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My older lover

He took me in when I was just 17. I was innocent and very pretty. I had firm tits and a nice ass. He wanted to own me and control me but I did not know that at the time. The first night he showed me his bed which I was to sl**p in with him. He told me to get naked and get in bed. Then he got naked and joined me. He started kissing my tits and sucking them. It was strange but felt good. Then he reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I was not sure I liked this but I could not say no. He played with my pussy for a long time then started to kiss it. He kissed and licked me and I felt very s... Continue»
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First time I saw a guy fuck my wife

First time I saw my wife take another man inside her was one evening when we had gone over to another couple's house for dinner. The wife of the other couple had made comments to my wife about how great her husband was in bed, so my wife already had some interest in the husband, and in the past I had noticed him checking out my wife, and I had seen her act seductive around him. My wife and I had a lot of fantasizing about her being with another man, and we had specifically used him in some of our bedroom fantasizing.

Shortly after we had arrived at the couple's house for dinner, the wife, w... Continue»
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my naughty wife..

All of what follows is a true story and really did happen. My wife and I had just got back from shopping ( where she had been very horny).she was showing me how hard her nipples were in the chiller area,and gave me a quick upskirt and then stood there laughing." Bet you would do me right here if you could".and with that she put her hand down her panties and showed me how wet she was by her finger and makeing me lick it!! As you can imagne I couldn't wait to get get her home. We get through the front door,dump the groceries in the kitchen,and suddenly see that our oldest daughter is in with ... Continue»
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Video fantasy: My s****r has a hidden hobby

I'm in the 9th grade, and so is my best friend Brad. We do okay in school, but our grades in English suck. But my s****r, Beth, is a senior and she is really good in English. She reads all the damn time. Shit, she's been making straight As since kindergarten. She doesn't have too many friends at school, and the ones she has are pretty much as nerdy as she is. She can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. My mom came up with this brilliant plan that Beth could help me and Brad with our writing assignments. She doesn't exactly like to help us, and she treats us like we're retarded most of ... Continue»
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Baby Sitting with a Wow

Before I was married I still lived at home with my parents, The f****y next door to us were nice and kind people always sharing dishes of food and home grown veggies they grow,

They had a cute, sexy, daughter maybe about 30 yrs old a single mother to one c***d, well one day her parents asked me would I baby sit there daughter c***d.. Because of the f****y being nice I said sure, They gave me the time address and date her daughter was going out.

On that day in the evening I arrived at the home where I was baby-sitting and knocked on the door, The door was opened by this gorgeous 30 yr old... Continue»
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Andy and Rick 2

I wake up in a fog Saturday morning. My head is thick, terrible cotton mouth , wondering what the hell happened last night and why i partied so damn much. i lift my head and see Andy sl**ping next to me. I slip out of bed and and make my way to the bathroom, on the way i feel the cracking of the crusty cum all over me, up and down my chest, all over my cock and balls, even on my throat. I start recounting the thing that happened last night, what I can remember anyway. The weird thing is, I'm not embarrassed at all, not the least bit, in fact I start getting a half master thinking about how An... Continue»
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First Time w/ Daughter 2

"Daddy, Daddy, guess what I just found out?" Donna, my 1.-year-old, rushed in breathlessly.

"Well, tell me already,", I shot back. I wondered what could be so important...

"I just found out that Mommy's going to be out at a meeting this weekend, and we'll have the house to ourselves."

"And what does that mean?" I asked innocently, knowing what Donna meant all along.

She crumpled up her nose and said "D-a-a-a-d. It means that you can make me feel good again, with your finger in my pussy." She had picked up on the vernacular quickly, to my delight.

"Well, if she's going to be ... Continue»
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Mommy make a messy.

just fantasy In this story everybody is over 18

My mommy is very attractive with nice looking tits that are full of milk nice round ass great legs and a tight wet pussy that cant get enoung of my big hard cock.

Mommy: Mommy is so horny today baby. Come here and lick my wet pussy. MMMMM mommy likey, you such a good boy. Keep eating my hot dirty cunt, yes! That's it lick up mommy's fuck juices, keep eating!, lick my clit!, eat mommy's cum. such good little bitch boy.

Oh look your cock is so big and hard with precum staining your cute little panties. Naughty boy making a messy a... Continue»
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my fanatesy - First time

Hi, my name is Katie; I am 5' 8" tall and weigh 155 pounds. I have size 36C breasts and tight, firm ass. I have natural blonde hair and blue eyes. This is my story!

It was Friday night and I was waiting for my husband Mark to get home from his nightly meeting. We were going to go out dancing at our favorite spot. I was getting dressed in my comfortable blue denim shirt and jeans, when the phone rang. It was Mark, "He told me that he didn't know when he would be home, probably not until late." I hung up the phone and started getting undressed; I was just going ... Continue»
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Happy Eating

This is a true story, which happened sometime ago.

I was working at a car dealership and this guy, a sales representative was one of the persons I supervised. Due to stress, I later left the job. One day, out of the blue, he called as he was in the area and wanted to drop I agreed. This guy is black, athletic built, had a good size cock and simply loves to eat pussy.

