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first gloyhole experice

when i was 17 in high school i went to the bathroom and saw a hole in a stall, by then i had gotten my reputetion for sucking a dick better than most girls but guys still didnt bother me unless we were alone. when i went in one stall there was writeing on the wall, one word "get sucked" so i looked in the hole and there was a guy most pepole knew was gay. when he saw me he asked if i wanted to take over that side since he knew i had a free peirod. so i said yeah sure. when he got out of one stall i went in and found the word "suck" on the wall, so i sat on the seat and got out a book (i was ... Continue»
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Sissy Bitch

I removed my bra slowly, letting the straps fall off my shoulders, then finally revealing my breasts. The boy stood before me, as ordered, and stared. I looked down to see a bulge forming in his pants. Maybe he is a virgin - I thought to myself - most of my boys are not so fast to respond. I let the lace bra fall to the floor, then made a motion toward my nipple. He didn't react... clearly a virgin. I snickered a little at how innocent this boy really was and decided verbal cues would be necessary. "Come drink from Mommy." His eyes lit up and he dove for my breast as if it was home plate and h... Continue»
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Serena's Story

One Friday evening shortly after Serena's f******nth birthday her mommy and daddy were sitting in the living room after she went to her room to watch TV.
After Serena left the room, David her daddy put one of his hardcore porno movies in the DVD player and began to watch it with Lilliana, his wife. He began to get horny watching a hot young blonde teen having her unprotected slot reamed by two horny men in an extremely hardcore double pussy penetration. The fact that they were not using condoms was extremely exciting to him.
David started to play around with his wife and although she usual... Continue»
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On Losing My Virginity

Hey...This is not a story, but based on my actual experience. I have been absolutely truthful in the narration, and but for some minor errors that may have crept in due to the passage of time, this is a true record of what actually happened....:-)


It was November of 2005. I had celebrated my 13th birthday just two months before…and here I was, preparing for another celebration…a much bigger one. After all birthdays come every year but what I had in mind happens only once in a lifetime.
My thoughts on m... Continue»
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Caught dressed

I had been dressing for a while when I got married. I had enjoyed my time dressing and especially when I would go out of town.

One trip I took I got hjome and was called to go help a friend right away. I left with out unpacking my bags. I really didn't think about what I had in my bags when I left the house. When I came home I went into the house and I found a note that said I will be home soon I have a surprize for you.

I went into the bedroom and remembered what I had in my bags. My clothes and under them were my sexy clothes. I had panties, hoses, garters, crotchless hoses, heels and... Continue»
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An unusual but true first time glory hole in New E

Everyone has a first time story to tell but here goes mine, which I hope you like. I was just 18 yrs old and visiting my girlfriend Jen who was in college in Connecticut. This has been over ten years ago now but I remember like it was yesterday. As soon as we would see each other (see her pics I have posted), it was immediate pussy and ass pounding--she couldn't get enough and nor could I. I remember arriving one time in the winter on a cold Friday evening. When I got there (around 7pm), she had left a note saying she got called into work (a local hospital) and was working til around midn... Continue»
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Victoria’s first time with a girl – pa

Reassured by Victoria’s reaction to her so far, Elise felt brave enough to go on.

“Can I touch you? I mean, we could take our clothes off.”

“You want to touch me? How?” Victoria was getting freaked out by her friend’s strange behaviour.

Drawing her friend towards her, Elise lifted up Victoria’s skirt and stroked her lightly, but meaningfully between her legs.

“You and your s****r are both deeply sensual people, but you just ooze sexuality Victoria.”

Moving her fingers up and down Victoria’s crotch, she was meeting with little or no resistance and was sensing that her friend was... Continue»
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Our First Time at a Nude Beach

This summer my GF and I went to the nude beach, something we'd done occasionally in the past but this time we brought a dome style camping tent with us and it was absolutely the most exciting thing you could imagine because it enabled us to control exactly how much we wanted to do and how much anyone else could watch us.

We did this twice. The first time was amazing, within five minutes there was this very well hung black guy watching us. We hung around outside for a while and this guy kept watching us from a respectable distance but we could tell he was interested because he had no towel a... Continue»
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Unexpected Lovers... [Cont]

It was roughly one week since our first time and since the day we had hardly spoken or seen each other with both of us being simply too busy. It was a Thursday and I was watching television when I got the call from my aunt. She was asking me to come over to help her move some furniture because she couldnt do it for herself. Thrilled that I had been asked back over I jumped at the chance and went straight over to her house. It did actually turn out she was really wanting some furniture moved so I helped and it was literally a five minute job and we were done.

Moving into the living room we g... Continue»
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stranger in the supermarket

i was at the supermarket this morning getting some messages, i was walking around the fresh fruit went i seen this beautiful ass in a pair of white see threw trousers they were totally see threw, she had no panties on, her bag was covering her pussy i walked around watching her the view was amazing. she had a lowcut top on every time she bent over you could see her white bra with theses amazing tits. i was getting a hard on everytime she walked watching that ass. i bumped into her by mistake, i said sorry and told her how beautiful she looked i got the most amazing smile from her we starting c... Continue»
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Kelly Kapowski at the Driscolls' House

Kelly was babysitting for the Driscolls and she had made the mistake of reading some pages of erotic literature in a book she had pulled down from one of their high shelves. Within 5 minutes of reading, she felt weird down there. She returned the book to its place and locked herself in the bathroom for 8 or 9 minutes.

