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Kay had been convinced to expose her pudgy butt and huge young tits and now she was watching from just inches away as her cousin Kim greedily swallowed my six inches of pink cock. She was close enough for me to reach out and grab a handful of soft white breast although to grab it all would have taken four hands at least. I could feel her nipple hard against my fingers and get even harder when she asked Kim if she could take over sucking my rod.

Kim told her to be slow and gentle and for a while she was but then she started really sucking hard on my knob and running her hand up and down my s... Continue»
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Horny student1

Once upon a time,a college student named Jack called a particular teacher to give him suport on history.Because his parents wanted him getting good grades otherwise he wouldn't be able to travel with his friends at the end of the year and for him these travelling plans were very important.So the teacher arrived at his house she was a bbw,on the mid 50s wearing glasses,big boobs,smal curly red hair,flat ass,and not too goodloking.
She was going to his house everyday after school,something around 3 o'clock.They were studying in his room , they had like 2 hours of class and always at the end of... Continue»
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Club night

How could she have done what she did this morning, it was unlike her to abandon her comfort zone, but for some reason it made her feel alive. Claire began to wonder if this was going to become a regular occurrence.

She stepped into the shower, the water cascading over her head, not too hot or cold, just perfect. Her mind began to wander again, thinking about her little escapade this afternoon. What was it that he saw in her that no one else had seen in her before...was it the way she did her hair? It was done the way it always had been in the past. Was she wearing a new per... Continue»
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Makapuu Lighthouse lookout, True story

I was recently in Oahu, Hawaii with my wife and a buddy of mine. While my wife stayed at our rental house on the south side of the island. My buddy (Chris) and I hiked up to Makapuu lighthouse lookout.
After we got to the top and took plenty of pictures. We decided to climb further up the mountain to where there were some pill boxes (war bunkers).

As we were walking over there. A young (about age 25) brunette walked past us and to the lookout point. I noticed she had a nice set of tanned tits in a bikini top. Her whole left ear had stud piercing in it. After she walked by, I turned to ch... Continue»
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Sunday Obedience - Anal training

my Master cannot always be with me, but, if He is pleased with me, He leaves me instructions of how to masturbate for Him. He then requests i email Him details of my behaviour. If i have succeeded in obeying, i will be rewarded on His return.

Dear Master,

I had a change in the pattern of my day, which allowed me to come home early and masturbate for You in the way You required.

I chose the two toys, as we discussed earlier. One, the very conventional, almost old-fashioned dildo. It has a semi pointed end and is quite slim. My thumb and finger over lap slightly when i hold it. It is sm... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 5: Katie's Blackmai

Katie's Blackmailed

It was the day after shopping with Katie and I still couldn't believe that she had given me a blowjob in the changing room. I felt like the luckiest bastard in the world. We hurried home and ended up screwing in our car after parking in the garage. Our sex life couldn't have been better. It was only a few months ago that Katie hadn't even tasted my cock and now she couldn't get enough.

Today, I was just lying on the couch watching football while Katie was reading the newspaper. The door bell rang. I slowly climbed up out of the couch expecting to find some door to... Continue»
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Class Mates

Class Mates

After our first orgy in July, we had our first threesome in august.
It was Lucy's last day in College and she was going for a drink at dinner time with the rest of her class, she had told me that she wouldn't be back until the afternoon, she finally came home just after six absolutely sozzled, with her was one of her classmates Alan.
I was a bit put out to say the least not because of Alan, but because she was so late, anyway I calmed down a bit and made them both a brew. Lucy got me on my own and said' you know why I've brought him home don't you? "He's like you he likes to ... Continue»
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Drive-by Blow Job

Well here is my latest offering. Once again the events are true but the names have been changed. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living it...

James and I had been online friends for years. We both had profiles on a well know social network site for gay men and being reasonably local to one another the site kept suggesting we start chatting. It started as the odd conversation in the local chat room and moved on to instant messenger chats.

After a while we exchanged phone numbers on the understanding that contact would be limited to text messages only and due to the fa... Continue»
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New Year (from Russian)

New year came nearer.
- Well where we will spend New Year? - mother asked me.
The next new year it was decided to spend at Pavlovs, Sanyok and his mother.
The aunt Tanya was the beautiful, low woman. The big breast and deep thighs with the amazing back, were my old dream. I was in love with it from the first class.
On December 31 about 21 hours I and mother sat in cozy chairs in Pavlov's apartment. I with Sank savoured cocktail, mothers watched TV and listened to us sometimes inserting the remarks. The aunt Tanya ran from kitchen in a drawing room, setting th... Continue»
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Wake Up

"Wake up guy." I cracked open one eye and looked up. Larry was standing over me nude, a lit joint in his hand extended to me. I reached up and took it and hit it hard, pulling the THC laden smoke deep into my lungs and held it. I handed the joint back to him idly noting that his cock was about half-hard. I released the toke with a whoosh as Larry took another hit and handed the joint back. I sucked in another lung full of smoke and handed it back and began to fight a cough. I held the cough at bay for about 10 seconds then exploded in wracking hacks, my whole body bouncing with the effort. "Qu... Continue»
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the bi guy, me, and andy

this is a excperience i had in a mall in jersy about two or three years ago

he was kissing my neck while andy was tougne was licking me up inside, i loved it like a big fat wet dick inside me moveing around, it was all insanely better thanks to andy getting us into the mall way early and with some movie in the backround made it better, He was bi so latter when He was fucking me and andy was fucking him it made it all way better, we all had fun and i was getting two dicks in me at one point. they were both getting close when "Hey!! Andy where are you!" echoed throgh the room.

more later ... Continue»
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How Craigslist got me laid in New York

This is a true story!

