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my step dad had a habit of walking in on me when i took showers, he'd wash his hands or shave sometimes as i soaped myself up, washed my hair, scrubbed my pretty legs, my lovely shaved pussy so wet and plump as i rubbed it with soap, the lips looking like a mouth waiting to be kissed and enjoyed. he and mom married when i was ten so he had seen me naked lots of times, though i knew things were different now that i was older. i liked the way he'd watch me, so attentive, i'd smile and rub soap on my small tits making my pink nipples so perky, he'd stare at them and say stuff like, did you do yo... Continue»
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What the Hell Am I Doing?- Chapter 4

What the Hell Am I Doing? -Ch. 4
Author’s Note: This is a new series of stories, all of them holding at least a kernel of truth, if not more. Not all will have full-on sexual contact and/or encounters, at least as I have it planned, but I hope the reader will enjoy the feelings, and emotions, that went through my mind. That being said, there is going to be a lot of interracial sexual relations, sex with strangers, and even some v******e.
Call it adultery, call it slavery, or call it submission, whatever label you choose, ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #1

Victorious: Falling Pieces #1

It was nearly 11pm when Jade dropped Cat off at her house before heading to her own home to crash in her bed. As Jade was driving to her house, she felt like she needed to talk to someone. Clearly the 'I'm going to share my boyfriend with another girl who doesn't actually live a thousand miles away from him' thing was weighing much heavier on her mind than she had intended. An answer suddenly appeared in her mind and she drove right past her turn.

As she pulled on the edge of the Vega's driveway, she raced towards the door, trying to be quiet in case ... Continue»
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Plumber and my exhibitionist wife

There was a knock at the door. The plumber was on time, which was a pleasant surprise. Not as great of a surprise as what we had planned for him to witness through out his time working today.
We had used his services a couple of times in the past so we knew what to expect. Just short of 6 foot tall, he stood in the entrance of the front door. He wore blue overall trousers and a black polo t-shirt which showed off the slight round stomach hidden underneath. Mid 30s, he was slightly stocky, clean shaven with short styled hair.

I invited him in and told him that I’d like the boiler in the a... Continue»
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my s****rs boyfriend

The first time I met my s****r's new boyfriend I didn't think much, I just said hello and nice to meet you really he seemed nice enough, the second time I met him was the night he stayed over for the weekend, we had all watched a movie that evening, me, my s****r and josh, her boyfriend, they shared the couch he sat on the end and she laid her head on his legs, I sat on the chair in the corner, and we watched the film, during the film I noticed him looking over at me a lot, I didnt think much of it, I just thought I'd gotten in his way of him spending time with her, the film was pretty bori... Continue»
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Return Visit to My Favorite Dr.

Finally the day came for my return visit to the Dr that made me look pregnant & I can't wait. I decide to wear more seductive undergarments this time to maybe get my cute Dr a little more worked up. I wear a matching red & black lace lingerie set with the same shade of red lipstick. I put on a little black dress & some red heels before heading out with an empty bottle in my purse in anticipation for his excessive load. I get to the Dr office & check in like I did before & begin the long wait till I'm finally called back. The nurse does some quick standard checks then leaves me to wait for the ... Continue»
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Stepdaughter loving 2.

I sat at the breakfast table feeling very guilty, my loving wife sat next to me oblivious that I had the day before just fucked her daughter, my stepdaughter and no matter how hard I tried to forget what had happened I couldn't.
Kim then strolled wearing a very tight t-shirt and short skirt.
"Haven't you got college today?" asked Trish
"Later mother" she sighed before she gave me a long hard stare.
I quickly glanced away and I when I looked back Kim was stood looking in the fridge, she bent forwards to get something out and I could see her lovely toned legs going right up to her small roun... Continue»
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Grocery Shopping for Sex Toys

You called and said you had some free time this afternoon and wondered if I would be available for some afternoon delight. I love sex any time of day and jumped at the chance to have some hot wet fun with you. I mention I need to go to the grocery store for a few things and you offer to come by, pick me up and take me to the store. Perfect!! I had just the plan in mind for a luscious afternoon. I say I will be ready in 30 minutes and you said you will see me then.

I go upstairs undressing as I go along. Turning the water on in the shower, I tie my long hair up glancing into the mirror ... Continue»
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The Big Taboo Orgy, part 1

Okay, so there are a lot of characters in this story. But I can't properly tell it without explaining who everyone is. Naturally I've changed their names so that the 1st letter of their name reminds you of their most notable characteristic. For example, my wife is named Wendy. Because the most important role she plays in the story is that she's my wife.

Speaking of my Wife, this story is about her f****y. Every five years they go on a big vacation together to a cabin on Lake Tahoe. And last year was one such year. So here are the people who were there when the debauchery began.

Me of cou... Continue»
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Brave New Women's World!


