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my evening started with a surprise and ended with what an bestfriend(female)got in contact after was so nice to catch up,but i had also been beging yesterdays date to come around and fuck my brains out after yesterdays lovely foreplay.mmmmmm all day i had been thinking about his cock and him telling me what he wanted to do to me.they basically arrived ten mins apart,we all chatted and he sat opposite me with this grin on his face.he wanted it and so did i..we all got on very well he was just so relaxed and so considerate that he let us carry on chatting and jo... Continue»
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Mother Of Invention

When I saw the advert in the local paper I was intrigued...
What the feck is an engineering shoot,well Deena said I should ring,the thought of being a poor student for another Autumn was doing my head in.
So I rang the number an elderly man answered, told me it was some lingerie and bikini modelling on motor bikes and other bits and bobs!
Well he sounded nice, he told me he had M.S. and was confined to a wheelchair now.
I decided to do it not out of a benevolent reason, purely for the £500 in readies!
Suddenly my asian f... Continue»
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Mike and Jennifer Jones, the next day (Part Two)

.....Mike walked over to Jenny and fondled her bottom, then pulled her skirt down as Julie would be arriving soon. Jenny stood up kissed Mike and stroked his cock through his trousers, Mike said "That's nice, you've given me an idea!" A knock on the door, Jenny let Julie in she was wearing high heels, a tartan mini-skirt and a cropped white top, went well with her blonde hair. " Hi Julie, how does your bottom feel this morning?" asked Mike. " A bit sore, but I had a lovely warm feeling inside all night which has only just worn off!" Julie replied, "... Continue»
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Playing away part 2

Playing away part 2:

So it was the end of summer that I found out that my girlfriend enjoyed playing away. As much as it saddened me to hear, I couldnt help getting turned on by the though of her taking other guys cocks on. Did these other guys treat her well? did they use her? did they cum inside her? did they stick it in her arse? Did she swallow their cum? How many guys were there? These were just a few of the questions I was asking myself on a daily basis. At the end of the day, I was enjoying it though. Regardless of any of the above, she obviously got off on it and now so did I. I be... Continue»
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Fun on the beach

We are on vacation down in St.Kitts. We stayed up all night dancing and drinking, not d***k but feeling good. All night long we had been kissing, touching and grinding. We are walking along the beach my arm around your head on my shoulder. It is nice and warm and you look beautiful in your white dress, it is clinging to your braless breasts and the fresh morning air has your nipples poking out.

I can't help myself and turn you around so you are facing me, with my hand on the back of your head I pull you closer to me, our lips meet, kissing gently at first but then our lips part and our tong... Continue»
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You Might Meet a Stranger

She watched herself in the big mirror behind the bar as she took a sip of her drink, then shifted her eyes to the man on the far side of the club. Watching him watch her. Watching him want her. It was a strange, exciting feeling. Making her heart pound. Making her very aware of herself and how she moved. Making her a little afraid and a lot aroused.

Standing as he was in the shadows, she couldn't see much detail. Short hair, broad shoulders and a strong body that filled out his suit very nicely. A sexy smile that crooked up one corner of a strong, sensual mouth. White teeth that flashed in... Continue»
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Afterschool special

So, in my country students go to school in the morning one week and in the afternoon another week. This week is afternoon week so I decided to have some fun for my 18th birthday.

Last class today was gym so we all went there to do some exercises. It was boys vs. girls volleyball. Two other girls and me didn't play (I came up with a menstruation excuse) so we were sitting. When I saw both girls leaving to the changing room and/or toilet at least once I did so, too. Most of the time I have some extra vaginal juice so I wear pads all the time but not today. I checked my black panties in the fe... Continue»
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Finally we did it....

I know her from long time ago, around 4 years. She is cute but not that sexy girl, i never felt that we could be together one day. few months ago i left my gf so we become to be more close to each other and talk a lot and share some problems. and i since that she liked me a lot and was waiting the moment when she can be with me. I can see her in her eyes when i am with her. but nothing happened just some parties together and nothing more. after some time we made a bet on a football game and if i won she could give me a long kiss. I was so lucky to win it and had one of the best kises i ever ha... Continue»
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Bar pussy

Sometimes a man hungers for sex way beyond human comprehension. We become wild a****ls in bed. Atleast I do. The other night I was at my local watering hole hanging out with the ownr over a game of pool. The door swun open and in walked thos very sexual creature of a woman. She stood only about 5' and caught every eye in the joint. Before us all was a lovely hispanic woman. She was a bbw and I enjoyed the scenery. Soon those few seconds turned to hours and I was shooting darts by myself. I had earlier wrote off any possibility of getting laid when a horde of guys were drewling over every gal i... Continue»
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Elamehs night out

finaly i had time for fiancé finally went away to Conn for the weekend friday
morning. so i had all day to prepare.i started that eve to get dressed in her clothes.
this is what i wore..i have my 12 in butplug up my mancunt.. it was about 12 am
so i left to go to to A Gay Club In Lower Manhattan. i slipped out the back door so no one could see me and caught a cab. then i hopped on the train to the city. i felt so free that no one knew me.i loved the way i was walking in my heels as my butplug was in my i final... Continue»
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Unprotected Sex is best

me and my girlfriend have been dating for 5 months now and the other day we was having sex unprotected (She is very cautious about getting pregnant) We was fucking hard for 40 minutes me on top for the majority of the time, but she rode me, grinding against my hard cock, making me groan, i got back on top, fucking her hard, then i felt the urge to cum, i went over her face and she started sucking my bulging hard cock, she rubbed it a little, then i came all over her face, filling her mouth right up, it went every where! ... Continue»
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My pride

