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White bikini fantasies - part 1

He looked away quickly, guiltily, pretending he hadn't been watching her. She smiled to herself, pleased with the attention.

She closed her eyes and let her mind wander idly as she lay soaking up the rays of the afternoon sun. The beach was fairly busy, though that was normal on a weekend, and as she dozed she listened to the sound of the waves against the shore, snippets of conversation from people passing, distant traffic noise and a radio somewhere…

The boy lay on his belly in the sand. Damn it was hot. He hadn’t intended to stay so long but he was captivated. Damn she was hot.
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Kinky Asian Gay Threesome

Most weekends I go down to Hong Kong – I’ve got a “Fuck Buddy” there who’s also into piss play (Asian male flight attendant). We’re not exclusive – both of us play with others and I’m also in a long term relationship back home (Australia).

My buddy is new to Watersports – I’m the only person he’s done this with. He’s told me that he’s recently talked about piss play with a lot of guys he knows locally and one guy was really interested. He and I had already arranged to meet for fun together at his apartment last Saturday – but he phoned me and asked if I was Ok with the guy he’d met coming a... Continue»
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Spanked and examined F/F

"You're late, Emily!"
Lisa was waiting at the kitchen table as her younger cousin came through the door.
"I'm so sorry Lisa!"
Emily's face was apologetic, willing to please. Her denim shorts hugged her pert bottom just right, and her little breasts pushed against her tight yellow T-shirt.

Emily had been staying at Lisa's over the summer before going back to college. Her older cousin Lisa had recently graduated as a doctor and had found the job very fulfilling and... stimulating.

Emily was quiet and polite, but Lisa knew she was more outgoing than she let on. Over the past few days, sh... Continue»
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A Perfect Sunday Morning

A Perfect Sunday Morning

A nice short story that happened on Sunday June 8th


I walk into the kitchen and see you reaching up into the cupboard for something. You are wearing one of my shirts and it lifted up over your pretty ass. I come up behind you and quietly kneel behind you and kiss your pretty ass cheeks. We look into each others eyes and say good morning as I put my hand between your legs and massage your pussy while I continue to kiss you butt. One of your hands holds yourself on the counter the other is playing with your breasts and nipples. Soon you are cumming ove... Continue»
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Naughty Slaves

Chapter 1

By JCG1249

The afternoon that we had spent together was amazing. We new the risk was high so we made every second count.

It had taken weeks of planning. We met at an old abandoned cottage a few streets from my master’s mansion.

I arrived early to prepare. The place was completely empty and would be torn down soon. I had managed to steal just enough hay from the stables to make us a nice soft bed on the hard dirt floor.

She arrived shortly after word. She never said a word as she rapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I sat ... Continue»
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My lucky slut!

I think about my slave all the time and what I can do to him............

We are in the bedroom, I am at the vanity getting my makeup on for a night out and you are sitting on the edge of the bed watching me with the most pathetic sad look on your cute little face. I was very nice to you and dressed you in my favorite outfit.........your little girl whore red panties and a little matching dress. I tell you be a good slave and get on your knees and let your panties show under your dress. Aww you are so fucking cute.....I almost want to tear off my nice black dress and put on my strapon amd fu... Continue»
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Dinner and a ...?

It had been a long week and I was determined that work was not going interfere with me persueing that gorgeous hunk I had met the week before. So I looked at the number before answering the call. Not recognizing it I thought excitedly 'maybe it's HIM! Answering, with the vision of him in my mind I was rewarded by the sound of his seductive voice, "Hi, Petey?". "Yes Nolan, honey, I was hoping to hear from you" I squeeled. "Nice to hear the sound of your voice" he said. "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, and maybe a movie?" My fingers toyed with my zipper as I asked "Are you ... Continue»
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The Interview

When I opened the door and looked in the room, he was on the bed facing me.
There was no hint of surprise on his handsome face. No sign of
embarrassment. Instead he was smiling that come-on smile he was so famous
for. He arched his back and stretched his legs apart.

Seeing him naked, his cock sticking straight up, hard and totally exposed,
excited me, even though I was not gay. The sheer audacity of it was
erotic, titillating, and caused me to wonder what it would be like to kneel
down on the floor, supported by the bed, and kiss that enticing naked piece
of hot male meat. I c... Continue»
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Ordeal and Acceptance ( BDSM )

Robert was late getting to the club. He hated being late anytime, but particularly this time, because he'd agreed to be part of the show. He hoped he hadn't missed his chance.

The week before, the club's owner and dungeon master had announced that a pair of well-known, experienced Dommes would be visiting from out of town to give demonstrations. They needed volunteers to take some heavy punishment. The owner had been very clear that the visitors would administer intense pain and lots of it.

"These women are strong. They play hard. Don't sign up unless you're very serious," he had warned.... Continue»
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college girl auctions off her uniform and her mode

CHAPTER ONE: Lilly’s Audition
“I can’t believe you’re going to do this!” Juliette Bancroft said.
“Neither can I,” Lilly Xo replied, nervous.
“Can I ask you a question? Why?”
“Why?” Lilly didn’t want to say the first thing that came to her head, that she wanted to do this audition because she wanted to do the audition. That would make her sound like a slut. Instead, she said: “I need to get into a good college, and I don’t have a trust fund like you and your b*****r. You know my folks can’t send me anywhere but Community College. I want more than that, and the Miller Pharmaceutical Work St... Continue»
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Stories to tell that, well , some may nt believe, but being a good looking shemale can usually stir things up. My stepdad was always trying to touch my tits when 1 was about 16, yet he did not know that i had a shemale cock, but i do think that would not matter and it did not! One night i heard him moaning in the bathroom, and the door was open on purpose, so i looked in caught him jacking off his cock to porn mags. So i figured that i would pretend that i did not know he was in there, so i walked in and he covered his hard cock with the mag. I smiled at him, pulled down my pant and wet panti... Continue»
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I Want To Fuck You!

