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The Meeting - Pt.1

On arriving at the hotel and having booked in we made our way to the bar. The journey of 30 miles had been made in excited anticipation and silence. We looked around and immediately spotted Jon sitting by himself slowly drinking a pint of lager. He had described himself down to the last ‘t’. About 6’0’’, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, short hair, and black (of Caribbean descent).
We went over and introduced ourselves. ‘Hi! I’m Lisa and this is Martin’. Formalities over with I sat down next to Jon, and Martin went to the bar to get a fresh round of drinks. We spent the next half an hour just ch... Continue»
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My first swinging experience Part 3/4

While I was still enjoying the after-waves of my orgasm Jen went to Alan which was being wanked by Bee while riding Bill on the couch, she simply took his hand and guided it to her moist pussy. This got his full attention and he moved away from Bee and gently pushed Jen over the side of the couch with her ass on the armrest and her legs dangling off the side, he wasted no time and pushed his pulsing cock in her wet cunt, Jen in turn took a deep breath as he started banging her like that. This was my call my by now yet again fully erect cock seemed to say. I was getting more adventurous so I m... Continue»
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Clifftop Encounter

Sunshine, in winter, can be deceptive. It was cold. bl**dy cold. The admittedly small cliffs at Margate were nevertheless high enough and open enough to suffer the full blast of an Easterly wind coming straight from Siberia.

But dog’s need to be walked and like a good and responsible dog owner, I was walking my dog. He was busy investigating the passing of previous quadrupeds with his nose and I stood and looked out over a steel-grey sea. Small waves lapping onto what was left of the sand at high tide.

“Excuse me,” a voice said behind me. It was soft and obviously female. I turned a... Continue»
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MISS. WRESTLING (Erotic Fiction)

Disclaimer: This is an erotic fiction story I found online about Tammy Lynn Sytch. I am not sad to say the one who wrote this story. This story was written by Wonder Mike. Sole credit goes to him for the writing of this story. I read it and afterwards I knew it just had to be shared with all of you. Enjoy...and thank you Wonder Mike for such an erotic tale of hot Tammy fiction.

By Wonder Mike
Rob Black was determined to move X P W from an Indy federation
to a ... Continue»
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Caroline Photo shoot (True Story)

I had a couple of hours to spare at the house and I rang Caroline to come over for some pictures. Any meeting had to be done in secret, as our commitments made it impossible to be in the open. Caroline therefore walked to an adjacent road and entered the house secretly from the rear gardens, and left the same way. She dressed normally but underneath she wore white lace stockings and suspenders outfit, which was a complete shock. She looked beautiful as I took picture after picture and she put any effort required into satisfying my need to have some record of her visit. As she lay on the couc... Continue»
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"Being A Personal Trainer Has Benefits Pt 1&q

I work as a personal trainer at a 24 hour fitness center in Chicago, and a majority of my clients are women who want to loose weight or guys who need to lose weight for health reasons. I occasionally get the hot girl who does it to waste “Daddy’s” money. Well I get this girl name Nadja, she was from Eastern Europe and she came from money. She picked me out of the 25 trainers we had and that’s where it got interesting. She only wanted to train at 11:00pm at night, and my clients ranged from 6:00am to 10:00pm but nothing that late, but my boss told me that I had to train her cause she paid a lot... Continue»
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no anal

We have been married for almost 20yrs.Our sex life is good, but I've been wanting more.She a great lover and has the sweetest pussy and knows how to use it.Sex is always the samefor most part, I'll eat her until she has atleast 2 or 3 O's, it gets so wett and good, then I'll get so I can rub her clit.
She wasn't a virgan when we got married, she did it once, Ishowed the art of pussy eatting when we were 16, she loved it.We play on the web cam and gets off watching men cum for her, not alot but once or twice, it gets me so horney watching her do it, plus she gets off... Continue»
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In the interveining months since the start of our affair, Jake and I tried to sneak off together as often as possible and not to arouse the suspicion of my ex-wife. Most of the time it was a quickie before me went to school.
In the warmer weather the forest provided a wonderful rendevous location. There was a spot where there was cluster of Appleblossom tree. We'd lay beneath it and fuck as the white petals where blown off their branches and stuck to our perspiring bodies. Jake clutched the rough tree trunk as I drove my cock deep up his ass.
The colder weather were tougher to find secl... Continue»
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Wonderland 4

Stevie Travels to WonderlandSteve sat in the back seat of his parent's car and grumbled. Steve's parents had woke him up at 7 am to drive to his grandparents' house. What an ungodly hour to get up and drive for an hour and a half to see old people (although his grandparents were only in their fifties). Steve's mom had practically wriggled her ass around on the passenger side seat with excitement making her big jugs shake seductively. He sat back and marveled at how weird his senior year was so far.For the last ... Continue»
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The Inaraa incident.

