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Two mature white ladies bbc weekend adventure!

My white wife is, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, large clearly visible pussy lips, long blonde hair, blue eyed gorgeous mature woman. Her best friend is Elaine, she's white, roughly 38DD-32-38, all natural, curvy, brown eyed beautiful brunette. Both ladies have a full bush, breasts (my wife's breast veins show through, catches most guys attention) hang down with nipples facing straight down. Wife and I have been visiting an adult nude campsite for years. My wife likes to hook up with a man (black preferably) about every 6 months or so, her friend Elaine has never been with a black man, few me... Continue»
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Cat The Businessman #1

Victorious: Cat The Businessman #1


Cat turns her head towards the staircase curiously.


It's coming closer, and Cat turns her whole body, facing the staircase.


Trina comes stomping down the stairs, yelling her s*ster's name. She freezes on the stairs, seeing Cat staring at her from the sofa, a smile on her lips. Trina recovers herself, descending down the rest of the stairs.

"Oh. Hey Cat. Where's Tori?" She questions, looking away dramatically and fluffing her hair.

Cat purses her lips, shifting on the lounge to glance around. She s... Continue»
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Beverly the Granny Slut

The last year at work has seen explosive growth and we've hired a lot of people. Early this year, I interviewed Beverly, a tall, older woman with solid D cups and weighing about 130. Her skills and references checked out so we hired her on a part-time basis (which is all she wanted to work). As luck would have it, Beverly was assigned to my department and was a direct report. I worked closely with her the first week since she was in my training class.

At the start of the second week, Beverly friended me on the biggest social media site. I accepted and very soon started getting very erotic m... Continue»
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True love

This story starts 22 yrs ago . I was 18 at my friends house for his sons 1st birthday his little s****r was a bouncing lil 8 yr old that was one of them that liked to set in your lap. She wasn't bothering me but her dad said Tracy leave Mike alone and go play she looked at him and said that we were going to get married 1 day everyone just laughed. Not long after this her older b*****r went to prison.  I never even thought about her for the next 20 yrs. After going threw a nasty divorce 3 yrs ago I'd yet to enter the dating world again I had a couple fuck buddies but nothing serious. Then I sta... Continue»
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ex-bf f***ed **** me but i feel sexy

it was a pleasant evening when i decided to meet up with my ex-bf for dinner. He fetch me from my office and we couldn't find a parking space when we arrive to the restaurant. So he suggested that we brought it back to his home for dinner. I was a little naive to agreed upon his request. When i arrive to his house, we spent our time in his home-office where he show some of his travel photo to me. Thing are working out fine for us, we chat, we laugh and we share some updates on our life after the breakup (2years ago). I offered to wash the dish after we have done with the food. While i was wash... Continue»
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I have to pay the school fees Day One



I enter the Headmaster’s study
“Ah, Miss Duval, thank you for coming, I need to have a word with you about your school fees”
“Not more bad news, Sir?”
“I am afraid so, following your parents’ conviction and the seizure of their assets by the Congo Government, your school fee cheque has been returned ‘unpaid’ by the bank”.
“I’m sorry, I do not know what to say Sir”.
“Well do you have any friends or relatives, who could help.”
“No, I know no one who could help. Sir”
“What about any assets or monies that you might have?”
“A few hund... Continue»
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kate 7 continued

We went back down stairs, she sipped the tea which had now gone cold, make me another one please she said
I ran down and made another when I came back she was in the bathroom just taking her bra off, put it on the bath please she said,
I watched as the bra straps slipped down her arms , and the cups slipped away exposing her breasts, her dark nipples erect,
Her fingers went into the waist band of her knickers and pushed them down over her thighs until they reached her knees then she let them fall to the ground
Are you enjoying yourself she asked, I was just staring at her beautiful body, ... Continue»
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Just a day. 3

3. I forgot to mention I was cut free upon entering the room! Sry loves

"Just getting started?" what the fuck. A shot of nervousness hit me hard. Heavily breathing with a dry mouth, I started to snap back to reality. Sheer fear ran through me as I pondered what the hell that comment meant. Were u going to hurt me? Was all this just a sick game and u were done with me? Part of me hoped not. I wanted to feel that swollen cock deep inside me, jamming the back of my back pussy wall to no end. Suddenly I was hoisted up, and dropped to my knees. The lantern is dying now and I can see ur silhoue... Continue»
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The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5

Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5 - Myrtle Made Solid

Ron Weasely snuck along one of the less travelled corridors of Hogwarts on his way to a rendezvous with his s*siter and lover, Ginny. For precaution's sake he wore Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, which he had snitched at his s*siter's request and donned after leaving the more crowded parts of Hogwarts. After all, it would hardly do to have an unseen presence bumping into people. Finally he reached the room that Hermione had dubbed "The Chamber of Eros", Ginny called "the Love Room" but that he an... Continue»
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Sam’s Secret

Sam & Cat: Sam’s Secret

[A little background for this, Sam was born with male genitalia, which is one of the reasons why she doesn't like the word panties, something she can't technically wear because of her 'extra' friend. The only four people who know about Sam having male genitalia are her doctor, her mom, her s*ster, and Carly. Carly found out because the two secretly dated for a while and lost their virginities to each other prior the finale of 'iCarly', and after Sam broke up with Freddie. When she was younger, i.e. before 'iCarly' premiered, she was made fun of for havi... Continue»
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What the Hell am I Doing? Ch. 5

