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to bi or not to bi

Dan had allways been a little most men he had experimented in his younger days but now he was in his late 40s he kept wondering if he should do something about it and he decided that he might as well try something new.he had allways been attracted to women but he now started to think about men and seeing what the view was like from the other side of the fence.He had been trying new things at home and had managed to fuck himself with a vibrator and he had enjoyed he decided to try to make something happen.
He had started an online friendship with a gay guy and there had bee... Continue»
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Sauna part 2

Emerging from the steam room covered in sweat and cum which was covering my
chin I went to the showers, dried off again and then went to have a look
what was going on in the other rooms.

It was still early so fairly empty and the normally busy rest-rooms were
virtually lifeless but somebody had to get this party started and with my
attitude today it was definitely going to be me. Today I wanted them all,
every man in there. I wanted filling with cum at both ends, dribbling down
my legs from a thoroughly used ass, I wanted pain when I walked and my
insides pounding and throbbing fr... Continue»
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Aunt Caroline

Hi my name is Steve, and this is my story.

All my life growing up I never was close to any of my f****y members, other than my cousin Carl.

We had a... What do you call it? Dysfunctional f****y.

But the worst was my Aunt Caroline.

My parents told me a lot about her while I was growing up.

Oh I saw her a few times of course, mostly at Christmas but, I didn't know much about her, except, supposedly, she was the biggest whore on my Father's side.

The funny thing is, she didn't live very far from the high school that I used to go to.

Every morning and afternoon I'd see her sit... Continue»
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Merry Fucking Christmas

This is a true story, only the names have been changed.

It was Christmas and I had finished spending time with my f****y, and headed to my gay pal's house for the night. Being that we all worked for the same video store chain (in different locations), we had some videos to watch.

When I arrived, plenty of friends were there already. One of the NEW friends there was Cammy. Cammy was friends with Kate, and Kate was the reason I had started working at the video store. Kate was an alternative girl, with short bleached hair and a nose ring. Kate was damned fine, although petite (I pref... Continue»
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The Young Summer Gardner

Anita Clark sat at her Kitchen table and studied the
advert that she was composing for the local paper. The
advert was for a gardener to look after her very large
and secluded garden that surrounded her large Country
Manor style house, in the countryside about 1 mile from
the small and very peaceful village of Swan Hamlet and
about 10 miles from the nearest town.

Anita was a very attractive and very wealthy 40 year
old Widow. She had been widowed about 2 years ago as a
result of a road accident, and since the death of her
husband, Robert, she had never got involved with an... Continue»
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A real friend...

So the girlfriend is out of town visiting f****y, nothing new as she normally goes there about once a month, but things worked out really well Friday night. For those who've read other posts by me, you may know I have a buddy that I do a lot of stuff with (hobby and business wise) and his wife and my girlfriend are good friends. All four of us know about our sexual desires and such, but his wife is sometimes unsure about us all playing....with that said, Friday night really threw me!!

Since my buddy and I work together, we sometimes carpool, so after work I took him home and asked what the ... Continue»
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Fishing on my Day Off !

Well I only got one day off a week from my driving job. So to unwind in the peace and quiet use to go fishing at a Lake, but on this day the Lake was so busy that I thought I would go up the near by river for a change. I had fished hear a few times before, but had never had much luck there.
I put up my equipment and as it was a bit over cast and rain was forcast I put up the bivvy tent to shelter in if the weather got to bad. I had been fishing for a couple of hours and had a lot of fish at the start, but every thing seamed to have gone quiet and the rain was still holding off. There was ... Continue»
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New swingers bar in Hamilton NZ

Beneath their conservative facade Waikato suburbs have been a hotbed of swinging for years, says the owner of a new partner-swapping venue in central Hamilton.

Louise Colton opened Club 52 in Victoria St last night – a new bar billed as a "classy, erotic lounge bar for adults" which is the city's first specifically for swingers.

"It's a swingers' club. As soon as you say that people know exactly what you're talking about," Ms Colton said. The business offers an upmarket venue for swinging Waikato couples to meet like-minded others and has bee... Continue»
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friend and i first time gay sex part one

I have know him since 5th grade. we have always hung out. We were in his basement. as a joke i said suck my dick. he said ok. and so we were like k for 1 minute then switch. so he started sucking my dick. then i was sucking his and thats it and that went on for a few days. we started giveing each other hand jobs.

one of the times i wanted more so i jumped on top of him and started makeing out with him. and pulled off his shirt and un buttoned his pants. and started sucking his huge dick.

he just started moaning please fuck me in the ass so i was like hell ya nd turned him around bent hi... Continue»
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nylon femdom

As she stood in her bathroom she could almost still feel his presence. Joan would know just were to look as she focused on the row of stockings that were laid out hanging on one of her bathroom towel rods. Several of her nylons were always in different stages of the hang to dry process. At first glance she didn't notice anything out of place, as always her stockings were placed perfectly in pair order, with her brown/beige stockings placed apart from her darker black/gray stockings.

