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my cock in my ass

my precum bubbled up, i stopped the fondle. i felt my asshole tightened as i fought to hold my orgasm back. I succeeded, the urge passed, only a small amount of actual sperm actually made it to the top of my dick. my hands and arms were tensed, it was all i could do not to touch my long dick, not to squeeze it.

one touch and my pre work of morning edging would be over. i waited, waited as the immediate need subsided. my cock, untouched began to soften. i let it, i let it fall over and lay on my belly.

i closed my eyes. my balls ached. i was trapped in that delightfully torturous place be... Continue»
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Gay fantasy coming true-my fifth time

How do you outdo your wildest sexperience? Bring in more guys? Try more exotic postures? Sexathons? Well, I did all three, together!

I'll get straight to the story. This time there were 6 of us. Manu and Raj, my roommates. Abhi and Vinny (I hope you remember them) and the new boy, Jay. Vinny had promised not to be rough, he said he had been too excited that day and ended up hurting me. We met at Abhi's place and after the introductions to the new guy, we straight got down to business. We had brought along plenty of dotted and ribbed condoms, as well as lube.

It was going to be Jay's firs... Continue»
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Gloryhole With The Wife

As we pulled up I saw a few cars in the lot, but when we walked in the only person I saw was the hot brunette behind the counter. She was staring at my wife and making no attempt to be subtle about it. Carla turned down an aisle with different vibrators and dildos and I followed behind. Some of these things didnt look like they would ever fit inside a woman, and the prices were crazy. I was looking at one called The Black Mamba, thinking it would be the funniest gag gift for Andreas party and wondering who would even want to try fitting that thing into them. Kara bent down and picked som... Continue»
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Desk Pet

It was time to bitch out my agent. When he said 'hello,' I launched into a speech about wasting my time. I know any struggling model and actress has strengths and weaknesses. My weakness doesn't seem fair. My tits are too big. I keep hearing 'We are looking for a younger girl.' That is a nice way for them to say I have tits like a porn star. I know my face is young and fresh. Busting out of a 34 DD means I look too sexual to be a commercial success.

It is ironic, that I announced my decision to get a real job the same day I got an offer. My agent was over the moon. I was confused. One of t... Continue»
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Coming Out

Coming Out

Sophie Tyler was a bit of an enigma, people thought they knew her but the truth is that no-one really did, and even if someone did, not many would understand her. Sophie was a 28 year old male to female transvestite, real name Andy, a builder by trade, of slight build, 5 foot 9 inches tall, enjoyed a pint with the lads once in a while, but loved nothing more to be attired in her favourite dresses or skirt and top combinations, a bit of make-up, jewellery, and a quite long red hairpiece, Andy just loved being Sophie.

Around the house Sophie was full on, the full girlie set up... Continue»
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The Waitress

The Waitress

Sophie sits in a corner cafe, her emotions all over the place. As she surveys her surroundings the tables were in need of a wipe, the gloomy ochre, smoke stained paintwork peeling away from the Victorian brickwork beneath. The gloomy surroundings fitted her mood, the girl she was supposed to meet hadn’t turned up, Sophie felt alone, lonely, unwanted and depressed.

A new girl appeared at the far side of the counter, it was easy to see by the waitresses wide shoulders and slim hips that she wasn’t a real girl, her black dress and white pinny rather shorter than would normally ... Continue»
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The Joys of Polyamory

I had submitted this story to Literotica some years ago. Here it is with some additions and editions.

I met my wife Julie when we were both seniors in high school. She was an only c***d and her parents had divorced when she was 3, so she grew up with her mother Linda. By the time I met Julie, she was a tall, busty natural blonde whose height seemed to be 2/3 legs. I stood a few inches shorter, but unlike many guys I was not intimidated. It also helped that she, unlike many girls, did not find shorter guys a turnoff. I would learn later that she inherited her blonde hair, long legs an... Continue»
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a good fuck of ass

12:00 to 3:00 p.m. yesterday after a 44-year name of Didier came to me after taking a visit a gay dating site online. I was alone at home, my wife was working all day I greeted wearing a dressing gown beneath a pink nightie that I stole my wife, I'm back in the living room which I prepared the coffee, we chatted drinking our coffee, then said to me "you're naked under your robe?" I replied "almost" when he said "let me see" so I lifted and removed my robe and when he saw my nightie he made "hummm very exciting I feel that you should be a good slut" rubbing between her legs .then he said "I wan... Continue»
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Fantasy fuck for some lucky guy

She finally appeared, opening the back door, walking down her garden path towards the pool. He had been waiting for over 45 minutes and had almost given up his cramped and uncomfortable perch in the loft. Now he felt his cock instantly stiffen at the thought of the body he was about to enjoy.
She was in her early thirties, athletically built, a body that had been sculptured in the gym with squats and lunges creating a big but perfectly shaped ass. Her full breasts were natural and her waist slim. She was confident and knew the power she held over men all too well. Many a time had he watched h... Continue»
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Gone shopping

I woke up to the sound of hearing my Mistress high heels clicks on the tiled floor. She told me that we were going shopping. I did not know what she meant by this and did i dare to question my Mistress. Mistress laid out on her bed for me to wear. Laid out on the bed is a skimpy, black maid outfit, a blond wig, wrist and ankle cuffs, a castity, and a medium-sized buttplug with metal panels on the sides and wires attached to the base. "Put it all on, my slut, Im taking you shopping and you're going to be a good little slave and help me with my shopping. Hide the wires for the buttplug under the... Continue»
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Totally unexpected

Imagine my shock when I opened the door to Linda, stood there in a very short tight skirt and bra less buttoned shirt. Her medium sized tits and semi erect nipples held by only three or four buttons.
She was very toned and had a fantastic figure. Shoulder length mousy colored hair enveloped a pretty face with green eyes and full unpainted lips. She smiled and asked if she could come in. All thoughts of my recent break up with my live in girlfriend disappeared immediately as I scanned her perfect ass as she stepped over the threshold and headed toward the living room. I closed the door and fol... Continue»
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f***ed To Be a Slutty Whore

We were to meet for coffee at a coffee house. There he seemed nice and asked me if I wanted to go to his motel room. I said yes and we went there.

