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German Exchange Student surprise for Wife

y husband and I decided to take in one of the exchange students from the church program. The man who was assigned to us was called Franz and he was from Germany. Our k**s had both gone off to school and we had spare rooms so we thought it would be a good idea. Franz was 20 years old and for the first week we hardly ever saw him, they were all so busy at the church. Up early in the morning and getting back late at night. So one morning about 7am, my husband had already left for work and I thought Franz had left to so I went down stairs in my PJs to make a cup of coffee. As I turned into the ki... Continue»
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My early birthday gift

My early birthday present,
My life had been like a fairy tale of the adult sort lately anyone who had read previous stories would under stand that. Just to be clear though with everything that has recently happened I just want to make clear that my wife Lisa truly is all any man could or would ever need she is very sexy and has a naughty side. When we go on vacations especially she has her wicked weasel sheer when wet bikini, which our daughter Amy found and started down a path of her own. Lisa is also a huge flirt, and dresses sexy, and likes to flash after a couple of glasses of wine. When ... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Rome

Ian smiled at the waitress gratefully as he took a drink from the tray she was holding as she passed. For just a moment, he was left alone in the huge function room at the hotel where he was staying in Rome. It was the third and final day of a series of meetings he had been attending in an attempt to engineer the takeover of an Italian company by his own employers. The meetings had been successful, so this function was turning into a bit of a celebration.

But Ian wasn't enjoying it a bit. All he really wanted was to be a lone with Susie.

Alone with his gorgeous young daughter.

His lov... Continue»
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Angel gets Help

Angel Prez is my wife's newest cunt lapping bitch. Angel is 32yrs a body that would give a 80yrs man a hard-on. she was in a dress shop buying a new dress for a party for her husband' new job. Kat my wife seen her go in and up to her old tricks acted like a sales cleck and soon had Angel naked in the try-on room, Angel never had a chance and soon was eating her first pussy. Kat keep her well fucked over the next two months they were together three days a week. Kat and her 11" strap-on pounded Angel to orgasm after orgasm. they would go out to eat then our house to fuck or the lake house... Continue»
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Watching Girlfriend

Even at Twenty Five, I can still turn the heads of teenage girls. Not only
am I what most girls would consider gorgeous, I am also an intelligent and
cunning guy. I admit that I use this to my advantage, telling those sweet
dumb things what they want to hear, and one way or another getting into
their pants, then stuffing my cock in their tight little pussies. There's
nothing like the whimper of a eighteen year old girl as you slide your cock
in an out of her pussy.

I spotted her at the local supermarket. Stereotypical I know, but for some
reason those places are a magnet f... Continue»
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Fighting with Mom - Really Fighting!!

OK, this happened last weekend and it was the last thing I expected to be doing.

Mom’s been staying with us for a few days while her house is being fumigated. Last weekend, Janice and Ginger were out of town on a girls weekend, so it was just me and mom. Now mom and I have been having sex regularly lately, but it’s been nice, touchy feely sex. On Saturday morning, I planned on getting out of the house early to check on the mom’s place, hoping they would be finished soon. Having sex with mom is nice, but having her under foot daily was starting to get on my nerves big time. I was just g... Continue»
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4 cocks 1 mouth/ true story

Right now at this point and time out of all the men I have shared my horny, cock loving wife with there are 3 that she likes to be used by more than any of the others. We will call them Nick, Nate and Norm for privacy reasons because two of them are married. I allow these three to come over pretty much anytime they want for a quickie or a full-on fuck session. So, I arranged for the four of us to get together and surprise her with her first gang bang. They all three showed up at our house, on time this Friday evening while she is dropping off the k**s at their fathers house, so all us guys ... Continue»
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One warm Sunday afternoon

This story happened in 1991. A neighbour's son was working on his car in the garage next door, it was a lovely warm summer Sunday afternoon, Donna and I were sat in the garden, when we started to speak to Barry. He said his wife had gone out with her mother and left him 'home alone' so he was doing a job on the car.

Barry was 27, nothing to look at but a nice guy, he was always complaining that his wife and he doesn't have sex that often, Donna seized on the situation and asked him "When will she be back" and he replied "At least a couple of hours". I said "No not Barry" and she winked at m... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Paris

Ian glanced across at Susie. He looked at her in profile, her beautiful young face partially hidden by her mass of shoulder length, auburn coloured hair. Aware of his look, Susie turned her head slowly towards him. Her small, white, even teeth glistened as she flashed him a delicious smile, a smile that made his heart thump and his cock jerk.

For a moment, he was distracted by the French countryside flashing by behind her head as the Eurostar train they were on rushed towards Paris. Looking at her again he smiled back, his eyes dropping briefly from her face to her breasts. In the few seco... Continue»
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My s****r's Baby

It was a hot summer day. One of those days that you
feel like running around town without clothing on, and I had just
came home from my summer job. As I entered the house, I called
to see if anyone was home (hoping I had the house to myself.
There was no answer, so assuming nobody was home, I decided to
strip at the door, in the living room. (As you can guess, I LIKE
being naked . . . runs in the f****y.) I settled down to watch
TV, once I was comfortable. Finding nothing on, I looked for a
videotape. I guess that was the start of everything.
You see, sea... Continue»
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Our Anniversary

It was our anniversary and he was taking me out to dinner. I dressed
with special care knowing how he liked sexy surprises from me. The
atmosphere was quiet and romantic and he ordered a bottle of wine for
us as we ordred dinner. We were sitting close together and I slipped
my hand under the table and begin tracing lazy circles up his thigh
until I could caress his hardening cock through his pants. He smilled
that wicked smile I loved and slid his hand beneath the table and said
"Two can play that game", which is exactly what I was hoping. His
smile became even wider as he reached th... Continue»
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Parking with Jenny

"Don't do that."

