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Junior Peeks Out of My shorts

Junior Peeks Out of My Shorts
I love being naked outdoors and i also like shocking people. I live in the country so running around nude is easy. What is really fun is going to town in my very short loose shorts commando style. One day I was in my shorts running errands. I went to the carwash to get my truck cleaned. I was sitting in the waiting area by myself reading the newspaper when a nice looking milf with two older teenage daughters came in and sit down across from me. I pretended not to notice them as they chatted to each other. I then shifted around and slouched down to where my shorts... Continue»
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Another holiday fuck

Just had a great holiday. The reps organised a water polo match in the pool and it was typical stuff, no holds barred, anything goes type game. There was about 8 in each team and there were often bundles when people held the ball too long and others tried to get it away. One girl in particular girl in the opposing team was a looker, slim light hair small tits and bum and wearing a bikini. The ball cam e to her when she was near me and I made a grab but she got there first and clung on to it and so we started tugging and several others joined in the fray. After a little while we was getting now... Continue»
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Cass was just nineteen but the thing she liked the best was sex. She had been fucking guys since she was just fifteen. The boys at school knew how easy she was and she spent every date on her back. She loved to fuck and suck cock. She had even fucked many of the boys dads as they heard from the boys what a slut she was and how good she could suck cock and fuck. She liked fucking the men better than the boys as they were experienced lovers and knew what they wanted. She was willing to do anything with them for some cock.

She had answered an ad from a widow man that was looking for a housekee... Continue»
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My friend’s hot MILF!

This is the story about my high school years and I am gonna share it with you. Now have fun and don’t miss a piece! Everyday after high school, my friend’s hot mom would pick us up to take home. This is because we lived in the same neighborhood, near each other and there was only one bus which was running over the district to get me house, but it was just a couple of blocks far away. But none of us wanted to go on foot to the bus stop, and neither of us had a car. Well we’d been doing that for the last few months and, to say the truth, I’ve got into a very friendly relationship with my friend’... Continue»
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School days

My best mate at school was a lad called John Morgan, who lived in the same street as me. John’s dad was a lawyer and very intimidating – dark suits, grey beard, bald head and permanent scowl. Mrs Morgan by contrast was lovely, a tanned gym bunny who seemed to spend her life pottering around their house in tracksuit bottoms and tight t-shirts, much to my delight.
One day I popped over to borrow one of John’s videos. John and his dad were was out, but Mrs Morgan was her usual happy bouncy self. “Come in, I think it’s in the VCR already” she said and turned on the television. The screen burst i... Continue»
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s****r fucker

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My s****r Carole invited me over to stay at her flat over for a holiday. I was now 20 and she was 22. I’ve always been close to Carole and were best of friends when growing up. We were very alike, just how alike I was about to find out.
A few years ago her now ex-boyfriend told me that she was into the kinky stuff but he didn’t go into details. Since then she intrigued me and I always wanted to fuck her and often think of her when I wank off. I arrive early evening and we had a takea... Continue»
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I orchestrated Her Wedding Night of Sodomy

It was a long time ago, but for titillation purposes, I have decided to let you in on a secret of mine, one where the sacred marriage bed was sodomized, not by the groom, but by a man I chose, when you read this, you will have more insight into me as a female, a friend, and a sex monster.
I knew Mark when we were in our teens, he was always keen on Amber, another girl I barely knew, and named after her father's favorite Porn actress, I knew this personally, as he tried ever so hard to give yours truly, his meaty length, on night on an overnight stay with Amber.
We never became bosom friends ... Continue»
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TITS at Home Depot

The Home Depot
I was in the middle of a woodworking project in my workshop and found myself in need of some lumber and a few other items. I didn’t have much time as I was trying desperately to finish my project to keep my customer happy. I jumped into my pickup and sped over to Home Depot to purchase my supplies.
Pulling into the parking lot I noticed a shapely woman about my age obviously having car trouble. She was wearing a pink, sleeveless, silk blouse, tight black shorts, and high heels. She looked out of place dressed this way at Home Depot, but I found it refreshing to see a woman... Continue»
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Watching Anna

For men who like to watch their wives having sex with other men, no explanation is necessary. For men who don't understand this fantasy, no explanation is possible.

Although I enjoy wife sharing and some wife cheating stories I always felt confident that I would never want to act any of them out myself. I also felt that if my wife Anna ever cheated on me that would be it, no second chances. If I were ever so unfortunate to actually catch her cheating I believed id probably end up in prison on a murder charge. But it is funny how we go through life thinking we know what we want and know how... Continue»
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Being a shemale's toy can be fun

Joliet called and asked if I would be interested in having some fun...I thought about the last time and how pissed off she got. I hesitated long enough for Joliet to whimper in the phone 'I promise to make up for my last theatrics, no bondage and I will reward you very handsomely if you attend to my needs this week end.'

