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Katies revenge part 6

Katie left her mom alone and tied up for about 2 hours.Katie was actually tireing of this game.and feeling a tad guilty but just a tad.She finally decide to end it sooner than she had at first. Mommy I will make you a deal are you interested? Helen asked...what do you mean a deal.? I will end this tonite on one condition..Uh what would that be Helen replied. You have to tell me all the truthfull stories about your sexual escapades over your long life as a slut whore. so I can record them and use them to my advantage.if need be. And I get to humiliate and torture you in any depraved way for... Continue»
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I Finish work and off I trot, but its a nice cold fresh day, Ha-Ha-Ha love the wicked cold, and those lucky enough to know me can vouch for that, im on foot across roads and in to a large park area that iv desided to use and some of the views are fantastic, as i continue on i can see that theres someone acting strangly near the exit\entrance, and frantic more like as im getting closer, dam is a blind woman, hands out sercing, hang on whats missing NO WHITE STICK or DOG "shit"-HELLO can i help you i see your blind and need help. Her face lights up "yesss yesss I can`t find my stick i can`t find... Continue»
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The Coupling

Genevieve surveyed the scene before her. The room was awash in the soft glow of candlelight. A bottle of champagne was chilling in a bucket on the small table, two glasses waiting to fulfill their purpose. The night was alive with purpose.
She walked over to open the French doors and stepped out onto the balcony. Wherefore art thou Romeo indeed, she thought to herself. The cool breeze brought her the scent of wild roses tinged slightly with the salt from the ocean. The breeze tugged at her curls and she tossed her auburn hair over her shoulders. She pulled the scarlet satin robe closer tog
... Continue»
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best friend ever-part 3

she didn't say a word, but walked over to me and gave me a kiss that almost made me black out !!! she opened my belt and undid my zipper... my god when she touched my cock, i thought i would die. she stroked it for a while and whispered in my ear " i've been wanting this for a long time " then she got on her knees and slowly took all of my cock in her mouth.....i just couldn't hold on and years of fantasy and frustration exploded in her hot and talented mouth....she didn't waste a drop of my cum and then led me by my cock to the kitchen table where she lay down. i didn't need any explanation... Continue»
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Catherine's night out

Catherine looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. The little black dress clung revealingly to her firm slender curves.At thirty seven she had the body of a twenty year old. The open plunging neckline showing a lot of her firm 32 C breasts.The outline of her large erect nipples poked out against the thin fabric. The hemline stopped at mid thigh revealing her long well shaped legs.

"This is quite revealing Karen,I should wear a bra." She told her coworker and friend.

Karen pussy was wet looking at Catherine's hot scanty clad body."Oh no,you can't wear a bra with that dress. You... Continue»
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Buck and Rachel - first FFM continued

We went up to the room and Rachel opened the bottle of wine and poured drinks for us all - we toasted Susan's birthday. Susan said she wanted another birthday kiss - and I gave her one - she pushed her tongue into my mouth and we really went out it - my hands reached down to cup her buttocks in her tight jeans, her hand ran over my butt. As we kissed, Rachel went behind Susan and started to kiss the nape of her neck - Susan hesitated, and then thrust her tongue into my mouth - I knew this was going to be something special.

I reached my hands up to cup those magnificent breasts, and saw R... Continue»
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Caught Watching: Strange Relationship Version X Ch

An invitation to dinner – even if it is an invitation to dinner with the boyfriend you’re not sl**ping with and the son that you are – is an excuse to buy a new outfit, and whilst I’m not quite the trend whore that some people are it’s still nice to look good and make an effort, don’t you think? There’s a huge shopping centre near me, and although most of the time it seems like exactly the same shops as everywhere else (honestly, don’t you think every high street in every town is just like every other?) there are a couple of places where you can... Continue»
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The Subway Car

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Story....

I was pushing my bike down the stairs into the subway station. I swiped my Metro card as I carried my delivery bike over the metal barrier. I had been making deliveries all day. I was hot and a little sweaty. I was wearing just my tight bike messenger’s uniform. A pair of black lyrica biker shorts. A tight black lyrica matching top. I had unzip the top just a little to let in the warm air. It was close to 10pm when I heard the brakes on the subway train get closer.

I walked into the last subway car. I could see a few people in the train cars in front ... Continue»
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old mr dravey 2

As mr dravey stood there naked my eyes were fixated on his now limp wet cock just hanging there,i couldnt believe i had just had it in my mouth it made me even hornier.get undressed he said ,i will be back in a minute,i am not finished with you my boy yet.with this he left the room and i could hear him go to the toilet and have a seemed to go on for ages.then he flushed and i heard him go down stairs.i wasnt sure what to do ,on one hand i was so turned on i didnt know what to do on the other i was a bit afraid of what old mr dravey had in mind for me next.Then as i heard him start t... Continue»
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Here I sit and beat my meat,
With pubes trimmed back nice and neat.

I watch the porn to no avail,
Nothing beats your smooth tight tail.

All I want is a little fun,
Push my fingers in your bum.

Front to back that's how she wipes,
but still won't let me stick in my pipe.

The puckered starfish so far from sea,
that's right where my dick really wants to be.

Nice and slow that's how we'll take it,
look at that the helmet's made it.

Don't scream or cry it's barely inside,
with a little practice it'll open wide.

