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My Education: Brother

Recap from "Band Trip" gay high school Feb 18

Still gasping to get his breath back, Rob withdrew his slightly deflated
cock from Tim's dripping hole. Tim braced himself on my shoulders and
allowed his still half-hard wet cock to pull away from my mouth. I f***ed
myself from the ground and sat on a nearby bench. I still had a hard
throbbing hardon. Tim, being the good host, and also still horny, went
between my legs and took my cock in one swift motion. It only took a few
moments before I rewarded Tim's efforts with my second load of the day.

I wanted to be home when Wayne, m... Continue»
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Share this night with me

" Share this night with me"

You look up at me,gazing at my face shadowed by moonlight and the cool of the evening. My words slide like honey in your ear..warm...sweet..inviting. Will you share the night..this night..with me? Will you soak it in and let it drench you in sultry sensations and urges that could carry you anywhere or nowhere? Will you do it and let me be there to witness it? The candlelight dances with the soft breeze and aromas of the earth and man float around us. Slightly salty air from the nearby beach gathers up the scents of so many things and brings them all to us lik... Continue»
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Relaxing with no panties feeling the ache to feel, wanting to be felt teased and licked!

A shower is what you crave to release the thoughts now swirling in your mind.

Thinking about that hot water running across your body, the streams hitting your nipples, as a cock runs across your lips. Your mind is catching up to the thoughts within.

Wanting to feel that touch, wondering what it would feel like, thinking how a hardened cock will fill your hand as you slowly stroke it. Milking it producing the precum, rubbing the tip across your tongue getting the reaction of the cock pulsing in yo... Continue»
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Sub basement dream

It was over.  It was exactly one year ago today I was planning a very serious, life altering experiment and that experiment has come to an end. 

One year...
One year to find myself and figure out what the fuck I'm doing with my life. 

One year goes by really fast.

Let's back up... Halloween 2011 I moved from New York to Philadelphia on a whim.  A man I barely knew offered me a chance.  A chance to get on my feet in a new city where I had no f****y and no friends... so grabbed that chance and ran with it.  I set a deadline and by January 2012 I was on my feet with a job, a place of m... Continue»
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we are driving down the road and your hand is resting on my lap. you start to rub my inner tight and feel a bulge grow, i smile at you. with a devilish smile on your face you unzip my pants and slide your hand in. my hand leaves the wheel and i rub your neck and slide my hand down the back of your shirt. i fumble with you bra hook and pop it open. you look at me with a now what look and i say" take off your top." you rub my cock a couple time before removing your top. now with your top off you bend down and open my pants and say fair is fair as my cock springs up into the open, but not for lon... Continue»
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Waves of time pt 2

The hotel Brenda was staying at was one of the only big hotels that had been rebuilt and reopened. The others looked like they had been through a war; empty parking lots filled with debris, no windows, lots of plywood tacked everywhere. Whatever damage they had suffered, they faired much better than the old one and two story motels that had been the staple for so many years. They were all leveled now, just concrete slabs and sand covered parking lots remained.

"Breakfast?" the hostess asked.

"Still serving?"

"For another 5 minutes."

... Continue»
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Some lucky Guy ?

-I'm asking if what you think of me and someone else fucking and taking turns IN you?
* Yes both! I want to watch him get turned on and stroke himself as he watches us Lets say we were at home. And a friend of urs stopped by and u guys would be having ur chat while I am doing homework. And u guys were watching some movie and it was on a sex scene! And it catches my attention so I glance up and look rite at u than look down to ur dick wondering if u were getting turned on by it too. I would be wearin a shorts and a tank top mmm I would take my bra off an show u jus how hard my nipples are. Th... Continue»
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strooder loves my tight asshole.

Lateshay! Oh my god, your new video just made me cum in my pants! I was only a short way in when my cock began shooting a thick load. Caught me by surprise! I couldnt believe I came so soon, I had to unzip and keep wanking as the video ended. I love right at the end as you spread your ass and show your tight asshole, I just wish you were about to lower it on my throbbing cock and fuck me until the cum bursts out of your ass!

Hope you had a good new year! Im going to give you so much cum this year, youre going to coax every last drop of spunk out of me for the next 365 days!

I'm having to... Continue»
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sexual escapades 2

I guess I could tell you that Celeste isn't me but that wouldn't be truly honest I've also heard that stories like these being told in the first person makes them better. I've always thought being a writer would be and exciting career lol .Anyway I believe that I will tell the stories I write in the first person. Most will be experiences some will just be fantasies but all, I hope will make u a bit excited from reading them .

On that note I will tell another story from "celestes" sexual escapades from my point of view .

This one is just about a guy I dated well maybe fooled around w... Continue»
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Look What You Made Me Do At Work; AGAIN!

