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Early afternoon surprise at home

Early afternoon surprise at home

That Tuesday I came back home early from my office: all daily task finished satisfactory and then I could relax home… Better than expected.

I was surprised to find Ana’s car in our garage. She usually always came after me in the late afternoon. She must be home early I thought…
I opened the door and almost froze in the threshold, when I saw her clothes ragged to pieces on the carpet, also some pants that were not mine…

Also I found my wife’s phone in the mess of clothing and it displayed a huge amount of missed calls. I saw it was set on vibrate mode.... Continue»
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my date with jennycumslut part two

The second part of my story about my date with Jennycumslut. This memory will be burned in my mind forever and thinking about it drives me wild to know I did what I always fantasized about! Hopefully this will make you cum hard...

I left off that I had just made plans with Jenny to see her later that evening. I was out for a nice paced walk in the park close to my apartment at the time we had made plans so I hurried back home. After drenching of sweat from hurrying home since I was to meet her in less than a hour I quickly showered and didnt have time to shave my pubes down.

Me and her t... Continue»
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Friends with benefits, part ONE (Edith)

This is a fictional story.

My cell rang with a familiar melody, I picked it up and looked at the screen. It was my friend Edith. I answer it and her voice on the other end said, "do yo want pizza and a fuck?"

I just giggle, "damn woman...." Then she interrupted me... "what don't you like pizza???" She cracked up...

"Hey I am in the neighborhood, mind if I stop by?" Edith said.

"No worries, bring some beer, real beer, no Coronas."

"Ok, will be there in a few."

This woman has been my friend ... Continue»
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At the RSL Club.

I was at this RSL club with some friends from the hospital that I work at. 4 female nurses, the oldest, in her late 30-ies, Helen, was there with her boyfriend. And the youngest, Anna, about 20 was also with her boyfriend. There was Karen, about 30ish, divorced. She was the one I was interested in. And there was Vicky, a Pilipino girl also about 30. She was also there on her own. There was a singer on stage. Singing 60's, 70's type of music. Fairly good looking lady in her 40-ies. She had shoulder length dark wavy hair, a nice curvy figure, D-size breasts She was wearing a black dress, kne... Continue»
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The Older The Better

Recently I've met a man around his 60's that always came by my park outside my appartment.Since I've been developing a fetish for older mens,I gave it a shot even if he was a total stranger.It only took 3 days to be "closer" with him and I jumped right to conclusion: When is the last time you've had sex? He answered 19 years ago. Even if I wasn't sure of his sexual orientation,I started to tease him and make remarks like "How could I help you" or "I'm a very discrete man".He then admitted a secret fetish for younger man (I'm 20) and He won't have any problems trying it one day.30 minutes later... Continue»
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Buffy Brandon white Goddess 1

Buffy Brandon WHITE GODDESS- First Domination
By lilguy
Black man lies on a dating site gets him in trouble(Racial domination)

Warning- intense Racial Domination. White girl using racial slurs. Purely a fantasy, no real racial hatered. Buffy is not a real person…any relation to a real person is purely by accident

Ted was online. I been a long time sense he had got laid. He spent most of the time jerking off to Hentai (anime Porn) and search for pornographic picture of comic book girls.

His room was a den of various porn. Tonight was going to be different, ... Continue»
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Used by My High School Bully: Chapter 1

"God you're such a faggot, Vincent!" With a roar of laughter from those
around him the bane of my existence, Eddie, brought to an end another
school day. He flipped me off to an equally loud round of applause before
getting up from his seat and hoping off the bus. I watched with narrowed
eyes as he made his way to his house, closing them only when the bus
started moving again.

I hated Eddie and he hated me. Since we met in middle school we had had
perhaps one of the worst relationships any two people in the world have
ever shared. He was the Stalin to my Roosevelt. In all truthfuln... Continue»
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My teacher taught me how to jerkoff and fuck

This is a fantasy

I became addicted to porn during my 9th grade from then i used to watch porn it gave me horniness,pleasure also a hard dick
but i never learned to jerk off until my phy teacher came into my life.

Her name was shreya and was every man's dream
SHe was 5.2foot,blackhair,blackeyes, she was in her mid 20's
her tits were a 34d sized and a round ass and perfect long legs
Everytime i saw her it gave me instant boner
she wears a saree to class which shows blouse covered left tit i would think of sucking her tits and fucking her between her tits and spray on her face with my babyma... Continue»
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On the phone with the plumber

I was out of town for the day, having a meeting a few hours away, I would get home that same day but in a very tired state. While I am bunking down for lunch, after the first part of the meeting my phone rang, Kiara, my girlfriend calling.
“Uh, Andy, did you take all the cash..?” She asked, and she sounded genuinely worried. “Yeah Hun, I just took my wallet.” I explained to her as I sipped my glass of water. I heard her gulp. “Well, I called the plumber to fix the bathroom sink, and he already finished fixing it.We owe him like, 80 bucks.” She explained to me. I sighed softly, running my han... Continue»
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My Wife caught with older man final

Once I was out of sight I turned and looked back, I saw John leaning over to Ritu he pulled her top down, John then leaned in and begin to suck and lick her big very and hard nipples. I slipped back to the same place I watched from before and continued to watch. Ritu reached out and unzipped John's trousers and released his hardening cock.

