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"DADDY" I whisper

Stephanie Seduces her Handsome Father


"Daddy," I whispered as I glided across the moonlit room, stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king size bed.

"Daddy, are you awake?" I asked again as I leant over my fathers body, purring into his ear, my tongue twitching just an inch away, already eager to lick inside him.

No don't, I thought to myself, pulling back even as I felt my nipples stiffen and arch toward him. Lifting the soft sheet away from his golden skin I couldn't help but gasp as his blond pubic h... Continue»
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Sitting on my sons lap!

It was August. We spent the morning packing the car. Our son, Mike was leaving for college. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. Mike and husband, and I were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldn't fit much more. Mike went back in the house to get the last of his things.

I heard him come out of the house. I turned around and saw him carrying his 42 inch flat screen TV.

"Where are you going to put the TV?" I heard his father ask.

"I don't know, but I don't want to leave it. Maybe we can move some stuff around in ... Continue»
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passende Traumfrauen warten auf Dich!

Ich bin die Heidi, eigentlich Heidemarie, aber so hat mich schon lange keiner mehr gerufen. Ich war damals 52 Jahre alt, als mir das Nachfolgende passiert ist. Ich bin immer noch 176 Zentimeter groß und wog damals etwa 70 Kilo. Ich habe mit den Maßen 80D einen mittelgroßen Busen, den ich gerne in einen Balconett-BH und tief ausgeschnittene Blusen der Männerwelt präsentiere. Meine schwarzen Haare trage ich meistens Nackenlang und mit einem Gummi zu einem Pferdeschwanz zusammengebunden. Meine Schambehaarung ist nur spärlich, welche ich mir auch schon in jungen Jahren ganz abrasiert habe. Ic... Continue»
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Young girlfriend fucks old geezer part 3

There were a few days between my talk with Bill and our scheduled show night. There was a lot of excitement between Katie and I, it seemed like we talked about it constantly. We went over the all the details, everything from what she should wear to make up, to different “what if” scenarios. She decided she wanted to shave her pussy completely, she thought it would be sexier for Bill that way. She also bought a special pair of panties that she would give to him as a souvenir. There was no doubt about it, Katie was excited and couldn’t wait!
About a day before the big night, Katie... Continue»
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Ass Whore Part1 - the mother who worships her son&

"Bzzzzzzz", my cellphone vibrated. I rolled over and grabbed it to look at the new text message.
I knew who it'd be from. I was expecting it almost an hour ago.
"How was it? - Mom" 
Her face on the top right corner beamed back at me with a broad smile.
I smiled and typed with one hand, while propped up on elbow of the other.
"Ok. I guess." I sent it.
"Ok? What do you mean okay? - Mom"
"I am tired" I typed back trying to end the conversation.
"Tell me, you asshole. - Mom"
"You can ask her.  I am too tired."
"Put the bitch on phone - Mom"
"I am serious. Put that fuckin... Continue»
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The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 3

Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 3 - Hermione's Cherry Chapter 1: Making Up, Making Out

The holidays were coming and Hermione was miserable.

Everything had started so well. The group sex at the Burrow has been the most wonderful experience of her life. The only thing that had remained was to give up her virginity to Ron or Harry and then the whole school year would belong to the four of them.

That was where the trouble started. Both were so eager to be her first that neither would let the other have a shot at her. Every time she brought the subjec... Continue»
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Teen BOY learns in the WOODS

When you are very young, in high school and love sucking cock, it's really HARD to find guys that like their big cocks sucked and if you ask people you don't know, you just might get your ass beat! Believe me, it's tough to find them and I tried for months to find a few boys that were like me!

I enjoyed looking at naked men and women in magazines for a long time and I knew I was bi since I can remember! I had to just satisfy myself by jerking off after my parents went to sl**p or when I got home from school. I had even eatin my own cum a few times to see what it would taste like and I ha
... Continue»
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Chapter 1

Just a day

Monday, August 24, 2015

11:36 AM

It seemed to happen so fast. One minute I was walking down petrillo avenue, next I was naked walking the opposite way down the same street. Even though I was naked I was smiling. I have no idea how much time has passed. Let me start over. Every night I walk down petrillo avenue, its closest between my house and work. A hotel receptionist. It wasn’t the greatest job but it paid and I got to meet interesting people. There was one couple who after they paid for their room they asked me if I wanted a threesome. I accepted but that’s not why you’... Continue»
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Lusty Lauren --- Spokane "GF for hire" P

Getting my attention was Lauren's post of her "specialty"….Lauren was a "squirter"! Very busty (44DDD), 5 feet 8 inches and a solid 200 lbs….she was a PAWG. Her facial features were amazing, she had dark brown eyes that were shiny and bright, she wore her make-up as though she was a consultant at the maw-up counter at Nordstrom's. Her skin was pale white and her smile was wide and showed her vibrant and carefree attitude.

We met at the Red Fin sushi restaurant in downtown Seattle right next door to the boutique hotel where we'd spend the entire night together. She cuddled up next to me in t... Continue»
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White wife bred by older bbc2

Wife has slept with a different man about every six months for years now, really likes the excitement of it. She'll spend either a day or usually a weekend with him. We attend many nude functions to facilitate this, she likes seeing new men. Wife always has her choice in men, she's gorgeous, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, blonde, blue eyed, full bush, large pussy lips. This pierced penis (picture not available here) reminds her of an experience back when she was 48.

