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Started very young while I was still innocent

I really get turned on with the thought of sex. Everything, about it arouses me to the point of CLIMAXization! It's been that way for me every since the age of about when I learned how to ride a bike. You see, the Only part of my life, and there is absolutely Nothing to not LOVE about life and that's a secret people need to understand, that I'm unfortunate about was having to live in a place other than Canada! I moved to my Gorgeous Canada when I was in grade 4, so pretty much prior to, "Oh MY Lovely CANADA, Home and NATIVE Land" I I was on the Eastern Hemisphere I believe that's how its said ... Continue»
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Masturbation Club, the second time

If you read my first post from several weeks ago, you might have been excited about what happened that first night. I had an invite by email about 4 days ago to attend a pre holiday get together this past weekend. I was able to attend, yet this time I had a better feeling about it as I knew what to expect.

Since my first session, my mind had been preoccupied with the thoughts of the first evening's events. Not a day went by without getting an enormous erection upon thinking of it. I had found that I was jerking off often as three times a day.

Anyway, I did arrive at this ... Continue»
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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 17

Trapped and Trained Ch. 17
Walking back into the suite, I felt the cold air blowing on my wet skin, causing shivers to flow through my entire body and goosebumps to pop up. Also, another undesirable effect occurred as I felt my nipples become hard as rocks underneath my bikini, which was a detail that did not go unnoticed by Vivian. As soon as the door was closed behind us, I heard the shower running, meaning that Mitch was awake. I felt her presence behind me and then her hands running up my legs and onto my ass, feeling the small bumps and continuing upward until her hands were atop my brea... Continue»
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wife called to a party and husband fucked part-1

this is kelly 33 <34 30 36>172 cms height 120lbs single mature female.
i own a beauty of my regular customer named sasha invited me to a
party. as his husband got a new bussiness project.
As u know very well parties r all about good food,wine,wodka and hungry/horny
As it is a rich people party i was well dress.i worn a nice black welwet gown
as it suits me well,
sasha introduced her husband robb,,, who was the spotlight.
so all the who arrived were enjoying themselves,,,,,with light music,drinks
and dance,,,,,
rob also joined to the dance floor to give me a ... Continue»
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peeping tom

I'd always gotten along well with my next door neighbors. They weren't really exciting people, but I liked them. There didn't really seem to be anything really exciting or unusual about them, but they were always friendly and outgoing.

The fact they had a sexy young teenaged daughter was icing on the cake, and admittedly, I sometimes felt a little twinge of about the fact that I would watch her in their backyard and jack off to her from my upstairs office window.

I later found out that her bedroom faced the same direction, and many times, I could see her undress from my same office win... Continue»
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Ballbusting Mother

Betty was fuming. The kitchen was a mess from where her 19-year-old lazy son Rob and his friends had eaten - after stumbling home d***k at 3 in the morning. She slipped into a t-shirt and knee-length shorts and set about cleaning up, barefoot, feeling the dirt on the floor grind under her soles, making her angrier still.

She was not pleased. The k** didn't work, didn't go to school and only thought about partying. As she loaded up plastic bags of crap and hauled them out to the trashcans in the dirt driveway, she got more pissed especially hearing her son's snoring come from his room. It wa... Continue»
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Caught Masturbating...CONCLUSION

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My German Desire

"Lets get to the car, quickly" you said. "I want to see them properly, to make sure they right".
"Hold on, what's the rush. I can put them on when we get home".
You stopped walking and turned to me, your eyes widened, and you stood, quietly for a second.
"You mean I have to wait, I don't want to wait. I told you I was buying something special, I've missed you. I have been working so much recently, and we just haven't spent enough time together".
S...... works away so much, I sometimes wonder if he is having an affair. But he is a passionate man, who, like most men, doesn't like the tho... Continue»
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Memories, part one

It all started when I was about eight, far too young at the time to understand what went on, but years after one can piece it together and realize the explosive situations I was involved in.

Firstly a bit of background.

I was brought up by my father’s parents, he was a merchant seaman and I was told, when I was old enough to ask questions, that my mother died.

My aunt, father’s s****r, was a businesswoman and she used to give respite to my grandparents during the summer holidays, my uncle and aunt used to rent a villa by the seaside where they would spend, on and off, the best part of... Continue»
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with my husband after marriage

5 weeks back i got married.i was in gown we were left in a room he just came near me and pressed my boobs and removed on te top and he was lick ing it and was pressing my boobs and he left merhen i shoed my ass hole and removed my panties he removed my gown and he took my legs and kept on the sofa i just took hands spreaded my ass hole then he rubbed his hands in my ties anhe kept his ass hole fingering then he suked my boobs then he licked in my ass hole then he was biting my boobs then he removed his under ware and let his penis out i was licking and sucking it then he sat on sofa i sat o... Continue»
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A Cop's Mistake

In the town that you live in the black gangs control everything, and the white people who live in their turfs, including yourself are owed by the black gangs.
Being a police officer you hated the situation more than most, but there was nothing that you could do about it. You had tried before and you just ended up being beat up and demoted to the traffic police, and after that no white police officer were allowed to wear a gun.
This afternoon you were called to a disturbance at a mall, and as you arrived there you soon recognized that there were some black thugs harassing some white guys, and... Continue»
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punished by parent in laws chapter 5 part 1

My Parents in Law thought it would be good therapy for me if I put pen to paper and recount some more of the humiliation and punishment I have received at their hands. Good for the soul, they said. As if I need to write it down. The images are firmly embedded in my memory bank. And probably on my backside as well.

