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a life. chapter one, first memories

My earliest memory is of moving to the new house. I guess the move provided a cut of point for my brain. I remember the door opening and all of us wee yins running about the sparsely furnished house. The walls were white and the stairs weren't yet carpeted. We ran up the stairs to bags rooms, and explore the cupboards and look out the windows. The garden looked huge and although it was bare we charged out to explore and play. only coming back in at dinner time.
Eventually the place took shape, carpets were ordered or floors were varnished. The garden gained grass, some trees and a shed. We ... Continue»
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How My Deviant Life Started

I was a few years shy of my 18th birthday Life was good, I had a part-time job, grades were ok and I just started dating a girl. I was still a virgin, and so was she(she kept telling me that my cock was too big and it hurt too much), but we were fooling around quite often and she sure as hell knew how to suck and loved the taste of my cum! Standard teen age life, Until one fateful night that changed my whole outlook on sex.

So there I was, after work, late one night, I was home, and just showered, and as typical, my cock was rock hard. So I laid down on my bed and took matters into my own... Continue»
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Breast Fetish.

So I work with this VERY busty girl at my workplace. I believe she told me once she was a jj cup or something. Anyway We flirt all the time.(I LOVE big breasts) She is blonde and has green eyes. She is a little chubby and cute. Not fat but thick. I guess she is a little bit below a bbw but getting there. Anyway, we flirt a lot and she likes me. So on Friday I finally asked her to go out for a drink at the local bar. We had a couple of drinks and watched the game. Flirted some more like we always did. Throughout our hangout at the bar, she would occasionally put her hand on my thigh and make su... Continue»
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Barely Legal Teen Neighbor Comes Round to get Laid

The f****y hadn't long moved into next door.

They consisted of a mum, dad and two siblings a son who was training to join the Army and a daughter. The whole f****y was very nice.

I was stopping at my parents for a weekend break away, I had already met the f****y next door the last time I visited. I had spoken to the daughter a couple of times. Mainly just to exchange a few words as we happened to see each other when going in and out.

This weekend was going to be a lot different....

It was in the summer around Aug and My mother had decided to ask the neighbors round for a few dr... Continue»
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My Crossdressing Teen Neighbor

There is a duplex across the street, the kind with an ill arranged addition that sprouts out of the top and basically looks like shit. It's a slum lord house, geared toward your average broke ass people. You'd think I was complaining, but I am actually quite glad such a place is right in plain view.
There is a young couple that lives there, hipster punk types. The dude is nice enough but a little awkward, but the blonde chick is a little flat chested blonde hottie with piercings and pastel highlights and a plus size ass. Needless to say I'd like to breed her good. Someone looks to ha... Continue»
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more than one cock at once part 2

It had been more than a year since I had some fun with my mate and his new cousin that day seem's like it had been a life time away. When laying at home 1 night out of the blue I get a phone call from my mate. "What you doing now" he said "nothing much just doing nothing" I repiled "well me cuz is here do you fancy coming round remember what you said last year". Well that was a year ago I couldn't remember "just come round as we've gat a surprise for ya and we think you gonna like it I've left the back door unlocked so just come in" what the hell I had nothing to do I got showered and made my... Continue»
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A little fantasy of mine....

Chapter 2

Sayuna could hear the distant murmur of conversation and music becoming more muted as she was carried deeper into the mansion. Still slightly breathless from her experience at the balcony, she felt the front of her gown slip to the side, leaving her legs exposed all the way up to the hip and still moist pussy bare for him to see. Blind folded, hand cuffed, and carried with his arms around her back and behind her knees, all she could do was to wait in anticipation as to what was to come.

Sayuna could feel a wall brush against her shoulder as she heard the sounds of a heavy set l... Continue»
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The First Time My Ass Pussy Was Fucked

There's something about having my ass pussy penetrated and pumped during sex that makes me feel more feminine sexually. Perhaps it is the fact that the entering of me, the taking of me, the domination and seeding of me, that feels so right for a gurl like me.

Not too long after I started living as a gurl openly, a neighbor of mine at the small apartment complex where we lived introduced himself to me. He spoke British English which I find so charming and a bit arousing. We got to talking and found out we both had a lot of similar interests and backgrounds. I lived alone in my apartment,... Continue»
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Fit and Tanned - Get's Fucked by Dan! Chapte

Fit and Tanned - Get’s Fucked by Dan! Chapter 1: The Prequel

I absolutely love some of the sexy and intriguing chats I have with my fellow XHamsters while online. Most recently, a sexy girl by the name of Feliciacd and I were chatting and reminiscing about what it was like growing up and knowing that you felt different from everybody else: our first awkward steps with experimentation, crossdressing and even some of our most memorable early experiences.

I had just started to share a story with Felicia about one of my early encounters with a man - and was crafting a carefull... Continue»
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"This is a sex vacation," Tommy said.

"You know what that means."

I was quiet and did not reply feeling both excitement and trepidation at
the prospect of another beach vacation.

"I know you know what that means," injected Tommy into the silence.

"Yes," I said.

"So be prepared."

Tommy had purposely given me 10 days notice of his intentions. 10 days to
wonder. 10 days to speculate. 10 days to be anxious. 10 days to think
about our past two beach vacations.

