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A wild night out

A wild night out

Words by PornLovingChick, gifs by RuffianX

I woke up with my fingertips in my mouth, my dreams still in my head, my memories hazily drifting in from the night before.

I closed my eyes again, afraid of losing the moment, while I licked and sucked on my fingers and began to piece together the fragments from the night before

My whole body seemed to be trembling slightly. Although I had slept, I still felt excited, my breathing fast and light. I began to notice the delic... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 2

It would have been difficult to imagine a more remarkable contrast if one had seen this same woman little more than three months before. This abjectly obedient and submissive slave girl, known as Belle, had then been the spoilt and pampered, proud arrogant Lady Isabel Dysart.
How this transformation was achieved we must now investigate. But first, a few vignettes to highlight her character and way of life.

SCENE 1: The drawing room at Grange Manor, home of Sir Charles and Lady Isabel Dysart. Isabel, wearing an elegant trouser suit, sprawls in a chair, smoking a cigarette.
"I'm going up to... Continue»
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Slut! Wife needs a hard cock: Part Four

Slut! Wife needs hard cock. Part four:

I sat alone on the sofa, listening to the raucous giggling upstairs as two well hung men began to defile my beautiful wife. The bedroom door was obviously open wide to allow me to hear the depraved things my wife was allowing the two studs to inflict on her. I heard the footsteps across my bedroom floor, then the sound of my wife climbing on the bed. I heard the squelch of her pussy as I assumed one of them pushed his fingers deep in her pussy administering another finger blasting. Then the giggling stopped and the tone changed. The voices became more ... Continue»
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70 Goth girl takes me to a disco.

70 Goth girl takes me to a disco.
It was another hot summer night, and we got to the club around tenish. We'd already been out for a couple of hours & been to a couple of pubs, as you do on such a lovely warm, summer`s night. Mary was looking very sexy, in her crop long sleeved top, tight jeans & ankle boots all in black obviously.
We got our drinks, and then stood in our usual place. It's dimly lit apart from the lights on the dance floor, which were like looking straight at the sun. We met Trevor in the club, he'd been in there for about 10 minutes before we arrived, was already droolin... Continue»
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Fucking my friend mom

This is about Russell’s Mom.

To start with, my name is Jay and my best buddy for most of my life has been Russell and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday. As I was still in High School had to wait until the following weekend to whoop it up and that is just what Russell and I had planned.

So early Friday evening I drove over to Russell’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the weekend that was close to a small country bumpkin college town inundated with plenty of hot co-ed... Continue»
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Daddy's help

It was early after noon on the day that I changed. I am 20 medium built, 5'10'' and brown short hair and had always thought of myself as a typical guy through high school I would have the occasional girlfriend. Was ever the jock or best looking guy but excelled none the less in academics and sports. Never gave much thought into my sexuality until that day, and up until then was a virgin in all regards. I had just left my girlfriends house were I left feel horny, and was then heading home when I decided to stop for a drink and go to the restroom. As I entered the gas station I headed strait to ... Continue»
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Preethi,milf from the gym.

Hi. I’m a regular reader on the site but this is my first time posting here. My wifi was down for the day and I was at home and didn’t have anything else to do so I decided to pen down some of my past sexcapades. Now this is going to be a long read because ive tried to include most of the events leading up to the actual sex so read on. Feedback welcome.

So this incident happened about 3 months back. I like going on long runs and gymming and you know, generally keeping myself fit. I’m not into the body builder kind physique because though it might look good, functionally, it doesn’t serve an... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife 3

"Please let me see the other photos you have Sue!!" I begged. " I am so ready to cum, you have me so fucking excited."

"But I have not even touched your cock yet babe." Sue replied licking her sexy lips looking at my cock.

"I want to see the photos of you and the boy Sue"

"That really turns you on, doesn't it?" She said excitedly. " Just promise the nothing will change the way you love me and I will show you the photos of Kate and I with the boys."

"You know nothing will ever change that Sue." I said right before she leaned over and kissed me..

I was watching her cute little as... Continue»
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With Wendy's Guidance

It happened in my sophomore year of college, away from home and on the road for my college debate team. My girlfriend Wendy was almost four thousand miles away, back East to visit her f****y over the spring break.

We had started up in November, dating a couple of times before falling in love, and later into bed together. We spent most school nights apart, and the weekends from Friday on through Sunday afternoon in my dorm room, or her apartment, fucking like crazy. Now, in early April, every minute away from her left me longing for her touch, her kisses, the taste and scent of her juices on... Continue»
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Yadgaar trip with Beautiful Aunty .

Yeah kahani abhi 1 hafte phle ki h jab main apne kaam se Lahore gya hua tha and mujhe wahan 3 din rukna tha kisi kaam se, so,maine wahan ke hotel me check in kiya and 3 din ke liye room book krwa liya aur wo ek kafi achha hotel tha , main apne room me chala gya and shower le ke fresh ho gya.
Then I realized that ki mere room ke samne wale room me se couple ki ladai ki awaz aa rhi thi, as I m curious to know the matter bt,main aise bhi kisi ke beech me nhi jaa sakta tha, and me apne room me chala gya, and t.V dekhna lga, as it’s a night time and me thoda mood fresh krne ke liye koi romantic en... Continue»
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Media Friendly

This story is only meant to be an expression of fantasy. As such, the characters in this story
do not use condoms, as their world is one that does not require protection for sexual acts.
I do not condone nor practice any sexual act that is unsafe or is performed without protection.

