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Stella Visits Daddy

This story is continuation of “Sex Education – My Daughter” if you would like to read the previous story here is the link:

Stella sat at the desk in her dad's condo. Her eyes were locked on the sight of the petite young girl sucking a very large cock. Her mouth watered at the thought if sucking dick again. It had only been six weeks since her mom caught her experimenting sexually with her boyfriend.

At first she thought her mom would flip out and she d... Continue»
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Lesley part 31

Lesley sat in the staff room talking to a delivery driver who was on his 30 minute driving break. He was a funny guy and he temporary made her forget about the pounding she had just had in Mcpeevies shower and then over his desk. He was telling her a funny story about delivering to a psychiatric hospital and being 'captured' by an inmate. She was sure it was made up, but it was funny anyway. She stood too refill his tea mug, and felt the tenderness in the cheeks of her backside, as she moved. Mcpeevie had given her a real pasting and she was sure her derrière was black and blue.

"Are you o... Continue»
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My girlfriend got fucked by a friend

Sorry my english is not perfect. Its my first story, hopfully you enjoy it. haha

It was saturday night and my girlfriend (Mary, 25) and I were at home. We were pretty lazy because it was weekend so we just relaxed in our bed.
We were kissing and hugging a little bit and I petted her beautiful butt while she is stoked my dick.
Suddenly we heared the bell ringning..

Me „Fuck its maybe its Bob, I totally forgot we wanted to go out with him tonight.“
Mary, the good girl as she is, did go to the door and opened it. She weared only a white thong and a long shirt without a bra, whi... Continue»
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I pimped her out

This is nearly a true story, parts are what actually happened and other parts are what nearly happened, you decide.
Several years ago my wifes half s****r got divorced and was left to bring up three c***dren, she kept the house but had to take on the remainder of the mortgage, it wasnt too long that she found herself in financial trouble. She and I were never close and although we lived within a mile of each other I only saw her when my wife and I would go together for a visit or if we ran into each other at the local shops. It came as a bit of a surprise when I got a text from her asking if ... Continue»
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Here's a chat I had with Rob(in) in 2008:

Me: Hi there. What's your dick like?
Rob(in): What a novel way to start a chat. I like it.
Me: Cool. Do you want to chat?
Rob(in): Yes, very much so. But first, I must explain that I am Robin not Rob. I am a 35 year old spinster so we can stop right here if you don't want to chat with me.
Me: Well, that is quite a surprise. Your profile was very brief and didn't mention that. However, no problem. I'd be happy to chat with you.
Robin: Ok that is wonderful, not a lot of guys will.
Me: I just won't ask you the traditional questions about what do... Continue»
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That fateful Saturday afternoon I was lounging by the pool, soaking up the late summer sunshine and reading a new bestseller. I’m Diane Sawyer—no, not that one. Having just turned forty I was in the midst of life-evaluating melancholy. I’d always taken care of myself and wasn’t too far off my college weight. Like today I proudly wore a bikini that not too many forty year olds would dare to wear. My husband Joe still thinks I’m hot even as his sex drive was beginning to wane. And that was part of my present gloominess. Even though no one else saw it, when I looked in the mirror I saw t... Continue»
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An Amazing Night with an e****t! (18+)

A man is sitting in his house; it is a large house owned by a successful businessman.
The man is in his mid-thirties, he has black-coloured hair and is around six feet tall. He is your normal everyday guy build, meaning he is not fat or too skinny. He looks to work out quite a bit as he has a pair of large muscular arms; he is also cleanly shaven as well on his face, but he has to wear glasses as he is long-sighted so whenever he has to read something or watch the TV when he is too close to it or anything to do with his office work. He currently dressed in a casual black, sweater and black j... Continue»
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The One Night Stand!

Outside the city of London in the suburbs, lived a husband and wife; they were planning on going out for the Afternoon for a movie and then dinner, but wanted someone to look after their pet dog, Becky. The dog is am adorable little brown terror and an intelligent dog and she does exactly what she is told by her owners; the time is 15:30 in the afternoon.
The woman is middle-aged in her thirties to fourties, she is five foot and six inches tall in height; she also has light blue eyes that are gorgeous. The woman is wearing casual clothes in the form of a corset with buttons at the front; it i... Continue»
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Tied up in the woods

The firelight was dancing over them as she lay snuggled up between his legs, listening to the crackling of the logs. The only other thing she could hear was the sound of his breathing.

He reached down and caressed her cheek; she leaned into his hand.

'Bed?' His voice was soft. She sat up and turned to him, nodding sl**pily. 'I'll be there in a minute.' She leaned into him and kissed him, melting in his arms as the feeling of his lips on hers took over her senses. He broke the kiss and she stood and moved towards the tent.

