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Watching Mom Get Fucked Before Joining

My name is Ryan and I am 18 years old. My life was as normal as any others I guess with my mom and dad living in a nice house with lots of nice things, that was until my mom and dad got into a huge fight. I remember them yelling at each other and then my mom coming up to my room telling me to pack a bag because we were staying somewhere else tonight. I didn't question or argue just packed a bag and left with her as my dad sat on the couch with an angry look on his face. I sat quietly until we arrived at a hotel and stopped at the front desk before making our way to our room. It was a typical h... Continue»
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Next young sexual experiance.

After my 1st masturbation school experiance, see story, i instantly started to enjoy masturbation and these new wonderfull feelings i was discovering with my young body.

I couldn't wait till a was alone in my room, either pretending to be doing homework late in the evenings and playing with my young cock.

While these new experiences were happening, little did i know, that it was going to become more intresting.

One k** that lived down the road, which i spent time with over the weekends, we would become very close friends!

Tony attended another junior school, he was about a year old... Continue»
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Bathing my Sissy

Before i left the house,
i told you that i want to take a bath with you today,
till im back you should make yourself ready for me.

As I come home,
you are standing infront of me, the whole body shaved,
a sexy long hair wig, slutty makeup with thick red lipstick
and big carol shadow.

You are wearing a bra, stockings, a garter belt, and a tiny string that can not
hide your cute sissydick.

You are looking almost like a girl with your smooth skin,
that view gets not least supported
trough the feminine round butt of yours, which even more emerges
with the 4 inch heels you wear.
... Continue»
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A sexual education

A Sexual Education

Hello readers, I would like to relate to you a story. A story of how I had my eyes opened sexually. Now, I've never been a saint when it comes to sex, and I have had a fairly interesting and sometimes kinky sexual past. But until I met this sexy older woman online I had never been truly awakened sexually.

But first, let me introduce myself.....I'm Jack, a horny 25 year old straight white man. Some would call me a sex addict, but I prefer to think of myself as simply oversexed. Introductions aside, let me get back to my story.

It all began when I was online...... Continue»
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Stud student

Hi I’m Samuel a university student from Uganda in the first year of studying law, I came to this country because my country, does not have a great education system, arriving in England I set about getting lodgings close to my study area, applying for a room with a white f****y I went and viewed the room, Sandra was married with 4 c***dren Sam a fireman, Pat a postman, Carol a manageress at the large clothes store in town and Frances who lived in Australia, yer I know postman Pat and fireman Sam before anyone points it out. Sandra was married to Jake who had his own construction business; their... Continue»
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Step Dad

It was a hot summers afternoon and Terri (Teresa) was in the back garden soaking up the sun, caked in sun tan oil she turned over onto her chest and undone her top, Terri was on university break in her second year studying law, she was 19yr’s old dark hair, brown eyes and long slender legs that complimented her shapely body, her mum lived with a guy called Jack, she had left Terri’s dad years ago and had bought up Terri and her b*****rs John and Charlie who also lived at home, John was in college and Charlie was training to be a doctor, her mum met Jack ages ago but only lately had he moved in... Continue»
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Not So Demure Wife

This past summer break my wife and I took a trip to Cancun Mexico that changed our lives forever.... definitely for the better. Angie and I have been married now for almost 20 years, we are both in our mid 40's and have been exclusive to each other till that fateful trip. We live a "normal" suburban life, three c***dren, minivan and actively participate in the activities in our c***dren's schools.... real "normal" lives which are fulfilling yet until that night we hadn't realized how boring it was.

My name is Jake and I'm a teacher at a local high school and Angie teaches at the local comm... Continue»
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Horny Garndma

It was just the start of the school holidays, and I was off as usual to my Grandma’s place by the sea, I always looked forward to 6 weeks of total fun and was looking forward to seeing my friends, arriving at the house I was greeted as usual my Grandparents Nan giving me a huge sloppy kiss, that was so embarrassing if my mates saw it I would die, going to my room I changed and had something to eat, I called at my friends and we all piled off to the beach, sitting and chatting until late evening we all arranged to meet the next day and go for a bike ride, into the next town.

That night as I... Continue»
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Nikki & Jonathan's surprise Big Black Coc

Jonathan & Nikki and their surprise BBC gangbang

Jonathan & Nikki had each always had a fascination with big black cocks. ... After it came up in their marriage and they discussed it, they agreed Nikki could try sucking one to completion. They searched for a big black dick on the internet, and after finding a massive one Nikki was very excited to try, they booked a hotel room & arranged a meeting.

The night was finally upon them. It was going to happen! Nikki's first taste of big black cock! Literally. The deal was: She was allowed to get naked and suck the bbc until it came, which she c... Continue»
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Mammas kille

Vi satt där i soffan, jag och min mammas kille. Jag kan inte varit mer än 18-19 år då, och min mammas kille, Jasper, var inte mycket äldre än mig. Men jag vet inte exakt hur gammal han var då. Det vanligaste som jag bar då var ju ett par mjukisbyxor och något tajt linne, bakåtlutad i soffan, och tuggande på några chips eller popcorn.

