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Ultimate goal

Ultimate goal

I had the shared house I live in all to myself for a week and decided to
make the most of it.

I made sure I was clean on the inside first by giving myself three
enemas, I then emptied the contents of three tubes of Nads into a bowl,
starting from my feet I covered every inch of my body from the neck down.
I waited the indicated 10 minutes, got in the shower and flannelled
myself, watching with delight as all my body hair disappeared down the
drain. After towelling dry I lubed my butt plug, bent over and pushed it
in, the feeling is so gorgeous, holdin... Continue»
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Fucking my friend's wife on vacation (Part 2)

The next day we didn’t hit the beach until the afternoon, but when we did it followed the pattern we’d established in previous days; Anna went topless, and I enjoyed watching the steady stream of men who wandered by us checking out her tits. As the sun began to dip on the horizon, I began to wonder if she’d forgotten about her promise to go bottomless on the beach, but I wasn’t to be disappointed. As if reading my mind, she shot me a sly smile, and asked if I was ready.

“Ready? What do you mean?”
“…Oh, I think you know…”

Slowly, she slid her fingers down her body to her waist and hooked... Continue»
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Road to Ruin

Jamie's Road to Ruin Part

I am about to tell a story that is true. It was my first experience but
it shaped my life forever, not necessarily for the better. As a c***d,
I used to fantasize about being a woman, but never acted on it.
Anything "gay" freaked me out. In any event, I was very closeted and
repressed. And very awkward around women I was attracted to, but seemed
to be able to make a lot of female "friends."

Years ago when I was in my twenties, a female friend of mine, Karen,
tripped and fell and cut her chin open. One of her girlfriends, Kathy,
loaned me her ca... Continue»
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Watching Young Newlyweds Fuck

Sometimes things happen that you know you're very lucky to experience and will likely never experience again. This is one of those events (although something kind of similar happened to me again only a year ago. But that's a story for another time.)

I love to watch people fuck. Straight couples, gay couples, groups, doesn't matter to me, as long as I can sit with a clear line of vision and jack off while they do it. Finding a couple into being watched is a lot harder than you might imagine. Finding a couple who are both smokin' hot who WANT you to watch is nearly impossible.

A few year... Continue»
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The Village 5: Preparations

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:

sl**p was fitful for Bella. Over and over she relived the events of the past few days. How horrible they were! She had lost her freedom and feared that she would never see her f****y again. They surely were worried by now but she knew that they wou... Continue»
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Quiet Night Out. (FANTASY)

It was mine and my wife’s first night out in 3 months since I was last back. We went out on our own since we thought we needed some quality time together.
We had been arguing a lot the last time, but we both said we would change and this would be our fresh start...

We just headed in to the town and got a little bite to eat before we started drinking. We went to the amber regent because we really liked it the last time. I hadn't seen what she was wearing before we went out because she had put her coat on as we rushed out to the taxi... as we got in to the restaurant she took off her coat a... Continue»
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True Stories: The Second Best Blowjob Ever

I have had my dick sucked by many different women over the years, and no one has ever done it better than my wife, Rachel. That isn’t the reason I married her, but it is definitely a major fringe benefit. Only one woman has ever come close to matching Rachel’s skill in that area. This is the story of that woman.

As I have written here before, Rachel and I began our swinging adventure with an anniversary vacation to a clothing-optional resort in Cancun called Desire. A year later, we decided to revisit the place where it all began. That time, we stayed for seven days, so we chose to break up... Continue»
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New Beginnings Chapter 1

It's fair to say, I was a nervous wreck. I had long since dabbled with idea of swinging by joining internet sites and having sexy chats, uploading photos and playing on cam but to actually go to a club for the first time well that was a different story.

I sat in the bar opposite the club having a few for luck or dutch courage. The bar was not that busy with a few guys at the bar, some others playing pool and two couples sitting at a booth having dinner. I watched the club entrance for what felt like hours to see who was going in and to my surprise and little to my disappointment it did appe... Continue»
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Lesley part 36

Geordie Ridley parked his car in the visitor car park, at the nursing home where Lesley was in employment. He had been here once before, but only to drop a bag off, for his 'daughter' Lesley, when she'd left home without it. He didn't know where to go. He walked around the corner at the nearest point, and came to a door where their was a wooden shed outside. Two women were sitting inside, of what he assumed was the smoking hut.

"Hello Geordie....god I haven't seen you for years! How you doing?" Said a surprised Dot.

"Oh Dorothy. Yes...oh, it must be ten years. I've heard our Lesley spe... Continue»
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My Public Sex Addiction 4

Well, that was fun. I was just looking at some art pictures on the web. How cum there are almost no real life pictures of GH action? Just wondering. Anyway, back to the parks.

OK. Down the road about 20 miles is a riverfront park where it's almost always worthwhile to stop for a suck or five. Naturally there's lots of older guys, but I guess they're everywhere. This is kinda the usual park setup, with trails through the bushes, etc., but they are right by the river, so that's kinda cool, but you have to be a little careful, too.

