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Meeting My Sexy New Neighbours On Wecam!!!

I've been offline the past couple days as I my modem got fried in a storm. An interesting thing happened though a few days proir to that, and I thought I'd share it with everyone!

One of the last nights my internet was working, I was online with my webcam mistress, (the one that I cut and pasted one of our sessions on here), when an interesting thing happened! Firstly, the night was cool, and since it's been a scorcher of a summer, I haven't had the A/C off a lot, so that night I took the opportunity to open all my windows and air the place out! Now the house behind me ... Continue»
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Christmas Holidays

I was halfway through my second year at uni and was looking forward to getting back home for a f****y Christmas. I was going out with a great girl; a good laugh and great looking but not very filthy. I was hoping to be able to train her up a bit. I’d experienced some very dirty women, including my mate’s mum who I had fucked with my dad. The training would have to wait until after Christmas now though as I was on the train back to Derby.

Lorna was the name of my mate’s mum and she’d been keeping me entertained on the journey with some dirty text messages. She had a real way with words ... Continue»
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Another story I wrote

You wait for me in the bar I chose. You are wearing the clothes I
requested; nice jeans, a loose white blouse and a dark lace bra.
Slutty but nice and attractive! You
sit and sip your drink, waiting for me and wondering about this place.
It is NOT what you were expecting! To call this a dive would be
generous. There is only one other woman inside and it is clear she is
a "worker", but not a very expensive one. The men eye you like a
starving dog eyes a piece of meat. They have not seen anyone with your
looks and pedigree in a long time.

I sneak up behind you and whisper in y... Continue»
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Surprise visitor!

It was a Friday night and I had gone out for a few drinks with my gf's after work. U were supposed to be going across town with some buddies to see a band, but came down with a migraine in the afternoon so you stayed home to sl**p it off. Usually 3-4 hours sl**p gets rid of the worst of it.

You woke up around 9pm, felt better, took a couple of headache tablets with a coffee and went back to bed. About half an hour later you heard me come home, chatting with someone. You couldn't hear the conversation, just muffled noises. you got curious as to who it was, and also wanted to let me know yo... Continue»
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First Meeting With My Friend Holly

I was in Indy on a business trip. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was hanging around teh hotel room and getting bored by teh minute so I decided to take a drive. I spotted a Mall and decided to browse for awhile amd makbe get a bite to eat. As I was walking thriugh teh Mall I spotted this hot looking lady. She was wearinga tight jean skirt and tight fitting red top. I was walking behind her and the first thing I noticed were her amazing shapely legs. As my gaze worked it's way up her legs I noticed her awesome ass, nice and round and looking so squeezable. I felt my cock jump a bit just watc... Continue»
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Swim Club Part 3

Swim Club 3

by DG

On my break at the swim club, I sat on the sofa in the office, going over
the last couple days in my mind. How many little girls had seen a big hard
dick, my big hard dick, for the first time-ten, twelve? I had lost count. I
imagined the girls lying in bed that night, thinking of my long, thick
hard-on, maybe letting their hand slip inside their panties and rubbing
their little cunt thinking about it. I felt my dick growing and growing, and
figured I'd go to the locker room to jerk off when I was surprised by a girl
's voice at the door to the office.

"Um,... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Four)

Some days later Antoninus lay in his tent unable to sl**p, he tossed and turned on his makeshift cot. The deadline for that woman to surrender herself was almost up and he really did not want to kill the hostages. Perhaps he had misjudged her? Perhaps she really would let them die rather than surrender to him? He drifted off into a fitful sl**p, his throat irritated him, the constant prickle at his neck, and a musky smell of a sexually charged woman permeated his nostrils. It all seemed so real, even the soft whispering voice in his ear telling him to wake up. He opened his eyes, the tickle at... Continue»
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I turned up at the store just like she had asked wearing a long coat loose jeans and just started to wander around the aisles not really looking at anything I felt a hand reach inside my coat and squeeze my cock which started to grow hard to her touch she unzipped me and took my cock out so she could wank it
I pulled her hand away as I heard someone walking down the aisle when they passed I reached into her coat and was delighted to feel her naked puppy I ran my fingers over her wet pussy lips and pushed a finger inside she leaned against the shelves and I started to finger fuck her
Again ... Continue»
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My first sex

I left home when I started college and had to take a part-time job delivering advertising leaflets in order to pay my way.

I had been doing the job for a couple of weeks when one houseowner, mowing his front lawn, asked me if I would like to do some Saturday gardening. He named the wage and I readily agreed.

I started that Saturday and after a couple of hours Tom called me into the house where cakes and soft drinks were waiting. He said he had an appointment and he left his wife Terri to keep me company.
Terri was a tall, graceful brunette with 48-inch doubleD breats that looked as if... Continue»
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The girl in class

Im in my first semester at a college in a small town. I attend a gym not more than 5 miles away. I first noticed her in when our teacher placed us together for a group project. She was a very attractive girl. she was about 5'2 and had the sexiest blonde hair you have ever seen. And her brown eyes you could just stare into for hours. our group met every week for study, and she always wore these super tight tops much to tight for her large breast(about 32dd).

Ive fantasized about her almost every day. thinking about her smooth pale skin, her plump little ass. Her thin waste line. Oh Cour... Continue»
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Our first trip to a nudist beach!

