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Meeting Mr Mac Muffin

Meeting Mr Mac-Muffin

Now it was like 11.30 pm Saturday night when I had finish work and was one my way home when i saw my old gurlfriend Loraine at the bus stop. Its like two years since we last saw each other so i figure hell why not an the bus would leave the terminal an 12 sharp . Since I always have a stash of clothes in the car, I pull into a park an pull out my girl clothes.
In less that 10 minutes I was a girl, my brunet wig was a little ruffle an some red lip stick made up my face . My homemade breast and pussy with my black lace panties took care of m... Continue»
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Helpful clerk (and I didn't even buy anything

I was shopping early one morning, taking in a glorious Spring afternoon at an outdoors outlet center.

There were few people about, despite the warm weather and blue skies. I'd arrived early on a Tuesday, not many people out and about as I was, as it was one of my regular days off and my work-week had concluded the day before. Lucky me.

Very lucky, as it turned out. I slipped into a store to look for some new briefs, and new socks. It was just after 10:00 A.M. and walking inside, I didn't see anyone right away. Surely someone was there, the front door being unlocked.

Oh, well. I saunte... Continue»
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Interracial Bisexual Cuckold cum lover

**This story is fictional but a hot fantasy**

My wife likes to role-play her favorite game is for me to be a nasty boy and she is the teacher. It usually starts out like this, she will go out on the town and come home about 1 A.M. I know she is out fucking and sucking black men (she loves BBC) but it turns me on to know that she will be home nice and horny and will share her sexual adventures with me.

A typical night will go like this: She will come home and release my cock and balls from my cock cage. I am not permitted to play with my cock, and the only time I can masturbate ... Continue»
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The cow girl A week before school

DAY 1 The week before started
The story starts from a little town in Nebraska call Crisfield. MY name is Amy Jo I was 5 foot 7 and 135 lbs. measurements 44-30-38 I well-built cowgirl going off to the big city in the Irish Hills of Michigan. Where I met an attractive redhead that was 5 foot 9 140 pounds with measurements of 38-24-38. We were both going to college the redhead name Ginger was much more experience than Me. Ginger was bi she loves to eat pussy but she also likes a good stiff dick some of the time. So as we settle down in are new apartment we began to drink until Ginger decid... Continue»
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The time had come to expand my experience and desire for cross dressing and I had taken the plunge to meet a man through a Gay contact magazine who had advertised he was looking for a male to join him for 'Stimulating Dressing' and as I had a fixation with hosiery his advert got my attention when he also mentioned that he was into tights and stockings in a big way.
I had up to this point only 'Dressed' at home and had only fantasized of being with other men and doing 'Naughty' things together now I had the chance to try it out for real.
I duly turned up at his flat and was pleasantly ... Continue»
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A Great Fucking Dressed as a Girl

Since I was introduced to being cross-dressed about two or three months ago bi the married bi-couple and their bi-friends and the mind-blowing sex that followed, I had this insatiable desire to be dressed once more as a girl and let men enjoy my body.
Earlier I told of my experiences in my true story Excellent Advice! Mind-blowing Result!!! which took place in the toilets of a bar in the city where I attended university and now I wanted to go back and take my sexual pleasures to a new height.
I had a problem!!! Being in a strange country and city and not having brought any girly linge... Continue»
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Butterfly Princess

It is a little practice, what I did here. I'm not good in writing stories like this, but I wanted to try. The characters are from a fantasy novel I'm writing, so this story isn't far from realistic. But I hope you like it.


„Sakuya? How are you?“ A gentle voice was heard. The young girl turned around, seeing her husband. „I don’t really know. My parents attacked you…You’re just defend yourself“ She turned around, making some distance between them. Sakuya was mixed up, wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. Should she g... Continue»
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A Helping Hand

My wife and I have been married for five years. We have a good relationship, but my wife's sex drive is much more than I could ever keep up with and it had started to cause a few problems.

We were having dinner with some friends when the topic came up in conversation. Veronica and John said that friends of theirs had a similar problem, so had advertised for a bloke in a contacts magazine. Neither my wife nor myself were particularly keen at the time, but as the weeks passed, the thought of watching my wife being shagged by another bloke increased my sex drive no end and it became a bi... Continue»
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Turks are fucker guys - 6

Aslında bu hikaye serisine başlama amacım , burda ki saçma salak hikayelere bir alternatif oluşturmaktı. Daha doğrusu , burda ki diğer erotik hikaye sitelerinden çalma hikayeleri paylaşanlarla dalga geçmekti. Örneğin;Yengem Beni Travesti Yapti bu nedir ? Cidden soruyorum bu nedir lan ? Saka gibi. Herneyse , ilk 5 hikaye çok tuttu. Hatta bir kaç kişi numaramı nerden buldularsa telif hakkını filan almaya kalktıda ben satmadım. Sonuçta bu hikayeleri para kazanma kaygısıyla yazıya dökmedim. Bunları burda yetişen gençliğe rehper olsun diye döktüm. Kısaca şunu demek istiyorum , hikaye yazamıyorsan... Continue»
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Hottest 3way part 1.

