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The Contract Meeting Part Two

She slid the contract from the envelope. Into plain site it came with the words 'Contract of submission' in a bold font at the top. She read, every now and then a smirk appeared on her face and occasionally she raised an eyebrow! She read up to the appendix and said that it all appeared to be acceptable. Now read the rest I said! the appendix contained the hard and soft rules.

I had written it at the far end of the spectrum, no holds barred, anything goes! I was pleasantly surprised when the only thing she wanted changing was the reference to fisting! I said that I would rewrite the sect... Continue»
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Playful Wildy Nights ♥

last night was a totaly crazy one my baby ♥ u make me feel so good and gave me a great love making pleasure as i never had b4 ♥ i love u so much hone :*

i open my eyes to see ur angelic face :) u still sl**ping... lovely i can see u smiling like u sl**p happy ^_^... i kissed ur forhead as im leaving the bed quietely to not wake u up... go the bathroom... i need that shower really...
when i finished i come out with only a towel on me... my hair still wet and smell so good with a very soft fresh skin...
u was on bed, wake up, smiling to me :)... oh how i love u babe when u r in good mood i... Continue»
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my fantasy...54

when i hear u walk in the front door
i slip down on2 the floor on hands & knees
wearing nothing but a skimpy cotton thong
& crawl slowly across the room 2ward u
like a hungry cat craving your sweet cream...
u just stare & smile wickedly down at me
as u spread your feet out very wide apart
& stand with both your hands on your hips
as u wait 4 me 2 make my way over 2 u...
when i finally kneel dutifully at your feet
u slowly un-zip your sexily bulging crotch
& pull your hardening cock out in2 the air
as your hand tightly grips the thick shaft...
i smile lewdly at u & open my mouth... Continue»
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fantasy role play

my gf and i used to imagine fucking peaple we know and say what turns you on about them but my gf was out with alice and came back d***k and acused us of fucking
i had not seen alice for 3 years and met her in town we said hello and i said my gf only said that because of our sex games and told her about them saying she wanted me to fuck her then tell her what happened
alice said to me was i going to try i said no as she would not do it asking would you have done it if i tried alice surprised me saying probably asking me how i imagined it to happen i asked her to come to my car and asked if... Continue»
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You were Amazing

So there I was at work. Down on my knees weeding. Hot as hell and I was sweating like a pig. Weeding doesn't require an immense amount of brainpower or concentration, so, as usual, my mind was wandering here and there. As is usual, it wandered to thoughts of you and what I would like to do with you. These thoughts brought on an amazing hard on, of course. As I moved to get the weeds, my work pants rubbed against my hard cock. In my mind, it was you rubbing my cock. The end result was that I was getting harder and harder. I could feel the pressure building up inside and needed release. The hell... Continue»
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tne massage

we strip down naked you lie face down i gently massage your neck with my thumbs on each side of your spine i work down to your shoulders using generous amounts of lotion on my hands making them feel wet and slippery while i rub your back all the way down to the crack of your ass i apply two large gobs of lotion one on each ass cheek then i rub the lotion into your ass making it feel warm and slippery then i take my right hand and cote it in lotion leaving my wand straight in a salute position i slide my hand down the crack of your ass up and down again and again stopping my pinkie at your anus... Continue»
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My Mistress punished me because of my temper Part

After I was fucked good, we went to the living room so that I can hook him up with my girlfriend as promised.
Sue came out 10 or so minutes later, she was all dressed in a tank top and some really short pajama shorts, and was looking really good I just couldn’t wait to see my new friend fuck her brains out. She sat with us and I introduced them, she still didn’t know what was going on, she asked how we met? And I told her we were hanging out at the club and decided to hang out at home after they closed.
We sat and chatted for a bit, she seemed to like him but didn’t really seem interested ... Continue»
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Have you ever had one of those days were you wish you could go back in time or change how you are. Well thats what happened to me about a week ago. well it all started when some of my friends called and told me that they were going to the club and wanted to see if I wanted to go. Now being 18 and able to drink now I though why not. They came and picked me up but there was someone extra in the vehicle. It was a good lookin girl with wavey blonde hair and green eyes nice big tits alittle more than a handfull. She had an ass that every guy would love to grab and pound the shit out of. So i got in... Continue»
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Kevin's Wet Dream

Intended for mature audiences, ages 18 and up!

Kevin's Wet Dream

On Saturday morning I woke to warmth and wetness. The wetness was
coming from my inside my boxers. My first thought was that I had cum in my
sl**p. Then I realized the warmth was coming from my friend Kevin. Kevin
was sprawled on top of me with his head on the center of my chest and his
legs wrapped around my left thigh. I knew we had gone to bed and when I
had fallen asl**p he had still been on his side of my big king size. My
penis was hard, I realized, but it felt like it was pointed away from the
... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXIX

Chapter XXIX – Hunkaroo (based on Girl Confessions No. 20 cover, Marvel)

I had this friend of mine, Dennis. And he had this amazing girl with him, Veronica. She was a nice young blonde he met in the church, and right away they seemed perfect for each other. But what they didn’t knew is that Veronica would have another man, which of course it’s me.

