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Jenny comes home, horny from school, 1st time

Jenny comes home with a big blush on her face. I am not amazed at all, as her Head
Master had just informed me, he had decided to send her home with a letter for me.
She holds that letter in her hands as she enters our premises in her school outfit.

As your mentor, I was informed about your serious misbehaviour in sexual sense, Jenny!
Should I open this letter and read its contents out to you or do you tell me yourself?
I am so sorry, Sir. I was so foolish to take down my knickers as boys wanted me to do.
A teacher caught me and brought me to the Head Master, who sent me home with th... Continue»
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Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #2

How to solve this very embarrasing situation: we find the three teen dods of Kris watching porn!
We three, that is their mom Kris, my granddod Petra and me - we are neighbours at the nudist beach
Petra and me share genes and a similar ingenuous intuition to solve sexy situations as this one is
As the only elder one and only man I take the initiative to find an interesting intriguing way out

Proper corporal punishment for whom and why?

The eldest of the three is only f0urteen - it is probably their first time they saw sexy stuff
It all the fault of Petra as she had invited the ... Continue»
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Cheating Wife

Both my wife and I work for a large company in Texas and we travel quite a bit for business. Last week my wife, Janet, was going to a three day company meeting in a town about an hour away and one of the requirements was to stay at the resort all three days. The morning she was leaving I saw her shaving her pussy which was very unusual for her to do. Normally she likes her pussy with some hair on it so I was intrigued by this development. Since she didn't notice me in the bathroom and I was already late for work I decided to leave it alone and head to work.

All day long I kept thinking ... Continue»
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gut next door

Well after Dan next door find out I was a crossdresser and we had sex.I knew there was something I had to do.
I woke sunday morning and loaded some boxes in to back of my pick up.He seen I was dressed as Paula and came over and asked what was in the boxes.The stuff I don,t want anymore all of Paul's old clothes.For now on you only see Paula.
He said really?Yes, what about the other nieghors he asked.I don't care what they thing it free world and they know.I said well I better take this stuff and but it collection box for homeless.He opened my door for me and gave me kiss before I left.I... Continue»
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Aunt Christine Part 3

I worked in the movies as an usher and wouldn't get off until 10 o'clock. I kept thinking about the surprise Aunt Christine was going to give me. Time dragged, and I saw Stanley, so I knew he wasn't at my house, fucking my aunt. Ten o'clock finally came, and I left for home. As I approached my house, I saw a strange car parked in front. I went around the back and let myself in. I entered the living room and there was my aunt and a blonde lady sitting on the couch. They were drinking Thunderbird wine. Hi, honey, my aunt said. Have a glass of cold wine. This is Dora. Dora was wearing ... Continue»
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Prom Night

No not the HORROR MOVIE,in fact my story has a much better ending.So it's my last year in High School.I was passing all my classes except English which was always a pain in my ass.Adjectives,Adverbs,Pronouns,Nouns,Puncuation,question marks.comma's Proper Engish (now called Politically correct)Hell I grew up in the GHETTO,nobody talked like that.They just cuss you out and went about their business.They bell rings for us to end or day at school.So my classmates all rushed to get out of there.My Enlish teacher called out my name and said I need to talk to you.Of course my friends sang t... Continue»
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Mother and Daughter sequel

Note to readers...Best to read "Mother and Daughter Experience " first...

Mike and Lyn sat on the sofa at her house, the day after the session which involved Lyn's daughter Jo, a wooden paddle and a first spanking for Jo. Jilly was meant to be there but Jo took over! Lyn had been up all night looking after another girl,s problems in a nearby town, and was tired out. " Look Darling, I am too tired, Jilly wanted us to go across the road to her place this afternoon for her first session, it will be too much for me!" Lyn lifted the phone, called Jilly.."High Jilly, look I'm worn out we can't co... Continue»
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Stories from my wife 1

Hello everyone.

As you can see in my profile I have a thing for my wife telling me about her experiences before we met. Its a turn on for me to hear some of the things she got upto before we met. So i thought I would share some of the stories with you.

The men in this story are called Rodney and Byron, I wont tell you myu wifes name but her initial is M, so they all be referred to by their initials only.

This story goes back 20 years or so when M was 24, and it was 2 years before I met her.

She was sort of seeing R, it was nothing serious, at the time she lived alone in a bedsit in... Continue»
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After School Sex...

It was the last class of the day, I was looking to get out of school without having anyone pinch my butt. I exited by the door farther away from the main entrance and was happy that no other students were near.

My happiness was soon deflated when around the corner of the building came Walter. Walter was one of the guys that often pinched my butt in gym, but never tried to have sexual contact. Today was going to be different.

Walter called out to me 'Hey David, wait up!' I slowed my pace and looked back as if to say I don't have time. Walter stopped by the school door and called out... Continue»
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Cuckold with blue balls

Four weeks ago I was locked in my CB3000 by my wife. I can do four weeks with ease if my wife doesn't tease me. But the month she chose to make my life a pure Hell. We had two snow days this month and we both where out of work. On both days she had arranged to have one of her guy friends get " snowed" in with us. I was f***ed to watch them having sex over and over during that time. They fucked all day Thursday and Friday , all night Friday night and most of Saturday. Sunday he left to go home and as soon as he left she called another guy and then hit the shower. He got to our house around th... Continue»
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Stephen Ellis has recently celebrated both his eighteenth birthday and high school graduation, but not much else is changing in his life. He will be attending community college in the fall and has no immediate plans to move out of his mother's house nor quit his comfortable job at a local convenience store.

