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Life and times of a Late Bloomer


So for most of my teens and early 20s, I was COMPLETELY lame with girls, like insanely so. I was diagnosed as autistic when I was 20, so I thought "hey, I have an excuse". Except that for someone who does what I do (makes music) and has the social circle I have, it was not right! Made conscious effort to be more comfortable around girls and one night, nearly a month before my 24th birthday, it paid off....


I'm relaxing on a very warm night in July, randomly checking stuff on the net and messaging a few ... Continue»
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Tgirl dominated by school Mistress part 2

This is the second part of “Dominant Female Teacher Makes Cross dresser Student”. It explains why I am what I am.
I got called to see Miss Jones, the teacher in charge of discipline at my school.
"So you are back are you? What do you expect? Well you are wrong for I demand so much more. Understand me about that."
"Yes Miss Jones, I understand" I was back in her school office again. Again I was nervous and excited.
She put down the file and looked at me. "It’s not a game it’s for real"
I nodded.
Miss Jones, head of year, came from behind the desk, her black stilettoes tip tapping lik... Continue»
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Tgirl dominated by school Mistress

Mistress said I should tell how I first became sub so here goes.
While I was still at school I was very thin, hairless body, high pitched voice and long hair in the most girly look I could get away with. I had started wearing panties under my trousers and I thought nobody knew. Well one day I was told to see the head of year immediately. She was terrifying to us boys, in her 30's, tall, thin, long brown hair in a severe style, she would wear heels with metal tips to announce she was coming from a distance. Very sharp manner and uncompromising.
In her office in front of her desk I stood ... Continue»
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An old friend finally turned lover.

We had known each other for many years but when we first met, Missy, was dating one of my best friends. Even from that first time we saw each other, I was instantly attracted to her. I would never act on it, I had known Jack since high school and would never do that to him. Missy and I hung out a lot though, even grabbing breakfast the morning after parties, hell most of the time it was me picking her up to bring her to the party. Her and Jack broke up when she moved back home and eventually we lost touch. This was back before text messaging and cell phones.

One day out of the blue, about ... Continue»
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A Change of Plans

The second round of my interaction with Kathleen was pre-empted by a phone call from one of her friends which caused her to give me a "rain check" until the following day. I tolf her I would be finished with the painting the next day, and not to worry about the interruption. She walked my to the door wrapped in a towels, and promised our next time together would be worth the wait.

I went home, did a few errands and chores, and setttled down for a quiet evening and a good night's sl**p. The phone rang about 9:00 P.M., and Gloria's voice on the other end told me she was a bit lonely and wo... Continue»
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Trucker Sucker: A Story (Sort of)

Back in the early 1980's I started going to adult bookstores a lot. For a very brief time there were also a number of glory holes in such places. They have been gone for years and years, but, before our City Fathers saved us from ourselves, I made the trip to every glory there was! Everyone then knew that their days were numbered, and there was this curious frenzy that swept through those of us that liked this sort of sexual adventure to enjoy that before it was gone!

There was one particular adult bookstore (still here even though the glory hole it once had is long gone) that I tended to... Continue»
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The Other Side: A Story

I love sucking cock. That pretty much sums up my life these days.

I had been married twice in my earlier life, but each time, that "gay side" of me had eventually sabotaged it. My second wife and I remained friendly after our divorce. She was a pretty remarkable lady, and I didn't really want to loose her, but I knew it wasn't really fair of me to ask her to stay, and so we got a divorce.

Once the divorce was final, I decided that I was going to no longer keep suppressing my homosexual urges. I pretty much just came out openly as gay after that, and in doing so, I felt a tremendous sen... Continue»
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Me, My Wife, and My Boss

Another in a long line of stories about me and my wife and our love of threesomes. See the rest in my profile.



I'd been sent off on an annoying last-minute business trip, forcing my wife Carrie and I to have to cancel all our plans for two weeks. Some of these plans were innocent enough, a friend's birthday party, a movie, and some were not, we had plans to have some fun with our neighbor Karen as we usually did.

So natura... Continue»
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2 Sex and my amazing wife

2 Sex and my amazing wife
Come the dawn my wife was having trouble sitting for breakfast, Devon our butler raised his eyebrow but said nothing, serving the meal as usual.
We,that`s sue and I went about our normal routine without comment, but it was obvious we needed to talk. So I dismissed Devon and told him we were not to be disturbed, and the conversation then went something like this;
I said that I was sorry if I had hurt her badly last evening.
She said she was sorry if she had embarrassed me, and that I was not the one who should be sorry!
I asked if she had regrets in the cold... Continue»
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Unintentional Dogging Session

We had spoken about public sex many times. We had done it in various places, from public toilets, beaches, but never with other people actively watching or participating . In chatting about letting other people in, CJ had said the limit she would probably entertain was giving a strange man a hand job while I fucked her. She had conceded in one discussion that she would suck some other mans cock while I fucked her and we could both cum on her. On another occasion she said she would want to be fucked by another man. We were both keen to be watched, while sucking and fucking each other. In ... Continue»
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my same sex experiment with friend

my mate and i had been friends from about 9 we would do everything and go everywhere together.
when 12 talk about girls and what it would be like to fuck one .of course we had seen pictures .

when i was about 14 we was out walking . i decided i needed a piss tucked myself in a bush my mate stood next to me to have one aswell ..i looked down at his cock i seen him looking at mine .then the bl**dy thing started to go hard and throbbing ..omg i would have been crucified if he had told anyone i thought, it was then i noticed his was also hard ..

but then he said how big is yours....don't k... Continue»
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Unsuspecting guy becomes enslaved to a Slut

Something unexpected,

He logged into the website, feeling horny and after viewing a few videos, decided to browse search the members, to see whether there were any hot women living nearby. He had looked months before, sent a few messages, received nothing back. His mind's eye was caught by a photo, he appreciated her beautiful body, it made something stir inside him, his soul shifted more alert as started to focus.

