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The Layover

On Monday, February 7th, I got an unexpected email. It was from a guy I
had chatted with online a couple of months ago. His email said that he
was in town for an overnight layover and that he was at the Embassy
Suites Hotel at Logan Airport and he would be leaving early in the
morning. John acknowledged that it was short notice, but gave his cell
phone number and asked if I wanted to hook up.

Though the email had come earlier in the day, it was around two thirty
in the afternoon when I saw it. I thought about it for a good half
hour before deciding what to do. I called my ... Continue»
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I Watch As Master Has Melissa Cum Experience L.A.

Master had a treat for his slut I brought him, she was an acquaintance of mine, Melissa. He was taking us away for a weekend of serious cock sucking. A visit to L.A. for the annual spearmint rhino greedy girls night and then onto Partners for more serious cock. We arrived at the hotel and settled in, slutty Melissa was sitting on the bed while they chatted. Master turned to Melissa and said ‘well you had better go for a shower we have a guest arriving soon’, this was a very pleasant surprise for Melissa, this she was not expecting.

Showered, sitting on the floor, back against the bed, dress... Continue»
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Andrew’s Angel pt. 2

Angel laid in the gym floor for what felt like hours quivering from her encounter with the coach. At this point all the cum had dried on her face and what had leaked from her boipussy also dried. She had never felt so violated in her life. Finally Katie returned to the locker room. She helped get Angel off the ground and take off her now soiled clothes and removed the cock cage. “Here take these and go clean up,” Katie said handing her a towel, shampoo, and body wash which was cherry blossom scented.

While in the shower Angel began to wander why Katie had sounded so caring when she helped h... Continue»
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Roni and Monse come at uncle #!

Roni and Monse are invited to come and live as students at their greatuncle Pete in New Mexico
Roni speaks English and is the one who has kept contact in the net with him, hoping for an escape
Roni is just over one year older than Monserrat, who still speaks Spanish only till their visit
Roni looks like a Latina cute beauty: firm round bums and boobs, olive skin and small at photos

Roni gladly arranges with me the details of her visit and her first presentation at my place
Roni happily accepts my conditions and rules of obedience as my long-term live-in student guest
... Continue»
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A Woman's Story

Cheating wife and her lover discuss her cuckold.

"Wow! You drain me. Between your mouth and that big guy between your legs, my pussy is so sore. I think I'm going to call you, 'Bruce the Bull'. Wow!"

Bruce: "Oh, I bet you tell all the guys that."

"Just the well endowed guys like you."

Bruce: "Have you had many experiences? Oh, maybe that's not a proper question?"

"Oh, that's okay. I've had only a couple. All through high school, I went steady with this one boy, Paul. He was a star basketball and football player. God, he was well endowed, just like you. What do you ... Continue»
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Michelle school days

Michelle was a sweet little 16 year old being brought up by her step dad after her mother left them 10 years previously, her education was very strict going to an all girl catholic school, there were 2 male teachers at the school, Matt and Chaz. Chaz was head of history and Matt was head of sport and fitness. Matt was well fit and very good looking he was dating the Maths teacher Tracey a very nice person and well liked by all the girls, Matt was drool factor 10, all muscles and a real tight ass that all the girls wanted to handle, also he wore track suit bottoms that left nothing to the imagi... Continue»
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Me, the porn star and my 1st DP - Part 2

Things had been going well in the week since I first met – and fucked – Nikki. She wanted to do a photo shoot in some ‘normal’ outfits, which we did down by an old river fort near to where I lived, and we had been talking about what she could do with her career. By the time I met her, I had photographed something like 500 girls who wanted to be, or thought they could be, models. The truth was that less than 5% (if that!) had any chance – for all kinds of reasons. Nikki was one of the small minority who could, if they wanted it badly enough. She was great in front of a camera – although her dem... Continue»
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Used By Him

Cheri was so in love with Ken. He totally controlled her every move. He saw her in the library when she was in college and knew he had to have her. She was beautiful and very sexy and she was also innocent. He began talking to her and she was so naive and he liked that as he loved to control especially in sex. She fell instantly in love with him and he drove her home and parked on a back street and began kissing her and soon had her top and bra off and he was fondling her lovely full tits. She had round full perky tits and nice big nipples. He tongue kissed her more and his hands were m*****in... Continue»
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Spa visit continued to home

So my first experience at the spa was quite good. Had taken ther****t’s number for long weekend. So called her on Friday afternoon but no response. Tried calling her after couple of hours but still not response. I thought I ran out of luck and it’s going to be dry a weekend. Out of curiosity left a text message saying "As decided can we meet for weekend". Got a call back from her at about 10pm in the night. Had a little bit talk around and she mentioned "they are not allowed to answer phone during work hours".... strange, but I let it go. Then came to main topic, she started teasing me over th... Continue»
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A Valentines day surprise (fiction) (repost)

Valentines day was around the corner and all of my friends would be spending it with their girlfriends. I was going to spend it at home alone again. They decided to set me up on a blind date. I knew that resistance to this idea was futile so I agreed to go on this date. They and their girlfriends knew someone in my exact position and felt she needed a date also. I told them to have her meet me at Bertinelli's at seven. I also told them that I'd be wearing a black tuxedo. I got to the restaurant at 6:50pm and told the matre'd that I was expecting a young lady to join me. At seven I saw a beauti... Continue»
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At the Gay Sauna

Luckily for me in my country we have few gay saunas, I had visited 3 of them, each one has pros and cons, but what I do like is that I have had very hot times, in one more then the others so I won't get into details about the cons because no matter where I am, I'm willing to do my best and give all to get all the pleasure, I can't help my slutty side, is something that I had discovered the last year; well I wouldn't find it without my Man's help, who is always there supporting me and guiding me through this journey.

