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Two week trip to africa

I had finished my A levels and had been accepted for university, so I had the summer to myself. Knowing that I would soon be up to my neck in student loans I had, for me, made the rash choice to go on the holiday. I had found a very cheap, no frills, two week trip to Africa.

The accommodation was a lot worse than I had expected, but it would be my last holiday before going to university and the cash saved meant that I could slash out on day trips etc. The biggest problem with the hotel was with the washing facilities. Sometimes the water would not work at all or it would be cold and rust co... Continue»
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Martha's Anal Adventure

Not long after sucking Jerry's cock in public and breaking her commercial sex barrier, Martha agreed with Chad to work the occasional shift in her brothel's rooms, rather than just at the desk. Most days, she was still behind the front desk, taking money, bringing water and coffee, lighting the cigarettes of customers waiting for their girl to be free. But, on a few occasions, she worked short shifts on quiet days, doing half hour quickie appointments with here-today-gone-tomorrow punters, just passing through town, or occasionally working the gloryhole at the end of the long, red painted corr... Continue»
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not a day goes by since we met do i not thing about him,his touch,his taste and his smell.
It excites me just hearing his voice,seeing his text.
He only has to suggest that he wants me to be ready for him with no knickers on and i get wet between my legs,hes put my legs in places they havent been in ages,i feel like a teenager again when he looks at me as he thrusts his stiff cock in me.My eyes stay open now for longer as know he really loves what he sees,he makes me feel so beautiful and so wanted.Our next outing ive been told requiers me to be in a skirt or dress knickerless of course!!
O... Continue»
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HAIKU's in lots of tongues #1 - English

A collection of HAIKU's, first in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Polish
I start with three in English after observation of a voyeur video of a brunette beauty bating

After every haiku in another tongue I will try to give a variation of it in English as well
I will first explain how it all started to happen here for me - quite unexpectedly in fact!

In most HAIKU's I try to play with the sound of it in four different tongues from my mother's
At last moment of my edit I decided to try Catalan and Italian, I lack any dictionaries in both

A HAIKU has a simple form
... Continue»
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More than he bargained for !

Unlike my previous stories this one is a pure figment of my imagination.

David stood nervously at the door of the large Victorian house wondering if he was making a mistake. She was the only one who had answered his advert who seemed to be serious, but her tone on the phone had worried him slightly. His advert had read, "Small guy wants to meet with a lady to sit on me for longer than I am comfortable with, very large ladies welcome". Before he could change his mind the door opened in answer to his knock. In front of him stood a real Amazon, one of the biggest women he had ever me... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 18

We were quite busy for the next 3 months. We took our paperwork to the Embassy, went to their doctor and got a complete physical for Kim, including chest X-rays, pap smears, and dental check. We were down to five days before we left Vietnam. I had our tickets on a commercial flight because, I was told, there was not space available for Kim on the Freedom Bird.

Our last night in Vung Tau was uneventful because Kim's father, grandfather, and three of her b*****rs, including Houng, came to take the things we couldn't ship home.
That was furniture, dishes, a TV and a stereo set. The Lt. ha... Continue»
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Kirsten's Pregnant Adventure

Curly-haired, grey-eyed Kirsten stood naked in front of the mirror. She
was definitely pregnant, but still skinny and tight. In her fifth month
she had a hard round belly, but she looked good. Her breasts were bigger,
and she liked having bigger breasts. Later she might get to be just plain
big, but she didn't want to think about that yet. She'd read lots of books
about being pregnant, so she understood all these changes. What she didn't
understand was why being pregnant made her so horny. None of the books
mentioned being horny. She ... Continue»
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chat sexting?

Ohhhh, thank you honey ;)
8:14 am, May 19 GiannaEvans
-drinks up all your cum
8:13 am, May 19 Justwannacyber
Daddy's never cum so much before honey
8:11 am, May 19 GiannaEvans
-sucks you fast and deep-
8:10 am, May 19 Justwannacyber
dont stop baby
8:10 am, May 19 GiannaEvans
I'm cumming daddy fuckk it feels good mhmmm
8:10 am, May 19 GiannaEvans
-deep throats your cock-
8:09 am, May 19 Justwannacyber
-stroking as fast as I can- Suck me dry honey ;)
8:08 am, May 19 GiannaEvans
Keep going I'll suck all your cum out
8:07 am, May 19 Justwannacyber
Is baby gonna cum all over daddy... Continue»
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Lucky at poker

Unlucky at love lucky at poker or something like that. Anyway I won the pot last Friday night at our once a month get together poker game. My wife didn't know I had won so Saturday morning while she was going over to visit one of her friends I went to the mall to spend my winnings. My first stop was Victoria's Secret where I bought her a black lacy garter belt , matching half cup bra and a sheer pair of black lace top stockings. The style with a four inch wide band of lace at the top. Very sexy. I also picked up a pair of five inch black strappy hills . I like the look of the thin black strap... Continue»
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Wild Man

I lay with my eyes closed and I imagine your ass-sticking straight up in the air. Waiting/wanting me to service it. I slowly spread your round boy cheeks, gazing at your beautiful cherry red asshole. It is the red moon of 2010 haunting the black night sky. I softly lick it. It is the life of molasses seeping from a tree, covered in earth, wind. It is on fire.. Your moans are barely audible as my soft and sometimes hard hot tongue orbits your moon. We go slow, fast, slower still. My tongue is the sun covering your asshole in a flickering shadow of radiant heat. I savor every delicate crevice ex... Continue»
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(This is an unfinished story. More to cum later.)


