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sl**pover gone wrong

The following is a mostly true story about a sl**pover me and some friends once had...

I've never had a sl**pover that didn't involve sex in some way. We were horny guys experimenting afterall! This is just one of those times where things got more... involved... and a fond memory I wanted to share.

Names are no more than first letters. All participants are 18.

The Truth

It was another weekend, and another sl**pover round at A's house. This one was slightly different though as there were the three of us. Me, X and Z. I'd been at sl**povers before at X's house many tim... Continue»
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My cousin and her first cheating gangbang

First of all this is not a true story and it's my fantasy about fucking my younger cousin and having her gang banged or me fucking her really hard.

So all started when I was 16 years old I was at college and so was my cousin we were both on vacations and we went to my aunts place so it was pleasant she had a big house and as her husband was a manager at a firm and her elder son was like 2 years elder than me my aunt also had a daughter who is not the one I wanna talk.

We were quite happy there we had the liberty to watch as much movies as we wanted and do whatever we wanted to do, it w... Continue»
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The park

It was a warm summers day in July, I had been single a long time and was giving up hope of ever finding someone special again, I’d had my heart broken more than once and now in my 30’s it seemed like everyone was taken or looking for a younger guy with a beard, tattoos and a gym membership. I had none of those things and society had thrown me out, I thought to myself, when was the last time a girl said to her friends, what I want is a skinny guy with daft hair and is damaged goods? Never was my guess......

I had the week off work and as the weather was so nice I decided to go to one of the ... Continue»
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Walking in the night

I didn't know what had woken me. I felt as if I had been drinking earlier without getting d***k and had woken neither d***k nor sober.

I considered the possibility. I didn't remember drinking. I had come straight home, to my new home, after a frenetic week at work. I'd microwaved lasagne for one while Tom Waits growled about love from the stereo. Later I woke with my cold tea on the sofa's arm and my paperback, page lost, in my lap.

Perhaps people who claimed alien a*****ion felt as I did when they woke after spaceships, interrogation centres, intergalactic zoos or whatever. The line bet... Continue»
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Helping my young friends part 1

I was sitting in Freddie's, a local pub around the corner from my house, having a glass of wine. I come here sometimes late in the evening when I can't sl**p and have a couple glasses to help me relax. Living alone can get lonely and a little boring. Usually by the time I get here the crowd is gone and the place is just about empty. That was pretty much the case on this night, just me at a table, one old guy with his head down on the bar and a waitress who was focused on reruns of an old game show. As I sit there thinking that I should finish my wine and head home, a couple of young guys walke... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 7

Chapter One

Daddy leads me into a larger area of The Pit, a lifestyle club he has taken me to celebrate my “coming out and Birthday.” We have just finished my birthday dinner, where I was my own birthday cake. I also just received my birthday day spanking while the audience watched and applauded. When we enter the room I see tables set out and decorated. They’re submissive serving drinks. Their arms are secured behind them. Trays are hanging from their collars and secured around their waists. The thought of doing that one day for Daddy, stirs something deep inside me. He reaches down ... Continue»
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MIchele's Mistake - 6

Chapter One

After a lovely weekend with Everett, it was back to school and work for the rest of the week. As before, he would text me and tell me what to wear each day. In turn, I would text him a picture of what I looked like before leaving. We had fallen into a nice routine. I continued to journal my thoughts and sent them to him for review. Some of the nights at work, he would visit and we’d get to see each other. One of those nights, he told me that he was going to take me to The Pit. He explained that The Pit was a lifestyle club that he was a member of.

Everett told me that i... Continue»
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My wife, myself, and a friend

My wife came home from work the other day and started telling me about a story her friend at work was telling her about her weekend experience. It was about this girl and her boyfriend and his buddy, and it involved dp. Up till now she had never her about that and the story shocked her a little. So I had to ask what she thought of it and she couldn't believe any one would do that. So I left it alone for awhile until later on after we had a few drinks and I brought the subject back up. After I started the conversation with her she was shy on the subject for a bit then shocked me with her respon... Continue»
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Part Time Job by loyalsock

It had been over three weeks now since Lindy and her boyfriend hadbroken up and the sexual tension that had slowly been building up in her plump pussy was now becoming almost unbearable!!! Even her secretary had noticed thatfor the past several days she had barely been able to concentrate on her work!!!Ever since her freshman year at college, she had always had a boyfriend whowould naturally take care of all of her sexual needs, but now for the firsttime in her life, she was going through a period of time without a man on thehorizon!!! At five minutes to five, her secretary Betty popped her he... Continue»
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Alice Is Bored by loyalsock

Alice had been naughty. Her lover was away for the weekend and she wasbored. When Dave called her, telling you about the concert tickets he had,she knew what he wanted, but between the boredom and wanting to see theconcert (and Dave's build) she went. Dave did everything he could to turn her on. He had drinks at his placeready before she left. She sat out on the lawn at the pavilion, drinkingwine. He put his arm around her, and at every opportunity Dave touched her,stroked her, patted her, massaged her. He spent a good ten minutes rubbing her forearms when she talked abouttyping much of the m... Continue»
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A Dream Cum True by loyalsock

