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The road to lesbianism, my 2nd taste

This is a true story

2 weeks after my crazy night with Maricruz I was aching for her to touch me agian. We had been sending each other dirty text and emails, and I couldn't stand being away from her. We made plans to meet up at the movies. It was the last week before "Zodiac" left the theaters. Oh how I love Jake Gyllenhaal.

As we sat in this empty movie all I could think about was fucking her. I wanted her. I yearned for her. To touch her, and be touched by her. I wanted to have her clit in my mouth more than I wanted my next breath. My passion for her was incredible. I was trying to c... Continue»
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A hard worker, totally diligent and outrageous behind closed doors. Problem was, she didn't have anyone to share that 'craziness' with.

She, is Ivy. Ivy is a senior at her high school, and in her own rights beautiful. With mid-length wavy brown hair and penetrating brown eyes. A beautiful smile and perfect teeth. Her breasts are modest, not huge but not tiny. About a 38b. Her only downfall is...her weight. Ivy is a little over weight, but curvy enough to pull it off. Her weight holds her back from nearly everything, especially when it comes to believing in herself. Incredibly smart and out... Continue»
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My mate and I had been out checking extinguishers and were on our way back to the station in the brigade 4x4 when our

pagers shrieked to announce an emergency. Chris was driving so I read the message - Structure Fire and I read the address.

Chris took his eyes off the road briefly. "Shit, that's in your street". I felt the the car speed up as he gunned the

motor. Within a minute we were in the station gearing up and climbing onto the truck. Within 3 minutes we had a crew of 5

and were on our way, lights and bells. The radio came to life "Be advised we have multiple exchange cal... Continue»
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Hannover (germany) fair

Read this morning that the CEBIT is on again in Hannover Germany this week, did remember an fucking episode from some time ago!

I was at the Hannover fair show CEBIT in Germany 15-20 years ago. There was this porno showplace called the "Die Drehscheibe", (Turning plate), I was interested and got in late that night. The show was a simple one with the girls getting on the turning plate and then undressing and after a while spreading their legs and showing their cunt for all that were sitting around the table. Rather nice since everybody got a good view. Just posing girls. The chairs were plac... Continue»
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Penny Michaels

Author unknown.

My name is Penny Michaels and I live with my aunt outside of Chicago. My life seemed to be pretty normal for a person who lost her parents at a very young age. I don’t really remember them very well and no one has really explained to me what happened to them. I’ve been dating a guy named Jim for the last several months and it seemed our relationship was starting to get serious. I was hoping he would pop the question soon and turn me into a bride.
This all changed rather suddenly when he asked me to fool around in rubber. Although I thought this a bit strange I agreed after ... Continue»
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Getting To Know Her

It was cold that evening. We had been chatting for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to meet. She agreed to have me come over to her place after work. We'll call her J.

It was dark when I pulled up to her building. I had to look hard to find her buzzer in the orange light by the door. When she answered, I announced myself. She gave me directions to her door and buzzed me in.

When I rounded the corner, she was waiting there in her doorway. We said hello nervously. J invited me in and I took my coat off. We sat side-by-side on the couch and made small talk.

After two minutes, she ... Continue»
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I needed to pass highschool

Jimmy was your typical highschooler he tried to lay low from all the popular jocks who tried to mess with him. He was not the best looking guy he was about 5’10 and slightly overweight with some acne. But he did have his tight knit group of friends. His grades were not terrible but he needed to pass geometry and chemistry to not go to summer school or fail sophomore year. One day during his study hall his dean Mr. Vantage called him down to his office to discuss his failing grades. While he was there he just tried to tune him out and all his yelling then all of a sudden he stopped ,looked at J... Continue»
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Ja i mój penis

Dumą i troską każdego faceta jest jego penis. Męskość: wszyscy o tym rozmawiają, wszyscy faceci zastanawiają się czy wielkość ma znaczenie. Czy ich penis nie jest zbyt mały, zbyt krótki, itd... Kobiety, choć większość oficjalnie zaprzecza również zwracają uwagę na wielkość - choć podobno tylko obwód jest ważny. Ja tego nie wiem - moja żona nie narzeka.
Przedstawiam Wam poniżej mojego członka [Ze szczególną dedykacją dla Kasi]:

fotki mojego penisa

Ale, choć moje Kochanie dba o niego mocno, zarówno rękoma, językiem jaki ustami; czasem jak każdy facet mam ochotę zrobić to samemu...Nieste... Continue»
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Beth Has Ice Cream

Beth loved going down to Gwen’s house. Her apartment was so cool and clean, with no k** clutter in all the corners. Even when Beth’s house was picked up, it still lacked the elegance of Gwen’s. Gwen’s bedroom was pale shades of blue and white, with an enormous bed taking up most of the room.

Beth had a strange fascination with Gwen’s breasts. They were so different from the hard muscular chest she was used to. She loved their softness, and the way she could take the nipple in her mouth and feel it grow hard as she sucked it. She spent lots of time fondling and sucking Gwen’s breasts... Continue»
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DOGGING - (wedding suprise) pt3

The nite had been sereal,i walked back to my car,sitting there in the dark i watched as james and Sue drove out,i was feeling really odd elated yet scared and thinking i really did'nt want to face Sue.What had i done to her,would she be angry worse would she leave me,i convinced myself she would have stopped things if she had wanted,i passing all blame to her.