This is a true story of last weekend, beautifully written by my gorgeous sub for me. It was the first time we'd ever gone to a nudist beach, and had expected to sit some distance away from others, but maybe let others watch us play.
But that's not what happened, and resulted in an unplanned MMF situation, which was surprising, but very hot!
However, I have told her, that as my sub, the next time she feels the urge to suck a strangers cock, she must ask first - no matter how horny she is or how carried away in the moment, or she will be punished severely.
(And a note to the friendl... Continue»
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After the holiday.....a night out

Debs slammed the front door shut as she stepped out. Another day, another argument. It had been this way since they returned from holiday and Debs had told her husband about her secret meetings with the boys. She’d told him because she loved him and didn’t want to keep them a secret from him especially as they were now back home and she would never see them again. Her husband hadn’t reacted well though and every time she was going out he made some comment or other was made which subsequently led to an argument about her ‘secret’ meetings whilst on holiday. Tonight was one of those nights, ... Continue»
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Kiki & Me - Chapter 1

Chapter One
I Found Her

“I met this girl name Kiki, I guess u can say she was a sex fiend…I saw her in the online chat room masturbating with a magazine….”
Inspired By: Prince
Title: From the song “Darling Nikki”

It was the heat in her loins that drove her to look for pleasure and contentment on AFF. She perused the ads looking for someone to vanquish the year-long flames that consumed her. In her search through the online catalog of men, she found her. There were many men of different backgrounds, shapes and sizes in proximity to her, but it was only one person she conta... Continue»
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Kat sees Becky a 34yrs 5'6" about a buck ten nice tits great ass red hair Kat's answer to a deep long dream, in the store. Becky has a short dress open in the back low in the front enought to see lots of tit with a man kinda a wimp buying flim Kat can hear them talking Becky saying come on we will be late and I really don't want to hear your mom bitch! Kat being Kat walks up behind Becky while they are in line and indrictly runs her hand over Becky's ass OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY Becky looks at Kat and just smiles and as the guy is paying they talk Kat sak her name OH I'M BECKY HARRING AND WHO ... Continue»
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With a little help from my friends

My girlfriend & I are both in our early 60s but we still are sexually active.
We fuck every day but she refuses anal. I try but her arse is too small for my 9 incher. We recently moved into another village & were invited to a local pool party to meet our new nieghbours.
Everything was going well until the drink came into play. Slowly. one by one the woman there started taking off their tops & showing off their floppy tits.
Most of the folks there were also in their 60s so we felt well at home.
My girlfriend took her top off & I was the first to drop my trunks.
As the night... Continue»
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Neighbors Hear Moaning as Girlfriend Gets a New To

I was in the midst of a separation from my first wife and had been seeing a FWB from work for a few months now. I was her supervisor when we first started fucking and I have to tell you, that added so much excitement to the relationship. We had sex all the time, we even fucked a few times at work. She was amazing, so responsive, so dirty, and I loved the way she would talk sweet and dirty. She was a smaller BBW with curves in all the right places. She was built for sex, five foot six, 40F breasts that were magnificent and dense for their size, a big tight ass, barely a tummy even after two k**... Continue»
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15 Advance to the a****l,

15 Advance to the a****l,
I have a friend, not everyone can say that, but I do and I met the lady on hamster. She refers to herself as a “total slut” which I don’t agree with, but there if that`s what she wants to be known as, fine by me.
Friends on hamster are a misnomer; I have registered on my profile 50 odd “Friends” one or two very odd as it happens, but only two I have that I think of as real friends, one a cross dresser in the USA, with whom I can share any inner thoughts and I hope he with me, this lady with who I have shared more than one climax, and another more of an acquain... Continue»
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A Cold Day in Hell.

How much longer would he make me wait?

Kneeling, naked and blindfolded, on the bathroom floor. I could argue with myself that I didn’t deserve this but I did. Being tired is never an excuse to question him or to refuse to do a set task, but today the brat reared her head and that was that.

The look came out, then the order and now here I knelt, waiting for him and his displeasure.

I could hear muffle sounds from the bedroom for a few minutes before the bathroom door open.

“At least you can follow some orders.”

I half opened my mouth to make some smart reply but snapped it shut;... Continue»
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Me and Aunt Sydney (fiction)

You need to read valentines surprise to see how this all began.

I was on my way home from work when I decided to visit my aunt Sydney. I called her to let her know that I'm on my way. "Hello Sydney." "Hello lover. How are you feeling?" "I'm alright. I just called to let you know I'm coming to your house." "really, what would you like to do lover?" "first I'd like you to suck my dick in your front yard. That means I want you totally naked waiting for me to pull into the driveway. I'll be there in ten minutes my little cunt." "I'll be waiting lover." Sydney dashed upstairs to get ready for me... Continue»
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Graduating from bi curious to bisexual and Hedo Ja

Never in my mind did I think I would be bisexual.

The first experience in kissing a woman was the first time I went to a swing club. I was riding my mans cock and a female started to kiss me and feel my tits. It was something I never experienced at all in my life. Riding a cock and kissing a woman for the first time.
We would go to another swinger second time. This time I had another new experience. We met a couple and the female eventually are my pussy. First time I had a female go down on me. That by itself was a new experience...but had another one as well. My man and the othe... Continue»
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