My favorite type of FEMALE Dominance is one in which the FEMALES Rule completely; in the f****y's home, at work, in the community, in the world! Where WOMEN take over all rights, FEMINIZE their males and control the males lives completely. I especially love when the FEMALES of a home domesticate, dominate, enslave, FEMINIZE and sissify THEIR petticoated males to do any bidding THEY might demand or require. I am not into professional dominants, except as teachers for new and inexperienced WOMEN to be trained in the ways of FEMININE SUPERIORITY and male submission. It ... Continue»
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Another First Time Story

I was just into my middle teen years. My dad was big shot at this company and every year they have a huge holiday party at their office building. This was the first time I got to go as my parents decided I was too old for a baby sitter but should not be left alone. Every body was dressed up as santa elves, Santa Clause or Mrs. Clause. Most of the costumes were pretty racy.
Everybody was drinking heavy, including me. I was able to sneak drinks as the night went and I became pretty buzzed. I had to pee like a race horse and the first time I went pee the bathroom was total chaos so I headed... Continue»
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Prison Bitch (for all my little sissy fag boys)

I'm sure many of you have seen a number of movies or television programs based on prison life behind bars. Having recently spent some 29 months in an undisclosed New England State Pen, I’ll now share with you first hand, some of the wildest and most unbelievable sexual experiences one could ever imagine. While still on parole now, I will change my name here and not mention the state facility involved. Other than to substitute a few names for some of the real ones involved, all of what I'm disclosing here actually happened between late July of 2001 and December of 2003. My work release program ... Continue»
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Moana had always been bisexual, falling in love with and lusting after her own. Lately though, she was frantically, hopelessly all about pussy. She fell hardest for women who were socially straight but curious about sex with another woman. Her favorite part of those encounters was always the first time they'd play and her partner of the moment would start out nervous but willing and then...that moment when she'd relax and embrace Moana's tender tonguing. Feathery lashings against a hungry clit was the way Moana would introduce her ladies to their first orgasm with her.

If her newly enthusia... Continue»
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Alexandria Unleashes Her Inner Whore

You, Alexandria, awake in the middle of the night to a stirring inside. It is building up and your pussy begins to get very moist, glistening with your juices. All you want is to have your pussy used and fucked like a true whore.

A little about yourself: you stand at 5' 7", just over 200lbs., with long, dark hair and blue eyes. You have a 36B chest, a completely shaved, tight pussy and a big fat ass that loves to be spanked and fucked.

You have been waking up like this in the middle of the night for two months now. It can't be explained. Feeling the need to be used, you want to be used... Continue»
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He's Taught a HARD Lesson at Summer Camp

First of all, I'm kinda freaked out about what I did that summer and of what I had

become and was made to do, by the time I finished summer camp. This is a true

story and I swear that everything I'm confessing actually happened to me and might

happen to you if you so desire!

I was pretty young and had just gotten my drivers license.
Being inexperienced at almost everything I was a willing student, but as far as

sex goes..absolutely NOTHING had ever happened to me without using my own

hand if you know what I mean..LOL!

My mom and dad were going to the mid-east for
... Continue»
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He's Taught a HARD Lesson at Summer Camp

First of all, I'm kinda freaked out about what I did that summer and of what I had become and was made to do, by the time I finished summer camp. This is a true story and I swear that everything I'm confessing actually happened to me and might happen to you if you so desire!

I was pretty young and had just gotten my drivers license.
Being inexperienced at almost everything I was a willing student, but as far as sex goes..absolutely NOTHING had ever happened to me without using my own hand if you know what I mean..LOL!

My mom and dad were going to the mid-east for two months because o
... Continue»
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MOM and I have a SECRET

I have always thought my mom's best friend was beautiful and even when I was

in elementary school, I would imagine what she looked like naked. She was tall,

about 5 foot 8 and had large breasts and nipples that would stick out when she

wore a t-shirt. Her legs were really long and even her toes and feet were

attractive! Her name was Marla and she and my mom had been friends since I

can remember and I knew that they had gone to college together. She and mom

would go our shopping and usually came back to our house smelling like wine

and were sometimes a little tips
... Continue»
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Brandy (Chapter 5)

Judgment Day
Brandy’s cell phone rang just as she was going into her house, cheerleading practice over early. She looked at the screen before she answered it, her heart racing when she saw the number. Did Cindy want me to babysit again? She trembled at the thought of seeing Michael again, at him taking her home and what he might do this time to her excited body. “Hello, Cindy,” Brandy answered.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Brandy. I told you not to cum and you defied me, standing in the window, my camera recording all of your shameful defiance.”
“I’m sorrrry, Sirr,” she stammered, even th... Continue»
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2 Mature Milf Bosses,1 Hot Fucking Session

One of the bosses was a regular fuck of mine.I had gone to her place of work as usual and having seen me she had told her staff they could go home early and she would shut up the shop.She took told me to go to her office and she would be in shortly.I was feeling horny though so i grabbed her and led her straight to her office.She started to protest that she,

"...Hadn't finished shutting up"

but i grabbed her and lifted her onto her desk.I pushed her skirt up around her waist and grabbing her panties ripped them causing her to say,

"My you are in a hurry mate",

before i unzipped my... Continue»
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My dad was a very good looking guy and when we were out together, I would

notice women looking at him all the time. He was about 6'4, very well built and

one time I saw him naked in the shower and his cock was huge! I myself was

really young then and it made mine look like a roll of certs!...LOL

He and my mom were divorced and had been for some years now and I was a

Sophomore in high school. I played on the football team and had practice almost

every afternoon and games on Friday nights. Dad was always at my games and

I would spend some weekends with him when it
... Continue»
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