She was such an innocent girl that rubbing one out in the Driscoll's bathroom felt like an act of supreme perversion to her. She came 3 times in the first two minutes then took off her panties and used them to clean herself. She rinsed them in the sink under warm wa... Continue»
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I saw a advert for a special job
so replied they needed some information so I sent it off
like how many s****rs in your f****y I come from a f****y of 6 s****rs and me
hopped on a plane and off
picked up at the airport by a couple of very nice ladies I kept asking them about the job and they just smiled and changed the subject
about 12 hours later arrived at the place where the interview was
to take place was taken to the office and talked to buy 5 very nice looking older ladies
the job was to keep all the ladies pregnant would I like it I did not tell them that I was a 20 year old vir... Continue»
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I Scored with A Female Burglar!

One Night I got home from work, took a shower, went to sl**p, 2 hours later I heard a noise like somebody moving things I thought it was someone new moving in next door but it wasn't, and i kept hearing a panting noise like someones losing their breath going back and forth so I got out of bed and as usual grabbed my baseball bat, looked in the kitchen not only my refrigerator door was left open, my front room window was f***ed open so I quietly closed the window back up and after I did that, I saw a light on in my bathroom so with caution like a soldier in Afghanistan, I gently opened the door... Continue»
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gangbanged at party

about a month ago my husband bill went off on a business trip and i was sitting around the house all friend becky called me up and said that there was a party and if i wanted i could go with her.
we got there and there were several guys and a few woman and i have to admit i was getting off on the attention i was getting but figured it was all innocent flirting.
after awhile i noticed becky and some guy was hitting it off and she asked if i minded if they left for awhile and i said "no,go carefull" and they took off.
a little bit later a guy named randy started talking to ... Continue»
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The Female Doctor bares all.

This is a TRUE story. It happened to my then girlfriend when she was at a baby shower party at some ones house. This is how she described it to me. The party had been going for about 3 hours and there where only 6 them left now. The lady hosting the party, a female doctor, a female politicion who was the member for the local area, a very pregnant lady, another lady and my girlfriend. They where all close friends of the host. They where in the lounge room sitting around talking. She said the doctor lady seem to be giving out advice to everyone the whole time. She was a very demure brunnet lady ... Continue»
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Uh Oh!

When this story happened my husband and I had been married for about four years. I was only 28 years old. This is a true story. I had always been very good looking, long blonde hair, nice hips, surfer girl looks. I could get any man I wanted and boy did I get a few. My husband turned me on to swinging after we had been married about three years and I love it.
My husband and I were thinking of having a c***d so I got off birth control for several months. Our swinging friend called me one day and was having a party. I told her we could not come because I was not on the pill. She had great ... Continue»
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master-baiting at work

I have been sexually open for most of my life. So when i found a listing online to become a phone sex operator i Emailed my resume and waited for a reply. Only a few short days later i was on board and starting my first shift. The job seemed like a lot of fun, Even though i knew i couldn't touch myself at work because of the setting in the office, not to mention the cameras that over look most of the desks, But sometimes when the other girls are on the phones i turn on some porn in the privacy of my cubical and would rub my pussy a little until i hear someone walking and had to stop. Having... Continue»
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The old swimming hole....

Betty called me up as she usually does several times a week, but I could tell from her voice this was something a little different. “You know the pond where we’ve gone skinny dipping a few times” she asked. Of course I knew it! It was a silly thing for two 30, almost 40 something moms to do, but it was so much fun…especially when we both had not too perfect, but not too bad bodies. “Yes, of course I do” I replied.

Well, I was down there this afternoon, enjoying a little swim, the outdoors…when that group of boys from across the way came out... Continue»
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Fucking Daddy's Friend.....ALL Day Long PART

Hi guys and girls. I hope you are all enjoying the stories. I apologize one more time for the bad english. Im trying to improve.

Well, this story happened about 3-4 years ago. I knew my father's friend, this one, ever since i was very little. As i became older and slowly turned into a woman, men started noticing.

Daniel was in his 40s and quite handsome. He would always go to our house. As i got older, the hugs became stronger and tighter and my breasts would press against him.

We were talking on msn one day and the subejct of sex had come up. He began telling me how pretty i was... Continue»
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Grandslam Pussy ( 100% True)

Hey xhamster readers if you are not familiar with my stories their all true, and if you have read my Indian Summer stories this is a still naughty one , just with a different girl.

This story takes place 3 weeks ago.

It was a nice summer day in the city, I was excited to wake up to a naked girl in my bed, that i met at a party the other night, I didn't kno her name but knew she was a great lay . After exchanging numbers and walked my new fuck buddy to her car, my roomate grinned at me and said that she was a b**st, ( we both fucked her) he also told me to get showered a... Continue»
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