We chatted for a while, and then he asked me how my pussy tasted. Teasingly, I told him that the only way he'd know is if he tasted it. The next thing I knew, my panty was off, my knees were spread wide and my p... Continue»
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Girls Night Out

My s****r, Ashtyn, and I got all dressed up. Make up perfect, cleavage to the max. tight, short skirts and of course, no panties. We piled in my convertible and as we sped to the club, Ashtyn's blouse got caught in the wind. Three buttons popped open barring her breast completely. My s*s took full advantage, leaned over and lovingly licked her nipples. The sight of it moistened my exposed pussy and the wind rushed up my skirt. We got to the club, found a place to park and got our clothes in order.
The doorman was obviously enjoying the view of us walking by. His pants had a distinct bulge tha... Continue»
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exposing gf to yg lad on plane

This is a true story but not one of the most outrageous that you will be reading from me.

I was on a long haul overnight flight with a young girlfriend late last year. We had had a lovely few days on a sunny Island. We were tanned, tired and happy. My girlfriend was a very sexy 27 year old who had dark hair and a lovely slim body with beautiful legs and very firm 34b breasts.

For the flight she was wearing a calf length wrap around skirt (the kind that ties at the waist but is open its full length. The opening is set off to one side and in normal use there is sufficient material to p... Continue»
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wifes first time dogin

My wife allways used to fantasize about two cocks in her pussy at the same time . So one night after we had just finished haveing sex ,i asked her if she was up for a bit of dogin.I explained what it was to her ,cause she did not know what it was .She said it sounded cheeky and she liked the sound of that.So a couple of nights later i asked her if she wanted to go out to a local hot spot for dogin ,thinking that she would say no ,but she said yes.So a couple of hours later i told her to get ready to go out dogin.15 mins later she came into the kitchen and said she was ready.With this i turned... Continue»
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Young Black Stud Ch. 01

Hi there. My name is Tere and the black stud in my story is named Mark. This night I was sitting all alone at home, with nothing to do, and so I was sitting at my computer playing and talking to lots of people in chat rooms, and just being my regular flirty self. I was surprised when I heard a knock on the door, because no one else was at home. I had forgotten all about locking the door and the next thing I knew a black guy was sticking his head in my bedroom, saying where is everyone. I didn't have a clue who he was or what he was doing just walking in my house like that. He told me that... Continue»
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mom sold me to her boss. part 1

my mom told my that we were going to a office costum party, and i had to dress up as a girl . she gave me fishnet's ,the sexiest panties, a skin tight mini skirt, padded bra,wig high heels, I love dressing as a girl but did she know that? we did my make-up so good! as soon as we get to the party she introduces me to her boss(Mike) as Brandy, Mike brings me a mix drink and leds me to his office. Mike grabs me and starts forcing me into kissing him, he pulls back and push's me to my knee's his cock was so big. I tell him im a boy not a girl,his black cock is in my mouth I dont know how but I was... Continue»
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My Son's Cum Sock

My Son’s Cum Sock
John Kavanagh

Charlie had come to stay with me for a while – I had parted from his mother a few years before and she put up the usual barriers to seeing him and his step-s****r but when she needed a free c***d minder I came in handy and hence Charlie was occupying the spare room for a month while she worked abroad. I didn’t mind that as it allowed us to catch up a bit, making up for lost time.
When I collected him from the rail station while I obviously recognised him in the two years since we last got together, now at 14 he was suddenly a young ... Continue»
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The sl**pover, part1

One night my girlfriend and I stayed at my gayfriend's house. We had a great dinner and a couple of drinks, that made us tipsy.
My girlfriend let me know that the drinks had made her horny, so we said goodnight to my friend and went upstairs. Not even I had closed the door of the room or my girlfriend rips my jeans open and starts to suck my hard cock. While doing so, I start to undress her and touch her breasts and nipples. The nipple pinching makes my girlfriend even hornier, she pushes me on the bed and starts to suck even harder and deeper. I turn her around so I can lick her soaking wet... Continue»
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The Hidden Cabin

This is very different from my other stories. Sometimes I can be a bit sadistic.

I looked up at the quaint cabin in front of me. I had decided that the remote location was perfect for what I had in mind. This was my second day at the cabin and I had quite the week planned. The first day at the cabin had been spent getting everything ready, and that night finding the perfect subject. It hadn't taken to long. It was only a 45 minute drive to the nearest small town, and I had found a lovely young woman who was just finishing college, and was out here in the mountains while she wro... Continue»
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I was a bit d***k at that party. That is really my only excuse. As if I really had an excuse when my wife, Sara, caught me outside with Judy, a woman with one thing on her mind that night. And I admit that if Sara hadn't caught us, I can't say how far things would have gone.

To say that Sara was upset would be and understatement. She was gone immediately, and I rushed home to find her packing. I knew I'd been stupid and didn't want her to leave, so I begged her to give me another chance. She wasn't listening and was soon gone.

The next morning, I felt like such a fool. A little... Continue»
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I have been dreaming of this night for as long as I can remember. I have imagined her pussy and tits pressed against my mouth most everyday of my life. Her naked body is what I see almost every time my cock is getting sucked. And when I close my eyes the thought of fucking her in the asshole has made my dick hard for decades.

Tonight is the night I am finally going to stop imagining about her naked body and actually lick her pussy. It will be the lips of her hot cunt wrapped around my meat instead of my sweaty hand that's going to make me shoot my nut in an hour or so. I plan to keep my p... Continue»
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