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Meeting my wife for the first time

When Matthew began dating Laura, he knew she was the kind of woman that would not be satisfied with just one cock in her life. They had met in the Navy through his buddy, Steve, whom she was dating. A couple of weeks later, she and Steve took a weekend trip up the coast to San Francisco to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While the two of them were up in San Francisco, Matthew fantasized what he’d be doing if he was there with Laura.
Several weeks later, Matthew was at a monthly party that one of his buddies held at his house off base. It was a swingers’ party, but select singles were invited... Continue»
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'Little s*s' chapter nine

After school I hung out at Jason’s. I knew I would never confess my new hobby in the dark room. That much sexual activity in one day left me so damn bubbly I was damn near obnoxious. Jason thought it was from fucking first period and getting high at lunch. I just couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face. Scott was perched in front of the TV sipping whiskey. I told him to pour me a glass and Jason told us we were both lushes.

Scott just grinned at me and said ‘I’ll pour you a glass if I can see your bra and panties.’ Jason sat down beside him with a grin. He busted out with ‘Scott do you know wha... Continue»
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In the weeks since he had moved back into his action packed stay at his parents, Kevin had regressed into an almost teenage state. He would spend most of his time in his room, in the last few weeks he had been sl**ping with his mother and had taken advantage of his father. This made for slightly awkward moments at the dinner table, although his mother rubbing her foot up his leg with the occasionally foray in to his groin area, helped him get through it. He and his father didn't really speak, certainly they had not spoken about the recent event in which Kevin took advantage of his tied up fa... Continue»
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CATHLEEN (diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s).

CATHLEEN. Diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s. Part 1.
This diary was found in an old hotel room in a city we will not mention. The writing is Cathleen’s but the dialogue is sometimes made up, although it would have been close to the original. Cathleen worked the joints in downtown Boston during the 1930s, the end of Prohibition, the great Depression and especially the golden years of the Mob. Any resemblance to people dead or alive is purely coincidental.
« Where are you going ? It’s late,” my mother asked, as she... Continue»
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Scholar and Shield Maiden_Ch 1: Battle Whore

Head bent, squat-shuffling down the narrow tunnel, I kicked something. The sound of it crashing against the wall echoed in the stygian darkness.

“Shhhh!” Though soft, the sibilance made me start and I banged my head against the rough stone above.

I stopped dead, grabbed her metal corset, and hissed in her ear, “There are snakes down here. I fucking hate snakes!”

I could only imagine her sardonic smile when she whispered back, “I’m a lot more dangerous than any serpent or god-snake you ever read about in your moldering books.”

It was time to check our progress anyway. No other cho... Continue»
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Train ride home

I have a short story that had happened not a long time ago, maybe a month or so.
Anyways I will start first by the fact that I am a male and I have a exhibitionism fetish, so you will catch the point early on.
So… I have a friend on a neighboring town not more than 100 Km away. I know the guy since we were kinds and whenever I want to relax I go at him or my place since I have a home there as well… however, the story is not related by him. The story starts when I returned.
I spent a total of 4 days with the guy and I was a lot of fun. We were mostly chilling during daytime and hitting bars... Continue»
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wife and friend

I will try & make this as short as possible. I had a close friend over to watch the AFC playoff game last weekend. Just him my wife & myself. We all had been drinking and having a great time. My wife would get us beers & as she would hand them to us I would grab her tits or ass and joke around. So after the game we decided to play strip pinball. Who ever scored the lowest on each ball removed something. Ok moving along.

After a few games my wife was in her nice bra & matching panties & we guys were down to our briefs (both sporting hard ons). My wife was feeling good & Bobby came in last ... Continue»
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My wife & I have been married for about 10 years now and have a pretty healthy sex life. She is a looker, nice tits, good ass & awesome legs. When ever my friends are over she loves to flirt. One night we had some couples over & we ended up skinny dipping. The girls all kept there panties on but there was plenty of touchy feeling going on. That night in bed while we were having sex I mentioned how turned on I was when Daryl played with her tits. She just giggled & said it felt good. Couple month ahead Daryl.,John & myself went out to a bar near our house. We had a few too many & flagged a cab ... Continue»
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I have been cross dressing and playing with men for many years now. One of My first experiences being gangbanged by an unknown amount of guys was at a book store. I was about 18 at the time and it kind of traumatized me as it was pretty much a gang fucked. I was dressed up in a white sundress with lace top stockings and white strap on high heeled sandals all borrowed from my older s****r. I had my make up done up just right and looked great. I have long blonde hair and was dressed to kinda sexy and all keyed up being out dressed in public so I decided to go find a guy for some Sexual explorati... Continue»
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Daryl Wants Me Girly

Daryl is a black guy. He's everything for me. I simply adore him and we gel so well; the things we like and want to do are sublime.

Just being with him sets me apart from the guy in the street or the guy in the office, or the guy who uses to go out with girls and to what end? I guess I was just following the trend but girls soon suss you out and no way could I love nor have sex with a girl.