I remember how the seeds were planted for the "cheatingwife" fantasy that my wife Trina and I began sharing. It was acouple of months before our wedding, and up until that time (inour spoken understanding) we agreed that we always wanted to befaithful to each other and that the idea of "swinging" was sortof creepy to us. But we followed a period of time where wedidn't talk about that anymore, and I had to admit that a certainimage had been creeping into my fantasy life that went againstthe grain of our understanding. Trina has large tits. I should say enormous! They're titsto die for; gargan... Continue»
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Gloryhole Wife

A few weeks ago, my wife and I had an experience unlike either one of us has had before. This happened completely spontaneously, perhaps that is what makes is so erotic to us both. At first, she didn't want me to share the story, however, she told me she wouldn't mind if I wrote about it. So hear it goes.
We were on the way to the beach for the week. Her friend has a condo in Charleston, SC that we could stay for free if we'd only pay the cleaning fee. No problem!!! It was slow at work anyways, so I we both headed out late on a Friday night after finishing the work week. Originally, we were ... Continue»
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Welcome To College by loyalsock

Joseph was not an outgoing guy. He had stumbled nervously in his first year of college, holding his own but feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights of a car. He hated living in the dorms after having his own wing of the house back with his parents. He was a good looking guy standing 6 feet tall. His muscular 170 pounds was well apportioned. His wavy brown hair was cut short, but still his bangs occasionally fell down covering his green eyes. Joseph was a nice guy who never hurt anyone or did anything wrong. He had but one girlfriend all his life who left him for another guy at the end of h... Continue»
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s*s getting fucked

So my s*s and i have been at it again playing around! The other day she texted me and asked about if i knew anything about anal, and of course i did so i filled her in and asked why? She said her and her bf haven't been getting along and she was talking to her old fuck buddy. She said his cock was to good to give up and yeah she showed me and its pretty good. She said they got into it the other night and she pulled his cock out and it shocked her because she didn't remember it being so big. He bent her over and fucked the hell out of her and of course she loved it, but he pulled out and threw ... Continue»
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During college I took a class where we had to write and shoot a short film. I got put in a group where they decided to do a short about a group of strippers, and I got chosen to shoot it. One of the girls chosen to be a stripper was spunky alt girl named Bunny. She always wore tops and bras that showed off her tits and cleavage, which I loved. She also had multi-colored hair with pigtails and talked like a Vally Chick. We talked once or twice before sadly, and I didn't know that much about her. As the group talked about the film, Bunny pushed hard for a dancing scene ( we couldn't show nudity... Continue»
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I felt awful and was a bit scared when Babushka told me to get into her room..

Let me tell you how I got to this point.
My parents hired this Eastern European woman to help in the house with me and my siblings, she was also our housekeeper. I think her name was Sasha, but we always called her babushka, meaning old woman or grandmother.
Truth be told she was not that old when she got hired. Maybe mid 30s. She spoke English with a heavy accent, pretty much broken English.

She was strict, yet very loving. She was a tall big woman. I always thought of her as a fat old woman. Her chest was... Continue»
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M I L part II

Aunt Mary

This is a sequel to: “You want me to do WHAT to your mother?”

A quick synopsis of the first story.

Wife asked me to “service” her mother, as her father had a stroke and heart attack, then he dies. So for 3 years, she did not have sex. My wife said “No holds barred, but keep it down to every couple of weeks or so. I want to be kept satisfied and mom gets you afterward.” Since “mom” (as she wanted us to call her) had married Dad just out of H S, she did not have “man” experience before hand. Moreover, dad was ultra religious. In their religion, women served the man, and th... Continue»
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M I L part I: You want me to do WHAT to your mothe

“You want me to do what to your mother?” Part I

Let’s start by defining who we are. I‘m not religious, as in going to worship often (almost never now), but align myself with a religion, however, in name only. My parents were very religious to the point of ad-nausium. During my growing up years, religion was crammed down my throat to the point of turning me off toward it. However, I still believe in God…. It’s His fan clubs I have a problem with.

My wife came from an even more religious f****y. Two of her uncles are clergy. Her Father and Mother were active church goers, and active ... Continue»
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I was a popular guy at my High School, mostly among the girls. Before I hit puberty I was a nobody, then my body changed and even more so my penis started to grow in size and soon it was well known around school that I was hung like a horse.

The first once that suddenly showed interest in me, was the "slutty and easy" girls. None of them were very attractive, they all liked attention and got it from the guys by sl**ping with them. At first it was fun to get their attention, but some of my more normal female friends warning from doing anything with them, since I would be clumped into their "... Continue»
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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - Friend With Benefits

This is my second story. Feel free to read the
first one. Don't forget to like & comment at
the end. Thanks, and enjoy!

Reconnecting with old friends is always an interesting experience. People change so much over the years. They grow up, they become more mature. They are almost like new people, but at the same time, the old person you knew is still in there.

After 3 years of seperation, an old friend by the name of Hayden randomly facebook messaged me out of the blue.

I'd known Hayden for ages. He was the boyfriend of an ex co-wor... Continue»
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