I watch the movi... Continue»
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Morning Wakeup

This morning,my girl was really sweet.

She was turned at our bedroom mirror and windows,asl**p.
The sun was coming through the trees outside. It was dark.

Her hair was fluffy and messy on her pillow.
She was hugging her pillow.Her arm underneath.
Her soft little ass was touching me.
Her leg was strait and the other fell off the bed.

I move to her and put my arm around.
I smelled her hair.
Her morning breath is a little bitter but smelled like grass and milk,like always <3
The sheets were twisted back.
I could smell her pussy.
It smells so good sometimes, after a night of just... Continue»
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First Time in Middle School-Amy the Sexy Tease Par

She grabbed my penis and started to stroke it. The texture of her silk gloves on my stiff dick was UNBELIEVABLE. I shot a load of cum onto her boobs, and what a hot sight that was. She sc****d it all off with her fingers and licked it clean.
“Mmm, Neil, you’re cum is so sweet.”
Next, she kneeled down and gave me a blowjob. At times she would suck my rock hard stick deep into her throat, and other times she would lick the tip of my penis. When she tongued the head of my dick it would feel ticklish but AMAZING. Love juice flowed down my penis and my balls as she sucked faster and faster. I aga... Continue»
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An older college student persues her professor

Six months ago, you walked into my classroom, clearly with something on your mind. I’ve seen many students like you over the last few years. The economy tanked, your job just isn’t going anywhere. You’ve returned to community college after a few years away. Older, wiser. You’re around 27 or 28. Living on your own. You’ve got a boyfriend that you’re not too serious about and feel like life is going nowhere fast. Your only hope at this point is getting these classes done and getting a degree that you can open a few doors with.

After the class, you approach me and tell me you have a problem. ... Continue»
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Surprise on I-90

Cedric and I met years ago at a professional seminar. Then unknowingly ended up at the same location while serving in the guard. Now approaching retirement, our companies had was going to Chicago to clinch a big contract. We decided to drive there, enjoy some of the country and maybe have a little fun. We were just past Rochester NY and decided we'd find a place for the night. We took the first exit that said Niagara Falls, found a motel with a restaurant and lounge and planned to eat, have a few drinks, and get some shut eye. We had a nice meal, and were topping it off with a few drinks. I we... Continue»
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My first swinging experience Part 1/4

This happened while I was still studying and worked for a company during my summer holidays to earn some money, because like most students, I was chronically broke. Unfortunately I had to take a room in the city where the job took place, the cheapest room I could find was a private f****y, renting rooms or rather apartments they built in the garden, the rooms where small but had everything I needed, and there was a bonus I was allowed to use the pool and garden.

I moved in and found that there where 3 more rooms of which 2 where let to couples, these I met at the pool when I went swimmin... Continue»
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Sex In The College Play Ground With Shruthi

somewhere in the year of 2011, when I was pursuing my engineering. Our college was located in the outskirt of Chennai, and the final year students had to do an engineering project, and to prepare the project for every little thing we had to visit Chennai around 100 Kms from our college location. So normally we used to go early morning and come back late in the night. All the final year students used to wait for holidays to go to Chennai to finish our projects, which would mean at least 20 -25 students visiting on that very day of college Holiday.

The Bus would start at 9:30 P.M. from Chenna... Continue»
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train sex with elder woman

I am a 50 years old chap retired from being a Manager in a Tea Plantation in Assam and Darjeeling. I am from Mumbai. PROLOUGE. The narration begins on the day I got married. It was an arranged marriage though we went out a few times. My wife was from a very well to do old landlord f****y. My Father was a senior Officer with the railways. I was the only c***d.
After the customary Exchange of garlands, my wife and I were put on a stage like some specimen for exhibition and the guest one by one came and offered gifts to us and posed for photographs as a mark of attendence. With some of the guest... Continue»
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Strapon e****t

I broke down and finally called the number of an e****t service I got online. I was very nervous having never done anything like that before. I had a very particular fantasy I wanted to indulge and thought this was the best way. A sexy sounding lady answered the phone.

“As you might already know we specialize in making fantasies come true, so what are your fantasies?” She asked in a sultry sounding voice.

“I … well … one of my favorite videos is ‘babes balling boys’ and I well …” I stammered out.

She said, “I’m familiar and you’re in luck because every single girl here absolutely love... Continue»
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Mom and I Getting Plumbed intro


Hmmmm, MILF, I looked at the pics you put up and I see you in your mother. Your eyes and mouth are very close to her. May I be more graphic? Hope so. You have large breasts, always a turn on for me, and I must say your mother seems to be large breasted as well.

I suppose a total stranger, that would be me, arrives at your house to do some handyman work and I find you and your mother lying outdoors enjoying the sun. You have on a bikini that lets me enjoy your beautiful body as I work, but your mother is covered a bit more.

The sun is warm and your body glistens ... Continue»
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how i made my ass hole bigger

many of girls prays that they could have a nice big ass hole. even i was one of them.i found may videos in which models use sex toys for .
so i got some couple of dildos and lubricants .
me and my friend jade was talking . jade told me ,she have many ideas to make my holes both of us went to the bed and she put a dildo in my ass , it was a small one.and after that she put more n more bigger dildos.after couple of weeks i found my hole became bigger . i was happy about that,i went to jade and told about this ,she said that is good. and she ask me to try bigger dildos,even s... Continue»
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