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Hot Horse Ride - # 4

Naughty Nikita needed more merry sexy experiences after I rode her so hotly.
Her horny sexy stallion showed his interest, smelling the feromones from her blond furry fanny. Her sexy smells brought me back to lusty life as well.

While she gazed in amazement at that growing member, I told my nubile lovely looking cutie to get on all fours and arch her spine on offer and open up.
She sweetly obied my orders and expected hornily me to enter her hottest hole.

I didn´t dare to disappoint my merry mare and took her anal cherry as first.
Our moans magnified by the heavy breathing of the stall... Continue»
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My s****r visited.

Friday night me and my buddy are sitting around my apartment smoking and planning our night. We had money to get beer and more pot to make our night more enjoyable. Then just as I spark a joint my phone rings, its my mother.
"D, your s****r is coming into town tonight and wants to stay at your house."
"FUCK NO! Tell her to piss off im busy!"
"Im not asking you D, she wont get in your way just leave her at your apartment. Were bringing her by in an hour"
She hung up...... So I tell my buddy P about my s****r coming over. P and I are great friends, just out of high school we got ... Continue»
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fun with mother in law

As jilly sucked my cock I kissed and cuddled up to karen and I leaned forward to gently tease her nipples with my tongue, I sucked on karens nipples in turn as she held my head against her and my hand went down her body to her pussy. I could feel her pubic hair all wet and sticky,
'don't you dare touch her pussy' jilly ordered
'you too are going to be at my mercy' she laughed.
My cock was now very hard and stood to attention as jilly expertly wanked and sucked my cock
'you are a good boy, I haven't lost the knack of getting what I want' jilly said.
'now lets have some fun'
jilly went o... Continue»
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Twisted Fantasy??? Update 10/24/15

Hey again its the misses!!!
There has been a huge update... In case you haven;t read the original post, this fantasy involves me wanting my mo to see me and hubby while going at it. She has mentioned that she found our videos while she was borrowing out laptop but that was pretty much all that was said about it but the idea of her watching the videos was awesome!
Well...the other night, my husband had to go out of town overnight for his job. We watched How to get away with murder on the laptop which was hooked to our tv. During the episode, she came right out saying " Remember when I told yo... Continue»
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Message leads to massage! And more?

We wrote a lot with each other, right from the start. And often added hugs and kisses. Sometimes sexier. Like last time. I started to tease:

Sweet kisses to the back of your neck, my love: xxxxxxxxxxx
I wish I could kiss you all the way down your spine! Love - Peter

She responded soon. And eager like a brave brown beaver:

Hugs and Kisses and licks all the way down my spine to my bottom and around to the front and up to my waiting mouth, mmmmmmmmmm.

She sure send my mind wondering how we would do that?

Wow, Jenny you know what you like and how to turn me on!
You will need to be... Continue»
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Some guy's home

Some guy’s home

Helena and me were both alone that long week end, loving hubbies flew away on business; so we decided to go to a bar for some drinks on that warm Saturday night.

I dressed not so much conservative; black lacy underwear, a tight little dark blue skirt that stopped an inch higher than mid-thigh and a sleeveless strappy black top, with my favorite black high stiletto heels.

After some few margaritas, I found myself a little bit fuzzy and lost sight of Helena.

I was getting a bunch of young guys inviting me more margaritas: the cutest was well muscled and smiled away qu... Continue»
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That night at the restaurant was proving difficult. My girlfriend was trying to talk about something important, but I was distracted. Over her shoulder, at the next table, was the sexiest girl I'd ever seen.

Loren (as I later found out her name was) was in a stunning pink dress that showed of her sexy figure, and her beautiful face was made even sexier by a stylish pair of glasses. Just looking at her was making my cock so hard.

A little later, as I was leaving the men's bathroom, I saw Loren going into the women's. I couldn't help but follow her in there.

I startled her at first, and... Continue»
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The Infiltration


No, I'm not letting you go camping with your friends at Camp Parras this weekend," I said steadfastly. "The whole idea sounds like a recipe for trouble."

"Since I graduated, I feel that I can make my own choices, Mom," he retorted.

"But you still live under my roof. As long as that is the case, you will follow my rules," I replied.

It was an argument that my son Ken and I had been having for days. He had just graduated from high school, and several of his friends were planning to go camping at Camp Parras t... Continue»
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My First Grope

Now my husband has told you about how we got started in our way of life but what I didn't tell him for a long time what the first time I got groped and finger fucked. And of course how I returned the favor to him.

We have just been married for a few months and now we are in Korea for a year, a year long honeymoon for us and my gosh did we enjoy ourselves. We would go out every Friday night and have some drinks with friends and just talk the night away as well as dance our asses off.

We met our close friend when we got to the base and we became better friends ove... Continue»
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Helping My Girlfriend Discover Men & Go Black

Long past due here is part 3 of my story about my girlfriend Karma. If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 it might help to understand part 3 better.

This story takes places a little over a month after Karma sucked her first cock. Karma was almost addicted to giving blowjobs. She couldn’t suck enough cock. Over that course of a month she probably gave at least three blowjobs a day. Of course I couldn’t leave her have all the fun so I joined in. My black guy friends loved having this new eager little slut to suck their cock’s.