Also the same as ever unfortunately is daily torment from Craig Hooper. Craig is not so much a bully, but rather a terror. He is nineteen and was left back in his junior year, putting him in the same class as Stephen. Stephen suspects that Craig was left back yet again since he was missi... Continue»
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Irfan and Sahil

Irfan was lying on the bed in a relaxed mood. It was late night. He was getting a little bored. 'What should I do,' Irfan thought. Suddenly, Sahil entered the room. Sahil smiled at Irfan. Irfan smiled back, knowing he wont be bored anymore. Sahil sat besides Irfan and started staring him from top to bottom like a hungry slut. He asked Irfan seductively,'Am I allowed to play?' 'Sure,' was Irfan's reply. Sahil moved over his hand and started caressing the bulge in between Irfan's jeans. Slowly, the bulge started growing. The more Sahil massaged, the bigger the bulge got. Sahil's mouth watered an... Continue»
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Fucking the God Daughter, and her Chaperone (TRUE

Ok this is a TRUE STORY from when I was in a certain African country on an extended business trip. I had to work directly with the Ministers and the President and her staff supporting the training we were doing with their government and military there. I was at their capitol building one day talking to her driver about the protocol we would have to follow for a VIP visit, he spoke excellent English and honestly he was a pretty intimidating guy. He grabbed my card and called me a week later and said

"Hello, what are you... Continue»
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Visiting mom.

My mom is 48 years old.My dad passed away 4 years ago. My mom very old fashioned women,and religious.Mom told me that she will not re-married again .

My aunt Nancy called me 2 weeks ago,and beg me to come to visit my mom. She told me that my mom always talking about me everyday .

I submit request a month off for summer from my work. I didn't tell mom that I am coming over to spent summer with her.

I showed up at my mom house almost midnight. I ring the bell at least 4 times before she answer and open the door. Mom was so happy to see me. She hugged me ( I can feel the firmness of her... Continue»
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My parents were going out for the evening and I had my best friend Holly spending the night over. We were not alone, my big b*****r Nick was there. Holly had a little crush on him and stole glances at him whenever she could and blushed when she got caught.
"I wish Nick was my b*****r," Holly said once. "You're so lucky to have such a hot b*****r."
I think it was Holly who planted that little seed in my mind. Before Holly's lusting remarks I did consider Nick in any other way but as a b*****r.
"Have you ever seen his---you know--his thing?" she a... Continue»
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Final Fantasy

I never imagined i would ever get to bang my aunt in my room all alone without the fear of someone coming in until now! Well here's what happened:
Astrid was renovating her house and needed a place to spend a night, the house was already completed but she couldn't stand the dust so she wanted to give a day to settle before she moved in. She then came our f****y house to crash the night,we had guest that night so almost every where was packed up except my condo. So everyone suggested she stayed in my room and i said ok with a face looking as if i ain't down with it. she packed her bags and we... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents;Clodagh's Story.

Clodagh followed the young smiling nun up the stair case.This wasn't Clodagh's first time she had been at St.Vincent's twice before.She was dreading what Reverand Mother Gertrude would do to her this time.They stopped outside the Reverand Mother's study,the young nun knocked and opened the door ushering Clodagh inside.The young nun closed the door and Clodagh became aware that the nun didn't leave the room.Clodagh moved closer to Reverand Mother who was sitting behind her table.
"Ah,Clodagh,welcome back,young woman",Reverand Mother said with a smile on her face."It seems that women like yo... Continue»
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Gramps, Dad, and Marine Zack

Gramps, Dad, and Marine Zack

By Buck Jones

The “Gramps, Dad, and Marine Zack” stories stem from an ongoing imaginary role playing exchange over a period of nearly a year and a half. The stories are unabashedly erotic and touch on forbidden territory. The subject of these stories is the ease with which a c***d or a young boy or young man can be seduced into a sexual relationship without knowing the ramifications of his experiences. Because the adult is not “abusing” the c***d in the sense of beating him or r****g him, but cajoling him, the innocent and unaware are lured into a world ... Continue»
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Recently Divorced S.ster by loyalsock

I remember that night in July like it was yesterday. My s****r and her husband had separated and I had been helping her with projects around the house like the yard mowing, landscaping and maintenance. I would drive up on Friday night and stay until Sunday afternoon most of the time. She lived about seventy miles away and it was a great place to get away. Plus, I was single, so I didn't really have anything better to do. I figured I could do most anything she needed done better and cheaper than anyone she could find in town. She had a nice, small house way out in the country, miles away fr... Continue»
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The Island (Chpt 6 Part 2)

Poor Cedric! He´d never been a captive girl. What I was about to do was no more than I expected. I did not want to do it. But I had no thought of fighting against the inevitable. I was simply about to pay the tribute that a few million other girls had paid before me. Cedric ejaculated a startled and shocked: “No! Oh no!” He was on his feet in a flash and had seized a gun from the holster of one of our captors when one of the other ruffians shot him. It was done with the indifference of any act that does not matter very much. Cedric fell and stared up at the sky he would never... Continue»
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