Jairo has worked at the nursery for many years. He’s the workhorse of the 10 acres. From sun up to sun down, Jairo carries the nursery on his back. His strong, brown back.

I noticed Jairo’s physique from the first day I began working at the nursery. Standing at about 5’11”, he had a body shaped by years of physical labor since he was c***d. Now 38 years old, his strong hands and arms are scorched to a deep brown by the hot sun. His broad chest and hard stomach isn’t etched as if from stone, but rather stout and firm. As the ... Continue»
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We were at the movies enjoying ourselves of course with the naughty play we do sometimes there. The teasing, the wanting, the squeezing of your cock which in return has you caressing me and grabbing my hair. We are so worked up that usually we head back to your place to relieve our built up sexual tension.
But tonight was different. Tonight started our newest journey, especially for me. Tonight started breath play. Let me explain.
You see sometimes we will every now and then play around with breath play. He will use his hands, or a scarf or even his belt but never really going too far. ... Continue»
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Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian Style

I was in the service, stationed at Schofield Barracks on Oahu, Hawaii.
I was a young single 27 year old at a base tour that many wanted and I had.

One evening, all my comrades had other plans and my lady friends were unavailable so I went to a Hawaiian aloha festival that night by myself for some evening entertainment.

This lovely Hawaiian lady who I hadn’t scene before when I attended was my servant. She was in her mid 40’s with jet-black hair containing slight traces of gray. She held chestnut hued eyes. Had coconut shells over her breasts, which billowed out aro... Continue»
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The Perfect Woman

She had blue eyes, long red-hair that reached down to her butt. Her lips were big and soft and her butt size was 60 inches. Her soft skin was as white as snow. She had the smile of a princess and the kindness of a saint. She never cursed or held a grudge against anyone. She had no tattoos and piercings because she is a sophisticated lady. She had a British accent and loves to listen to soft rock music. She was not a tomboy, and you could tell because she always wore makeup and short skirts with black leather-high-heels and fishnet stockings that barely reached her thighs. She would also wear f... Continue»
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Wildest fantasy dream ever....
Two really hot babes with sexy long black and brown hair and another sexy babewith silky blonde hair and clear blue eyes!
They are all for me,myself,& I to watch as long as I want too and join in every now and then...:)
Babe with black hair is ****FLOWER GIRL****
Babe with brown hair is ***TAMMY***
Babe with blonde hair is****BABY GIRL****

I could not believe my eyes because in my dream ****BABY GIRL**** is a pure lesbian she told thee other's she cannot believe how men are fuck i dressed up like a older woman and my best freind (woman) helped me... Continue»
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True Love Chapter One

It was a relief to get off the grimy grey streets. I'd been pounding the baking asphalt for hours, wearing the already paper thin soles of my five dollar shoes into a fine mist. Now I was sat in the reception room of my latest client, a Major Benson, waiting for him to finish pounding whichever floozy he had bent over his office desk.

He certainly had plenty of get up and go for an old guy, I put him at around sixty three but sometimes it was hard to tell with those brash army types. Anyway, he'd certainly got it up and he was going alright. I could make out the pair of them, blurred silhou... Continue»
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"Squashtoy" Final post.

Having given it some thought I have decided to make this the last installment, just to document the rest of the 1st time with both my late wife and her best friend. Although there were several more occasions they were very similar, even if they did quite brutal in their treatment of me.

I did as expected of me and pushed my tongue into my wifes arse as she f***ed herself harder onto my face, as usual I soon got used to the acrid taste. I could vaguely hear her and M talking but the weight of both of them sitting on me on the hard wooden bench was causing a ringing in my ears. I was really s... Continue»
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Stella Maris: SM in Spain #1

Stella Maris is a blonde beauty. Slim and sexy. Tall and tasty. Young and yummy.
We are on a long vacation in a holiday home of her folks at the coast in Spain.
A role playing game starts so innocent, but soon turns kinky second day we play.
The start of a few foxy weeks with her best girlfriend visiting us to play along.
First part of a long lovely sexy SM-story to unfold in many sequels to come!

Ballet is her main hobby, which adds to her attractiveness, the grace of her moves.
Long legs lead to her small tight bums with those lovely little dimples above them.
She looks even... Continue»
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True Love Chapter Three

I knew it when I saw it alright. I was snapping away, eating through the first roll of film like a hungry a****l.

Chief fucking Martin. I remembered watching him frisk my mother when I was ten years old. In full view of my father he'd run his hands up her skirt from behind, slowly caressing the insides of her legs. The Chief's sidekick just stood there laughing quietly, his hand resting casually on his holstered revolver, staring my dad down and daring him to make a move.

We were heading back from a daytrip when that fat asshole had pulled my dad over at the side of the road, telling him... Continue»
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private lessons

History created by rextian.

I remember just shaking the body and my breathing quickens . I'm in panties and a tiny click while typing franelilla what happened to me , make souvenirs persistent heat bring out my belly and devour me inside

It was going wrong in the first half and needed help in calculations my older s****r got one of his colleagues help me a week ago I took her home and introduced me is a nice chunky type high good executive dress struck me the warmth of his voice and the touch of her warm hand to greet immediately got to work I was concentrating on the explanation but its... Continue»
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