One night we had just come home from a party where Karma had just b... Continue»
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Give Me Your Tribute Please!

My husband and I fantasize alot!!! Tons, we not only "Make Love", but we Fantasize and play out fantasies, as well when we have sex we love to play!!! Recently while looking over my profile and seeing some other profiles I decided to add more pictures of myself. I had done it once before but chickened out and the only photo of me left was my PROFILE PHOTO of my torso and Titties, which are pretty good size and plump and ripe!
<P>I went though and adjusted my profile, got rid of some friends and looked and requested a select group of "New" friends, and then I added some more pictures of mysel... Continue»
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Remote Control Slave

(Part One)

If you had told me a year ago that I would become the remote control slave of a doctor a world away from my rural Alabama home I would have been too stunned to even laugh.
Yet here I sit on a bench in the center of the largest shopping center in the state looking on the outside like anyone else, but having my body largely controlled by the man I am permitted to refer to only as Master.
One part of me is glad it is late Fall, because that allows me to wear a long raincoat that covers much of my otherwise public debasement. Another part of me, the part... Continue»
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A Moving Experience

"Hello, Aardvark Moving Company. How may we help you," said the voice over the telephone.

It was the first entry in the phone book and Tracy couldn't be bothered to look further.

"Can you move our furniture across town tomorrow?" Tracy said in her rather abrupt manner, as she sometimes tended to do with 'hired help'.

"Well, that's rather short notice, madam. And tomorrow is Saturday. I am going to have a little difficulty in finding a crew."

"Could you please get one together, because I really need to move tomorrow? I don't care how much ... Continue»
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I have always considered "cum" to be kind of gross. I don't know, just the thought of it. When we got married, I would jack off my husband and sometimes, the cum would shoot on his face and in his mouth. I thought, glad it was him and not me! So I never thought much about it the first time I made him lick me to orgasm after he had cum in me. I didn't realize I was making him eat cum. He loves to lick my pussy, so he didn't complain. I just thought all guys liked the taste of cum I guess.
So one day, we went to an adult bookstore to look for a dildo or vibrator. I saw the curtained-o... Continue»
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My First Time Cuckolding with an Old Girffriend

An old girlfriend recently contacted me over Facebook, just to say hello and keep tabs on how our lives were going. We struck up a renewed relationship, and things were going well, very cordially, although there was always something in the back of my mind that had me asking myself what it would be like to be with her again, despite my commitments to my current partner. Then, during one chat session, she asked if I would call her. I did. We spoke several times over a few weeks-- she lived in a city a few hours from mine-- and, eventually, decided to meet for coffee (I would be passing thr... Continue»
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I like to watch

My wife Meg is a 5'2" with red hair and a 34-29-35 body
measurements. There's no fat on her at all. Her green
eyes make you want to melt when you look into them and
my buddies are always trying to see down her top or up
her skirt.

One night I got Meg pretty d***k when a couple of my
friends were over. She had on a pair of see-through
panties on. She was sprawled on the couch and I slowly
lifted her skirt up until my buddies could see she how
nicely she keeps herself clean shaven.

That got them going, my buddy Biff said he'd give me 500
bucks if I'd let him fuck her. H... Continue»
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Not quite cuckolding

I guess it would have really started right around when me and my boyfriend started dating. He showed me wifelovers and I posted a picture of my pussy after he ate me out for the tenth time that day. We continued to have learn each other's bodies and kinks. We would watch movies about cuckolding and look at picture on wifelovers.
I was always satisfied with our sex. He always made sure I got off, but I'm sure he could tell I was missing something.
I haven't really had sex with huge cocks but he's definitely small compared to others, I was missing having big hard cocks fucking me. Filling my ... Continue»
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My hubby two lowers

new experience ... I agree this game. receive two lovers blindfolded.

My outfit we chose together. White gown buttoned on the front light, dim up, Brazilian briefs, top, corset lace tied concealing my small breasts, flat shoes, long white mittens and of course the wolf white satin.
I'm nervous and kept asking the question of compliance guaranteed by our visitors ...." are you sure they are really friendly ... incapable of v******e "... excited and fearful imagination. ...
The room is comfortable king size bed and nice bathroom ... salsa Brazilian background music .. sweet warmth .... dim ... Continue»
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Frustration of a Middle Aged Man

Steve Green is 46 years old and for the first time in a long time he has the money and time to do what he wants. He is married to Lisa, his high school sweetheart, and the only woman he had ever had a sexual relationship with. He loved her dearly, but over the past 10 years their sex life had deteriorated from seldom to almost none. Lisa had never been very interested in sex, and now it took alcohol, and a lot of begging to get her to spread her legs for him. He was at an impasse with her over sex and it was starting to cause a great deal of trouble in their marriage.

The other parts of his... Continue»
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teen chavs

Living in the north east of the UK is great, there's loads of reasons why I love it here but for now, I'm only going to talk about one of the reasons.
Filthy chavvy sluts. If you aren't from the UK, you're probably unfamiliar with the term "chav" and if that's the case, give the term a quick google search.

If you can't be bothered to do that, I'll just quickly tell you that chavs are often portrayed as benefit scamming thugs who have a taste for cheap rip-off designer cloths. I've met enough to know that this description can sometimes be an untrue and cruel stereotype but in the story I'm ... Continue»
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