So some college age guy with a pretty big cock who had ... Continue»
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My Public Sex Addiction 3

OK, back again. This part is about having sex in public parks. It's a lot of fun when it happens, but to me it seems like it's more dangerous than, say, tearooms, in terms of getting caught. I don't really know why, just seems like it's easier for the bad guys to sneak up on you or something.

In my town there's a large city park where cruising was invented, I think, whenever it was a long time ago. Like most of these places, I suppose, there are established sections where you go for cock and others where you leave the f****y types alone. There's one corner just filled with bushes and kinda ... Continue»
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Gym buddies

Every week I go down to my friend’s bar for a couple of beers and a catch up to moan about life, people, love and talk about any news we feel may be of interest. Recently I’d joined a gym with my mate, and 3 times a week we’d begrudgingly meet early morning to work out and encourage each other to finish our circuits. Chatting over the week’s events and sinking another beer, we started going on about the gym and what we could do to improve things, when a voice from behind the bar asked “which gym do you go to?”

Emma was about 5’7”, brown hair tied in a short pony tail, always smiling showi... Continue»
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UK shared wife Hayley – shared for the first

I’d been married to Hayley for about 6 months. My cute little wife is 5’2” very pretty and a slim size 10 with dark blonde hair and slightly pinkish milky white flesh. She has a good pair of firm tits with raspberry red nipples, which when played with really turns her on. She has a nice toffee coloured snatch which she shaves into a neat landing strip with plump pussy lips the same colour as her nipples and quite a big clit, with the peachiest little bum, something I’m sure none of my mates are aware of, she’s not the sexiest of women until you see her naked. We had a pretty good sex lif... Continue»
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Island Slut

Island Slut With a Twist

While I was living in the Virgin Islands (and being an absolute whore) there were quite a few interesting twists and turns. There were also some things that were traded or bartered at times. One of the nicer ones was ‘ride for sex’ by one of our favorite MiniMoke drivers, Georges.

When I used him I’d always paid. I noticed, after a few trips with the girls, that we never paid – they never paid. Molly was nice enough to wise me up one day; I’d arrived where we were meeting and I paid him. After he drove off they all laughed at me – in a good natured way.
... Continue»
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A Stepdaughter's Love 2

It was another two weeks before Sharon and I could hook up and I thought I would go crazy in the meantime. There was one consolation however, and that was, she did get me off over the phone during the interim. There had been only two other times in my life that I relied on phone sex and that was with a gal I had met at an adult site here on the internet. It certainly was different to say the least, and a bit kinky, but was fun in it's own way. But with my Sharon it was way more fun. She told me to get naked of course, and just sit back in my chair and stroke my cock while she talked. I d... Continue»
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How i quite my job

when i went in the office it seemed quite comfi and chill. there were 4-5 tables with chairs with computer in the room. an air was cool. there were not anyone in yet . so i turned on my computer and opened files. at that moment i heard door closing next to my room. boss had come in her room and waited for stuff.
first in my new job, not a bad position to pretend to be hardworking person i thought.

though i didnt know my colleagues yet i supposed to be them very friendly... why not. soon they one girl came in with tied long hair on her back and black make up on her face. Immediately sma... Continue»
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Art of seducing in sex.

This is the real story of a Grandpa (Dada in Hindi) how he seduced girls and married women while in youth and lovely teenies in old age.
My name is Jay Chand. I live in Delhi. Me and wife are now old. Ours is a love marriage. I was a college student. There was a girl, Shanti, then newly grown young living in our neighborhood. She was friend of my younger s****r Nazia. She was a frequent visitor to our house. One day, I found Nazia and me alone in home. I have been very nice to Nazli and she used to run errands for me. I called her and said to her: " Nazli, I have today something very special ... Continue»
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‘What the hell was I thinking?’ echoed in Dawn's mind as she walked through corridor after corridor filled with women who eyed her lustfully in the maze which was Gehanna.

Considering she had a lot of memories of sneaking out that never ended well for her, most people would have thought Dawn would have learnt by now not too, but apparently she was an idiot. That was the only explanation she could think of. And it was even worse than those memories because at least she knew her way around Sunny-dale. Now she was completely lost. How could it get worse?

"Hey there cutie, remember me?" a gr... Continue»
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Jessica's Choice

One day Jessica and her best friend and roommate Brandi are at their jobs as internet spanking models, when suddenly Jessica hears her name being called on the public address system. As she hears it, she and Brandi who are on their breaks start to walk to the shift supervisors office. As they are walking, Jessica says, I wonder what she wants? I haven't been late any this week. Who knows, says Brandi, but don't get excited or upset until you know what it's about. About 30 seconds later they are now standing outside of the supervisors door, Brandi asks, do you want me to go in with you? no just... Continue»
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The shemale and the studio part 2

We had been doing some group photgraphs of a f****y. I moved to the desk to write out an invoice! George was still very old fashioned about some things! As I dated the invoice I suddenly realised that i had been working for George for a year now! Later when we were alone I told him. He looked surprised. He nearly said something to me but changed his mind! Something was happening to George and I suspected his partner Robin was behind it all.
He suddenly asked me if I would be free later on, there was something he needed to discuss with me> I said yes of course I was free!
Things went very qu... Continue»
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