Today was a very long day. I ended the day in the office doing paper work on the computer. I was so ready to go home. I took a break. Walked to the window and looked outside. I was a fairly nice day. All of the sudden I thought of you. I could imagine seeing you outside. Just imagining you created a problem for me. Remember the running joke, “boxers or briefs?” lol Well today it was boxers. The thoughts of you created an issue that could not be disguised. There were not many people in the building this late on a Thursday afternoon. Maybe 10 between all 3 floors. But still a bit r... Continue»
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My New Fetish Part 1

Deep in my perverted mind I've had this be a*****ed and f***ed to provide my holes for use. It's a fantasy not something I really want to happen but it has been on my mind, so I brought it up one day with my husband Lorenzo. It drew his interest and we discussed how to go about it safely with no chance of accidental interruption.
We decided he would search out and interview a guy or guys from some of the swing sites we belong to so I would not know who they were and when set up he would simply tell me the week it was to happen so I'd know that it was safe. A few weeks went by ... Continue»
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On the balcony

We go to a party. You’re dressed to kill in a short skirt, stockings and garters with no panties…just the way I like you. We visit for a bit and have a few drinks. I open the doors to the balcony and take you out there to look at the night time city lights and stars. You lean against the railing, looking out over the city and I step behind you, my hand around your waist. I lean into your ear and tell you how beautiful you are tonight, and gently start kissing your ear, down your neck and across your shoulder. My hand gently strokes your stomach, up to your breasts and along the tops of y... Continue»
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Sexy ebony Eleanor loves sex. Nothing turns her on then a big cock down her throat or between her legs. Eleanor decides she doesnt want to use a condom, instead she wants to try a female condom. She invites Byron Long over to her place. She & her man get there drink on. The party ends up in the bedroom where Eleanor unzips his pants. She sucks his big cock over and over. Eleanor takes every inch down her throat as he fingers her pussy. Eleanor spreads her legs and inserts a female condom into her pussy for the first time.

Eleanor gets more than she bargained for when her car breaks down... Continue»
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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #4

Third day of our role play I'm finally Master first time, over servant Marina and slave Stella Maris
We wake up from our siesta as hungry as horny. I imagine to combine: Let us get some sexy sea food!
Both my servant of the day and our slave shall only wear short summer dresses, for our mutual arousal
We drive down to the fresh fish market at the shore to get the ingredients for our chosen tasty tapas

Oysters as appetizers with white wine for a start. Served at our slave's body as our table and plate.
Rings of ink fish for the calamares fritos, which will decorate my dick, se... Continue»
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Joanna 'JoJo' Levensque Snowed In

"Shit, the flight's been canceled," JoJo swore as the reader board changed to reflect the toll the snowstorm had taken on the airport.

"Should we find a hotel or stay here and hope things improve?" James Nixon, JoJo's drummer on this tour, asked her.

"I'll go see if they think the weather will improve," JoJo volunteered.

"Fuck, I knew this wasn't a good idea," Fred Williams, the guitarist, said when JoJo was out of earshot. "We should be at home playing with the band and playing music that actually means something. Instead, we're stuck in an airport in New York on our way to play t... Continue»
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untitled contd

In the early evening they made their way back to her home. By this time I was.. how can I explain this feeling? I was.. on fire. I remember my leather driving gloves being so drenched in sweat that they had to be painstakingly removed. On the way back to my beach house I just threw them out of the window. I had loved those gloves. Unbeknownst to her, she had committed yet another crime. The punishment would be relentless. And I would break her, like these pacific waves breaking against the wind.
I spent the next two weeks making the proper arrangements. All of my old equipment had to be... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 13

Dear Dirty Diary,

Louise advertised in Cornwall, Messina, Montreal, Plattsburg and Burlington newspapers and had brochures printed for the Cornwall travel bureau and outlet malls. Erin and Jeremy suggested they should put adds in This Week back home to draw people we knew down for visits. Within days of their ad, we got a request for lodgings for the third weekend in September from some Whitby people. Given directions for our shortcut through the States, two weary twenty-something women arrived at our door shortly after lunch. We tried to contain our excitement as Louise welcomed ... Continue»
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A chat

You must fill me in on some of the details, how you do it, what you are thinking, the feel.... fuck thats hot ! Care if I watch?

Oh not at first :) it just bacame a kneetop so I could get full access to stroke my cock from my balls up the stiff shaft to the tip that had precum emerginging and dribbling across my hand and onto my stomache. where there was already a nice puddle :)

I fucked all weekend god the feel of pussy around my shaft feels good. One time peachy was playing with a toy that works the clit and curves inside to the g-spot and I was just watching, pussy lips... Continue»
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My Sex Life - Part 16: Uni part 4

This is the sixteenth part of the story of my growing sexuality from the age of 4 onwards. Please read my previous stories, all of which are true and actually happened, and feel free to comment.

One day, when I could not be bothered going to university, I knew that I had the house to myself all day. When I got up I put some crimson nail varnish on my fingers and toes before applying an equally bright lipstick to my lips. Then I dressed myself slowly in my stockings and suspenders, thong and bra and fake boobs before slipping a knee length, strappy summer dress over the top and fastening bla... Continue»
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Unmasking True Love

Hot candlewax and cold steam
Two different things
That blends together like sugar and tea
When your cold kiss hits my hot lips
My angry fire dies down
And the world will never defeat
Hot candlewax and cold steam

Every word oozed out of the singer like honey hitting a spoon, as she mesmerized the crowd in that penthouse with her angelic voice that was only accentuated by hair white as snow, but skin as young as a freshly bloomed rose and hazel colored eyes that was covered by a 24 karat ruby red mask. The way her hands moved around the piano she was playing was just as beautiful as the... Continue»
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