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Living in Cockington part 17

It was Saturday and my little boys birthday party was in full swing, it had been a busy morning of excitement and relatives arriving and by lunch time there was a full BBQ and party games and everyone was in a great party mood.
Then the doorbell went and I headed to the front door to answer it, and opening the door I was greeted by the lovely vision of a tall slim blonde in a tight t-shirt and jeans.
"Hi Peter" she smiled
"Zoe hello!" I replied in surprise to see my lovely tanned cousin stood there.
It had been a couple of years since I had seen her but she looked just as stunning as she a... Continue»
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Anita tries a new BBC

Ana tries a new BBC

My sweet wife Ana had been telling me that she needed a big Black cock. A new one, she said. She was getting bored about her actual black lovers. She wanted know a perfect stranger to fuck her brains out…
So, one Saturday night we went on a night out with some friends. Everything was going well but the suddenly people started to go home. After the last couple decided to leave, Ana wanted to stay out and move onto another nightclub. I said it was OK.
Ana was looking particularly stunning on that night. She was wearing a tight fitting red lacy dress that only just cover... Continue»
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Renee Becomes Daddy's Slut

"Welcome to Hardintown!" Daddy said as we pulled up to our new house

"It looks like a nice place! I hope I can make some new friends but Daddy I know we both needed a change so this will be good." I said as we got out

I watched as the movers unloaded our stuff and put in the house. I could not help but be a little sad. You see my mom was killed by a driver who was too busy texting to notice her riding her bicycle. Now it is just my dad and me and we decided to move to a new town and make a new beginning.

The mover's had j... Continue»
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Confessions of a cross dressing slut

Following up on my previous post.
Just to recap......

I had just had my first experience of sex as a cross dresser. My first kiss, first time my ass had been tongued, first time of sucking cock and first time fuck.
I had the taste for cock now, taste for cum. I loved it!!

I was now in the taxi home with all sorts running through my great last night was, how much i turned him on, how much i was turned on, what to do well as knowing this flirting taxi driver would love to fuck my ass.
We exchanged small talk and he flirted a little, passing compliment after com... Continue»
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I had decided it was time, finally, to try the experiences I had dreamed
of my whole life. I had been a secret crossdresser since I was a c***d,
and had hidden this side of me from my wife and c***dren. The last few
years of my marriage had been empty, staying together mainly for the
k**s and a kind of inertia. But now, they had grown up, married and
left the area. I knew I would only see them infrequently. With their
departure, my wife and I quickly came to the realization that we were
better suited to live apart, and the divorce had been quick and
am... Continue»
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Fran Avatar

Damn, that hurts! And it stinks too! No escaping either of it. The pain
and the smell don't seem to be affecting my cock though, my meat is
rock hard. So's my master's, buried deep within me. He's enjoying this.
Probably more than I am - and I'm about on cloud nine! With every touch
of that electrolysis wand I keep going further onto that cloud. My
reaction and the fact that it's him who's holding that damn thing is
what's keeping him hard inside me even with his moving around for any
friction. Just the thought of it all. The thought o... Continue»
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The pungent flower [Complete]


Bashir leads a uneventful solitary life that is changed when he gets a new subordinate. The subordinate himself is painfully dull and annoyingly dimwitted. But things get interesting when responsibility of a distant relative of his (a widow) is thrust upon his sorry soul. Bashir uses this opportunity to take advantage of their vulnerable situation and surprisingly the widow is equally keen on being taken advantage of. Their chemistry evolves as they discover their kinky nature.


“Thinking I was asl**p, she bent forward and tried to smell my penis. Her eyes cl... Continue»
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Hot Encounter With a Sexy Cougar

Several years ago on a Wednesday evening I was feeling that itch for female companionship. At the time, Houlihans was a popular bar, especially for middle-aged women, cougars, on the prowl. After a few drinks, I noticed a blonde who appeared to be about ten years older than me smiling my way. She was nice looking, not gorgeous by any means, but had a certain sexiness about her. She carried a few extra pounds, but had one feature that was impossible to miss.
Her breasts were enormous! Full, round, and beautifully accentuated by her snug fitting sweater. I don't know if it was the drinks or if... Continue»
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The Halloween Party

Gina Matthews was a pretty ordinary girl with a pretty ordinary life. She was eighteen years old, a freshmen at Westhaven University, and a server at a fast food restaurant that wasn't well known or very successful.

However, her ordinary life would completely change when she was invited to a party by a cute guy named Josh Kelman.

Gina was walking through a campus hallway one evening when Josh approached her. He held out a black and orange card to her.

"Hey, Gina, I'm having a Halloween Party this Friday," he said. "Think you can make it?"

"I don't know, Josh," she replied. "I'm rea... Continue»
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Fingered on the dance floor.