Jag zappade mellan kanalerna, ihopp om att hitta någonting bra, men eftersom det var måndagskväll, fanns det som vanligt inget bra på TV. Min mamma var ute och reste, annars kunde hon ha underhållit oss, och kommit på någon lek, typ charader eller nått. Jag fu... Continue»
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Tricked Aunt into wearing Transparent Swimsuit

This is a story of how I tricked my aunt into wearing a see through bathing suit to the beach last summer. The plan was that I would stop at my aunt & uncle's house first for some breakfast, and then we would all drive to the beach together. When I got to her house I had some coffee and breakfast, then went to the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom I passed the laundry room and saw a white one piece swimsuit lying on top of the dryer.

I took a closer look and saw that the material was very thin, enough so that if I ran my fingers underneath it I could clearly make out their outline and co... Continue»
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Hooked up with a guy on

I have been a member of for years. Uploaded pictures and videos and had a few good nasty conversations with some women but mostly with other guys.Looking to do some cock sucking. And a few that were real nasty and wanted to fuck and be fucked.
I thought about giving it a try. But deep inside I did not think I would really go through with it.
There was one guy I talked with a lot. We were into a lot of the same stuff. He was always wanting to get to gather and get nasty. But I could never get up the nerve to meet him. Last weekend he asked me again if I was ready to hook up... Continue»
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My Father took me to be Deflowered, and joined in

'This is my daughter Mariel, can you give her a tattoo John'?

John eyed my up and down, a huge man, more fat than muscle, wild looking grey hair, and tattoo's everywhere.

'How old are you Mariel', he asked me, completely ignoring dad's presence?

'f******n', I replied timorously.

'Sit here', he ordered me, and as I did, he sat down facing me, and neatly trapped both my knees between his, they felt so powerful, and he reached out and cradled my face in his hands, moving it around as he studied my features, his fingers constantly brushing my long hair to the back of my shoulders.

'... Continue»
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Accidental Shower

My husband’s best friend, Tom, worked with my husband. They were friends long before I ever got married, always meeting after work and having a couple of beers. As a matter of fact, it was through Tom that I had met Doug. As time progressed, it seemed that the two of them were inseparable. In fact, Tom often spent the night, with the two of them going to work together the next morning, sharing the same car.

I came home from work one day, exhausted from a day dealing with dumb customers and stupid supervisors. I needed a shower very badly. I passed by the bathroom and heard the shower runni... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 4

Mom went to her bedroom to get dressed for a night out as I went to my bedroom and got dressed as well and returned to the living room to wait for mom as she asked me to when I had finished dressing.

What I had put on was a western dress shirt and my best pair of blue jeans socks and western dress boots.

A couple of minutes after I had sat down on the couch in the living room mom came in wearing a sleavless white blouse with a short blue pleated skirt that stopped half way to her knees in a pair of flats. I could see she had a bra on under the white blouse with it being a see through typ... Continue»
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Serving Jen

I was walking in my town and stopped by the hair stylist shop that I had a friend there to shoot the bull. When I walked in I saw my favorite hair stylist and started talking to her. She was telling me about her friend named Jen. Jen was a shorter girl with big breasts and blonde hair. She was telling me about one of her sexual escapades which made me think about how nice it would be to serve her sexually. I told her what I was thinking and she said that she would do that. I asked her how we could set this up. She asked me what I would do to her and I said anything she wanted me to do includi... Continue»
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The Toy Party's

My girlfriend sells sex toys to help make a little extra money while in school. She doesn't make much, but she does get access to a lot of great toys and of course I get to play with them.

Since we have opened up our relationship to share sexual adventures with others, we have been discussing the idea of having an all girl toy party at my place, hoping that it might turn into something even more. Beth started advertising with little fliers that we could personally invite women that we felt would not only want to come to the toy party, but would be women we would want to have sex with and ... Continue»
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I felt the big pain.

Hello my friends. I realised u liked my diary.
I went trough of a lot of memories, good and bad, nice and ugly ,
but most of the memories of that time is about how to make someone's happy.
After my fathers start to see me as a girl ,who can satisfy him in lots of different ways.
Slowly slowly I get use to it . To how be a good girl for him and how to quickly in different places specially in public places make a cover up story or cover my naked body for good.
I loved my father and my female part. Drawer full of panties and bra shelf full of creams and make ups. For long time e... Continue»
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An exhibitionist abroad 2

We'd already been away earlier in the year but unexpectedly found ourselves with a bit of spare time so we made a last minute booking and flew off to Majorca. When we checked into the hotel we were a bit disappointed that our room wasn't facing the sea but was located on the side of the hotel that overlooked a street and was in turn overlooked by another hotel at the end of the block. On the plus side the room had a large curved balcony with enough room for a couple of sun loungers, the perfect place to relax and chill out.
We'd been there a couple of days and had largely had a very quiet tim... Continue»
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Celebrity Fantasy Part 4

Sully escaped onto the bus to relieve himself once all the bands were done playing their sets and start a party. They were playing the next day being a part of a two-day festival. All the bands had most of their buses in mini circles with fires starting to go and music beginning to play. Drinks began to get passed around to every band member and crew member on a successful day.

Jordyn quietly slipped in a few moments after him, locking the door behind her. She proceeded quickly and silently into the back of the bus, closing the door behind her. She was now in the buses living-room area wit... Continue»
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