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The Interview

When I opened the door and looked in the room, he was on the bed facing me.
There was no hint of surprise on his handsome face. No sign of
embarrassment. Instead he was smiling that come-on smile he was so famous
for. He arched his back and stretched his legs apart.

Seeing him naked, his cock sticking straight up, hard and totally exposed,
excited me, even though I was not gay. The sheer audacity of it was
erotic, titillating, and caused me to wonder what it would be like to kneel
down on the floor, supported by the bed, and kiss that enticing naked piece
of hot male meat. I c... Continue»
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Ordeal and Acceptance ( BDSM )

Robert was late getting to the club. He hated being late anytime, but particularly this time, because he'd agreed to be part of the show. He hoped he hadn't missed his chance.

The week before, the club's owner and dungeon master had announced that a pair of well-known, experienced Dommes would be visiting from out of town to give demonstrations. They needed volunteers to take some heavy punishment. The owner had been very clear that the visitors would administer intense pain and lots of it.

"These women are strong. They play hard. Don't sign up unless you're very serious," he had warned.... Continue»
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Corporate Assets (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

"Sounds like our friend don't like our accommodations," said a male voice. "Well, we`ll just have to make it up to her later," laughed another voice. The drive lasted for 30 minutes or so. Sandra had no idea where she was or where they were taking her. She could tell there on a freeway but then traffic seemed to get thinner as they drove. Then she felt the van pull onto rough gravel. They were no longer on pavement. They came to a stop. She heard the doors of the van open. Then she was dragged across the floor of the van. Hands grabbed her shoulders a... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 15&16

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 15

Three days later, Haden deci... Continue»
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college girl auctions off her uniform and her mode

CHAPTER ONE: Lilly’s Audition
“I can’t believe you’re going to do this!” Juliette Bancroft said.
“Neither can I,” Lilly Xo replied, nervous.
“Can I ask you a question? Why?”
“Why?” Lilly didn’t want to say the first thing that came to her head, that she wanted to do this audition because she wanted to do the audition. That would make her sound like a slut. Instead, she said: “I need to get into a good college, and I don’t have a trust fund like you and your b*****r. You know my folks can’t send me anywhere but Community College. I want more than that, and the Miller Pharmaceutical Work St... Continue»
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I Want To Fuck You!

It was a busy day at the office. As usual, it's month ends and everybody working to rush job that we’d promised our customers. On top of that, my phone just wouldn’t stop ringing, and I was suffering from a severe case of the hornies after having to cancel a long planned date with a man who’d been in my little panties years. Our date had been scheduled for the previous night, but my husband told me he needed me to go to a dinner with him. Damm, he sure good at spoiling my mood always.

But as usual too, I'll choose a date over dinner. Noty me ya.

We were suppose to meet at the hotel lobby... Continue»
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One day there was a man who was driving down the highway when he got cut off by a careless driver,the man doing his best to avoild a accident couldn't stop.His car flipped over three times and bust into flames,when the firemen and rescue services got there they saw he he was burned very badly.After six months in the hospidtol he made a full recovery,but there was one problem his eyebrows were gone.They couldn't find no human hair to match his hair,so they used the hair from the hind leg of a dog.So the man lived the rest of his life very well untill he passes a fireplug,when he do... Continue»
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Dean Jones

*All black characters; dont like it dont read.... get the fuck off my story.
Standing at the average height of 5'6" with sandy brown hair cut pixie style and gray eyes Victoria was a knockout. Victoria had moved to a new town and was headed to school, new school new life. Victoria, or Vic for short enjoyed all types of activities. This is where the story begins...

As the class re-entered the locker room to shower after gym for the day the girls began to talk. 'So Victoria- sorry, Vic, are you into any sports or extra curricular activities?' Candice asked. 'Yeah, i like to do all types of... Continue»
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cell phone slave pt 11

Amaya awoke minutes before her alarm. She was lying on her stomach, and her thong was pulling tightly across her sex. The smell of sex was still in the air, and the feeling of Chris’s cock was still in her pussy. Without thinking about it much, she ground against the bed for a few moments and enjoyed the arousal that permeated her body.

Wesley’s promise came back to her as she awakened more, and she moaned. He’d promised to take her completely. He’d promised to bypass the phone and claim her in person. He’d promised it would be forever and ever. All she had to ... Continue»
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The Pantyhose Stalker

Part One

Michele Bouvier sat in the carriage of the subway train pretending that she was engrossed in her notebook computer. She was in fact very aware that she and the man sitting a little further down the carriage were alone in the rattling subway car. The man had been staring at her throughout the journey and she was very nervous.

Michele didn't normally use the subway and never used it late at night. This morning her car had failed to start and her husband couldn't get it going for her. He was in a hurry because he had to get to an important meeting so Michele had agreed to take th... Continue»
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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 19

Wow, what an evening so far thought Monica as she lay on a bench next to Cayla. Both of them had been played with and had multiple orgasms before having the big one and neither of them had been even toughed by a cock! Monica found that amazing, she could have such a strong orgasm with being hammered by cock. It hadn't ever happened before like these folks had just done to her.
It was really something else.

