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A Quite Night with the Girls


On a warm summer evening (I a 49 size 12 36c with nice legs long blonde hair) had gone for a meal with the girls to the local city I decided to go on the train so I could drink. The wine flowed when leaving one of the girls who was driving insisted on giving me a lift to the station between her not knowing the one way system and talking I arrived on the station to see the last train pulling away I went outside to find it was about 45min before the next all night bus, I knew hubby had gone out drinking, so I thought I'd start walking to pass the time till the ... Continue»
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The Twin s****rs’ Erotic Escapades

The Twin s****rs’ Erotic Escapades

The day had been terrific. I'd had a good session with my publisher, my book was on track, on schedule, and I felt great as I let myself into the apartment I shared with my twin s*ster Pat. I glanced over, as usual, at Teddy, and he was lying face up on the table by the door. This was our signal that we had someone intimate in the apartment. Very unobtrusive, just give Teddy a pat, and slip him on his back, arms and legs upward, ready for action.

I slipped my shoes off, and wiggled my toes in the deep carpet, as I walked down the hall. Not surpr... Continue»
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a work in progress...

(a collaboration with @lizreed... would love to get this started with her again...)

...<i>In medias res</i>...

....fantastic Kate ... I'm all about your lips at the moment. Incredible!

these lips would love to be all about you liz.... plump, soft, supple, tender..... great for soft kisses.... butterfly kisses.... french kisses... kissing a neck... moving around and nibbling an ear... and kissing the sides and nape of a neck... and maybe for whispering into an ear.... delicate whispers of things to cum...

...i imagine sitting with you late at night in a very dark bar. as we get up... Continue»
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Discovering My Love of Cock Part 2

Part 2

For the next week we fell into a sort of rhythm. Up early, feed the chickens, slop hogs and other farm chores then go back to the house for breakfast with grans. After breakfast she left for work and we went back to work. About three days after our encounter, after she left he said “come on Billy, let’s go down sand take a shower”. My stomach immediately started doing flip-flops and I knew something was going to happen.

We headed downstairs and began to strip, I kept stealing glances at him and when his cock pulled free of his pants I could see he was already half-hard. I was thr... Continue»
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How We Got Started - Part 4

Lisa and I were able to get together with Simon fairly often. We enjoyed the new sexual experience and found that Simon was willing to come over almost every time we invited him. And beyond Lisa watching Simon and I exchange blow jobs, we got to know each other outside the bedroom and started doing things together like going to movies and eating out. After about two months we three had become comfortable around each other. Our society is so programmed for couple relationships that I would never have expected our threesome to actually become an enduring friendship, but it had.

One afternoon ... Continue»
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Fantasy gay fuck

I guess seeing that Matt is on of my friends made easy. I worked and spent most days with him so that October night was bound to happen.

We went out on the town and crazed a couple bars and had a few drinks, Matt had said he was horny and needed sex, but it was a night of masterbating for us...or was it

I passed out in his spare room but awoke to soft moans and a squeezing bed, I listened for a while then my curiosity got the best of me and walked down the hallway and thew a cracked in the door and a well placed mirror I watched Matt ride a dildo and stroke his long cock...

He... Continue»
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a good hostess

my bf and i were relaxing at home watching a movie, cuddling in the couch, i was wearing what i usually wear at home, just a short, cute robe, no bra, no undies, very comfortable. around 9pm the doorbell rang, my bf went to open the door to find an old friend of his who lives out of town, coming to pay him a surprise visit. ah! the famous gabe, i'd heard about him. my bf was happy to see him, asked him in and called me over. hmm, should i put some clothes on? i thought, i didn't want to seem rude and go lock myself in the bedroom to change, so i went into the living room in my skimpy robe and ... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 9

Chapter 9

"But, Mom..." Terry said haltingly as his lovely mother led him by the
shaft of his sperm-covered cock out into the slanting rays of the
morning sun. "We can't do this outside ... can we?"

"Certainly we can, Terry! We can do anything anywhere! You don't mind
fucking little Wendy on the beach, do you? I don't see why we can't fool
around on our own private sun deck!" Sheila said in mock amazement,
rubbing her thumb over the extremely sensitive head of her son's swollen
dick, making him jump with pleasure-pain.

"H ... how did you know? About me fucking Wendy on the bea... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Terry turned, facing her, looking down at his mother's lovely face, the
face of a wildly exciting woman. He still couldn't believe that she was
actually kneeling between his legs, still couldn't believe that she was
talking to him so obscenely, so teasingly, still couldn't believe that
she would really do any of the things she was suggesting.

When he felt the touch of her soft hand on his upper leg, he realized
that he wasn't dreaming any more.

Sheila felt her young son's legs become stiff when she laid her hand on
his muscular upper leg only an inch or two from the ... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Terry was surprised in the morning to find his sheets covered with dried
sperm. He vaguely remembered having had the wildest dream that night,
but it took some remembering to coax his dream to the surface of his
consciousness. It was almost as if he had tried subconsciously to forget
the dream that had made his cock squirt sperm all over his bed.

When he finally f***ed himself to remember some of the details of the
dream, he realized why he had tried to forget it. He had had lots of wet
dreams, but this one took the cake.