So where should I start is just that all has been awesome, ok let ... Continue»
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Slut t's latest report - she was told to lube

Here's her report

I walked over onto his back deck took my shorts off pulled my tits out and knocked he opened the door grabbed my hair and pulled me inside, he reached down and slid 2 fingers into my wet pussy as he sucked on my nipples I started moaning and tried to reach for his cock he grabbed my hand and pushed it back by my side and told me to leave it there unless he told me otherwise he then walked into the other room came back with a bandana and rope he threw it on the table and pushed me to my knees and started fucking my mouth as he held my hair. He pulled me up and tied the ba... Continue»
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A Quick Encounter (Short Story)

Three or four years ago I was in Germany on business. I was staying in an hotel in Munich which had a pool, gymnasium and sauna suite. Actually it had two saunas. Unlike most places where one would have been for men and one for women, here one was for people of either sex who wanted to bathe in the nude and another for those who preferred to sweat underneath towels.

The Germans of course are well known for nudism and I have never had any issue with being naked in company, mixed or same sex, and so I chose the nude sauna.

I went into the steamy atmosphere to find only a few people alrea... Continue»
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UK Uni Freshers Week - Popping my Cherry

They always say that new experiences happen on Freshers week. When I left my rural town to go to Manchester Uni I knew I was in for a life changing experience, just not the path it took me.

My names Ashleigh and I went off to Manchester to study Maths. It was daunting going in on the first day not really knowing anyone. Plucking up the courage I chatted to a few people on the bus in, in the halls and in my first lecture. I really began to settle. I settled so much that in my first week I ventured out for Freshers week. Now I am quite a shy guy, but once I come out of my shell I make friends... Continue»
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Memories of Glastonbury 2009

As most of you are probably aware, the last weekend in June marks the largest music festival in the UK at Glastonbury. Being England, unfortunately you can't rely on the weather being wall to wall sunshine. In all honesty, you can pretty much guarantee that you're going to get wet at some point over the weekend. This year was no exception and by Friday afternoon, the sunglasses and sun hats had been replaced with rain-hoods and brollies.

Being the optimistic type, I always try to find the positives in the situation. As luck would have it, girls in the UK have decided that if you're at a fes... Continue»
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doing house work

My G/f and Me needed to pick up a few dollars , so We saw a post at the food store , It said needed can use a couple to help with home with pay . So We called the People an they said they were willing to pay Us to do some work , so the next weekend we went . The Lady who came to the door had long straight brown hair she wore a short summer dress , she smiled and asked us in . The Husband came out an said hello . They said the bathroom needed some plumbing work and the house needed dusting . So I went into the bathroom an started working on the pipes , I had to lie on my back as I work... Continue»
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Not What I Would Normaly Do

I was ready to go home and be with my k**s and husband. It had been a long week for me as I had to work out of town doing sales and was now completely worn out. As I drove along the highway thinking of my next few stops I came upon these two boys hitch hiking. I pulled the car over and offered a ride. They were not bad looking boys, in their mid teens. I told them I would take them to their house thinking that is what I would want someone to do for my k**s if they were out like this. Their house was way out of my way and once we got there, come to find out the parents had gone away for a lon... Continue»
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Green Eyed Beauty

My name is Clayton. We'll leave it at that. My wife was Anne Jaquiline Bennet. Pronounce it wrong and she'll reply Banay! We've been married 11 years and have no c***dren. Together we made the decision to not have k**s and we have a plan to be wealthy enough to not be tied down with traditional jobs by the time we are in our forties. I'm a factory worker with a good wage and my wife has been with a public relations firm for less than a year now. We live a comfortable life style in our apartment in a older but upscale part of the city.

I'm 37 and she is 32. I'm pretty average in looks and ph... Continue»
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Shemale banged my wife

This is the story of me Rittu married to a guy named Harvinder in 1996. We had 2 k**s from our marriage .Harvinder was very fond of girls and even before my marriage he use to fuck prostitutes right from young girls to middle aged women. He used to get his cock sucked and even used to fuck these prostitutes in their ass. After getting married to him he used to apply all the tricks on me. He made me watch blue films and he get his cock sucked as women in bluefilm. He even used to make me drink his cum. He tried all the filthy things on me and now I feel like a big whore. Harvinder even used to ... Continue»
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Speed trap

Lana was furious with the way she was being treating. So what if she had been doing sixty-five in a forty-five? The speed limit hadn`t been postet, or at least not obviously so. Did they lock up everyone who got a speeding ticket in this hick town?
Being handcuffed had been annoying enough, but the strip search and body cavity inspection had been positively humiliating. At least the latter two indignities had been performed by a female deputy. She had taken Lana`s clothes, through, and not given them back. Lana stood naked in her cell, handcuffed to the bars. The cot was on the far side of th... Continue»
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