Well, let me continue. Firstly, my darling Michael did arrive home on the Monday as planned, and seemed none the wiser for the humiliation and punishment I had received from his parents, Ben and Jane. In fact he was clearly impressed with the amount of time I had spent with them o... Continue»
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b*****r in-law and I

Introduction: Let me start off by explaining just a little bit. I have written stories under a different name on here but can’t seem to get into the account any more. If you by chance like what you read. Look up b*****r in-law fixes more than cars.

I have been fooling around with my b*****r in-law for over a decade now and know that what we are doing isn’t right but it feels so damn good. In the middle of this sexual encounter I even said that I wish it didn’t feel so good and right. I fit perfectly in his arms. It’s like we were meant for each other. This man makes every nerve in my body ... Continue»
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She walked in late as her dad stood waiting for her. He grabbed her by the hair and told her "Get into the basement. You are going to be punished. When you act like a whore you will be treated like a whore." She was scared as he d**g her down the stairs to the basement. He shut and locked the door. "Now take all your clothes off. I want you naked and do it fast. If I have to rip your clothes off you will be very sorry." She stood with tears running down her cheeks and removed her clothes. When she was naked her dad grabbed her and pushed her to the center of the room. "I want you to turn and s... Continue»
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How my wife made me into a cuckold......

My wife’s friends often ask her how I came to accept my place as a “cuckold”. Were we “always this way”. Was this something we “negotiated”? Are we “role playing”? Most of them are intrigued by our relationship and want their husbands to “move towards” this position in marriage. My wife usually says “it is just something we like”, but doesn’t tell the real truth of how this came to be. Because the real reason is that I was f***ed into being a cuckold against my will. It happened because of deep disappointment in our relationship, the v******e she inflicted upon me, and her threats to rui... Continue»
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Friends I am back with my new story. I've always fantasized about a Muslim woman Damned. It is a fictional story.Our two neighbours flat was empty anyway, One day in there a lady came with her 5 years daughter One day I saw her in burkh(hijab) only i see her eyes that was so beautiful. I make friendship with her.

Me: Hello lady im Rajesh ur neighbour.
Shazia: O i'm Shazia, she reply
Me: Where are u going rite now.
Shazia: She reply im going to admit my daughter in St. Andrews School from the last 2 days. Rite now i'm getting very late.
Me: Oh so u come with me, i help u to get ur daugh... Continue»
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Me And My Real Life mom


This is actualy not a story but a fact of life- (a biaography){-))
Me and my mom have ben having sex since as long as i can remember...
Im 20+y.o. (something) and my mom is 50+ y.o.
We werent alsways like this ,,, This all stared when I was 15 y.o.
At that time i realy didn;t care about girls, but oticed that my dick would get hard,, at that time we lived alone.. i never seen my dad...
so from that day i saw something strange happed to my mom ... she started dreessing better, (we have our small income) and i saw on the balcny (hanging out to dry) new lingery,p... Continue»
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me and wife never knew my mate was bisexual

me and ann had been married at the age of 18 and where now both 32 and we had experimented and loved to set up scenarios with people we knew and had fantasised off fucking
this night we had been clubbing and invited two couples and a girl we knew back to ours outside i met an old workmate and his mate and he asked if they could come back ann said yes wispering to me my mate allan was sexy even though he was about fifty i told her he had been to a swingers club liz fell out with john and he vanished as liz said he was probably away with some tart as i said to her never as she was so sexy she ... Continue»
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aisha's Vacation pt 1

This year was going to be my second time traveling back to my country for vacation the time before was great so I was looking forward to another awesome time, as I was talking to my cousin who was preparing everything over there for my trip he reminded me that the carnivals festivities where soon that even made it more exiting for me since I haven't been to them for at least 14-15 years ago. a couple of months before my trip I went to visit mom and dad and I also remembered that his birthday was in feb and didn't know what to give him, and I realized his Birthday coincided with my trip so why ... Continue»
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Letter to my Girlfriends Step-Dad

Hey Richard,

The flight home was fine. Thank you for inviting your step-daughter and I to stay at your house over Thanksgiving. I appreciate the offer to pay me for fixing your home office computer during our visit but like I said then there is no charge.

I’m glad you brought your computer up actually because while backing up your files before repairing it I found some interesting things. Yes I found your not very hidden collection of videos, stories and pictures you collect from all your favorite websites.

Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anyone like my future mother in law or my g... Continue»
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