I luved watching her being used and being part of the users as it were,my mind raced,had she enjoyed it i knew she was keen to fuck James but would'nt admit it but with everything else was it too much.She feared being labled a dogging... Continue»
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I finally lose my virginity

In September of 1968, I return to Washington University for my sophomore year. Although I dated a few ladies my freshman year, my virginity was still intact. Freshman year included a season of competitive swimming, where I first met Linda. She was going out with a diver and liked to hang around the swim team. Well, who wouldn't? Young men in the prime of life wearing at most 6 ounces of nylon and college life in 1968... yep, it was interesting.

Following year her boyfriend was gone and Linda and I started hanging out together... mostly bridge and coffee. One time I shared my woes with her a... Continue»
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Feeding The Fish

So last summer my neighbours went on holidays for a week and asked me to feed their fish while they were gone. They gave me a key and i had the perfect opportunity. I entered their empty house, went straight upstairs and found her bedroom. I had a hard on just from being in the room she has been fucked so many times in. I searched her pantie drawer and picked up a handful, inhaling the smell. I found the sexiest pair of panties i could and wrapped them around my raging hard cock. I started masturbating furiously while inhaling the smell from another pair of panties and licking the area her pus... Continue»
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sad customer

I was working late one Tuesday night at my bar. and it was a busy night and I was rushed off my feet hours later things died down and pretty soon the bar and lounge was empty.. so I decided it was time to close up a d go home. After sweeping and mapping the floor about t put my shutters down a lady came to the bar and asked f I was still open... she was a hot mature cougar and she seemed upset so I decided to stay cor a while and give her a drInk... the hours went by and the drinks kept coming she opened up to me and told me she had found out her husband was having an affair.. I said to her li... Continue»
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Mall Bathroom . . . Part 1

This story is about the first time I had sex.

One day, early on a Friday actually, I was strolling through the mall after a half-day of school. Since it was, after all midday, not many people were around. A few older couples and singles, the employees of course, some harried looking moms with whining toddlers, and a few girls who I'd glimpsed before around school, annoyingly giggling whenever I passed them. I guess a eighth-grade guy is banned from walking around a mall alone for some reason. Like it's evil that I was shopping for a sweater, some jeans, and then meeting up with my friends f... Continue»
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Fucking My Friend's Girlfriend - Part 1

Things were cooling off for a little while, since I mostly chalked up the incident at the party to a side-effect of the vodka we'd drank and also since I was too nervous to bring it up. My morals aren't exactly strong; I'd feel guilty if I were the one pursuing my friend's girlfriend and she so much as gave me a handjob, but if she kept coming to me, I could have her bent over the couch while my friend was in the bathroom without even questioning it. (No, it never came to that. I wouldn't have minded if it did.) For at least a month, though, nothing happened.

But then my friend and his girl... Continue»
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The circumstances of this story I'm about to tell you happened the way it actually did. I know you'd probably find that hard to believe, and perhaps if I were the one in your shoes, I too would consider all of what I'm about to tell you a big, stupendous lie. Someone's concocted fantasy put down on paper for everyone to read. Too frivolous and utterly ridiculous to ever be taken seriously. But it happened and it's all through... because I saw it happen to my girlfriend, Sarah.

Sarah and I had known each other for a long time. An amazing woman, at twenty-one, she had the body of a silk-scree... Continue»
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This story is fantasy,apart from i have taken pics outside and a friend does own this property.

Taking Sue out one spring afternoon for a another naughty photo session,they always end in a bit of outdoor sex.I had arranged with Rodger to take her to an old church yard on the edge of his village not far from his ex-village police house.

I had known Rodger from my footbal days,he was a dirty bugger still single and did'nt know Sue.My plan was in place,Sue dressed in a smock top as a dress it was very short,the hem just below her shaved pussy and her stocking tops in full view and no underw... Continue»
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My wife and the parts man

My wife used to bring my lunch out to me every day I noticed she was paying particular attention to our parts man. One time I heard her ask the parts guy when he was going to take her out to lunch. He had no idea that my wife was a nymphomaniac anyway after her asking him a few more times one evening she told me he was going to bingo I never thought anything of it because she did go occasionally. She started going to bingo three nights a week I found out what was going on when I opened the shop up one morning seeing my tire tracks going into the shop didn't take me long to figure out what wa... Continue»
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Nudist mom sees sons erection

As the only son of a single mom in collage in the 1960's I got to do and see a lot of things. So when our camping trip was to a nudist camp I knew about them and I didn't show how excited I was thinking about seeing naked girls, and girls close to my age. There were lots of magazines of naked adult women, but none for girls. I didn't think about my reaction erections wold be seen as well. We got there in the afternoon and didn't see much of anyone else. The tents were s**ttered around, old fashion wall tents on raised wooden decks,there was a fire pit and wood a small restroom shower was nearb... Continue»
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Tell me one of yours

You make me watch you fuck a slut while she eats my pussy and I finger myself till I cum all in her mouth. The whole time you are fucking her you are telling me how you are going to fill her pussy up with cum just so you can watch me eat it out of her. After you fill her up you make me eat your hot cum out of her pussy.

Then we both suck and lick your cock, balls and ass until you get rock hard again. Then I ride you while she fingers my ass until I gush all over your cock. Then when you are about to cum you throw me over and stand over me while you shoot your cum all over my tits and face... Continue»
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