Jason's hand paused on his passenger's thigh, just below the hem of
her white skirt.

"Why not?" he asked, his North Atlantic drawl acquiring a slightly
strangled hint of frustration.

"Because it's rude," Jenny told him, frimly removing his hand.

"Oh, God," Jason groaned, sitting back and rubbing his forehead.

"What's the matter?" his date asked. He stared at her in amazement.,
trying to see if she was joking, but Jenny's pretty face was a picture
of blank incomprehension.. Her blue eyes were open wide, and her
trembling red lips parted slightly to reveal... Continue»
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Sex with tamanna when her husbant went to work

Hi friends I am manu unni and this is my first story
and this time I am going to tell you a fantasy story
about xhamster user TAMANNA22.In this fantasy story tamanna jahan is the wife of my friend. She is very beautiful and wears a hijab always.she is a real good wife who never cheat her husband.she was a real rolemodel wife that everyone are dreaming of because she dont have any malpractices or any other affairs.she only loves and cares her husband only and always try to hide from other men.but whenever I see her I get an
It was around a year after tamanna's marriage
that I too... Continue»
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Donna's works Christmas Party 1988

December 21st 1988, my wife Donna was going on her works Christmas party at a local restaurant,as she doesn't drive we'd arranged for me to pick her up at 1:00am. As I was bored and tired and it was a beautiful crisp evening I decided to go early and wait for her in the car park. I arrived at 12:30 and there were a lot of activity, cars and taxi's etc.

As I sat there around 100 yards from the entrance having a cigarette, I could easily see others coming out, laughing and carrying on in a d***ken fashion, some I recognised some I didn't. Five minutes later Donna came out with a younger girl,... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Spain

Ian was really looking forward to this weekend away with Susie, his daughter. As they sat side by side on the plane heading for Spain, he closed his eyes and thought back to how it had all come about.

Susie was just nineteen, and liked to think that she was independent. She was just coming to the end of her first year at University. For the last couple of years, Susie had chosen not to go away on the annual f****y holiday with her younger b*****r and her parents. The previous summer, the rest of the f****y had gone to Spain, and had spent the day in Barcelona, a city Susie had always wanted... Continue»
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The start

Sally was school teacher who had led a fairly uneventful life sexually. She was happily married but sexually she was not fulfilled and needed to experiment and know more about her own sexuality.

She had many fantasies and knew that she needed to fulfil them one by one, this was of course without her husband knowing.

She was now 49 years old, she was well built in that she was a size 16/18, 5’8” tall but she knew she was attractive and was constantly having men coming on to her. Her own husband had told her that she had come to bed eyes.

She had been working part time in the pub for a ... Continue»
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Meeting an old friend

I was away recently for a couple of days on business and managed to meet up with an old friend. My old friend is another guy called John who I met many years ago when we doing similar work. He is now in his 70s but is still an attractive and interesting guy to be with. He lives a long way from me and I only see him once every two to three years or so when I have business in his neck of the woods. Many years back when we doing a project abroad, we shared a room and after a few drinks one night, he told me that he had always wanted someone to perform oral sex on him - so I did. It was not a grea... Continue»
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that lovely thing...

My cock was already hard and Connie giggled as she reached out and took hold of it.

"Are you going to put your mouth on me again?" She ask stroking my cock.

"Yes." I replied,"I like the taste of your pussy. But I think you need to do that for me too."

Connie looked shocked and said,"You want me to....put my mouth on your cock?"

"Sure." I grinned,"try it. You'll like it."

She looked at my cock dubiously and said,"I don't know....."

"I tell you what," I said thinking fast,"Why don't you come and lay on the bed and I'll lick your
pussy again, then we'll talk about yo... Continue»
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My perfect woman

Chapter 1 – Vicki
I’m writing this story in hopes that I could find again a woman like the one in this story. This is a true story, I’ve changed the names for obvious reasons and some of the experiences have been slightly enhanced, but the story is about 95% true. I met Vicki through an online dating service. Vicki had just turned 40, she was 5’-0” tall, slender, very blond and very fair skin. She had just moved from Hawaii to Nevada to be near to her son Sam.
Our first date was so instant that we made love with-in hours. My first memory of making love to Vicki was going down on sweet puss... Continue»
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The first time I sucked Black Cock

I remember this as if it were yesterday. It was a Saturday night in the fall of 1999. My husband D and I were out hitting a few of the regular bars, and before heading home we stopped at one last bar. It was a sports bar in Escondido, a few miles from where we lived in San Diego at the time. The place was about half full when we walked into the bar area around midnight.
By now, after watching interracial videos and from listening to my GF Sandy tell us stories about her experiences, I was beyond curious about Black Men. Dee was always encouraging me to do whatever makes me happy... Continue»
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