It was just across the driveway. I thought he was just a straight guy and no kinky stuff. Boy was I wrong. Once inside we started to make out. Kissing and hugging. I took his clothes off and started to suck his cut 7 inch cock. He started to tell me I was a good cocksucker. That he was going to make me his bitch. He smacked my ass. Not hard, but enough to let me know I was his for the time being. He grabbed my hair and f***ed it in and out of my... Continue»
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Looking at the New Neighbors

It was about midnight. I was putting tools away in my work shed after a long day of work out of town. I turned off the lights, locked the doors and walked back to my truck. The night was pitch black. It was cool late fall night.

I before I opened the truck door I noticed the light in my neighbor’s living room. There is a large hedgerow of brushes between the road and our yards so I knew I wouldn’t be seen by any one on the road. My wife was out of town with the k**s for the next few days so I had no real risk of discovery. I leaned against my truck and watched.

The neighbors are a youn... Continue»
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A Young Man's Desire For A Cock

Society would consider me straight, my girlfriend considered me straight, my friends consider me straight..... but deep inside lies an unresistable urge to taste a thick hard cock, play with it using my mouth,watch it grow, feel it throb inside of my mouth. This was something that I not only wanted but absolutely needed. So one day I took action and achieved this conquest to please another man's mighty penis. I didn't just want any cock, I wanted a daddy's cock, a bear's cock, someone to teach me how to please the cock and how to PROPERLY worship the cock.

I went on craigslist and posted a... Continue»
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The Trannyformation

I headed back to the adult bookstore where I had my first taste of cock and cum. I needed more, and headed for the gloryholes in the back booths. It wasn't long before a man entered the next booth. He rubbed his crotch and slowly lowered his zipper. My heart was beating faster in anticipation of sucking his big cock. He pulled it out of his shorts, and it was about 3 inches long, and not very thick.

He moved toward the hole, his uncut cock being stroked slowly and tantalizingly, precum appearing at his piss hole. My face was at the hole as he pushed it through, the head and precum slipping... Continue»
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Office Play

If I was there in the meeting with you, I would rub my hand along your thigh. I would laugh to myself as you jumped with surprise. Then you would lean closer to me, looking for all the world like you were paying attention to the boring meeting. My hand is sitting on your thigh. You take my hand and rub it against your hardening cock. I practically purr with approval as I feel your large size and long length. I laugh, as you cover a gasp with a fake cough as I unzip your pants. I listen intently to the leader of the meeting as my hand starts to pump your hard cock. Slowly up and down, my hand m... Continue»
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First blowjob (Part 5)

I knocked on the door, and it was opened immediately by an over weight naked black man. He told me to get in and clean his bitch up. I walking over to Mommy and cum was leaking from her pussy. I put my face right in front of her pussy and began to lick his cum up. While I was doing this, Daddy was made to clean the mans cock. I stopped to watch.

"You like this dick don't you, you sissy bitch?" He asked. "Well to bad. His little dick is the only one you'll get tonight." He said this and pointed to Daddy. That was fine by me. I loved Daddy's dick and while the black man's cock was slow... Continue»
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Beautiful, sweet, young Andrea comes to me....

I can't believe I'm writing about this. In fact it's hard to believe it even happened. Let me take you back, briefly, to the beginning of this adventure.

There is a well known chain restaurant near where I live that I go to often. It's attached to one of the larger hotels and they get a lot of walk in's from the hotel side. I prefer to sit in the bar area and because of that I've gotten to know several of the female bartenders reasonably well, in a customer/waitress sort of way. I guess I'm what you'd call a 'regular'. I'm usually generous with the tips when I get excellent service and nat... Continue»
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Summer Job Pt 2

I'd left the van and Jane with my head in a complete mess, I knew I was done for it was just a question of when or how. Would Jane call the office, would her husband come and find me.. Both? God only knew but , basically I was finished. I decided I may as well complete the formalities so walked to the office to again be greeted by Clare's smiling face.
'All sorted ?'
'No I replied, not as easy as I thought, maybe made it a more awakened job than I needed too if I'm honest'
If only she knew just what this meant.
' well we can't have a van without a cooker, I'll speak to Jim (her hubby a... Continue»
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Grannies Pool Party Pt. II

Read on, this is Part II of a great story. In Part I we discussed my invitation to my grannies Sandy and Alma’s pool party. As I mentioned before five years ago I retired and moved to Oro Valley, Arizona near Tucson. I joined a senior’s over sixty social group and I never knew my life would change like this. You see I discovered Grannies, single ones, divorced ones and married ones and my sex life has not been the same since. Two of my favorite grannies are Alma and Sandy. One lucky day I got strange E-Mail’s from both of them; it read “Pool Party at Alma’s house!!! 1 P.M. having a “2 fur” we... Continue»
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