Sensing desperation, I gave my demands 'reward me up front in large bills in an envelop that I will address and drop into the post office before we do any thing, you will give me your car keys before we enter any building, and I have the last word as to what I will and ... Continue»
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My wickedly naughty stepmother fantasy

My future (and now former) stepmother M.K. was only 8 years older than me when my old man hooked up with her. I think this made her about 23, so you can imagine how fucking horny I was back then! She wasn't a great beauty, but she had a fun, easy going personality which made her instantly attractive. She and I got along immediately. It wasn't long before I used to look forward to staying there on weekends. Since we were closer in age, we'd stay up late talking, watching TV and playing pool, while my old man usually turned in early. They rented a small unit back in those days, so it wasn't long... Continue»
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Gentlemens Club 2

My cock was so hard looking at my beautiful wife letting the black man fondle her body.She kept moving her hips around with the music as his huge black hands moved all over her hips and thighs. His fat fingers moving closer to her neatly trimmed pussy. She gasped as his fingers slid up the shaved part of her mound.Then one hand moved up pulling the front of her dress completely open exposing her firm round breasts. Her light brown nipples were hard and erect sticking out from the snow white flesh.

Carl moved his black hands all over her naked tits,rubbing and pulling on her swollen nipples.... Continue»
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My shemale girlfriend

I met Andrea out side a bar on the west end, she was outside smoking a cigarette, I started a coversation with something stupid like "you come here often?" she laughed and we started talking had a couple of drinks and exchanged numbers. Andrea is about 5"10", shoulder lenght dark red hair, nice green eyes, and full red lips.....our first date we met at her favorite resturant and she was dressed casual geans high heals and a tigh t-shirt, showing me her great ass, long legs and big round tits. we had a good date nothing happened but a small kiss out side her cab........Date number to we met a... Continue»
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Rainy 4th makes coeds wet.

The PA system crackled one last time and as if to put an exclamation point on it a peal of thunder shook the skies and the drops of rain that fell got a little bigger. “So much for fireworks tonight.” I heard one of the college girls say as we all scurried back into the rear of the orchestra shell that had been erected for the night. Fortunately, it was deep enough that we could all put our instruments away without getting soaked, but getting to our vehicles was going to be whole different affair.

“Thanks everyone for coming out and being a part of the community band. I am sorry the rain... Continue»
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Summer Fun

*Crossdress Story*

Living with your parents is exceptionally annoying, especially when you're 26 and have a fetish for crossdressing. It kind of hampers your "need" for putting on slutty outfits and parade yourself in front of a webcam with a pink-glass buttplug up your ass and a giant rubber cock vibrating away as it burns down your last pair of batteries.
But alas, it's the position i'm in and somehow i've made it this far without too many suspicions.
There was the incident a few months back when my mum and dad were at work and I took the opportunity to clean all my sex toys; taking t... Continue»
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College Girl and Flat Tire - Oh What to Do!

I was driving home one evening after dusk. As I turned down a back road that was a shortcut to my home, I saw a car pulled over on the side of the road. There was a young lady, who I later found out was 20 years old, looking flustered and almost in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had a flat tire and her phone was dead so she could not call for help. "Hmmm," I said, "we should be able to fix that". I looked at the right front tire and it was surely flat. I introduced myself to the young lady and she said that her name was Rebecca.

I couldn't help to admire this peti... Continue»
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Michael's Prom Night (A Chrissie Conway Story

Micheal’s Prom Night (A Chrissie Conway Story)

Kelly and I are home for a few days and were staying at Kellys' mom’s house as usual. All week long all her b*****r Michael can ramble
on and on about is the senior prom coming up this Friday night. He and
Two of his buddies decided to pool their money and talked Kelly into renting them a Cadillac for prom.
When any two of them are together all then talk about is how they are
finally going to laid on Friday. They been waiting the entire school year for prom weekend because the popular myth is that even girls who don’t “... Continue»
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ARPITA - Once A whore Always a Whore

Before you read this story,u must read That Story on Arpita – Wife at Stake and Arpita – Wife at Stake continue

Pritam, a young, small town guy was laid off from his company during the recessions. Terminated and broken, he didn’t know what to do, especially since he had got married just recently to Arpita, another small town girl. She was short, petite, but very cute and pretty girl. A lot of men had hots for her, so did Unmesh, Pritam’s boss. And when Pritam went to him to plea for his case, Unmesh knew what exactly he would need in return.

The deal was struck – Arpita for... Continue»
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f****y secret

Note: ——I am NOT the author!
I am simply sharing

A woman needs a steady diet of love, tender kisses, stroking, and
love making followed by holding and sweet words. This one
sometimes needs to have her ankles pinned to a mattress beside
her ears and have her pussy pounded to mush by a big cock with
huge ass-slapping balls. Walter, my husband of s*******n years,
gives me plenty of the former but none of the latter. For the
latter, I take it where I can get it. I get it a lot.

I've been very lucky. I have indulged myself at least once a
week for the past thirteen years, and ... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 14)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter f******n

I woke up between Monique and Emily, their warm bodies felt so good against my skin.

Jim and I had pulled in late and all I ended up doing was letting my girls out of their cages and fell fast to sl**p in their arms.

Monique let out a gentle cooing sound as I rolled her on her side and slipped out of bed. For an instant I watched my pets sl**p, they were so very beautiful... Continue»
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