As she bent down to undo the zip she heard him behind her and s... Continue»
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Sybian Box review

My adventure with this extraordinary device began when I was contacted by a man called Ian, who worked for the company His suggestion was clear and straight to the point asking my interest to trying out this unique machine. I was very interested after all a girl has to try something new and definitely at least once. Upon my interest he was very open to answering all questions I had, and went out his way to send me by email a package which included a picture of the product and an instruction set, so I would be able to read about the Sybian Box before it arrived: allowing ... Continue»
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F Machine Pro Review

F Machine Pro Review

I was contacted by a gentleman called Ian and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing this machine having seen pictures of them I was more than happy to review them as they look amazing and I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a robot. Upon my interest he emailed me the machines image and an instruction package so I could read about it and get advanced knowledge before the set date. Ian was very helpful and efficient in providing answers to questions allowing me to feel completely relaxed and comfortable before the shoot. Within great time we had set a date that I was abl... Continue»
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Pineapple s'mores

"Another crappy day", I sighed, looking up at the clouds as I strolled down the sidewalk approaching the gym. "Andrew, you're late again, what's up with that??", snorted Kelly, my boss. "Sorry, it won't happen again................ya two faced bitch" I muttered under my breath as I entered the chage room. While throwing on my sweats I paused to look at my thirty six year old body in the long mirror; abs still perfect, quads on point, bisceps and triceps in place. By the time I hit the floor to instruct our first clients for the morning, the clouds had burst and rain was pelting the benches in ... Continue»
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Pantyhose Wife's First Erotic Encounter

Pantyhose Wife's First Encounter

The first erotic adventure I had with my wife was when we first started dating. She decided that she wanted to start exploring some sexual fantasies that she had, so one night she got dressed up sexy. She was wearing her black satin business suit, with a silky tan camisole and matching silky half slip underneath. She finished the look with her shiny tan dance tights and black heels.

We decided to go to a local truck stop bar. Once we arrived, I told her to do whatever she felt like doing, so ... Continue»
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The Half s****r

~Another Fantasy style story.~

My name is Ryan. I grew up in a pretty normal house. My parents divorced when I was eleven and my mom moved my s****r and me across the state to start over. My s****r and I had a completely normal c***dhood and grew up to be normal adults.

When I was around 22, I discovered an i****t themed chat room and began discussing it with others. It was mostly mother and son or father and daughter but what really got me going was all the b*****r and s****r stories. This experience led me to find more i****t chat rooms and to create a fake profile posing as a 19 year... Continue»
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sensual bliss

you come home from a long day of work as I notice your back is hurting
your feet are hurting . your wore out from a long day

I cant help how tired you look you come to sit next to me to tell me your day as
I tell you about my day of work,

I stand up and stand in front of you and reach my hand out to you.
you look up into my eyes with a smile on your face.

I slowly walk you to the bedroom as I know your in pain and I open
the bedroom door for you as you notice a candles lit with some music and a nice open fire place

I turn you around to face me eye to eye as I tell you ... Continue»
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Halloween Mom

It's hard to believe it's been a year since that fateful night. Almost impossible to comprehend the changes that have occurred in my life, in my outlook on life, on who I've become... on what I've become... on the horrible things I've done...

I'm going to drink from her breasts tonight... those beautiful orbs that are filled with thick, delicious creamy milk that her body has manufactured for my s****r.

Then I'm going to make love with her... unmasked at last.

I think I finally decided to do it simply because I had a bigger penis than my dad. To prove that you can't fuck around with t... Continue»
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its about time

its the time of season of October and its two days from Halloween . i decide to make a road trip to go and meet a woman that I been talking to for nearly a year .its been mostly just talk about meeting up . a week ago she sent me a e mail telling me that she is craveing me and she feels its time to meet .I cant beleave I got that e mail even thoe I wasn't shure how to take it because she is a married woman.
.so I guess I am just gonna go with the flow .its now 8 pm and I get a nether e mail from her that she has everything taken care of I have no need to worrie about anything .so I couldn't h... Continue»
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We Will Do Your Mom First

"I've decided, we'll do your mom first, then we'll do mine," I told Kevin as I leaned over and clicked a key on his computer. A millisecond later the movie we'd been watching, a movie featuring an impossibly well endowed blond being fucked both anally and vaginally by two uniformed policemen, disappeared from the screen and was replaced by a picture of Kevin's mother.

Both of us had been sitting against the headboard of his bed, with the computer between us, as we stroked our cocks.

"Put the movie back on," my best friend ordered.

"I want to fuck your mom, not some porn star," I answe... Continue»
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long saturday at the arcade

what you are about to read is a true and accurate accounting of a day I spent in a video arcade booth

its early Saturday afternoon, and i'm sitting here in an arcade video booth dressed only in sexy little bikini panties, training bra (for my little a cup puberecent like titties) and a white silky like full slip, I have left the door slightly ajar while I rub my little sissy clitty, which is confined in a tight fitting chasity devise, and tucked back between my legs, while watching a really hot gang bang video, hoping for some action. when I happen ... Continue»
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The zamindari system was introduced by british in India. A certain area will be governed by zamindars and they are the owners of the land. They set own rules. When the British were paid with taxes they don’t mind about any despot behaviours. The Raj Thakur is one of the richest zamindar. He pays tax in advance and he is friend for most of the British generals. Their f****y is ruling our area generation by generation. He has taken charge at the age of 26 and now he is 32. I am Sindhu, born in the same area and I am 22. I am wheat complexed, voluptuous young girl with long hairs.
The people her... Continue»
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