I had a day off a few months ago to myself, and I thought I would go for a walk in a popular wooded "pick up" area for guys near my house. I frequent the area anytime I am feeling horny and my wife isn't in the mood or is away for work. I have been bisexual for 20 years now( I am 45 yrs old) and she has no idea. I parked my car in the parking lot and noticed only one SUV in the lot. Not a good sign. It was about 11am on a warm Tuesday, so most guys were at work. I was really hoping to meet a guy that day with a nice hard cock, as I was really craving the taste of cum. I love sucking c... Continue»
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F*mily camping trip - Part 1

F*mily camping trip - Part 1

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only.
In no way, do I condone the actions taken by my fictional characters.

--------- Chapter 1

Mid Friday morning…

“Wait up, Aunt Mary,” Natalie called. Mary stopped and turned to back to look at her young teenage niece. They were walking the nature trails near their camp site.

“I gotta pee,” Nat said, stepping off the trail.

They were almost back to their camp site; they had spent the last few hours hiking around the cliff overlook of the fjord... Continue»
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Sally's Sith Conquest.

I admit, I have never set up sex for another person before. But I felt that I had to set up David.
I guess that you think I must have more cock in me than a Tijuana whore, but that really isn't fair, the number of cocks pleasuring me is around eleven now. Three before I got married to Paul and seven others after we started swinging, Randy included. I guess I can have some strange every four years on average without wearing the Scarlet Letter. I have learned to love living again. I look forward to my next encounter. At my age sex is shaking a fist in the face of death. I am alive, and eve... Continue»
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Chapter 1 - The beginning

After turning 18 I wanted to tape myself with my bf at the time. We had been fooling around before of course but turning 18 is so dramatized that I felt I had official permission to be a slut. No need to hide behind closed doors, behind foggy car windows, turning off the lights and hiding. I hated hiding my sexuality. I hated hiding the fact that I wanted cocks to slap me on the face. I hated hiding and wiping all the cum that ran down my face, my thighs, ass and pussy. I was tired of hiding.

After celebrating with my girls, I decided to visit my bf. I called but he didn't answer. Assumi... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 8)

We lay there a moment, Claire's quiet sobs lessened until she lifted a hand to wipe her eyes, i stopped her, "Your makeup has run and you'll only make it worse if you rub those beautiful eyes baby, i'm going to end up fucking a panda" This made her laugh which i'd hoped it would, she lifted her head to look down at me and i could see her eyes still wet with tears, eyeshadow smudged and a dark streak running down both cheeks. I lifted my hands and took hold of her head between them, pulling her down to me i licked the tears from first one cheek and then the other before planting a soft ... Continue»
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It was Friday evening and Katy was leaving her job. She was a little down because Doug was out of town and she was going home to an empty house and she was horny as hell. As she arrived at her car she noticed a large envelope in the drivers seat. The car was locked and as far she knew no one else had the keys except for Doug. She opened the door and picked up the envelope it was sealed and she had to tear it to get it open.

The envelope contained a letter and a key to a motel room. It was the same motel that she and Doug used when they stayed in town after a night of partying. The let... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 23

That afternoon my young boy came home with a note from his teacher inviting us to a Teacher Parent conference the next night, so the next night my wife and I headed to the school.
Arriving around 8:30 we were one of the last to arrive but we waited patiently and after a few minutes a young brunette woman opened the class door and smiled at us.
"Hi there, I'm Miss Jones but you can call me Nancy"
I stood looking at Nancy with her plump cleavage under her tight dress, that also held in her very round pregnant belly and I immediately felt a twitch in my pants.
"Hey" whispered my wife bringin... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head CH 1

Lucy finds her husband's new coworker interesting. And a affair Begins


I sighed and ripped off my sunglasses. "Yeah?"

Mark was still in his suit when he marched out. He'd loosened his tie on his way home from work. An obvious sign of stress from him.

"Why the fuck aren't you getting ready?"

My fingers skimmed down my slick collarbone. Mark traced the movement with his eyes, but he wouldn't be distracted. He glared, waiting for my response.

"Ready for what?"

He groaned. "The dinner, Lucy. The dinner I've talked about all fucking week."

I slid my su... Continue»
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A Real Surprise Party

Hubby and guests surprise a cheating wife.

I told my wife, Emily, that my seminar had ended a day early, but I couldn’t switch flights. That meant I would still be returning Tuesday evening. She would have to pick me up at the airport around six. She complained that I had to be away another night, but told me she would just be that much happier to see me.

I thought about that for an hour or so. I realized I had been away a lot and that I should think more of my wife of 17 years. I went to the airport and tried one of those stand-by things. I was ready to give up when I real... Continue»
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Husband & wife confess their infidelities.

"When you were in Phoenix, ah...did you...damn it, this is difficult for me," Katy said.

I shrugged. My business had failed six months before, and the first job I found took me to Phoenix for four months. Katy and our two c***dren couldn't relocate with me. She had a contract with the school board as a guidance counselor, and couldn't or wouldn't break her contract. My next job took me to Salt Lake City, and my f****y joined me when the school year ended. When I left in search of a job, our marriage wasn't very solid. When a man f... Continue»
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Celebrity Sluts: Part 1 - Jennifer Lawrence and El

Celebrity Sluts:

Part 1- Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks

Jennifer Lawrence became an international star overnight, earning universal critical acclaim, winning an Oscar and making millions. There were some downsides to this fame and to being in the public eye. Especially her private life becoming public... and her sex life.

Jennifer was on set filming the last part of the Hunger Games series. After filming finished Jennifer returned to her hotel which was luckily close to the set. Her room was directly next to her co-star's room; Elizabeth Banks. Jennifer knocked on her door afte... Continue»
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