Some time ago I went on a longer trip to the USA to attend a wedding in my f a m i l y. It's a long flight from Europe so I planned a road trip for myself and got to see Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and lots of other phenomenal places in and around Arizona and New Mexico. The nights at the motels were lonely though ... and I must admit that the desert heat played tricks with my mind. When I finally got to Phoenix I was super horny.

I don't know anyone in that area but at some point I had heard about someone using Craigslist as a place to get in contact with girls,... Continue»
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Anal Awakenings 2

Story: Anal Awakenings
Part Two

m/f, m/m/m

The favourite sexual position of most of my girlfriends has been
missionary. I can understand that. One ex once told me that she enjoyed the
sense of closeness and mutuality that she felt when we were face to face;
that we could kiss each other and look into each others' eyes.

I don't really think that's it. Most women, in my experience, have
difficulty facing up to their true desires and pleasures; talking about
their sexuality in terms of intimacy and emotional closeness feels safe. It
seems to me that missionary can be intimate an... Continue»
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My Car, My Dungeon!

l Pamela and Jan were lounging by her pool in their bikinis three months
later as she explained her theory of milkings! The two luscious pampered
divorcees with teenage c***dren had gotten together regularly after
their first meeting at the school PTA. Pamela was still the mentor of
the two, the more experienced domme and semiprofessional, and Jan was
fascinated by her handling of her son Timmy!

"Oh, how lovely," Jan chuckled. "And it's so integrated with what
we want for their future lives, training him like that!"

"Yes, but there will be backsliding, you ... Continue»
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My best orgasm

Once a boyfriend gagged me, gave me breast chain with clamps on. It was doggystyle.
Had a huge vibrator in my pussy, and his cock in my ass. In and out, in and out he and the vibrator went, slow then fast, hard.
He kept on and on, paused from time to time, just before I got an orgasm.
Finally I was allowed to play with my clit, when he and the vibrator banged me hard, and I had the best orgasm ever!... Continue»
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One kinky night part 1

It all started late one evening, we sat on the couch watching television cuddled close. She sat so close I could hear her breathing and feel her chest press against mine as her breasts moved with the motion. I slide my hand down towards thighs, rubbing the inside as her nipples began to perk up. She turned her body more towards me and we began to kiss. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. The warmth from her pussy radiated underneath her navy blue panties.
She asked me to make her cum, so without another word I began to play with her clit, her pussy is amazing, not shaved and ... Continue»
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Hot Gangbang Orgy

I was at home feeling somewhat bored but really horny. My pussy hadn't been touched in days except by me and I was needing some action badly. I was walking around my house and decided to look outside. I noticed that my neighbor next door was having some work done so I decided to look at who was doing it. Suddenly one of the sexiest guys I've ever seen came into view. He stood about 5'11 with a white hat on turned backwards and a sexy muscled body with six pack abs with his shirt off. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet with the fantasies of what he could do to me.

Seeing him working w... Continue»
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Party House

Years ago there was a fun party house my friends and I use to hang out at. A mutual older friend owned the place. It was a drafty old farmhouse secluded in an urban area. Almost every night someone would buy a keg of beer and people would just seem to show up. It was a great time in my life I was young and carefree now I miss those days.

I first met Dave at the party house and at first glance I found him rather unappealing. He was just an average looking guy, with not a lot to offer. I barely acknowledged his presents at the parties most of the time. He is kind of a bulky built guy wi... Continue»
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Once upon a party.

One time my wife and i were at a party.
After drinking too much i went up to my friends
room to lay down for a while. I knew my wife
was there already so i lay down next to her.
Being a bit d***k i had an idea, i knew the beer
was kept in the fridge in my friends room so i
lifted my wifes skirt up to her waist exposing
her pretty little black lacy panties. I lay there
listening for someone to come in.
I fell asl**p.
To this day i still don't know if anyone came in,
and if so what may have happened.
I often fantasise about it.... Continue»
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fun night

so friday, jimmy came home with his 2 friends alan and lev, i've met them before
alan is very nice and very hot, ive kissed him before at a dinner party, lev is so full of himself but also a good looking guy.
we started by having some wine, i was already in my lingerie, it didnt take long for the guys to start touching me, it started by alan going down on me while i sucked lev and jimmy watched! lev has a very fat cock! alan fucked me first then jimmy then lev, each made me cum, lev could not cum with a condom on so i let him fuck me without one and he came inside me, after a wash and break ... Continue»
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