It started a year ago, when Dennis was away in a business trip and I went to a party where she was. After some drinks and talking, for a reason only God knew, we just kiss... Continue»
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It's Your Birthday Part ll

It's Your Birthday Part ll

I have just closed the door to room service. I pour a large brandy for you, a large Jack Daniels for myself and your husband Steve. I sit on the edge of the bed pondering if this is right! Is this going to happen? What are you both talking about in the other room? Just then the double doors open.

Your standing there in your high heels, matching bra and knickers, stocking and suspenders with your long red hair to one side. I get up and hand the glass and bottle for you to give to Steve. He kisses you. You turn back and walk towards the doors stopping at the en... Continue»
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skype fun

[1/4/2012 1:09:06 AM] Nicola Hope: see the thing is
[1/4/2012 1:09:12 AM] Nicola Hope: if u come spoon me
[1/4/2012 1:09:18 AM] Nicola Hope: ur gonna be against me arnt u
[1/4/2012 1:09:33 AM] james.presland: ur definately gting a big cock deep inside u
[1/4/2012 1:09:43 AM] james.presland: i dnt feel like messing round
[1/4/2012 1:09:50 AM] Nicola Hope: i was just gonna say i rember hw gd u feel
[1/4/2012 1:09:51 AM] james.presland: i no wat i want
[1/4/2012 1:09:54 AM] james.presland: or need
[1/4/2012 1:10:13 AM] Nicola Hope: it makes me sooo horny when u say that
[1/4/2012 1:10:19... Continue»
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Anytime you want to play

touching, kissing, probing
every inch and everywhere
consider it a sex game
where everything is fair

moisture on my finger
a sweet, erotic taste
going down upon you
immersing nose and face

increasing moans of pleasure
a groan, a scream, a yell
presuming that you like it
you know that I can tell

shiver, shake and trembling
going deep inside of you
slowly first, increasing
erotic through and through

am I an illusion
your wetness says it all
is it imagination
I’m at your beck and call

coming in behind you
beneath, beside, on top
you control the movement
slower... ... Continue»
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Adored wife for group sex 2 years ago

[ب ][/ب ]Beautiful wife persuaded body الممشوق the husband, who married her despite opposition from his mother for being open-minded girl and unveiled .. That the violation of the elves and they therefore have to sl**p in the bedroom at night alone until they are cured of this touch.
Bring her Senate who treat touch and out of the jinn, but continued to claim that the elves did not leave her and he tells her that sl**ps alone and only سيخطف the small daughter and her husband Saove. The pair have already responded have become sl**ps next to his daughter in another room after Tterchma at midnig... Continue»
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Late Nite Hype

The past three months was spent by me trying to find a job. I looked & search every where to no avail. So, I went thru this temp service, Ameri-Temps for the time being. They gave me a study job. I worked the job for two weeks now it was cool cause i had got money in my pocket. After working so hard this friday, i was ready to go home & sl**p the night away. But, a buddy of mines said" Man befo i head in i gotta have me a drink. Ameri-Temps always had a van that drop us off & pick us up. After the van drop us off downtown where it was always told too. We were walking for a sec. My guy said ... Continue»
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boxer shorts

Jon met Bill during their senior year in high school. They met working at 31
Flavors after school. Jon admired Bill right from the start. Bill was, after
all, real attractive with that tall, slender build. And, when you added those
clear blue eyes and red hair, Jon just never knew what hit him. Still, what
Jon liked best was Bill's "kookiness". Somehow the guy could do the kookiest
things and never seem out of place.

It was quite a while before they became friends. But Jon had thoroughly
studied Bill during the short time they had known each other. Especially when
it c... Continue»
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My Mentor

Hie friends. This is Navin, back again with another experience. My first incident was told in Taste Of My Elder s****r's Virginity. Now i'm back here with another. For those who dont know me - i'm 5'11 feet, avg color and avg body , decent looking. Few Girls tell me that i look similar to actor Dhanush and few tell me that i resemble actor Vishal. i'm a volleyball player. So here it goes. This took place 6 months back . I got into a reputed collage in chennai. Now i'm in second year. During the First year semester vacation we(my friends and myself) planned to go on a trip to kulumanali. Unfort... Continue»
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Following Sammy's instructions, Bob pulled off of his dick, licking
the tip of it one final time, just as Chuck stepped over and had his
hard-on cock ready for Bob to take control of.
"Oh yeah man, oh yeah!" Chuck strongly uttered as he fed his dick
into his b*****r-in-law's warm and juicy mouth! "Oh man alive! Oh yeah
Bob suck, me suck me, tight! Oh yeah guys this is good! Bob, how's my
dick man, how's my dick?"
Fully unable to answer Chuck's question, since he had his mouth
full of Chuck's cock, Bob managed to kinda shake his head up and down some
to indicate a positive, a... Continue»
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Flipping his head frantically to see just who was talking, Sammy
quickly said, "Oh shit man! Jack, where in the hell did you come from. I
had no idea there was anybody else within three miles man!"
"Obviously guy, damn obvious! Course when a guys' pounding his
meat in the ass of some other guy like you were there, a fucking train
could come rolling through here and you'd never know it! So kinda looks
like you're finding yourself some good new action and keeping some secrets
from me, huh?"
With the shock and surprise of somebody walking up on `em, Chuck
obviously stopped sucki... Continue»
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