Now Monica had lot's more to talk to Jenni, Katie and Travis about. She wanted to know more about this training they had and what sorts of experiences they had shared. Indeed Monica want... Continue»
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I wish digital cameras, cams and sexual dating sit

It's a shame digtal cameras, cams and sexual dating sites weren't around a few years back. I missed the opportunity of making some mfm mmf homemade porn that I would hope would lead to more of the same and some mmff, fun too! Oh well, alas, perhaps it will still happen at some point.

I remember the beginning...

I have a friend I grew up wih "C". C is married to a hottie who really opened my sexual world up "J". They now have too many k**s and life has them going about their domestic way, which is good and I'm very happy for them.

A few years back though, she was a subtle flirt, and m... Continue»
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Fucked Maid

This incident happened in during last (2004) December, when I took
three weeks leave from office and reached home on 16 to celebrate both
Christmas and New Year. This is for the first time I came to home
after getting my job. I was a virgin at that time and was dying to
fuck someone. Even though I had a girl friend for more than one year I
never fucked a girl. Once or twice I had kissed my girl friend. She
never allowed me to do any thing after that (She was a typical
Keralite girl. May be due to this reason I broke the relation with
her). I was dying to fuck some one, but I never wan... Continue»
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*NOTE:(written by me, from his point of view):

---im petting my kittie, wet lippingy nips...just waiting to cum off with my sweet whipped cream,splurky cum juice.---

...later my lover boy will stuff my dripping,throbing,insatiable pussy cat.
he'll bend me over pasionately,cramming me...creaming me.
he'll kneel down over my dazed face,
whispering.. "my baby i wanna please you till your body shakes and squirms for me.
i wanna eat that sweetness of a pussy cat.. that pulses for more of my touch.
my desirous desprate little kitty, allow me to service your bottled up- ... Continue»
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by TedStv ©
Chapter One: Nate’s Condition.

Nate watched her enter the store. She had shoulder length red hair and was wearing a tan linen mini-dress. She had wide hips and a round ass that shook under the sheer cloth as she walked. The dress clung to her just enough to see her small waist. In the bright sun it was slightly see through, revealing her G-string panties and bare luscious ass. She grabbed a cart and passed through the automatic doors. He had not planned on picking up much more than a new shirt and was not going to get a basket. That changed when he saw her big ass rockin... Continue»
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Gal-company Part-I

As a boss of a staff of about 25 odd employees in my office, I am in gal-company as I always put it. We have 14 female and 12 male employees.

Anjana, my secretary, is in her mid 30s is tall & buxom (nice, round and firm D cup), mild tempered and an issue-less divorcee. Though mild tempered she enjoys bossing around especially, the girls most of whom, are much younger than her. She acts as a mentor and advisor to all of them. She is a kind of a motherly figure for them. She’s been with my company (gal-company) for a very long time now. From the time she was a tall, slim teen with those nice ... Continue»
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I found out about the wives switch club by chance when they contacted jenny my wife it was about two weeks ago which I had no idea until the other day,
It was when I found a letter in her draw which said welcome to the wives switch’ club I was looking in the bedroom draws for a pen, it came as a big shock at first as I never thought of my wife wanting to do anything like this, we have a very strong marriage so I thou... Continue»
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Bernd und Ivonne Teil 2

Bernd und Ivonne Teil 2
Es war ein Polizist, Ivonne ließ die Scheibe runter und fragte was den los sein und er wollte wissen ob sie sich im Klaren sei, dass das hier Erregung öffentlichen Ärgernisse sei, und ob sie eine professionelle Hure sein, und das er ihre Papiere sehen wolle.
Ivonne war wie vor den Kopf geschlagen, sie wurde gerade wie eine Nutte behandelt.
Bernd stieg aus und erzählte dem Polizisten die Geschichte während der Ivonne´s Ausweis kontrollierte, am Ende ließ er es mit einer Verwahrung gut sein, aber Ivonne war gefallen, sie war wie vom Donner gerührt.
Schwer atmend saß ... Continue»
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A Drive in the Country

It had been a rare hot dry day and the evening promised to be hot as well. Toni the lovely CD I have met down here in Wales arrived as arranged just before dusk in his car to collect me and take me somewhere secluded he had found for some outdoor fun.

We drove about a mile before Toni pulled over and quickly removed his trousers before getting back in and driving off to the secluded place for us to play. I was pleased to see as she (Toni) slid back into the driving seat that she had on a slightly flared mini and black stockings, the top of one was just showing and was wetting my appetite.
... Continue»
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About to members meeting

Recently, two members from this site met in person for the first time. Their names and locations have been change to keep their identities safe.

Scott stood up in frustration, sending his desk chair wheeling across the room and slamming against the wall. The motion caused his monitor to shake, almost tipping over. A woman’s voice came over the speakers.

“Scottie, ye canna keep stomping around like that! I canna see ye and yer words aren’t makin’ any sense.”

Scott went back to the computer and leaned in toward the screen. “Kara, you just don’t understand! When I tell you I’m broke ... Continue»
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