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This story is based on the fantasies of ahrnycpl4u at xham. Printed with her permission.

Remember, we left off from Part 1 with…
Deb twisted her head and smiled so sexily and whispered to me, “Ryan, please Ryan. Get them ALL to fuck me tonight.”
I audibly gulped, which she heard and it caused her to giggle.

'I had to give myself time to think. Did she really know what she was asking?’

First, her dress, I pulled it over her head, cast it away and held her tight against my chest. She didn’t flinch at this complete... Continue»
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I met Evie right here on Xhamster. We both lived in the same City and one day I came across her profile and I was hooked. A curvy BBW, I will admit that her breasts were the first thing I noticed, big areolas and very large in size, I guessed maybe she was an E cup. After a long time chatting away online, and away from the site, I decided that I trusted her enough to exchange real details, like my name and biggest of all for me, I showed her my face. I was nervous, what if we knew each other? What if she told everyone in our town that I was a panty wearing perv?! I went with my instinct thou... Continue»
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Kim has always slept naked with her mom and dad. She loves to suck her mom's big full tits. Some nights she would suck one as dad sucked the other. Dad would also finger mom's pussy as he sucked on a tit. He would also turn mom on her side so Kim could suck on a nipple as he fucked mom from behind. Then he would turn the mom back to her back and suck on a nipple beside Kim. In her teen years Kim started to develop tits and her mom would rub them and tell her that some day she would have a daughter to suck her nipples. Mom would also kiss on Kim's tits too. Kim like her tits touched a lot. One ... Continue»
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Experience when younger

I never really liked my body. I was always disappointed in it. I never had muscles, just a really skinny flat body. My arms were flat and my chest really wasn’t toned. The only thing I liked was my face. I have brown eyes and light brown hair that goes down to my cheek bones and doesn’t cover my face.

But by far the worst was I developed very late. When I was 15 I was finally getting some pubes. I didn't get any under my arms until I was almost 17. I hated it. I wanted to grow with my entire being. At gym class I always changed with my body toward the wall or looking for a stall to change i... Continue»
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Frisky Friday Night

It is date night with my husband. He is meeting me after work so he has no idea what I'm wearing. I show up with a sexy top no bra on, a short skirt with no panties on and super sexy slut heels. I walk in to get drinks for us and see everyone looking at me wanting to fuck me. Hubby walks in to see his cumslut dressed ready to be used like a whore. We are having drinks and I take his hand and slide it up my skirt. He starts rubbing my pussy, as I get wet he starts sliding his fingers in my pussy. My nipples are getting hard and I know some people see and know what's going on. They call us to ge... Continue»
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The Bride

Kate and Nick had sex within thirty minutes of their blind date. He went to her house to pick her up and soon she was naked and all over him with her hands down his pants and then soon sucking his cock. He teased her and told her she had a hot cunt. They dated two months and fucked most of the time then got married. The honeymoon was non stop sex as Kate could not get enough of Nick's cock. He also was a fan of her hot cunt and loved eating her. She would sit or lay with her legs spread wide and he would dive in and lick and suck her juicy cunt.

After the honeymoon they moved in with Nick'... Continue»
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Karaoke With A Sexy Twist

For over 10 years I have been doing karaoke shows at local bars, restaurants and a shit load of private parties. They are usually the same scenario, set up, play karaoke music for 3-4 hours then breakdown, pack up and go home. At one bar I play at I have quite a few “regulars” who I have gotten to know. Two girls, s****rs, are in that group and they always sing duets together. They are quite good and also nice on the eyes. The shorter one isn’t as “chesty” as the tall one but she is more petite overall, which I do like. Quite honestly I’d do either one of them if I had a chance. About ... Continue»
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Coming Out

Coming Out

Tricia-Jay was a bit of an enigma, people thought they knew her but the truth is that no-one really did, and even if someone did, not many would understand her. Tricia was a 28 year old male to female transvestite, real name Andy, a builder by trade, of slight build, 5 foot 9 inches tall, enjoyed a pint with the lads once in a while, but loved nothing more to be attired in her favourite dresses or skirt and top combinations, a bit of make-up, jewellery, and a quite long red hairpiece, Andy just loved being Tricia.

Around the house Tricia was full on, the full girlie set up b... Continue»
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Karaoke with A Naked Twist

For over 10 years I have been doing karaoke shows at local bars, restaurants and a shit load of private parties. They are usually the same scenario, set up, play karaoke music for 3-4 hours then breakdown, pack up and go home. At one bar I play at I have quite a few “regulars” who I have gotten to know. Two girls, s****rs, are in that group and they always sing duets together. They are quite good and also nice on the eyes. The shorter one isn't as “chesty” as the tall one but she is more petite overall, which I do like. Quite honestly I’d do either one of them if I had a chance.

About two ... Continue»
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Horny Adventures #1

So anyone who comes from Stoke of near Stoke will know of a place called Hanley, for anyone who doesn't know its basically a town with a fairly large shopping centre.

Anyway, back to the story. I had been talking to this girl called Jessica Smith for about 3 months, we had been chatting over Snapchat and had been good friends for a while. Our conversations were becoming more intimate, she would send me pictures of her legs in the bath and her standing in her towel after etc. but she never showed me anything else, you could call her a tease.

