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Wedding gift

I (jen) rolled over and groaned. Where was I? I opened my eyed and surveyed the room. I remembered, I was at my boyfriend’s friend’s house. Last night I had went over there to talk to him about my wedding. He was going to be the best man. We had got to drinking a little bit and I was feeling very horny and uninhibited. Steve(the best man) caught onto that quick and kept encouraging me to drink. One thing led to another and Steve led me to his bed.

“Good Morning Jen, sl**p well?” Steve inquired. “Shit Steve, how could we have
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My plan for my gangbang

I am married marwari woman having two k**s. My hubby is having own workshop and with god grace he is earning good sum. He is an engineer and I am also an engineering graduate. Both of us shared the responsibilities of business. I am doing marketing and sales and he is looking after purchase and manufacturing. In this field I got seven friends. Jai is one of them, who are very close to my hubby and me. We have f****y terms.

I am 35, 5’6”, fair, with stats of 34B, 30, and 36. I always prefer Punjabi suits and loose tops with loose trousers. At home I always prefer loose nighty without br
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 12

Chapter One

When I wake up Master is reading the paper. There is a knock at the door. Master just gives me the eye and I pop up to answer the door. It’s room service and the young man wheels the tray into the room. He doesn’t seem surprised at my nakedness. I’m beginning to think that I’m going to be his tip until Master hands him a $20.

We eat a light dinner and get dressed. I say we, I am wearing my red heels, Master’s collar and red vinyl coat that only reaches mid thigh. The car meets us downstairs and whisks us away. When we stop, there is a large, rather old grey building. Mast... Continue»
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Our first cruise

My wife and I have finally settled and life is going well. We’re both 26, Jen just graduated from Med school and is finally practicing medicine. . I have been selling cars since my undergraduate program to finance her way through school.
Jen informed me that we finally get a little reward; one of the d**g companies is sponsoring a conference
on a cruise ship.
I guess this is common practice, the doctors get their continuing education and the d**g companies push their wares.
WE checked in and were pleased to see we had a great room for a cruise. It has a balcony and a little room
Jen has... Continue»
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Vegas changes a man. part 1 (Adopted cousins and t

So newly not a virgin anymore me was in Vegas to visit f****y. I was hornier than ever and in the city of sin I was ready to have fun. The type of fun I encountered turned out to be extremely different than what I expected, but I'll remember it forever.

My whole f****y except me and my adopted cousin went out to drink for the night. Being in Vegas a couple a days I was starting to get board so I sat on the coach and started to watch tv. That's when I saw my cousin walk from her bedroom towards the shower her tight cloths not leaving much to the imagination. Her short blue hair shinning, and... Continue»
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The Survey by loyalsock

Debbie Warren sat quietly in her large easy chair when she was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. She quickly bent back the corner of the page, closed the book, and crossed the room to the desk where the phone was located. "Hello, this is Debbie, how may I help you?" A soothing feminine voice on the other end of the line replied smoothly, "Miss Warren, my name is Miranda Gaines, I work for a company that specializes in doing survey work for large companies all around the world." "I was hoping that you could take a few minutes to answer a few questions on your shopping habits." "I guess,"... Continue»
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Dogging Surprise

Earlier tonight I was about to make a new tribute when I thought I'd go out to one of the local dogging spots to see if I could find somebody to suck my cock and have a bi of fun myself. When I arrived there was a car there already so I locked my car and walked past the car, down the path to the wooded area. I waited a few minutes and noticed that the car had disappeared to my disappointment.

I hung around for a few minutes, being a Saturday night I expected maybe a couple of guys would turn up but no joy. I decided to give up, head home and have a wank instead. I headed back to my car and ... Continue»
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Another Year Starts. Part One. For Wendy

It was the first day of counselor meetings with my students. I watched hubby get up and dressed for work. He came to the bed and kissed me and left. I got up in the bedroom and pulled out the outfit I had planned for today. I was humming as I slipped into my crotchless panties. It was a pair like this one that first turned one of the young men I counsel into my procurer so many years ago. Over the years I had many procurers. It ALWAYS worked to give me what I wanted and needed.

I've been a counselor for almost 26 years now. I work with mostly young men in their freshman year...but b... Continue»
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Best Friend's Girlfriend Part 2

Original Title: Losing Virginity with Best Friend's Girlfriend

Part One Here:

When I woke up Emma wasn't in bed. I couldn't help but think that maybe it was dream. I heard noise coming from the kitchen so I got out of bed and went to the sound. Emma was fully clothed standing at the sink doing the washing up. I walked in the kitchen. We said our "good mornings" but it felt weird. There was this tension between us. 30 minutes passed and we had barely spoken to each other. We were now sat in the living room drinking a tea and avoidi... Continue»
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the night I had 3 guys cum in me twice

So i was at this club and I was horny as can be and wanted to get laid real bad. I met this guy who was there at the bar and he kept looking at me ass, so I asked him do you like what you see, and if you do what are you going to do about it. He looked at me and said come with me and I will show you the time of your life. So we left the club and went back to his place. On the way he call someone and said to meet him at his place, I wasn't sure what that was about but I soon fond out.