What the Hell am I Doing?- Ch.5
I encourage readers to review the first chapters of the story, as it will give context to this latest installment. There isn't a lot of sex in this one, but it moves the story along... As usual, any haters can forget posting comments, and so on, and copyright is mine, blah, blah, blah…
“Oh, shit... he has my room key!” I muttered.
Holding on to the corner of the building, naked, save my heels, my body sheened in a mix of my o... Continue»
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Abby Turner #2: Friends Become Lovers

Abby Turner #2: Friends Become Lovers

I sat in the car on the way to Jess's house for a girl’s night in with her and a few of my other friends. I was dropped off and my dad drove away as I went up to the door, it opened before I could knock. Jess stood there in a tight tank top and short shorts. She led me into the living room. It seemed I was the last one there as the other 3 were already there sat on the floor, Jess and I sat down to join them.

Jess's mum poked her head around the door and said, "Bye girls, behave. And remember Jess, your s*ster will be back at 12 so don’... Continue»
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Pigtails for Daddy

Krista had a craving she couldn't satisfy. It made her whole body tingle and itch, she thought that this must be what heroine addicts go through when they can't score. Her nipples were on fire, her clit pulsed and screamed at her for attention and she was sure that if she spread her legs, she'd see that she had soaked through her panties and jeans. Her inner thighs felt hot and humid. She would have killed for her vibrator right now.
But, she didn't have her vibrator. She was stuck in a plane seat 30,000 feet in the air and wouldn't be reaching Dallas for another half hour. A half hour until ... Continue»
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Masturbated often while watching cousin have sex t

Last week I hooked up with a guy I met on Craigs List. He is a heavy masturbator and so always looking for someone to j/o with. He has a several regular buddies he masturbates with throughout the week when he gets tired of masturbating solo and c2c.
So stroked each other's cock on and off and masturbated together while we talked. One of the things we talked about was our earliest experiences. His story grabbed me and made my erection so hard that I have to share at least the situation he found himself in and how he coped.

He is 45, divorced, white, average height and build, small belly... Continue»
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Redbook Date -- Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part V

Her body was still sexy and she turned me on every time we were together even though she was pushing her late 50's and a daily meth user for longer than the two plus years I'd known her. Our routine had changed somewhat. We continued on with our daily "work week" rendezvous but now we spent the night together a couple times a week. More frequently than not, we'd stay the night in a motel with a large spa tub…Livermore, Pleasanton, Hayward were often were we could be found. The spa rooms were often a source of great fun.

Wanda would always retreat to the bathroom and change into either what ... Continue»
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caught cumming in borrowed panty which leads to a

Luke my best friend and I were looking for stuff to do this weekend, I was going to be a three day weekend from school so we wanted to do something all three days. After looking things up and debating it out we decided we would go to the theme parks in the area since we could get discounts.

We decided on me staying over at his house this weekend since it was closer and we wouldn’t have to leave as early in the morning. After school let out we walked to his car and we drove over to his house.

When we got out of his car we walked inside is house and saw that no one else was there. We walke... Continue»
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Requirements (English, Japanese) (英語、日本語)

Being far apart from my girlfriend means that we usually leave Skype on constantly. If our ISPs charged us for gigabytes used, we'd be fucked... luckily that's not a problem. Part of being in a long distance relationship is finding ways to spend time together, and in this way, we make it work.

Being on mic and camera for long periods of time can lead to various levels of intimacy. This can be as innocent as a kiss or as naughty as both of us imagining that we're fucking each other until the two of us cum. Somewhere in between are the long hours we sl**p together with camera and mic runnin... Continue»
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Hard days work

Well then it'll start like this I'll come home from a long day of driving around and delivering things to people and it's a stinking hot day and I come home to a nice and cool air conditioned home to find you laying asl**p on the couch in a sweet summer dress with very flowing curves which makes it nice and breezy for you in the heat i see you laying there and start getting hard as one of your tits had fallen out of your dress and your nipple was erect which made me think you were having an erotic dream which made me hard, I take my shirt off slowly and gently pick you up and carry you to the ... Continue»
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Air travel and summer storms

The terminal had all types that day: business travelers, families, college k**s. I was engrossed in my latest app w a good soundtrack and a Starbucks quickly getting cold when the board goes from ontime to delayed. I figured it was coming - the weather had been building. Time to take my beverage selection up a notch.

I wander in and people are surrounded by baggage. Glad I decided to spend company money and check mine so i could travel light. I spy a seat at the bar and just as I do I connect eyes with the fiery redhead next to it.

She's business, but it's Friday so the black pencil sk... Continue»
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White Wife Breed by Older bbc3

Wife has slept with a different man about every six months for years now, really likes the excitement of it. She'll spend either a day or usually a weekend with him. We attend many nude functions to facilitate this, she likes seeing new men. Wife always has her choice in men, she's gorgeous, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, blonde, blue eyed, full bush, large pussy lips. This pierced penis (picture not available here) reminds her of an experience back when she was 48.

We attended this function, saw some usual people, then I noticed this very tall 6'6" lanky built older black man, probably a... Continue»
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