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my fantasy...22

just as i get myself a cup of coffee
u walk in2 the kitchen
& i can feel the extreme sexual tension
that i always feel
whenever u are anywhere around me...
u press yourself against me
as u push me back 2 the counter
& guide my hand down 2 your crotch...
i moan
as my palm slides down over
the substantial bulge in your pants
& u groan
as my fingers grip your thickening shaft
& i stroke u slowly through the thin material...
u laugh & whisper
" wanna have sumthing creamy with your coffee !! "
i squeeze your cock again playfully & reply
" i just wanna suck the crea... Continue»
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is it lust or is it hot sex CHAPTER 5

I WAS RELEAVED CUSE THERE'S NO WAY SNOW COULD FOLLOW US NOW WAT ARE THE ODDS. but i spoke to soon wans agein snow wet finger was in my ass, she said it my day to go back to.
witch means we will be see each other on the buss agein and guess what i got some friends with me this time so watch ur self there extreemly horny lol'
then she bent me over and started fucking me i tried to resit but it felt so good. i started to moan loa... Continue»
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Messy Marriage

When I think about it, I realize that what's happened to me is really my fault. I married Vanna just over a year ago. She made a gorgeous bride. Only five-foot-four, she boasted sexy curves, reddish-blond hair that fell to her shoulders, and a soft, full-lipped face. I, on the other hand, was an unimpressive groom. At only an inch taller than her, with my slim build and limp brown hair, I'm nobody's idea of a stud. Even so, she loved me and was great in bed. Vanna even put up with my undersized dick and overly quick ejaculations. The single thing that bothered her was my obsession with cleanli... Continue»
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Mom the Unwilling Slut

It was a shitty day. My attempts at finding a job were as pointless as vacuuming your lawn. I just wanted something that paid enough to get the fuck out of my parents house, and stop dating Rosie palm. As I turned onto my street I was glad to see my parents car wasn't in the driveway. I DVR'd one of my favorite movies last night. It was one of those B movies where the bimbos drop their tops every time they turn around. This one had a fairly decent plot, and I despe... Continue»
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Eight Months

Brandon sighed as he laid down beside me. We had been dating nearly eight months now. Our relationship is great, except for one thing that seems to bother him. Right now, we are at my house studying, well supposed to be studying, for a big test tomorrow. Yes, a test. We’re both sophomores at the local university. Now this brings me back to the one thing that bothers him. In high school, when a relationship lasts past six months, theres a trend. The two of them start to have sex. Now with me and Brandon, were not in high school, but we haven’t exactly started. Its not that Brandon doesn’t want ... Continue»
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Tame story for the ladies

A little toned down sexy story for the ladies (and the guys who have a tame side). This one was harder to write because it the written form a daydream of mine ive been preoccupied with recently.. but I wanted to write something for those of you asking for a more romantic type style… Anyway, if you are looking for more hard core stuff check out my other 2 stories ;) plenty of lube and anal in those

First stab at a romance:

She looked up into his brown eyes - it wasn’t hard to do as he stood nearly a foot taller than her. She could have been content for hours just standing there, smiling u... Continue»
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Wife fucked by driver and watchman

I wanted to show off my wife to other men. I wanted them to catch her boobs from behind, kiss her navel, smell her armpits, lick her clitoris, sl**p with her, hug her. I fantasized hiding and watching them secretly while they did all that.When we travel together by train, due to the wind her saree goes off place and her navel is exposed. Though I see it I wouldnt tell her. I wanted other guys to look at her body. She falls off into deep sl**p during the journeys and her palloo comes down slightly which causes her cleavage to be visible. I do not wake her or cover it myself. I act as if I didn’... Continue»
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The awakening 2

The awakening 2
(Read part 1 to get the full flavour and if you don’t do pain look away now)
The day started with a bang, not sexual, not nice, but a huge bang as the door flew back and the room filled with bodies all uniformed all big and all armed and accompanied by a dog, which by the way is one of Chris’s phobias. Startled they were hauled naked from their beds, the men copping a good eyeful of Chris as she grabbed at a sheet to cover her nakedness while cowering from the slavering dog, a motion that did not go un-noticed by the handler.
Shouts in Mexican told them to dress, tho... Continue»
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Storia di un mio amico e sua zia

Avevo 18 anni e quel giorno non avevo affatto voglia di andare a scuola. Mia zia (allora 30enne), era una persona che mi copriva e mi aiutava sempre nelle dispute con i miei genitori nelle solite questioni giovanili, quindi l' adoravo, anche (direi soprattutto) perchè aveva (ancora le ha, nonostante l' età) delle gambe stratosferiche, che lei inguainava sempre con calze finissime rette da reggicalze (eh si, quando potevo spiavo anche nei suoi cassetti), che a me facevano letteralmente uscire di senno;lei mi faceva ricordare in continuazione la situazione vista nel negozio di intimo, però era s... Continue»
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That which we reject...

...can be the very thing which saves us.

So I dared to have a fleeting fantasy about a sexual relationship with an u******e girl, just cause... dunno.

It quickly came to center around an intention - to help this girl who had an awkward sexual encounter with her father, who was jerking off on his bed, when she walked in and, well, he triggered...