He remembered seeing his mother standing over... Continue»
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Sucker for Mom Chapter 6

Chapter 6

By the time she reached the safety of the quiet beach house Sheila had
managed to regain some semblance of self-control after her terrible
ordeal. Her experience had been not only a physical ordeal but an
emotional one as well. Not only had she suffered physical torment at the
hands of the brutal r****ts, but her image of herself had suffered too.

In the years since her divorce, Sheila had considered herself too good
for the many men who had lusted after her, had considered herself apart
from them. All men were bastards, and she had had no intention of
submitting herse... Continue»
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College Panties II

So, after that first move in day "B" took most of her clothes with her. However, she left one or two of her dresses in the closet. As much as I like dresses, it's just not as fun for me if I'm not wearing a cute bra and panties underneath.

There was another roommate, as I mentioned. We'll call her "S". She was really short, but had really long hair. She wasn't anything special in terms of face. She was pretty flat, flatter than "B" and didn't have much of a rear to speak of. Claimed to be a model. I don't know if this was a euphemism for something, or if she was one of those models whose h... Continue»
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Last night i truly wore out that i'm bi curi

After being bi-curious interested by watching so many porn movies past 13-14 years. Last year experienced first experience and this year another both a spa excess in TO.....and this week as I approached a milestone birthday thought would have another experience with me. So early in the week I wanted to experience a black man. So I got a massage by a black man where I was allowed to suck his cock, and finally got to suck my first black cock.

So yesterday was the milestone birthday. I felt since I didn't have a date or anything planned. Was time to go to spa excess again, and this time hopefu... Continue»
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The Night, Daddy's Boss took a Shine to Me

We communicate with our words, the more word power enables one to enrich or embellish ones experience, and thus draw another into, 'The Fly on the Wall' syndrome.

Likewise, the 'Visual Imagery', a sort of Dickensian verbosity, where expressive and evocative language is used like a hidden cam, which can and does induce those amongst us, to enjoy the authors actions or what is physically happening to her, without being discovered.

I am now 24 and making my way in life. My home was a happy home as was my upbringing, and education. My parents did everything in their power to provide their d... Continue»
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Master and Commander

Master and Commander

It was now several weeks after me and Gemma had fucked, she was still living with me and we were still fucking on what was an almost daily basis.

As I opened the door I could hear what sounded like muffled moans coming from the bedroom, she does like to play with herself I thought as I put my bag down on the table. I could see the bedroom door wasn’t fully closed so I walked over expecting to see Gemma fucking herself with her dildo, to my amazement I saw Gemma laying on the bed with her head pointing towards the door with another girl getting her clit licked and pus... Continue»
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the Dildo

Marie cursed for the umpteenth time that day quietly to herself as she dragged the mop bucket in the bedroom of her mother.

"On a Saturday morning to clean the apartment instead of times really good sl**p is anyway already a silly idea, but with such a big head like me it just makes it even more not fun"

She cursed again that they still had two more cocktails last night of the cute guy in the bar can invite, even though they had actually already at 11 clock go want to be fit for their mother's birthday today. And then this guy still believed he had with the two spendierten d... Continue»
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Weekend at Patsy's

Well here I was on my way to Patsy Adams’ house to pick up the girl herself. Our paths had crossed a couple of times when we were growing up but now we were actually going to spend some time together.

One particular day when we were 11, Me, Pete and Melvin were off to our favourite spot where we would dam up a river; swim, light a fire and cook potatoes for lunch. One day Patsy Adams and her s****r Abi walked with us for a while and decided that they wanted to come with us. None of us even considered that they might come swimming. It was pretty good though; we all stripped down to our p... Continue»
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part time work for summer

“There aren’t any other ways to get the credits?” Karen asked her advisor.

“No, I’m sorry Karen. You’ll have to replace the class with a volunteer position over the summer,” her advisor responded. Halfway through her college career, Karen was close to having all her graduation requisites met. Unfortunately, attendance for her summer class – an easy, online, civics lecture – was too low and got cancelled. And based on what her advisor was telling her, the only way to satisfy her civics prerequisite was to volunteer in some way to “help the community.”

“Alright, what options are there?” Ka... Continue»
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The Bus ride

It was a miserable wet day and seeing as I didn't have anything to do I decided I'd have a bus ride to a nearby town 25 miles away. I got on the bus and sat upstairs at the back, it was nice and warm and I could see alsorts that I couldn't see driving in the car. There were a young couple sat a few seats away but they were arguing.

Their row was getting louder and nastier I was beginning to feel embarrassed myself. After a while the girl slapped him across the face and stormed off the bus, he sat there looking sheepish and lonely, as he looked behind he saw me. "Sorry about that" he said "I... Continue»
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My Absent Filipina's New Lover First Time

I dreamily stirred this morning and became aware of the rain outside, and of my hard cock beneath me. I slowly moved my hips and rubbed my prick against the sheets. Ummm, I imagined you too and remembered that you like to fuck in the morning. Too bad I thought cuz you are not here now. You've been gone for over three months now. Then I let my imagination wonder and wander. And I remembered what you told me what you did when you got really horny one night over there in Manila, where you have gone back to study for your masters degree even though you are 30 already.
One of your... Continue»
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