a man. A frighteningly stunning man with long hair as black as night and eyes li... Continue»
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True Love Chapter One

It was a relief to get off the grimy grey streets. I'd been pounding the baking asphalt for hours, wearing the already paper thin soles of my five dollar shoes into a fine mist. Now I was sat in the reception room of my latest client, a Major Benson, waiting for him to finish pounding whichever floozy he had bent over his office desk.

He certainly had plenty of get up and go for an old guy, I put him at around sixty three but sometimes it was hard to tell with those brash army types. Anyway, he'd certainly got it up and he was going alright. I could make out the pair of them, blurred silhou... Continue»
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the medina and the girl

I cant believe I have to stay with my parents this whole time, chris thought as he and his f****y strolled through the old city together. Oh well he tought lets just mnake the most of it.
Soon enough everyone on the tour was exhausted and they all went back to the hotel to rest up fo the eveing.
Chris saw his parents into their room then made a u turn back outside to do some exploring on his own. Once in the square Chris was aproached by a middleagee man offering hash. He bought about 10 dollars worth, quickly put a large chunk in his pipe then ducked into an alley to hit it. Couple minut... Continue»
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Lori's craving...

Like an addictive aphrodisiac, Lori craves the erotic thrill that she receives from teasing and pleasing a man's cock, manipulating his erotic pleasure to indulge her own until he can't resist the intensity of his primal urge to cum for her. She is enthralled with her sexual power to arouse and stimulate a cock to swell hard, rising and thickening for her, and enflaming her own passion. Simultaneously exploring his erogenous zones and tantalizing his manhood, she exploits his arousal, making his cock strain for her attention, throbbing and twitching with excitement and anticipation. Enraptured... Continue»
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