One day whilst talking to Jess on Snapchat she... Continue»
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A day in the Country

It was a hot summer’s day, a few years ago. We were on holiday in Dorset, a county we knew well and where we returned often to get away from the stresses of everyday life. We stayed in a favourite Bed and Breakfast place which was near the coast but on the edge of town so that we could walk for miles without needing to drive. It was our idea of heaven. This particular day we’d decided to have a day walking in the country. We hadn’t been sure to begin with, because the forecast was for hot sunny weather and we thought it might be hard work, but in the end we went. We could always shorten the it... Continue»
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A few years ago I was living in a small Spanish village where the expats were a bit thin on the ground and all the non Spanish knew each other quite closely, mainly to help each other out with language problems or dealing with the usual beaurocracy.
One particular f****y consisting of the mother who was around thirtyeight years old and step father who was about forty had 2 daughters of sixt**n and one 3 years younger who were well known for visiting other expats houses to lend money or last minute requests to look after the k**s as the wife worked when she could get it whilst the husband got... Continue»
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Queer Day

I was 18 years old when I had my first sexual experience. It happened on a warm Saturday afternoon. I left my house under the pretext of doing some research at the downtown library for some up coming project. I liked my independence and I rode the buss downtown. My real destination was a back alley entrance to some obscure building. Inside was and adult theatre featuring gay porn. I knew I might be gay because thinking about girls never gave me an erection, but for some reason thinking about my male teachers at school did. I had to find out and this seemed like the most obvious solution.
... Continue»
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Danny's late night visit.

Let me tell you about the character's in Danny's late night visit:

First I am Tim, I am 35 now but when this happened I was 24, 5'9", 160 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes & 8" cut.

My friend Chuck was 23, 5'9" 160 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes & 9" cut.He is now 34, divorced with three k**s.

Danny was 15 years old, 5'10", 130 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, smooth hairless hard body (into karate), cute firm bubble butt & a 9.5" cut dick that curves to the left. He is now 26, married with two k**s.

M... Continue»
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Tara's Threeway

Tara had agreed to the three way, but Mr. James hadn’t told her about how much I cum. Not that my cock is a huge porn star cock, but when I cum it shoots out in thick, gooey streams. Even if she had known, I’d like to think she was game because she was smiling and on her knees in the hotel room not long before James and I both arrived. She’d helped herself to some of the minibar, but we didn’t mind as she pulled out our cock and moaned as she stroked us hard.
James groaned as she worked her hand. I caressed her face and said, “Kiss is, Tara.”
She did. Coyly kissing my cockhead... Continue»
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Horrible mom

My best friend, Steve had a difficult time at home since his parents got divorced. He had decided to stay with his mother, Carrie because she had been very depressed when her hubby moved out. Steve was afraid that she was not going to handle it if he moved with his father.
The divorce had long been coming, Carrie had been hard on her hubby, Frank and he worked long hours to give the f****y what they needed. She was never happy with anything he did, so he started to work even longer hours to not have to deal with the nagging and complaining. I remember hearing Carrie laying it into her hubby ... Continue»
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My Neighbor

About six months ago a black guy named ALex moved in next door. He was a young guy just out of college. Very buff, works out alot, tall and bald headed. He seemed like a real nice guy, we did talk some. My wife and I invited him over for dinner one night.
Things were going fine all thru dinner and afterwards I invited Alex down to my basement to play some pool. We were half way thru a game when my wife came down to join us. Much to my surprise she had put on her small satin robe, the one she wears when she wants me to fuck her. It is very short and hardly covers her ass or her beaver. My... Continue»
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Slut meets John. Part 1

So Jane moved into a new bedsit. Over the next couple of years Jane changed jobs and passed her driving test, went abroad on a couple of holidays and had a few one night stands and the occasional boyfriend but nothing too remarkable, unless you compared her to most 24 year olds. She'd had sex with lots of guys of all sizes and ages, she never counted but it was in excess of 50.
She knew men found her attractive and she knew she gave a great blowjob, she also knew she liked men to use her for sex.
She wasn't into 'lovey-dovey' stuff, she tended to just lay there while they did what they want... Continue»
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Caught Being Naughty by my Aunt

I enjoy being naked. When I'm alone that is. When my wife goes away for a few days, if the weather is nice, I spend most of my time nude. I water the garden, hang out in the house cooking and cleaning, and just generally hang out undressed.

Recently when my wife was gone on a trip for a week, I was laying on the couch naked of course, watching a spanking video on the flat screen TV. I had my lap top connected to the internet and plugged into the TV. I was was enjoying the video and just sort of fondling myself, not really masturbating.

At this point I should mention that I shave from ... Continue»
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My first lay was my friend's mom

When I was 19, I was hanging out and sl**ping over my friend's house fairly often. We were working on computers and trying to write a game and all sorts of other geeky stuff. During that time, I struck up a friendship with his mom as well. She was 43yo at the time, and very hot and young-minded for her age.

There was one evening when my friend had left to go hang out with another friend, and I didn't want to go along, so I hung out with his mom and we just watched TV and talked. She asked me if I wanted a beer and I said "Sure" and so we drank a beer. Maybe two. Or three. Can't remember.

... Continue»
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