When wee got to his place there where to other guys there. One white guy tall about 6'1" slim build and on... Continue»
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Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

It all began a couple of winters back with a couple of beers too many. I was in a pub with a friend I hadn't seen in a year or two. We were best friends back in high-school. We started reminiscing about the good old days, we talked a bit about girls we had fucked or wanted to fuck. I told him I was getting a boner just thinking about one particular chick. He leaned towards me and felt my boner through my jeans. Nothing new here, we used to feel each other in high-school just for the fun of it. Some more chit-chat and beer and then we decided we had enough beers. One last piss and off we went. ... Continue»
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a better one i think

I step out of the shower, my long slender legs wet and freshly shaved, I rub the towel down my leg as my long wet hair hangs forward covering my still naked nipples. I hear the door, you walk in, just finished from a long hard day in the office, your black lace dress creased from a days wear. "hey babe" I call "il be right with you". I finish drying myself before sliding my tiny thong around my round bubble butt. I then slide on my tight sports bra over my perky little breasts. i walk out of the bathroom as your taking off your strappy red heels as you flash the top part of your black stocking... Continue»
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Friend Of Mine Fucking Me With A Strap On

This is a true story of mine based on the time a good friend of my girlfriend Sarah and I named Lisa fucked me with a strap on, Hope you enjoy.

It was a Friday night and I was bored as hell sitting in my apartment texting my girlfriend Sarah as she was working an overnight shift. On top of that I was horny and to make it worse Sarah was sending me some naughty pictures making my cock throb in my shorts. After awhile of teasing me Sarah told me to text our friend Lisa (Pic above) who lived in the apartment complex a block do... Continue»
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Daddy uses Josie

*Not my story but I thought it was hot:)*

My girlfriend and I discovered we were both bi-curious about a year ago
and started sharing some of our fantasies.Well fantasy lead to reality
and one of her fantasies coming true.
My girlfriend Patti already had me wearing panties and her lingerie. She
told me that she wanted to watch me service another man dressed anyway
they decided.Of course I was game.
She finally found someone local and willing to play so she invited him
over without my knowledge.
It was our typical Saturday night.I was on the computer talking in chat
rooms, whil... Continue»
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In The Dressing Room With Mom

I would have to say that without a doubt my least favorite time of year is when school is getting ready to start again. My mom who is already busy with work and who is never home most of the time as it is turns into a wild woman dragging me all over town for school supplies, shoes and cloths. Nothing makes me happier then to just sit in my room playing video games but during the month before school I don't see very much of my bedroom. I walk threw the stores with her as she speeds in front of me on her phone talking about work as all the guys leer at her because my mom for some reason has alwa... Continue»
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General Election 2010

As there was a general election due we’d had all the usual paperwork rubbish through the letter box, and as usual I’d ripped them up and thrown them away. This particular Saturday afternoon I was in the house on my own, the wife was at work, and I was settling down to enjoy an afternoon here on xhamster.

Then there was a knock at the door, ‘fuck me’ I thought as I went to answer it. As I opened it there stood a man, around 35 years old, dressed smart but casual, he was representing one of the parties in the election and could he rely on me for his vote, we had a bit of a conversation and h... Continue»
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Virtual to Reality - 1

Our first encounter was a virtual one through an online game. My name is Noah and I was a host of a strong alliance in the online game and she, Jane was a new member to the alliance.

Jane had come over from a dying alliance and I was one of the best players in the game. Jane knew she could learn from him and become a stronger player.

We chatted a lot about the game, I gave her more responsibility and they became closer. Jane opened up and expressed her feelings, she lived in Tasmania and her husband worked away from home, only being home at weekends, so she was lonely and spent a lot... Continue»
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Inter racial MMF


My good friend, George, had come to visit, he was a big Negro, massive but he was all muscle, worked in a gym and obviously used it himself, after saying that you couldn’t meet a nicer guy, he was so laid back it was unbelievable. He’d come down to ours to borrow some porn tapes, we used to swop tapes all the time and I had some new stuff.

This day he had his friend with him, shaft, a nickname he lived up to whenever he could, he was a Negro also but not as bulky as George was, even though he was still in good shape. I was going up the park with my boy and his frien... Continue»
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First Meeting with Myra – Part 2of 2

First Meeting with Myra – Part 2of 2

I have been Chatting with a Married couple with a teenage daughter and I met them last year…here is some of what we did together over the week I spent with them. I have changed their names…to protect the NOT so Innocent...

A few hours later…that same morning…Myra is leaving the bathroom after her shower. Her mother, Cindy is waiting outside the door for her…

“We need to talk about a few things, Sweetie…lets go to my bedroom so we can talk.” Cindy said, as she led her young teenage daughter to her room, once in the room they sat ... Continue»
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Slut and how I became one

Slut and how I became one:
My husband and I were enjoying our second wedding anniversary in a local restaurant when out of the blue he dropped this bombshell question.
“Do you ever think about fucking other guys?” He stammered nervously.
I put down my knife and fork, looked him directly in the eye and replied.
“What kind of question is that?”
“I mean when we’re having sex, have you never fantasized that it was someone else fucking you?” he squirmed in his seat as he asked his question.
“No I have not!” I answered in an abrupt tone.
“It’s ok babe, it’s just a fantasy. I’ve thought of you... Continue»
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