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My Friend Saw My Wife’s Naked Pictures on my

I was going on a fishing/ camping trip with a bunch of buddies, and my buddy Dave and I were riding, and tenting together. We had both taken the day (Friday) off from work so that we could leave early, and make the long trek to the campsite, and start getting things set up. We made it to the camp, and we were riding around getting water and firewood, and etc. I pulled out my Blackberry to show Dave one of the videos I had on there of a girl walking into a laundromat and pulling up her dress to reveal her naked pussy and boobs, and turn slowly around in a circle, then walk out pulling her dress... Continue»
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Momma's Piesbydaddyslittlebitch©
"Come on boys," I heard my mom shout from the next room, "Pies are almost ready."

I rushed to put down what I was doing and could hear the eager running feet of my two elder b*****rs hurrying to join us. Mom's pies were something really special, a treat that we were all only to eager to eat up. We raced into the living room together and there we three were met with quite a sight.

My mom lay on her back on the dining table. She was completely naked except for a white lace garter belt holding up a pair of white stockings. Those stockings covered her gorgeo... Continue»
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My very first experience with my classmate

I always had a crush on my classmate.Being one of the most popular boys of the school,it was even a privilege to be a friend of him...I kinda fell in love with him,when the days he was absent from class,the school days were so long,time wasn't passing..without his presence,it felt like being in prison,jail...

My mum was a working single parent,so i had so much time to spend alone,by myself at home after the class....I was discovering my curves as a hormone-fueled teen in front of the mirror and observing what was happening to my body,this transition was scary but on the other hand,it was ha... Continue»
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office affair

I sat in my office one morning when me new p.a knocked to report for her first day. she was a short petite dark ebony woman aged 26 looked like she had a very toned body as her fomal dress hugged her body tightly to expose a perfect round ass as she walked away.

i leaned over my desk to catch the last sight. Sitting back i was mesmerized. I ran through the cv the interviewer brought me. Her name was nozi. had a few years experience on the job. as the day passed we sat down talking during tea and lunch getting to know one another.

3 weeks passed as she pitched up one day late. apologising... Continue»
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The wife's away, but I can't play!

I was woken up this morning by the feeling of my cock and balls being played with.

Very nice, I thought, till I felt something pinching my skin. OK, she's sticking a cock ring on or something, so I just lay there and enjoyed the sensation. I didn't think too much of it when she massaged my cock with a well lubed hand either. It was only when I heard a clicking sound that I got more suspicious.

Oh well, I wasn't going to complain as I felt a finger slide into my ass, then 2 and finally 4 in there as far as she could push them. I relaxed and lifted my ass a little expecting to receive a fi... Continue»
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Jennifer (Part 4)

Chapter 4

That night she dreamed of having a master who was having sex with her. She woke up several times only to realize that it was a dream. It was peculiar, however, that she felt a certain feeling in her vagina. She wondered if perhaps she hadn't been masturbating in her sl**p as she had seen in the illustrations in the book. When she got to that section she tried what was shown and decided that she could do it if asked but that it didn't feel good as the book indicated.

The next morning she awoke late. She could tell from the ambient light outside of the stable. As soon ... Continue»
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Ture Video booth adventure.

My husband and I went to a German video store that had a few booths in the back. I wore a cotton flowery dress with a lace front covering my boobs and again, nothing underneath. We walked a around the shop looking at the videos and toys. There were four guys shopping around and a older lady as the shop clerk. The guys acted as if they didn't noticed that I had unlaced the top part of my dress. I entered the largest of the booths with my husband but left the door partly open. I popped out my boobs and didn't have long to wait before one of the men came in. The first guy was a strong da... Continue»
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Cousin Once

Well there are many details of this fun period but I will try to keep it short and sweet. Back in my younger days (12-14) I had a cousin by marriage that was attracted to me. She was always trying to find ways to come over and hang out. I never paid much attention to her back than. If I would have probably could have gotten her to do anything I wanted. Last year we ran in to each other and no longer are related by marriage anymore but parts of the f****y still consider her f****y cause she has a s****r that is my cousin by bl**d before the divorce. We ran into each other and we were both marri... Continue»
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Baby Machine

Tess was twenty three and already had five babies. Her husband was forty five and loved when he knocked her up each time. He had met and married her when she was young and innocent and his desire for sex was so intense. The first week of the marriage he fucked her day and night. He had his cock or fingers in her cunt all the time. When he wasn't fucking her he was eating her young pussy. His cock was long and thick and stayed hard with no problem. He loved to see his c***d growing inside her and watch her already big tits grow huge as they filled with milk. He liked when he laid on his back an... Continue»
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Summer Job

It was supposed to be a summer job. Easy money for when I went back to college in the fall. My father knew the guy, old connections from when he was in college. Introduced himself as Mr. Donaldson. He seemed nice enough, always smiling and laughing. I figured, why not. Couldn't be as bad as working fast food.

Mr. Donaldson was probably in his early 50s. An inch or two over six feet, salt and pepper hair and a nicely trimmed goatee. He had a bit of a beer belly that jiggled a bit when he laughed, which was fairly often. Always immaculately dressed, he seemed like he'd be a good boss to work ... Continue»
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True Stories: Rachel and a Co-Worker

“He knows,” Rachel said to me over the phone.