That's when she spotted his mistake. There, on one of the stocking welts of the jet-black stocking was a shin... Continue»
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Kelsey O’Neil

“Swear it, right now! Swear to me that you won’t tell a single soul…not even Jared!” I yelled. I’d had more than enough to deal with over the last few hours, and my best friend was wearing on my nerves. I knew she meant well, but I couldn’t find any sympathy or patience for her at the moment.
“Okay! Fine! I won’t say a word! Are you happy now?” June screamed back at me, tears flooding her face.
She tried to hug me again, but I shrugged her off of me, not wanting to... Continue»
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A Primitive Hope Ch. 02

"Miss Wilson has asked for you to come with me." Said Fiona.

"You know Cindi?" I asked in dire hope. "Where is she?" I replied, knowing full well I wasn't about to go off with some behemoth stranger.

Fiona reached between her ample cleavage, bringing out a small note that she handed to me. Taking it, I opened it up to see a very familiar style of handwriting. It was Cindi's.

"My Dearest Kristen. Please trust Fiona. She will take you to me. This will all make sense soon, my love. Trust it... Love, Cindi." Read the small note.

Looki... Continue»
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2015 sex so far continued 2/5

FEB 15th
Since I last time i hadn't been fucked or even cum and I was desperate for some cock. Using a website I'd found a guy who lived literally just a few minutes walk from me and we arranged for me to go round later that day. After showering and shaving my hole nice and smooth I spent an hour fucking myself with a dildo and by the time I set off I was absolutely gagging for it. Luckily it only took five minutes to get to his place and I knocked eagerly on the door. When he answered he was about 45 but I was so desperate for it I didn't give a fuck. He led me to the front room and I took ... Continue»
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Best Party Ever?

It was the d**gs first, a syringe into each cheek of my ass and then one
more in my arm, everything started from there...

Well, in reality everything had started the week before when I had been
invited to one of my boss's high society parties. She had told me that if
I didn't mind helping her to set things up then I could join in the fun
later. How could I resist? Mel's parties were legendary in the town.
Everyone who was anyone was there and I'd heard about all the business
deals that had been struck there and the marriages that had their first
kiss there. I'd heard rumours about th... Continue»
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sex with tition teacher

Our f****y was very conservative and talking about sex was a taboo thing at that time. Even the movies with a little exposing scenes my parents never allowed me to see. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that time and the information was limited to the casual talks with my friends and I never had the faintest of idea what all is done during sex. Yes I knew they kiss and caress and just how intercourse is done, but I had confusion and doubts about many things of sexual act.

At that time my class teacher was the wife of my father's close friend in the office and they used to stay wi... Continue»
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We'll Always Have Paris-2

When they finally broke apart, Susan slid her arms around Diana's waist and said, "Let me do you."

"Do you want to?"

"Yes, but not here. On the bed. I don't want to be distracted by all this water!"

Susan quickly toweled herself and then helped dry Diana. She found the more she touched the other woman, the harder it was to even think of stopping. She hastily dropped the towels and d**g Diana after her back to the bedroom. She almost tripped in her haste.

She slowed just for a second, allowing Diana to pass her. She wanted Diana, she wanted her in ways she could barely imagine. The ... Continue»
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Walk in the woods

My marriage had been going stale for a while and the wife and I were on the verge of breaking up. Things just weren't right, we hadn't made love in nearly a year and slept in seperate rooms. We seemed to have just drifted apart.

One day we were both off work and the k**s were in school and it was a lovely June day.I said that if she came out for a picnic, we could talk about what was going on with us. She agreed and we set off.

We were setting up in a clearing in the local woods and I saw a guy walking past, he looked like a forest ranger or something, all big, butch and rough looking... Continue»
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Lucky in Las Vegas.

I was in Nevada for a military joint services exercise at the Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas. I had been there for over a week and living with a hundred or so hot young men had made me extremely horny for a cock. As luck would have it I was tasked with driving a group to the airport in Las Vegas for their flight home. Their flight left at 11 and I did not have to be back at the base until midnight.

On the way to the airport to drop the group off I passed by a mini mall shopping area that had a ABS there. I made note of it as I was headed there as soon as I dropped the group off. Pullin... Continue»
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Taking it in the butt: Part I. Pegged by a Dom

I was at a point in my life where I wanted some more adventure, sexually. I had thought about doing bi stuff, but I wasn't quite ready to make that leap. I went on CL to see what interesting people I could meet. There was an ad from a girl looking to use her strap-on on a man on camera. It was perfect. I could get my butt pounded without having to do anything with a man. So I contacted her and after a few conversations we set a time.

A couple days later I showed up at the house. The girl answered the door wearing a red silk nightie. She was about 5' 6" tall. Brown hair with green eyes. A ve... Continue»
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Lunchtime cock worship

I was a boarder at a private all male school in Ireland. There was this guy called Oliver who was on the swim team same as me. He was very well endowed, in fact the biggest in our school I reckon. But he was always making homophobic comments.

One day when we were in the changing room after practice he caught me peeking at him - I was fascinated by his size and girth, he was much bigger than I was. He said I was a dirty fag.

Then I asked him how ong since he had a bow job and he said not since school started in September when he last saw his girlfriend - it was halfway thru October and ... Continue»
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