Sooner or later it just had to come out I was gay and when I met Daryl on that sweet Sunday when he had me over the bath full strength I realised then just what I was missing and where I should be g... Continue»
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Afternoon at the Movies II PART

I just muttered, or maybe it was a whimper. Either way, it was definitely an affirmative response. I was lost in too much sensory overload to be able to respond coherently.

His mouth on my neck and ear, kissing and talking dirty to me.

His cock in my hand, large and hot.

My mouth salivating at the thought of him invading me.

The public scene we were in. Anyone could walk in and catch us. The projectionist could be peering down and watching us.

He brought my face back to meet his and looked me in the eye. He pulled me in again and began kissing me. It was brief and then he pul... Continue»
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Afternoon at the Movies - by CSK©

Hello everyone. Here is a small tale about a young man who encounters a fun surprise in a movie theater (not an adult theater, mind you). The story includes aspects of seduction, humiliation and an older-younger encounter. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback. Hopefully you will want to see more. I like this idea because this situation could easily be one where the main character could be either male or female and the story would still work.


I sat frozen, looking at my computer. The blinking cursor on my screen provided the only movement in my cubicle. I knew I w... Continue»
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Between my sons

I was relieved to have my sons home. Tim was 18 and just returning from his first semester in college and James was 20, home for the week from his job in the city. My husband was away on business in Thailand, no doubt enjoying the company benefits with some young hooker, and I was planning on spending the week alone. But then James called and here they were at the kitchen table.

I loved my sons. We had always been close, ever since they were boys rolling naked in the mud we never kept anything from each other. But I couldn't talk to them about this. Something that had been racking my mind f... Continue»
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My first time watching wife do a black gangbang

One of the first times my wife Kristi showed me how much of an insatiable sex machine she is was also the first time I realized how much she likes black guys. I knew her Ex was black but she never openly talked about how big his cock was or what he used to do to her with his friends.
We had gone to Chicago to see a concert for the weekend and got a nice hotel near downtown. Kristi looks stunning in a tight dress that really showed off her tits and body well. The show was great and after we had hit the bar across the street from the hotel for a few drinks. A few turned into a lot and Kristi go... Continue»
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Loving Grandpa pt 2

Grandpa and I got closer as the days passed. As it turns out he had many things to teach me. After the horsey ride and knowing how good it felt I was anxious to learn more.

After taking Grandpa in my hand I now knew what was inside his trousers and I couldn't help myself but keep looking at that bulge. One night while we were watch television and I was cuddled in his arms he asked "Do you remember how good you mad me feel the other day?" I answered "yes, do you want me to do that again? he laughed and rubbed his bulge and said "Not today this about your feeling good."

We continued ... Continue»
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High school days 4

I was barely awake but had not opened my eyes yet. I just let my mind go over the events of the last few days. This was Sunday morning and all of this started Friday afternoon when I came home earlier than expected and caught mom fucking her ex, my dad. Dad never saw me but mom sure did. Then that night mom had me tell her about a sexy adventure with me and my friends as payback for watching her get fucked and not leaving when she signaled me to leave. I purposely told her a very nasty one in hopes that she would reply in like kind when it was her turn. The next day, Saturday, we both ran road... Continue»
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High school days 3

Karen looked at Mom's extended hand then looked at me for silent guidance. I gave Karen a small smile and a nod of my head. Karen looked at Mom then slowly started to walk toward her. Mom seeing Karen had accepted her offer smiled more broadly now and sashayed toward Karen feeling a sense of control over the young girl. When they met Mom wrapped her arms around Karen and gave her a big hug.

Karen was wearing a tight white t-shirt, a short black stretch skirt and a pair of black high heels. Her well defined tan legs looked great. Mom still had on her short blue silk robe and nothing else. Sh... Continue»
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First time

Continuing with my life stories, this recounts my very first man.

I was still a teenager and still at school. Those were mere technicalities and certainly had no bearing on my libido and overwhelming desire to experience a man for the first time.

I had heard through various sources and local papers that there was an increasing issue with gay men cruising in a certain park in my town. I had to find out more. One day I told my parents that I was staying late at school to catch up on some homework. This gave me the opportunity to check this park out, plan my strategy and eye the talent t... Continue»
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Mary and Kim share a bed

I shouldn't be awake, but I am. I turn my head and look at the clock. 3:55 AM.

Too early.

Mary and I had been working on a project in her dorm when the 'visitors need to leave' hour arrived and passed. Her roommate, Deanna, agreed to let me stay if we could 'behave ourselves'.

I had called my roomie and she confided that her boyfriend was staying over and was relieved to hear that I was okay and was happy they would have the room to themselves tonight.

Mary and I were sharing one loft. I could hear Deanna's regular breathing from across the room.

It was stil... Continue»
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A Beautiful Woman is the Best

My entire outlook on sex has turned around in the past
year, and I must admit that it has been a turn for the
better. I am a thirty-five-year-old business woman who
has been divorced for five years and I am trying to get
my daughter through college. I have tried to keep myself
in relatively good shape so that I'll remain attractive
to the opposite sex.

About six months ago I was out on a date with an old
friend of mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with
two of her friends from the local college, and she
didn't expect me home until much later.

I had no sooner arri... Continue»
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