Ryan put his keys in his pocket, stretched his back and tried to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. It had been eons since he had done something like this and although his nerves were second guessing him, it felt good. He took a deep breath, rolled his neck, strolled up to the porch and rang the doorbell. After thirty two beats of his heart (he counted) the door opened and Ryan smiled.
Inaraa leaned against the door frame wearing nothing but a thin cotton tee shirt with an image of Chewbacca and the words kiss my wookie, plastered across the front. Ryan appraised the outline of her b... Continue»
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What Kind of Club Is This? - Part 2

So leather man begins to undress Becky. His wife, (leather woman), also helps. Although this room is set aside for whatever may go on, it is not totally private. Meaning, as Charles the owner/manager said to us as he exited the room, "Anyone and/or everyone is allowed to come in and watch." "If you want any of them to join in well, that's a decision to be made by the parties in play." Becky is totally nude now, and leather man is sucking on one of her nipples. His wife has crouched down and is beginning to lick Becky's pussy. I am really amazed that Dorothy, a gal that I felt be a bit on... Continue»
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Busty girlfriend in bar

Well this is a little fantasy I've had about my girlfriend. This event hasn't happened and won't so I'm just going to put this on here.
The night begins in the bedroom at home, I'm watching my delicious girlfriend get ready to go out for a few drinks. She's standing in front of the mirror trying to get her black top over her 34F natural busty tits, her brunette hair is flowing loose over her shoulders and her blak dress is riding up her long legs half way up her thighs. She finally gets the top part of her dress over her huge titties and plays with her hair ruffling it about almost in slow mo... Continue»
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Talyns Adventures: Part 1

(This was a story written on request by a good friend of mine. Hope you enjoy!)

(FANTASY story: F/S ahead. Fetish is Fantasy setting with awesome elf.)

Her name was Talyn, and this is the beginning of her true adventure. Talyn was an elf, a beautiful young woman that stood slightly taller than most of the other women of her city. She was considered beautiful among the elves, and a rare flower with her striking red locks. They swayed slightly with each step they took, back and forth just above her large, firm ass. She dressed differently than most adventures, and her weapon was certainly ... Continue»
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Big White Cock for Black Girlfriend

Six years after we started dating, my girlfriend’s former roommate during college assumed that the sexual fireworks between my woman and I had simmered to sparks, so she bought a thick ten inch life-like white rubber cock for my girlfriend. It quickly became her favorite toy, and her favorite fantasy. Now when she buys DVD’s at the novelty shop they are always about big white cocks fucking hot black women. Instead of going to our black friend’s pool parties, she wants to go where she can catch a glimpse of white cocks in swim trunks. Clubs we attend are only exclusively white, so she can d... Continue»
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You're Gonna Get It!

“You’re gonna get it”

That’s all the text message said but I knew I had crossed a line and I was suddenly feeling apprehensive. My husband and I had been teasing each other via text message all day while we were out on various errands and most of the banter was light joking back and forth but I knew what I said had just poked a bear and I almost regretted it. My husband had been teasing me about how many I was going to receive for my spanking tonight, 10, 15, 25, it was climbing at an alarming rate until I said “Well, it doesn’t really matter, you hit like a girl anyway” That did it. “you... Continue»
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Bennie, James and I...

Bennie and James are two of my fellow college students, the three of us enjoy sexual escapades at times. I was made aware of James and Bennie by accident, the three of us were at one of the after hours clubs in the warehouse district, neither of us knew that the others were in attendance.

It was near dawn when the orgy was dying down that we became aware of each other. Bennie was servicing three or four burly men and James was handling a set of guys switching out in rapid fashion of anal sex. I was being fed huge penis as fast as they would cum.

We were trying to find our clothes w... Continue»
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Kim and Alex - ch.1

My second story, kind of a long one, but there's more to come, please comment or let me know if you like it. Enjoy!

Kim was a cute high school freshman. A lovely brunette number with shoulder length hair, cute little dimples, and a great set of tits to match her perfect ass.
Kim’s boyfriend, Alex, was on the varsity football team at her high school and one of the most popular guys in town. Kim felt like Alex could be with anyone he wanted at school, and she felt lucky that he had chosen her over all the rest. She always tried her best to look pretty for him and to make him happy. She had... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty MILF's


We were all staying out at our country home, when my mom and I were finally released from the hospital. My dad, Mikey, and my b*****r, James, had set up a nursery in a spare bedroom and both of our little girls were sharing the space. My mom had named her and Hondo’s baby, Neesha, and my little girl was named Denise. They were both such beautiful babies and they would probably grow up like s****rs. It was amazing that we had given birth on the same day and after a bit of private discussions with my mom, I had found out that both of our labors had been brought about by having sex. M... Continue»
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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 2.....

I could have flown out of Vegas and went back home after my three days of working for Jerry. I had made more than enough money to take off work for the next four months, but I needed a break from the regular grind and hanging out in Vegas was fun. Since I wasn’t legally old enough to drink or gamble, I laid by the pool, ate out, went sight seeing and did a lot of shopping to stay busy. I did have a fake ID, but I didn’t want to risk getting caught and drawing attention to myself. It was nice to just read a book by the pool and chill out. A f****y of four sat next to me on my second full day of... Continue»
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Sorry for the delay.
I arrived at Sally's place about 10am, where she met me at the door in a really short pair of shorts and a loose t shirt. She was tall and slim as well as have very long legs. I went in and she closed the door behind me, then put her arm around me and put her lips to mine and kissed me. She asked was I ready to fuck her and I nodded not sure what was going to happen.
Sally lead me to the bedroom and took her top off and removed her shorts standing naked infront of me. I could feel my penis growing and inch a second or seemed like that. She came over to me and said don't ... Continue»
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