Clicking on her profile, he found her words, the way she wrote actually made him feel aroused, and he found himself subconsciously fondling his stiffening cock. Her profil... Continue»
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Short Story: Paizuri

Paizuri(パイズリ; パイ is from おっぱい oppai, a slang word for breast; while ズリ is from 擦り zuri, "rub")

Essentially, a titty fuck.

When I was hitting puberty as a young girl, I noticed my chest began to feel tingly and sore very often. It bothered me to touch my growing bosom. My chest grew larger and larger as I got older, but the extreme sensitivity never left; my boobs are so soft and sensitive I borderline cum when a guy rubs me enough.

Most girls don't have boobs as sensitive as mine. My little s*s has 30 H Cups and she once told me she probably wouldn't feel getting shot in her bo... Continue»
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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife I

True story...It’s a warm summer morning. I’m performing my usual ritual of driving into the office before 8am. I pull into my company’s parking lot, turn off the engine, and I just sit and think. It’s the same thing I thought about on my drive in, the same thing I thought about before I walked out my apartment door. It’s the same thing I thought about while I was eating my breakfast; while I was putting on my clothes, and while I was taking my shower. It’s the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning, and it was the last thing I thought about before I fell asl**p the ... Continue»
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I Caught Him with My Panties!!

"Put my panties down you sick fuck!"

I walked into my apartment to find the caretaker of my building on his knees with two pairs of my panties, one being stroked against his cock and the other pair held up to his face.

I had complained earlier in the week that the sink in my en-suite had kept blocking and that I needed it fixing, he knew I would not be in that day and took his opportunity. However, I had finished work early so he had not been anticipating my arrival.

I opened my bedroom door to be greeted with this sight, my pussy reacted to the scene in front of me but my mind was te... Continue»
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A night ill never forget part 1

So I was sitting in my car thinking about how im going to pay our rent my girlfriend was between jobs and i wasn't exactly rolling in money. So i walked into work and asked my boss for an advance he turned me down then i asked a girlfriend of ours she said she had a way for me to get the money and extra so i agreed. She told me to dress sexy and meet her at a dance club, so i went home showered and put of my best black and white lace lingerie a black leather mini, and pink and black tube top i put on dark eyeliner and a light touch of eye shadow i wore my best 4 inch stiletto spike heels sinc... Continue»
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Jack called round

Donna was away on a works trip but before she left she said you will get a visitor?? she's left me all on my own but left me all the food in the fridge and freezer so i was OK,,but who was she on about??

i got a phone call on the 1st night saying she was fine she had her friend with her big black dildo,,hahaha..she asked if i was Ok and it was only for a week so be good and don't do anything with out me then started laughing again!!.. going to bed now love sl**p tight.

i went to work as usual came home and started to put my tea on when the door bell rang and it was Jack,,hello mate what ... Continue»
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iCarly: iFeet

One day Carly and Sam were in the iCarly studio doing a rehearsal for an upcoming episode of their popular web-show when their technical producer, Freddie Benson, came bouncing in with a long, big box.

“What’s that for?” asked Carly.

“It’s a new device I found on Sky-Mall which allows the person strapped in to bounce around the room safely and securely. Almost like you’re bungee jumping, but in all different directions,” Freddie answered as he placed the box down onto the floor.

“So you didn’t buy it from Nubs-R-Us?” Sam asked him, getting a dirty look from him in response.

“I’ll a... Continue»
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co worker Part 1

I had been working for the company for about 25 years and managed about fifty people in my team. I had about eight team leaders and we were having a meeting at our local office. At the end of the meeting one of my team Jennifer asked to speak to me in private.

Once inside my office Jennifer who I had recruited about ten years ago was 50 years old, about 5'2 tall average build auburn hair glasses and size 34C tits. She had always been the object of my fantasies for many years but because she was married I thought I had no chance.

Jennifer went on to tell me that she had been having a rela... Continue»
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Sex and my amazing wife 1

Sex and my amazing wife 1
The Lady Susana Louisa Hollowbrook-Shaw my wife and the lady of the manor, Sue for short is a well put together 30 year old brunette she is a, 5 ft 5” tall, 10 stone with a nice shaped body, a 36D chest, long legs a gentle kind outward appearance and to my surprise a desire to be a slut, and a sub pain slut at that.
We had been married for a couple of years when she came to me and explained her darkest desires to me, saying that she was “fed up with the vanilla world we inhabited “ she had researched the subject on her pc and had decided that we needed to talk... Continue»
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