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The Smothering of Sasha part 2

The Smothering of Sasha pt 2

The Mistress firmly planted herself on top of Sasha’s cute face, gently rubbing her intimate area on Sasha’s nose and mouth in a circular grinding motion. She was using the traditional and favourite straddle position, with her knees and thighs wrapped around Sasha’s little head, so that she can look down upon her victim’s face, occasionally giving a gentle caress or repositioning her head so that it fits snugly. All throughout the session, Sasha was too afraid to meet the gaze of the Mistress, looking down most of the time, while not uttering a sound except fo... Continue»
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talking yo Nigel


Hello My Worthless Whore Deedraa glad that you have been a anal slut for those Nasty Italians hope that your arse was filled with nice cum and that your arse gaped nice afterwards just like a Worthless Whore's arse should your Nigel would enjoy being nasty with your arse so much would open it up and cum and piss into it hope that makes you feel so Worthless and a Used Whore as well. Glad that you want to be a Bitch as well for your Turkish friends tell your Nigel all about hope that you got so used by them. Love and Kisses to My Worthless Whore Deedraa from your Nigel.

2:49 pm, ... Continue»
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I got so out of hand... Literally... That I hit send too soon. Sorry if I left you hanging. ;-)

So where were we? I'm trailing kisses down your body and my hands are gently stroking your arms, your chest, and making their way to that throbbing cock that has invaded my dreams for far too long. The tip is dripping and I take it in my mouth. I've waited so long to taste you, I am about to explode. I'm so hungry for your cock, but I want to make this last forever. My mouth closes around your head and my tongue circles it. You taste delicious. It's all I can do to not suck you hard and dry righ... Continue»
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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #5b

In the continuation of the last day of rule by Mistress Marina we are all one lovers in a threesome
We wake up in each others arms, take turns to please each other as best as we can all day and night
We become an ideal triple: two tasty great girls of only twenty - both very dearly submissive to me
In fact we stop to care whose role it is to be Master or Mistress and Servant or Slave in our play!

Pure love rules the last few days of our love holiday of trying SM relations and sex in Spain/b]

With two willing wanton sexy slaves the rules of our game stopped to apply - they cared a
... Continue»
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Day Off Pt. 2

"You made a mess, but I think I cleaned most of it up." Rocco flashed a cheeky grin as he licked a last bit of cum from the side of his mouth.

Nacho couldn't believe what a cockwhore his friend seemed to be. After working together in porn for years and even fucking girls together off set, he'd never imagined Rocco would be so into dick, balls, and cum. Rocco and Nacho were known as some of the freakier porn actors and directors. They'd never had issues fucking girls together, rubbing cockheads in a woman's mouth, having their balls touch while they DP'd a chick. But (as far as Nacho knew) ... Continue»
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Fun at the Part

He hated being dragged to things like reunions and picnics but she always
seemed to manage to convince him to come through greatly thought out
bribes. This night was no different. The 4th of July celebration at the
community park was one of his least favorite events. He had much rather
stayed home and watched the fireworks on television between fucking
sessions. She had promised him that she would make it worth his time. He
had no idea what she had in mind.

Throughout the day she teased him, rubbing up against him, kissing him
deeply, and anything else she could do to remind ... Continue»
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The beauty of maturity Part 1 Fiction

My eyes were closed as my mind wandered in an intense slumber, dreams of beautiful women, lewd interactions, and intense outcomes. My mind was that of heaven. I laid motionless in the covers of my bed, a small glint of a smile peeling across my face. My dream seemed more intense than what had seemed real. I could feel my hips moving in a consistent pattern. Something was swaying the reactions of my dreams. My body quickly reacted, my eyes opening as I awoke.

My eyes were blurred from the intense light of the room, the door closed and locked, the window curtains wide open to let in fresh li... Continue»
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shower slut 4

i released my perfectly tight ass hole and lent back straigt back and back and back till oop giggle i felt his balls touch mine 'i love having you fill me up mr ' i said while grinding up against you like a mad man bucking and thrashing i slap my arse over and over then withdraw off your tusk 'plz mr will you lay on the floor plz :) ' you did what i asked much to my happiness so i straddled you one foot either side 12 inch of raging black cock under me! I grab you and guide you to my hole pause rub a little to open me up a bit spit on my fingers and lube up my ass then BANG ive sat on all your... Continue»
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Every time the phone rang at Justine’s bookstore, her heart leaped. It had been three days now and not a word from Gertrud. Évelyne was probably right, the German woman had an office full of willing lesbians at the Majestic (the Parisians called it Hotel Gouine [Dyke Hotel]). Why would she get into trouble seeing a French girl, especially one who was suspect in that she worked in a bookstore. Justine thought of ways to get into the Majestic but that would be dangerous and Gertrud would not approve.
Finally late one day, just before closing, the phone rang.
“Justin... Continue»
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Fit to be tied up

This a true story!A few years ago i worked in a bar in Atlanta.One night these two hot looking woman came in,well at least i thought they were both women.But anyway we started drinking i was about d***k so i got off work early!After about two hours of drinking and talking they wanted me to go home with them. I couldnt say no!I left my car i was to d***k to drive.When we got to thier home the blonde headed one asked me if i ever had a threesum i told her yea,Then wanted to tie me up?I said hell yea!I layed down on the bed an they took my cloths off. They tied my hands to the head board an sprea... Continue»
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At a Concert

"Nice ass, baby!"