We attended this function, saw some usual people, then I noticed this very tall 6'6" lanky built older black man, probably a... Continue»
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Cuckold - Fuck My Girlfriend

Fuck My Girlfriend

I’ve always had a fascination with cuckolding. There seems to me to be nothing that contorts the moral fabric of our society in quite the same way. Nothing more base, simplistic and so perfectly twisted than taking all the fundamentals of a relationship, the jealousy, the protectiveness and the ownership and turning it all on it’s head.

Candy and Jake were a young professional couple with open minds and some interesting kinks. They weren’t hardcore BDSM players but they found classic swinging pretty dull to. We’d talked about cuckolding for a while and I’m sure they... Continue»
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The new "Girl" On the Boat, Part 2

A recap: My career was spent as the Captain of a 100' high-end charter boat in Alaska. I had a crew member leave the boat on an emergency, and my office sent up a new crew member for me. Normally I interview a potential employee before hiring them, but in this case I needed another crew member fast, so he was hired sight unseen by me. His name was Louie, and he was a short, slight of build young man in his 20's. It turned out that he was also a cross dresser, and when a 'woman' her name was Louise.

The first night we had sex was while we were at anchor waiting for a storm to end. Loui... Continue»
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Breeding 101 (more of experience)

Wife and I have bantered back and forth with good friends of ours, Ozzy & Pat who are black, or as Ozzy says his ancestors are from "darkest Africa", because he's very dark about Ozzy impregnating my wife for an interracial baby and I impregnating Pat for their interracial baby. This remained friendly banter for probably 5 years, until the two wives hatched a plan. Both wives turned 34 and decided their eggs will soon become old.

My wife is a magnet for black men, she's always being hit on by them, she's 38DD-32-39, curvy, all natural, long flowing blonde hair with stunning blue eyes. Whe... Continue»
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Slut Stripper Fun part two

Slut Stripper fun: Par Two

Adam managed to fuck me to two glorious orgasms before unloading inside me as we waited for my taxi to arrive. I somehow dressed and cleaned up just in time as the taxi pulled up outside his apartment. He e****ted me to the door and said.
“I’m so looking forward to Saturday night when I will see you perform your sexy striptease for me and my buddies”
“Me too!” I proclaimed kissing his full lips softly “You know the rules; no one at work must know of this and make sure your friends keep their mouths closed!” I demanded as I slithered my tongue along his teeth.
... Continue»
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Flirtatious Slut

Flirtatious Slut

We have been together just over five years which is broken down as two years boyfriend girlfriend and three years husband and wife. My wife Colleen has always been the friendly flirtatious type and she has the face and figure to drive men wild, which I always assumed was her objective when she was teasing and flirting with guys. She has always dressed immaculately but somewhat conservative except when we would be going in to town dancing or heading to a party somewhere. Then she would pull out all the stops wearing something very tight or very revealing, and always with ext... Continue»
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Tarzan & Jane Kissogram

I got a phone call from my agency asking me if i wanted a kissogram job this coming Friday night, it was to be a double job with a guy and we were supposed to be Tarzan & Jane. I rang my boyfriend who told be to go for it so I rang them back to say I would do it.
I was working till 9 on Friday and we were booked at a local working men's club for 9.30 so they arranged for the guy that was to be Tarzan to pick me up from work and bring my costume.
Friday came and I left work and was collected by a really hunky guy in a nice car, , he told me he was Mark and that he was a model, he explained t... Continue»
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Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story-2

The next day we went shopping down to Swansea all day in Aunt Megs car. On the way home she suggested we stop for a drink. We walked in the pub and from the greeting it was obvious she knew the Landlady well. We got the drinks and sat on bar stools at the bar while Meg chatted intimately to the Landlady, obviously a close friend. While we sat there the pub's big Alsatian dog came around the bar to us, jumping up and making a huge fuss of both of us, but mainly Aunt Meg, who he obviously knew well. From the Landlady's conversation I learned that evidently he boarded with Meg whenever the couple... Continue»
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First time with a married woman(TRUE STORY) Part 2

I'm going to tell you a couple TRUE of stories that happened 15 years ago when I was in my early twenties. Few information: English is not my mother tongue, and this is my first time to write ANY STORY.

Link to Part 1:


I could not believe what a great day that was. I was laying in my bad, still trying to understand what happened. I was so excited because of what happened, and because of what will follow tomorrow.

The whole next day in the conference room I was trying to a... Continue»
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Holiday fun

We both love our holidays in warmer climates, and we had been to the Caribbean several times. Barbados was where we got married, many years ago, and this was our 6th time back there. We had looked forward to this holiday for months, away from work and everyday life.
The flight over was smooth and good, although I didn't get much sl**p, the wife had a few hours, and landing made us both excited to be back in the sunny Caribbean once more.

After a couple of days relaxing in the sun and drinking banks beer and a few super strong rum and cokes, we had talked about the possibility of moving to ... Continue»
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Donna Hooks Up

This is a spin off from “Curious Daughter”. Here is a link to the original story:

Donna woke up before her alarm range and at first she wondered why but then she heard the steady thumping of two people fucking. She smiled as she thought of Gary fucking their daughter.

She listened as she heard the muffled moans of someone having an orgasm and concluded that it was Amber as the tempo of the fuck was steady. Donna's fingers found her wet pussy and she gent... Continue»
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