We met at a bar, I’d been drinking a bit more than I should’ve, I was ready for some action, I hadn’t seen my lover in a week and was I was ready for a fight. Never got one. –all I got was a good beating. He was sober and he took me to his place. He wants me to obey, he wants me to call him master, and honestly; I want that too. In most of my fantasies and daydreams I long to please and obey. But in real life, as it turns out, I have a really hard time doing just that.
He commands me to call him master. I don’t. He commands me to undress. I don’t. I don’t even know why, cause I rea... Continue»
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Fetish for nylon. The Barber shop.

The continuing story of Vic the Teddy Boy...It's 1968 a time of nylon and Brylcreem!
(If you don't know what I'm talking about don't bother to read any further.)

After what had happened behind the caravan, Terry worked harder, and with more enthusiasm than he ever had before. He wanted to please Vic and was mixing cement faster than Vic could use it.
"Hold up." said Vic. "I'm not gonna be able to fuckin use it all at this fuckin rate. Be clockin off time soon."
"Oh sorry." said Terry.
Vic laughed and said "You don't av to fuckin apologise. Just don't fuckin mix anymore or we'll be ere... Continue»
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Making a Porno with my slave (RP)

Introduction: Some online role-playing I(GUEST_DEVILHORNS95) did with a friend named Jane(GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI). I also play the teacher and Driver but you’ll find out more about them later. For those not familiar with this style, anything between the hyphens are actions. I also edited all the out-of-character chit-chat and the spelling error corrections we made so it’s all role-play. The story begins just after the starting point so basically what happens is Jane is my slave and I asked her to perform in a porno where a teacher fucks his naughty student my friend is making. in other words, we rp... Continue»
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Caught (part 3)

I wake up from my pain induced incapacitation to a throbbing in my shoulder. Then it all rushes back to me in a wave of lust and pain. You stabbed me in the shoulder and it turned me on so much that I left it there while I ravaged you and then used it to send my orgasm over the edge. Holy crap it was amazing.

I haven’t moved yet. I’m still naked but I’m under the sheets now and my shoulder is wrapped with a pillow case. So you did what I told you to, my good little pet. I look for you and find you asl**p with your back turned to me; your hand is still pulled up off the bed from the han... Continue»
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The Ecort

Sal was an e****t. Men paid her to go to affairs with them because she was gorgeous and very sexy. She also was very kinky and had many repeat clients. Tonight she was going with Ron a very wealthy man of the age of sixty. He was handsome and in very good shape. She had been with him many times. He had asked her to wear something sexy and no underwear. She was happy to do so. He picked her up in his car with a driver. They were going to Vegas to a men's club that he belonged to. Tonight she would be just one of very few women. He wanted to show her off for the club and his friends.

When... Continue»
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Club house sex

It's a Saturday day, the temps are to be in the upper 90's. I'm in a pair of shorts and a tshirt, cleaning the house with the windows open. I love to feel the breeze from the big oak tree outside my window. I'm busy cleaning the house, radio blaring to a Sammy Hagar song. I'm dancing with the beat, while vacuuming the livingroom floor. You walk by my house and see me thru the window. My nipples are very perky and you can see them thru my shirt. you like what you see.
YOu decide to come closer to see me more up close, so you decide to climb up the tree to the club house that the k**... Continue»
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A Day In A Lungi

It was when I came back from playing football that my mother told me about this news. It was summer vacation and I was a keen football player, spending almost the entire day on the ground. That is why I didn’t like the idea when my mother told that I will have to stay out of home for the night to give company to an aunty who is our distant relative. It is like her husband had to suddenly go out of town on account of a close relative’s death. In emergency he was able get only one flight ticket, and that is when aunty thought about our f****y. Originally she had approached my mom asking for o... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained to be a Sissy Whore

I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking for help to move some furniture. He was paying pretty well and, after I practically laughed at him for asking if I could lift the furniture, he agreed to have me over to get it done. We moved everything around for what felt like hours, often moving the same piece of furniture to what seemed like the same place it was originally. Finally he decided he liked the new arrangement, which wasn't that drastically different than how it looked when we started. Obviously exhausted, I sat down on the couch. He asked me if I'd like a Gatorade, to whi... Continue»
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My beautiful pet earned another discipline yesterday. My dear friend, beautiful lady who knows how to punish naughty ladies, suggest me how to discipline my pet, and to teach her who is in charge. This all post is dedicated to this lady. Down there is the text to a dear friend sent to her e-mail:

OK, here we are. Let me describe how was it. But first, mom say thanks to you, say she is very grateful for her whipped and sore pussy, and she love you so much (I don t think she is sincere, I can bet she hates you so much :) ).
Discipline was divided into 2 parts:

She lied down on he... Continue»
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