You turn around to look, and there they are: four guys about your age, standing around smoking and drinking from a metal flask. One of them, a well-built man with a large hooked nose, looks you in the eye and licks his lips.

You don't really know whether to be outraged or flattered. You decide on a little of both, shoot them a smoldering look of "come hither boys", then turn around, shaking the mass of your shoulder-length brown hair, and walk away, with just a little more bounce in your step, a little more sway in your walk. Your ass bounces a bit as you e... Continue»
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The remainder of the British Army officer story

As you might guess I didn’t sl**p at all that night, what with the pain in my back and my womanhood and the loss of my dearest Michael. Morning and they came and used my mouth again instead of the outhouse. Sometime about midday I appealed to go to the outhouse, suggesting there would be a foul smell in the room if they didn’t. John took me. I could barely walk but he supported me and then watched while I performed. Throughout the day I was ****d as and when and where they felt like it. I was never untied so I soiled the bed but that didn’t seem to worry them. John f... Continue»
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The need

Well i got to 50 and realised after many years that i like to be the sub in a sexual relationship tp be used i suppose dommed and so much more.
never an easy road to take i suppose being rather shy.

i did dabble a little looking for the ONE but over the many years never having found the one to be Mistress of me the controller so to speak. i have spent most of my adult life in a semi chaste state. Masturbating at times to just releive and as i orgasm wishing to hear the voice of a Mistress telling to cum or not too as is her wish.

to be on my knees and taken even. this has happened in t... Continue»
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Office party

Working in an office has its advantages – loads of crumpet, some of it gorgeous and often wearing revealing clothes. As always there were always a few having a bit on the side, straight and lesbian, and it was because of this I had my first office fuck. We had a comfortable rest area and one Christmas I saw two women go there, obviously a bit d***k. I followed at a distance and when they’d gone in managed to spy on them through a window. The picture says it all, one had all but passed out and the other was either a lesbian or curious. When she’d all but passed out on the settee she tentatively... Continue»
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Sid and the big breasted celebs Pt.5- Zarine and A

Note:- All the stories of this series are fictional but the celebrities are real. 

It was a Sunday morning and I was still going over the happenings of the past month. I has fucked two of bollywoods hottest celebs- Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra. Suddenly my mobile rang. I picked it up and a girls voice replied," Am I speaking to Sid."I asked the lady who she was. She replied she was Zarine Khan speaking. My penis gave a great twitch of excitement as I recognized her. She was Zarine khan, the newest bollywood hottie. She is 5'8" in height and has one of the largest tits in bollywood. She sai... Continue»
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black massage.

hi i bought my gf a voucher for christmas to a full body massage at a local spa.
last night i went out with my friends for on of their bdays and i arrived home quite d***k and late.
she made me call up to arrange her full body massage this morning and she told me to tell them she wanted a black guy to do it because she wanted the FULL TREATMENT.
shes dressed in a miniskirt stockings and a lil top with some red slutty stilettos probably to get the peoples attention.
before she left she told me to write here a story of what id think and know i cant wait for her to come and im very horny as i... Continue»
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We went into the theatre and into the bar, I saw him almost immediately, he was standing talking to another man, the guy must have been in his late fifties, he nodded but made no move, he had a drink in his hand, Julia saw him and started to move towards him,
I caught her arm, “wait” I said, “why, he’s over there” she said, “I know and he has seen us so when he is ready he will either speak to us here or in the theatre” I said, “but why don’t we just go over and talk to him” she said, “because sweetheart, his wife died about 6 months ago and if that man is a friend of his ... Continue»
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Fantasy Time: Bi Girl Straight Dude Bi Gir

So I'm pretty bored and horny so I felt like I could share one of my many fantasies that I concocted in my dirty mind. I'll be sharing more of my fantasies in the future for sure, but this one has been on my mind for a while and has produced many successful fap sessions, involving two bi girls that I partied with a few times in my last year of high school and my first two years of college, allow me to introduce you..

- R -

R is a pretty cool girl, her and I were best friends through out elementary and middle school, then we slowly grew apart once high school started, she developed... Continue»
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The Office Girl

Scott woke with a startle... "Shit!" he thought, "I'm late for work". He looked over at the time, it was only 3am.. "bugger" he muttered... He lay there for a bit and images of the office girl Dianne were swirling around in his mind. He hadn't touched his wife in over 6 months, since he had started his devious plan to seduce the new office manager and laying there thinking about her had his cock stiffening and before too long he was fully erect.. "Fuck me, what am i gonna do with this"? he thought to himself. "Shit...." Scott wasn't interested in wanting to tap the missus or wank it off, but h... Continue»
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Bedtime-story collection

Today, I had a call on my cellphone from a person that I have not seen in a long time! The guy is 1.90m (6,3) tall, cute, intelligent, well spoken, and over all very sexy! Loves to get dirty sport socks in his face and on his dick! And to stand on his chest makes him even more turned on! A bit of stamping was also possible, but not over do it! That just would be to much ****! And i sometimes don’t know my own strength! I remember when i was wrestling with a friend last year, I got carried away and gave him a bleeding nose!

He ask me to come over and have some fun! Jump on my bike and drive... Continue»
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