“Who knows?” I asked. “And what does he know?”

“David,” she replied. “He knows that we’re swingers.”

“How is that possible?”

“He said something to me about my black dress and our checkered curtains. He must have seen our photos online, and put two and two together.”

One of the fears that couples have when they decide to become swingers is that other people will discover their dirty little secret. Of course, if you run into a familiar person at a swinger party or get “outed” by someone discovering your photos on a swinger’s website, t... Continue»
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My fantasy pt 1

This is my fantasy based on finding out one of my friends was gay.

My friend Nick was always a little 'different'. We took the piss out of him as lads do, but he had a very sexy Indian girlfriend who he claimed to fuck regularly so we never suspected he was anything other than straight.

One summers day I visited Nick as I was in the area. He was wearing shorts and was more serious than usual. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had split from his girlfriend. I said that was sad and that I had liked her (in fact I regularly wanked thinking about her!). I asked him why they had spli... Continue»
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Helping Hand

Back around 1986 I happened to be in Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the army.They have a real nice gym complete with a steam room one for men and one for women.After my work out I got undress and went in and laid down on a bench in the middle of the room.I was the only person in there,I got a little sl**py and started to have a real erotic dream.
while this was happenning another soldier came in and I did not hear him.I must have been semi hard from my dream as the guy came over to me and reached out and shook my cock a little and said kinda warm in here huh.All I could do was moan in the posat... Continue»
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My beautiful pet earned another discipline yesterday. My dear friend, beautiful lady who knows how to punish naughty ladies, suggest me how to discipline my pet, and to teach her who is in charge. This all post is dedicated to this lady. Down there is the text to a dear friend sent to her e-mail:

OK, here we are. Let me describe how was it. But first, mom say thanks to you, say she is very grateful for her whipped and sore pussy, and she love you so much (I don t think she is sincere, I can bet she hates you so much :) ).
Discipline was divided into 2 parts:

She lied down on he... Continue»
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Guess I shouldn't have given those cops such a hard time last night but I was d***k and pissed off and lost control a little so when they got me back to the station after taking my info and all they shoved me into a holding cell there were three cells two empty but the cop stuck me into the cell that was occupied after the door clanged shut I saw who occupied it...It was a huge black guy and boy was he pissed off ranting about how that white pig of a police officer took him in just because he was black...blah blah blah I went into a corner and tried not to let him see me as I... Continue»
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The Genie

Darren awoke to a blaring alarm clock. Fighting the urgent pull to stay under the warm covers, he swung both feet onto the floor and reached over shutting off the alarm. 6 a.m. and the beginning of another exciting November Tuesday.

In every respect it was another typical day in the never-ending cycle of workweeks. Shower, masturbate, shave, dress and run out to the freezing vinyl bench seats in his ancient beater of a car. It had been the same cycle for six years now. College had been an exciting litany of girls, beer, and d**gs but somehow left him ill prepared for the monotony of living... Continue»
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My Irish Bonus

I stared at an empty computer screen. It was hard to get back to work after a wild weekend like that. That was the wildest time I'd had since my ultra horny college days.

Back then they had just super charged my balls. My doctor discovered my scrotum needed to be untwisted. After that it was like having a second puberty. I thought I had a big erection before then. Plus I would soon discover an extra bonus.

My first girl friend in college didn't have much going for her in the face department. In fact she may have been the ugliest girl on campus. But "Irish" ma... Continue»
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fuck me

Touch my pussy
Mmmm, spread it wide
I can hardly wait
To feel you inside

Your warm, moist tongue
Your hot, steamy breath
I wanna feel your cock
Fucking me to death

Rub my nipples
Pinch them tight
God, all I want
Is to be your whore tonight

I want your cock inside me
I wanna inhale your seed
I've got what you want
You've got what I need

Rock this bed
Rock my soul to the core
Slap my ass, fuck me deep
And call me your whore

Tell me you desire me
Tell me you want me
Tell me our sex
Will forever haunt me

I give you my body
I give you my soul
Now gi... Continue»
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Cuckolded By My Daughter

After her mother abandoned us when was in her mid-teens, my daughter Katie slipped into her role in our life -- cooking, things like that. And eventually she took her mother's place in my bed, and became my lover.

Not long after Katie's 18th birthday, I came home from work to hear the sound of orgasmic moaning coming from our bedroom, and Katie's voice moaning "Oh yeah...OH YEAH...Right there...I'm gonna cum!" Now, Katie often talked to herself while masturbating, so I didn't think anything of it, but walked casually to the bedroom. The door was open a crack, and I peeked in at her, in ... Continue»
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Fantasy about my wife and black co-worker

When we first moved to Georgia 20 years ago my wife (her pics are on my profile) got a job as a counselor working with first time juvenile offenders. Part of her job was taking them primitive camping one week a month. They stayed in the woods in tents 5 days at a time. She always had a male counselor going too. His name was Greg a black male in is 30s at the time and most of the offenders were black males.
Greg and I became friends and were emailing each other and he told me how he enjoyed working with Sue and how good she was with the k**s and also I was a lucky man she was a very attractive... Continue»
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