Would love to stay in a hotel and then go to a club on the night with you wearing a short skirt, top and high heels and no knickers. We'd have a few drinks and I'd let you dance In the club on your own, watching you until a bloke approaches you. You start dancing with him getting closer and closer until he starts putting his hands on your waist. You both start getting closer and dancing raunchier. The dance floor is pretty busy and people are d***k so it goes unnoticed. I'm sat watching from a stool and table next to the dance floor.
Your not really looking at him much your just lost in the ... Continue»
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A Couch Trip

So I'm awake and alone. I find myself thinking of you as I so often do. And, as so often happens as you creep into my thoughts, I find that before long my mind has slipped away, become lost and out of reach and my cock is rock hard in my pants. I know too, if I don't cum before long my balls with be so full they'll be throbbing. Aching so much it'll be uncomfortable. My hand slides into my crotch and starts to stroke. I'm as hard as a stone yet warm and my own touch makes me gently moan your name. I picture you here on the couch next to me your legs apart and your cleavage heaving. I know how... Continue»
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Chapter 1 of Helen’s Slutty Hairy Cunt

This story is about a sexy mature curvaceous women, Helen, with super juicy big tits, a lovely big shaped arse and a scrumptious juicy wet hairy fanny. I have lost count as to the number of times I have wanked over her. Encouraged by her hubby, Dan, I have written this story based on my own fantasy about what I want to do to Helen and how I want to use the fuck out of her slutty wet hairy gash.

The story is a slow build-up to full on erotic dirty sex with bdsm, restraint, anal, pissing and creampie surprise fucking. In writing this story I have perved all over Helen’s pictu... Continue»
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Poker Bets

Victorious: Poker Bets

[This happens during ‘Wok Star’ when the gang plays poker only this time only Robbie is left as the others had gone home or asl*ep. Then jade comes over and plays with him.]

Robbie and Jade had just got done with an intense hand of poker and they were both evenly winning and losing.

Robbie dealt the cards. Jade smirked as the cards kept coming first a 4 then a 5, 6, 7 and a jack. She discarded the jack to get the card she needed to get a straight an 8.

'Robbie is done. Maybe I can sweeten the pot,' she thought.

Robbie had just gotten t... Continue»
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Blow'Job 101

Well, there's no "proper" way to give someone a blow job, I mean, blow jobs are like pizza, even if they're bad, they're still pretty good, according to the boys who helped me in my quest for the perfect blow job techniques. So ladies, (and guys, if you're into that sort of thing), pull up a chair & take notes.

First of all, think of the head of the penis like your very own clitoris. The clitoris and head of the penis have the exact same nerve endings and are made of the exact same tissue.

Now think about your tongue. It's a muscle, and like all muscles ... Continue»
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Mayhem Room 69

Feb 12, 2011 10:24 Am

You were supposed to have checked out of the hotel by 11 am. The bags were packed but you had needs that must be tended to before leaving. A long flight awaited you at the airport and knowing you couldn't stand to be this horny all the way home you decided to take matters into your own hands one more time before leaving.

I had been given the key to your room from the hotel manger. This was a room that was scheduled for remodeling and my contracting firm was putting in a bid for the job. I needed to see a room in order to prepare the estimate. I was told the room w... Continue»
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My first Gang Bang organized by…

I was very nervous for this experience considering Uyknas had recently initiated me to lesbianism. I accepted anyway, started viewing gangbang porn videos to get my mind in the mood. I found the women lucky having all those cocks for themselves. Such an adventure it was viewing, I watched the World Record Gangbang...a single woman fucked by 4000 men in 2 days. She let 2000 men per day fucking her in the middle of a boxing ring, on a bed; legs open one after the other, in and out then creampied all over. A hot Brazilian babe taking 100 cocks just as I would love to by all of you once I reach 10... Continue»
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The Mayflies.

this is a big story folks a slow starter, so dont expect sex on every line to start!

The Mayflies.
The tea trolley rattled loudly, the ward assistant clattering and banging the cups, indifferent to the feelings of the patients, slopping tea into cups she knew she would have to collect and wash later.
Jane lay uncaring, no longer did the daily drear interest her she knew at last what she had, the diagnosis had been given this afternoon it had been swift and hard to take, the bl**d tests and so on had confirmed it all, a couple of months of life followed by a lingering degenera... Continue»
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Anal Beach Party

My friends always call me crazy when I tell them I love anal sex. Even today, as a 21 year old girl, still trying to explore and expand my sexual horizons, I have always found anal sex very pleasurable and exciting. The biggest complaint I hear from my friends is that it is physically painful. I must have never received that text because it gives me some of my strongest orgasms.

I believe that anatomically speaking, I may be unique in the fact when I feel a nice hard cock sliding in and out of my ass, it vibrates something inside me which feels like it hits my g-spot. I am unsure if I have ... Continue»
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Girlfriend story #1- True Story

This is a true story about a girl I dated for a while in the 90's. She was kind of crazy, which is a fun type to date but not necessarily settle down with. We had a lot of sexual adventures together and I'm going to put them down in the rough order they happened. They are all 100% true with names and some locations changed.....I hope you enjoy it.

.....She was always ready when I said I wanted to try something new. Remember, this is the early 90's and no internet porn at all. If you wanted anything hard core you had to read a Hustler or some other type of magazine, which was not the ea... Continue»
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Cindy comes to my room...

It was a great show, so I decided to reward myself with a drink. As I approached the bar, I saw a woman there. Sexy MILF, late forties, maybe early fifties I figured. Five foot, eight and maybe 110 pounds soaking wet. Blond hair, wearing a short dress that exposed damn near all of her long, sexy legs – my Kryptonite. To my surprise when she caught me staring at her, she smiled. So I smiled back and approached her.

Getting closer I noticed her nipples were hard and poking tents in the thin fabric of the dress. Her breasts were not large, but full, pert. “Woman, you’re killing me” I... Continue»
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