I then watched as Ritu then squatted down in front of John and took hold of his hard cock. Ritu then lent forward and I watched as her tong came out and lapped the glistening bulbous head of his cock. From where I was watching I heard John groan as Ritu'... Continue»
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My friend earl from Texas emailed me a hot story about a tattooed lady. This reminded me of an old time encounter I enjoyed with Mabel. She had several tattoos. I worked with Mabel for a couple of years and once in awhile we could see her tattoos.
We all teased her about them and I really wanted to see them all. I tried many times to get a date with her but she always said “No, I never date a co-worker.”

Friday was my last day, I was moving on. About 3:00 that afternoon she comes into my office and says “Stock the fridge with beer, I’ll be over about 9.”
I have the beer in the fridge coo... Continue»
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After the championship games

Another true story with Jessica

We had just won the conference basketball championship meaning we had a chance to win the NJCAA national title. The whole team was excited because our school hosted the tournement. As we had back to our school after the game we were making planss to celebrate the big win. Later that night while we partyed and drink i got horny and knew just who to call. I called Jessica and told her to come down. When she got there we all talked and d***k more. One of my teammates who had never been with said he wanted to she what the fuss was about. I told her to take him t... Continue»
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Jake comes to visit, and we have our OWN experienc

"Ohh, guess what baby?" I asked my girlfriend Tracy Donovan, as I rammed my dick up her asshole. " Ugh, ughh...deeper motherfucker! What's that baby? Are you buttfucking me, or are you tickilling me, NOW FUCK MY ASSHOLE!!" As I increased my grip on her hips, slamming her shithole back against my cock, I felt her fingers pick up the pace against her clit. "I said guess what, WHORE!" "Mmmph, uggh, ohhh, yeah baby? what? ughh, nghh." "My friend, Jake from highschool is going to be in town, he's going to stay with us for a few days." I felt her body tense, in a slight ripple of orgasm, though not ... Continue»
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There was something wrong when I woke up. I usually snap awake and
go from deep sl**p to full consciousness without any intervening
period. I know a lot of young guys like me like to just lie there
and would stay in bed all day, but I'm a morning person, I'm wide
awake, and ready to go. There was something else different, too - I
didn't have my usual morning hard-on.

When I say that I don't lie there like a lot of guys my age, that
isn't quite true - the first thing I have to do is get rid of my
erection, and I think wanking when you first wake up is one of the
be... Continue»
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The Lap dance

I walk inside the room, only wearing lingerie and stockings.
You're sitting on a chair, watching me while I dim the light and put the stereo on.
Down in Mexico sounds from the speakers.

I move to you and end up in your lap. You want to grab me but I pin your hands behind your back. "You can only watch… no touching, at least not yet." I whisper while my lips curl into a wicked smile.

I wink and get up from your lap. I start moving to the rhythm of the music. You are watching me closely. Swaying my hips. Your hands are aching to touch me.
But the teasing will last a bit longer.

... Continue»
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Aloha Means Hello AND Goodbye...

A husband reads his wife's email, finds out she is cheating.

Aloha means hello AND goodbye...

The day started out as a hectic one when the alarm clock failed to wake me and my wife. It seems there was a power outage during the night and we had to rush to make it to work on time. Well she had to rush as I didn't have to be at work until 9 am and it was only a fifteen minute drive for me. My wife likes to check her email in the morning before she leaves for work but was in such a hurry she forgot to shut down her computer. So when I was about to turn it off I saw an email tha... Continue»
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The Village 5: Training

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

“Come over here,” his voice bellowing his command, the sound bouncing off the walls.
Raisa cringed in fear, getting up from the bed, one arm trying to cover her naked breasts, the other slipped between her legs. It seemed that once she had been f***ed to cum, her embarrassment returned. She saw the rope in his hands... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 20)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Twenty

I heard Emily moan as I shifted my weight and my dick slipped from her pussy. I loved the feel of sl**ping on my slut with my prick buried in her sweet little snatch, that way I could start fucking her whenever I wanted to.

I stared down lustfully into Emily’s eyes as they slowly fluttered open.

“It’s time to get up cunt.” I lifted myself up off the girl and w... Continue»
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greatest day ever

i was so horny all day. all i wanted to do the entire day was stroke my cock. it was aching to be played with...

that night i went to this club downtown. i still hadnt gotten any chance to take my throbbing dick out of my pants. so i went to the restroom, mainly with the intention just to pee. i got in to the stall, and there it was, a massive glory hole cutout right next to the toilet paper roll. this turned me on instantly...

i pulled my cock out, sat on the toilet seat, and startedgetting it hard. suddenly somebody walked in.. immediately walked to the stall next to me, almost like he... Continue»
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The Cowboy and the College Girl Chapter 6 and 7

Chapters 1-5 are here

Chapter 6
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting.

My drive to the my special date takes a longer than expected due to traffic. When I arrive, she is already inside at a table waiting on me. The waiter leads me to the table seats me. "I apologize for being a little late, traffic was horrible." I explain to her. She is pleasant and says "It is okay." The waiter quickly returns and asks if we... Continue»
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