And this girl, like is happening these days, was starting to bloom a bit earlier than in generations, hell, decades past.... Her father was so mortified by it because he realized he was sexually attracted to his daughter, but only at the pu... Continue»
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I used to live in Bidar of Karnataka, along with my mom Renuka, 45 yrs and my elder s****r Preethi, 24 yrs. My dad expired long back when I was a k** and we used to get good income from agriculture which helped for our studies and everything. My mom is very religious and she always used to do pooja’s and visit temples and also baba’s, which she believed as god. My mom was very strict in her religious behavior.

My mom though in her forties maintained good body. She had good physique, long hair, and fair complexion and in a wa
... Continue»
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life is a beach

so there is this twenty year old girl i work with a very good looking girl with big tits and a nice round ass she is a good girl from a nice f****y. i talked to her a few times and i could tell she has alot of pent up sexuality. so we talk and we talk for months she has a boyfriend and dont want to cheat . she has only had sex with kno the story...needless to say she cheats after about four months...she has unbelievable pussy and it needs to b beat up and im the man for the ive been putting pipe to her for about 6 months now andl the weather in ohio is beginning to brake..w... Continue»
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Kiss My Breasts Please!

Hi everybody. My name is Lavanya Singh. I am 24 years old. I got married to a rich businessman last December. I live in a posh neighbourhood in Gurgaon. We are a happy f****y without any problem. We have a part time maid and a servant who is from a village permanently in our home.

My husband’s younger b*****r is studying abroad in USA. There is also my s****r-in-law at home and my saas , sasoor.

One day when I was walking in our garden in evening , rain started to fall. As there was no one in home I decided to get wet. I was not wearing any bra.I saw my servant bringing an umbrella and s... Continue»
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Double translate

Normally, they say: "Never go back to a damp squib". About this phrase can also be used on broken relationship / marriage tjaaa that I was shown a different feel this October day.

I was coming from the office just after noon. On the way to a reception later in the afternoon, a customer fills around and want to buy a few good bottles of wine. Before the reception, I stop by a law firm and finish the last details, with some signatures on some documents with ex-wife.
Decide to purchase Spanish wines. A Cava, a white wine and a red wine from the same house and of good quality. Under the arm ... Continue»
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It was 2022 when things started to get really bad. The United States and Great Britain had already waged two separate wars over control of the oil supplies, first in the Middle East during the 2000-2010 period…and then again in 2016 when oil was discovered in the South Atlantic off the coast of South America. Great Britain controlled the Falkland Islands of course, and Argentina had claim to them historically. When a massive oil cache was discovered off the shores of the islands, confrontation was all but imminent. Two years later... Continue»
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Entertaining M'Lady

As soon as i awoke the first conscious thought i had was of the unaccustomed weight of something in my loins; an odd constraint which meant i was not nearly as tumescent as perhaps i might be. Very much awake yet with my eyes still shut, my hand eased itself there so i could investigate. Of course i knew full well what it was, it had just not been sufficiently long for me to have become quite used to it. A hard plastic shell encased my most intimate part and though it strained to rise valiantly the shell prevented this. It prevented touch as well, i was constantly confined and being a... Continue»
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Mindy's Moving Day - CFNM Ch. 02

Author's note: I think this works as a stand-alone. I get my lily white ass reamed by a big black bull in front of my wife, her friend and my swim team. Delicious humiliation!

Mindy's moving day signaled a huge change in her life and the relationship I have with my wife, Debbie. That was the day we put on a real life show of me offering up my sissy ass while Debbie reamed it with Mindy's big strap-on. I'm still reeling from it all.

Debbie immediately offered our help on moving day when Mindy had announced her move to our town. I've known Mindy since I started dating Debbie in college... Continue»
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The office Meeting

AI walk into my office and much to my surprise see you sitting on my desk. I look bemused but appreciative at the same time. A hint of that sexy smile sets my pulses racing. You run your hands slowly up and down my legs, all the while moving them closer and closer to my aroused lips. You watch, a definite bulge rising in my pants. I begin to feel a bit uncomfortable, so you reach down to adjust it. You notice this, give a smile of appreciation, and move one hand to fondle and caress your breast I approach you, kiss you, your lips first, then your neck, weaving my way to your breasts. I throw... Continue»
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Revenge: Wife Screaming Contest (1)

by phantompantywanker

'Hello again, Elizabeth - or may I call you 'Liz'?

I'm sorry you are so obviously uncomfortable, being kept tied down on your back in this manner, and I can only begin to imagine how the circulation in your legs must be being affected by having them hoisted apart and in the air by those rough ropes around your ankles... And then there's your arms, lashed together beneath you - I bet that is driving you crazy, isn't it - have they gone 'dead' yet?

You see, Liz, - it's important that we stop you covering your breasts with your hands or arms -... Continue»
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He needed my Ass Badly

I chat with guys online all the time. I have a girlfriend i'm bi-sexual but she doesn't know. She think I'm only into women. I'm feminine. so is my girlfriend. I've been doing this for over two years. Just chat with guys all over the world. 99percent of them are trying to get me to take off my clothes. I do most of the time. Just to see what they would do. It's a lot of fun. I let my best friend Irene send her b*****r a picture of me. She told him he NEVER have a chance with me because I'm a lesbian. She doesn't know either. Jeff is in Jail for 2 and a half years. He asked Irene c... Continue»
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