One thing I knew for sure: I would be naked most of the time - whether in
our rented condo or at the nude beac... Continue»
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Fantasy 1: First sexual contact with a man

As you can read on my profile, I'm a 100% straight guy, who loves women. But...
I can't fall in love with men, but the idea of having sex with another man really turns me on and I'm open to almost everything, but only as a bottom.
I've never had any sexual contact with a man before, and I'm really looking forward to my first time. To give you an idea of how I want the ideal first 'session' would be, I'll just discribe it for you.

I'm not very picky when it comes to the looks of my top, just not too hairy or too old. Everything up to an age of 55 is fine with me.
I don't really enjoy all ... Continue»
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Straight Guy's Gay Fantasy - Swimming Pool Sh

Let me set the scene. This story takes place in a public swimming pool and involves Jake and Greg. Jake is a young gay guy, medium height and skinny build. Greg is a young straight guy, tall and stocky.

It was late on a summers evening, Jake and Greg were swimming in the local pool. It was almost closing time, Jake and Greg were the only people remaining in the pool. As Greg stood at one side of the pool catching his breath, he noticed Jake getting out of the opposite end. Jake was wearing tight swimming shorts which left little to the imagination. Greg starred at Jake who seemed to be get... Continue»
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Susan & Her Search (Part II)


She strategically picked a spot near her place. As she drained her last glass of wine she pulled on a nice black dress and started to put on her make up. Just thinking of what was possible tonight she could feel herself getting wet. As she pulled on her panties she almost thought of not wearing them. Although that would take the fun out of having them pulled off. As she locked the door and headed out

She walked into the bar and scanned the area. It was a quite bar and there were few people in it. This was not one of her normal bars so she was not worried about running into anyone... Continue»
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THE NIGHT OUT (set in London, England, circa 1900)
By way of introduction

People today easily accept the fact that some men and women get married to blend in and hide the fact that each is attracted to their own sex. It is common among people who are in the public eye such as politicians, movie stars, singers, etc… One hundred years ago, people probably also got married for the same reasons. I imagined one couple, Helen and Richard, who probably lived their lives without anyone ever knowing.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Continue»
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sissy fucked by two big men until i was sore and m

I got to know these two guys at work, they were sporty and worked out. I used to listen to there talk on a Monday about the girls they had fucked over the weekend. I thought they were a couple of macho strait guys into girls and that was it. All the time, under my trousers and shirt and tie, I was wearing stockings, pink satin sissy panties and a lacy bra. Im a sissy! What more can I say, when I get home I take off my trousers and horrible black socks and shoes and put on my blue satin Alice in wonderland dress, white sissy ankle socks and pretty black high heel shoes! I put my wig and make up... Continue»
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Carmen and Ali

It started out innocently enough, Carmen, simply putting some of her underthings away in Ali drawer by mistake when some of her things stuck to his. Carmen had teased him about potentially looking good in something like a thong, to which Ali responded in likely fashion, and rather hypocritically since Ali liked the way such things looked on Carmen. They weren't truthfully her favorites either, but She wore them for him once in a while to tease him up. The misplaced underthings in question were not truly a thong in the traditional sense either, but quite brief and intrusive, and not worn in som... Continue»
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Lesley part 11

Lesley pushed herself back, into the luxurious leather seat in Robs BMW and closed her eyes. She wasn't tired by any stretch of the imagination, she just wanted to relive the last experience of there visit to the sex shop. Lesley's mind was running amok with all the explosive orgasms she had just had. While walking from the shop to the car both Rob and her were laden with all the bags of new underwear and some clothes that the girls had so kindly given her. Some ot them were really naughty, and would only be for bedroom use, but she didn't mind....she'd had the most wonderful time. What had sl... Continue»
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Kia, my girlfriend's mother

I was fucking my girlfriend so good. We were alone at her house and we did not expect anyone home for a couple of hours.
My girlfriend, Sarah was standing on her knees and I was fucking her doggy style when her bedroom door flew open and Sarah's mother, Kia stormed in. Kia was a very large and powerful woman, well over 6' and wide hips. Sarah was a younger pretty copy of her mother, except that she was much thinner. Kia had not only wide hips, she had broad shoulders and a big bosom. At a first look, her breast did not look so big, but on a closer look you realized that they were huge and di... Continue»
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BBW Mary

I had recently turned s*******n and I was a late bloomer. I had been teased by the other guys for not growing any pubic hair and my penis had been small too. Suddenly the hormones kicked in and I started to grow. It was almost overnight that I went from having no pubic hair to have a full bush around my now good sized cock.
The guys in the gym class now started to tease me about my big cock instead of having a little penis... I clearly prefer to be teased because I was much bigger than them.

My problems really started when I also would wake up with a hard cock and the only way to get it d... Continue»
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Seduced by a Black Man and his Uncut Cock - Part 2

I got back into my usual routine and often thought about him and had conflicting thoughts by this time. I went to the gym at different times hoping not to run into him again. I like the softness of girls and love playing with pussy. Sometimes fucking my girlfriend (she was 16, I was 14), I thought about him and getting on the receiving end of his big uncut cock. That made me fuck her harder which she liked.

I always hung out with older teens and was drinking with some friends one Friday night and lost inhibition. I carried his number everywhere and decided to call him from my friend’... Continue»
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