“Media Friendly”

Jesse wandered around the convention room, wishing he were anyplace else. He’d been to many of these media conventions before but never truly got anything out of them. Every year, it seemed to be the same people, the same conversations, the same Meet-and-Greet grins. The only thing ... Continue»
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Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 4

Mom Fulfills Son's Desires: Part 4

After an hour of touchy feely in the shower, Tim and Jill needed a break. Tim left to see one of his friends; Jill stretched out on her bed, and a few minutes later drifted off to sl**p. She slept most of the afternoon. Her dream was of a pussy with legs running around ahead of a cock with wings. At some point the cock drove the pussy into a dead end and when the pussy opened, thrust itself into the pussy’s center. Jill woke with a start. She wasn’t sure of the dream’s meaning, but had little doubt that her mind was mulling over the situation with her son.... Continue»
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Lessons (Chapter One)

“Lessons” (Chapter One)

It was a very nice drive through the long roads of the city outskirts, where tall, full trees lined the routes and homes were spectacular. Adam made the drive several times during the week to provide his services to clients, most of whom were very wealthy. He’d been a personal fitness instructor for nearly four years, but his popularity among the wealthy boomed only two years earlier when his first rich client, Barbara Stevens, boasted to her friends how much he had done to help her get into the best shape of her life. Not long after that endorsement, Adam became ... Continue»
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Hot picnic

We meet for the first time and we are
In a field of flowers a meadow
We are having a picnic
And we have some nice things to eat and
Some drinks
We talk and I gaze into your
Pretty eyes
Smile is wonderful
I start to fall in love with you
And lean to kiss you
Holding your face as I kiss you
Touching with my finger tips over your sweet lips
Kissing your face
Kissing your cheeks
Covering you with soft kisses
As I begin to kiss your neck very slowly
Kissing your ear and whispering I love you
Soft and gentle
Tingly touches
Kissing your neck so very passionately
And kissing yo... Continue»
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My Friends House Part 4

I could see that she started moving. I tried to hide by the foot end of the bed. It got quiet again. I’d better try to get out now. I came to my senses and it was enough now. I tried to take my clothes off that I had borrowed from his mom. I took off the jacket, and was just about to take the wig off, when I heard her moving in the bed again. Now she was facing towards me, but I thought she was still asl**p. I was standing in his mom’s white pantyhose, in heels, bra, and her wig. My cock started to move again.

‘No!! Not now!’

I pulled my cock out and started playing with myself in front ... Continue»
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My fantasy part III chapter I

I went to bed Thursday night with extreme nervousness and excitement. I woke up friday morning around 7am to get ready for my date at 9 am. I took a shower and shaved my body and face. I wasn't sure where my day would go with this young man so made sure to douche extremely well so as to make sure I would be extra clean. I also used a little bit of my bath and body works body wash in the douche so my pussy would smell beautiful. I finished up in the shower and went to my bedroom to get dressed. It was a little chilly that morning so I decided to wear jeans and a dressy sweatshirt over a tight T... Continue»
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Now with mom and my sisster away I had been enjoying the alone time, I'd watch my twink CD porn and play with my dildo getting myself worked up,then I'd drive to the ABS looking for middle aged married cocks, they'd get so excited being sucked by an 18 year old twink. I'd take my time with their cock and balls,nice and slow,softly sucking and licking, running the head over my lips,taking them deep and holding that hard cock for a minute,sliding them out and then again sucking hard as I took them deep, slowing when they got close. I'd wait until ... Continue»
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taking my sweet dog to the Vet

Taking my sweet dog to the Vet

My fine dog Brutus had a sad look when I arrived home that Friday. So, I decided to take him to the Veterinarian…
He was a young great dane class; average size, but he was a fine nice dog.

I arrived at the place and find the vet: Dr. Sarah Atkins, a beautiful sexy lady in her mid thirties, a green eyed brunette with killer legs…

Dr. Sarah Atkins began Brutus`s exam, looked at his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, everything was going fine. She reached underneath his torso to feel his stomach, ribs, and hips, then suddenly pulled her hands away.
She paused for... Continue»
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Dare to Bare: The Exhibition Game

This is a little game for couples where you will have to take risks in public in order to get rewarded. Neither of you are allowed to orgasm until one of you gets 10points. Your partner's duty will be to act as a witness to your dares and motivate you by teasing you mercilessly but denying you until the 10points are earned. The goal is to push your limits and make yourself try crazy things to enhance the coming orgasm!

Dares for her:
Let a stranger "accidentally" see down your blouse. = 1point
Answer the door wearing only a towel or bathrobe. = 1point
Wear a short dress with no panties o... Continue»
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Summer Set 'Jessica Fucks Black Cock'

Summer Set
Episode 1
'Jessica Fucks Black Cock'

Jessica and I had been dating about a year. She was a cute, petite red head, around 5 foot 2 inches tall, with sexy legs, great calves and nice feet. Her ass was to die for! A succulent bubble butt with a nice dip in her back. Her tits were small, but had a tear drop shape to them that made them hang when she bent over. She had a nice demeanor to her. A smile in her green eyes always. But, if you got her riled up in bed just right, she could talk some of the nastiest bed talk you've ever heard!

We were down sizing and moving fr... Continue»
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