It was a busy day at the office. As usual, it's month ends and everybody working to rush job that we’d promised our customers. On top of that, my phone just wouldn’t stop ringing, and I was suffering from a severe case of the hornies after having to cancel a long planned date with a man who’d been in my little panties years. Our date had been scheduled for the previous night, but my husband told me he needed me to go to a dinner with him. Damm, he sure good at spoiling my mood always.

But as usual too, I'll choose a date over dinner. Noty me ya.

We were suppose to meet at the hotel lobby... Continue»
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One day there was a man who was driving down the highway when he got cut off by a careless driver,the man doing his best to avoild a accident couldn't stop.His car flipped over three times and bust into flames,when the firemen and rescue services got there they saw he he was burned very badly.After six months in the hospidtol he made a full recovery,but there was one problem his eyebrows were gone.They couldn't find no human hair to match his hair,so they used the hair from the hind leg of a dog.So the man lived the rest of his life very well untill he passes a fireplug,when he do... Continue»
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Dogging at your convenience.

Kim read the e- mail again.
Meet me in St Georges Park at 6pm, bring your collar, were going on a dogging adventure.
Bill xx
As far as she knew the local park wasn’t a dogging site but she was excited about whatever game Bill had up his sleeve. There “adventures” had gotten more and more risky as the months had gone by and he had been concentrating on her humiliation side and exploring that avenue. Kim giggled to herself and made preparations to go and meet her wonderful Dom. She pulled up in the car park on time and saw him already there. She noticed on the way in that the park closed at ... Continue»
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Waking her up

She was already asl**p when I crawled into bed. As I lay down she rolled over against me and sl**pily asked me to hold her. I rolled on my back so she could lay her head on my shoulder. My hand slowly caressed her face following the lines of her cheeks down teasingly around her ear. She stirred asking what I was up to. I said it felt so good to hold her that I couldn't resist touching her. She moved up so she could kiss me, as our kisses became more heated I felt her lips open as her tongue licked at my lips. I moan as her tongue finds mine. I suck lightly on hers as my tongue moved against h... Continue»
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Mmmmm,as I watched her on stage moving her hips back and forth,my pussy got so fucking wet. She was so damn sexy. Her legs so long lean and her tits sat up like rocks. Mmmm....Im YoonA I want to taste you. As I watched her I was fighting the urge to touch myself. I think the other's could tell something was on my mind. Probably not YoonA's pussy but they could tell. "Jiyeon are you okay? You look weird,your all sweaty and you cant keep still" Hyomin exclaimed. Oh im fine Hyomin. I lied. All I could think about was YoonA. I swear I just was sitting there imagining her pussy in my face,and me su... Continue»
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Nice girl, Wrong party chapter 19

Wow, what an evening so far thought Monica as she lay on a bench next to Cayla. Both of them had been played with and had multiple orgasms before having the big one and neither of them had been even toughed by a cock! Monica found that amazing, she could have such a strong orgasm with being hammered by cock. It hadn't ever happened before like these folks had just done to her.
It was really something else.

Now Monica had lot's more to talk to Jenni, Katie and Travis about. She wanted to know more about this training they had and what sorts of experiences they had shared. Indeed Monica want... Continue»
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I wish digital cameras, cams and sexual dating sit

It's a shame digtal cameras, cams and sexual dating sites weren't around a few years back. I missed the opportunity of making some mfm mmf homemade porn that I would hope would lead to more of the same and some mmff, fun too! Oh well, alas, perhaps it will still happen at some point.

I remember the beginning...

I have a friend I grew up wih "C". C is married to a hottie who really opened my sexual world up "J". They now have too many k**s and life has them going about their domestic way, which is good and I'm very happy for them.

A few years back though, she was a subtle flirt, and m... Continue»
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Fucked Maid

This incident happened in during last (2004) December, when I took
three weeks leave from office and reached home on 16 to celebrate both
Christmas and New Year. This is for the first time I came to home
after getting my job. I was a virgin at that time and was dying to
fuck someone. Even though I had a girl friend for more than one year I
never fucked a girl. Once or twice I had kissed my girl friend. She
never allowed me to do any thing after that (She was a typical
Keralite girl. May be due to this reason I broke the relation with
her). I was dying to fuck some one, but I never wan... Continue»
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*NOTE:(written by me, from his point of view):

---im petting my kittie, wet lippingy nips...just waiting to cum off with my sweet whipped cream,splurky cum juice.---

...later my lover boy will stuff my dripping,throbing,insatiable pussy cat.
he'll bend me over pasionately,cramming me...creaming me.
he'll kneel down over my dazed face,
whispering.. "my baby i wanna please you till your body shakes and squirms for me.
i wanna eat that sweetness of a pussy cat.. that pulses for more of my touch.
my desirous desprate little kitty, allow me to service your bottled up- ... Continue»
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