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Don't Tell

Cara and Bridget are 18 years old and inseparable. Even though
they're best friends, they are very different. Cara is quiet and
shy. She's 4'2", weighing 64 lbs, has light brown hair down to
her shoulders, and brown eyes. Whereas Bridget is loud and
outgoing. She's 3'9"l, 60 lbs, has long auburn hair, and green

It's Friday night and Bridget is sl**ping over Cara's house.
After their showers, they meet up to play in Cara's room.

"Cara, I need to tell you a secret."

Cara scoots in front of Bridget, "Ow, okay!"

"Yesterday, I was on my father's laptop and I must've pressed ... Continue»
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"The Pool Party"

By: WowImBig

There I was, wading in the shallow end of the pool, with my fellow classmates at our senior year pool party; trying to act normal while I was hiding the biggest dirtiest secret ever. Last night, I was pumping my pussy with the monster pump cup I made... and I fell asl**p with it on me... suction was strong as ever. 7 hours later I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock, screaming at me to wake up for school. I tried jumping out of bed like usual, but the monster cup wouldn't let me. I ended up falling out of bed, I had to turn off that damn alarm so I grabbed a tennis shoe by my ... Continue»
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Me, my girlfriend and schoolgirls on the train

My name is Andy and I must tell you about an incident that happened to me and my girlfriend Alexandra. One Saturday we had been in town doing a bit of sex toy shopping in Ann Summers. We were on the train going home and by the time we were getting near our station the only people left in our carriage were us and two schoolgirls. They were in their uniforms, red blazers, white blouses, short grey skirts, white ankle socks and black shoes. They kept looking over at us and whispering and giggling to each other. Alexandra thought that she recognized them from near to where she stayed.

Eventuall... Continue»
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Joyce Dickinson part 4

Robbie awoke to the same noise that disturbed his close neighbour. A whirring and whooping sound that seemed to be coming from right over the house signalled to people who knew, that a helicopter was in the proximity. There was the choice of two explanations for this. One, the police were looking for someone or something, and two, Air Sea Rescue. Probably the formed, thought Robbie,,at this time on a Saturday night Sunday morning.

Joice heard the same noise and needed a pee. She also had a stinker of a headache. Red wine.....lethal. She looked at her watch and noticed it was 0445 and just ... Continue»
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Lovely daughter

ngela stood at the head of the casket holding on tightly to her dad’s trembling hand. She was so proud of her father’s indomitable courage. The long line of well-wishers saw only the pretense facade of determined acceptance enlightening the man’s face.

This daughter of a tender, sensitive, and passionate man knew her father was holding on to his nerves by only the thinnest of threads. Angela knew how precariously close her dad was to breaking down in tears again.

Seeing tears welling in her father’s bl**dshot eyes she squeezed his hand tighter. “Dad,” she whispered in his ear. “You know ... Continue»
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Rents Past Due

Rents Past Due
Truth or Dare
They both heard the loud slapping of someone's palm on the apartment door.
“Hey Salina, can you get that?” asked John in a low voice.
Salina could see through the peephole it was the building manager. “Hey anybody here?” He shouted.
Salina shrank away from the door hoping the man would go away. Soon she heard his footsteps abate.
Salina found John in the bedroom surfing the Internet. Salina bemoaned, “Dammit John, it was the manager again. You know what he wants. We spent our last few bucks on that lousy pizza last night.”
“I know baby. Jo... Continue»
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The Supple Milkmaid

Adam had always been trouble, if he wasn't causing a nuisance he was seducing women at bars and clubs, and his disruptive ways had finally pushed his parents over the edge.


"What do you want mom?"

"Me and you father have been talking, and since you've decided you're not going to university we're sending you to live with my b*****r and his wife."

"What the hell are you talking about, aren't uncle Christopher and aunt Glenda part of some cult or something?"

"Don't be stupid, they're not part of a cult, they're Amish!"

"Amish?! What the hell's the point of sending me to ... Continue»
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Valentine's Gang Bang

It was my freshman year at college. Away from home for the first time in a strange place, well, for any length of time that is. There had previously been trips to my Grandparents farm for a lot of the summers along with the summer camps that I had to attend. In fact it was one of those summers when I lost my virginity. It was there that I had my first taste of sucking on a guy’s cock and the taste of his semen in the back of my throat. Oh what a summer it was. I will never forget that as long as I live. In fact that is probably what got all this started.

Returning back to school f... Continue»
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My first time getting fucked by a man

When I was young, I had often found myself in situations where friends and I would see each others cocks. Whether that was playing around pressing them against each other or just showing them off. Well that stopped before I even hit puberty but I still had an underlying craving.

This is the true story of my first time having sex with a man.

I was about 20 and was curious enough to troll the old yahoo chat rooms. I ended up in one that was a gay sex room filled with the usual 'what are you into' IMs from random people from around the Country.

After some random chat, I ended up tal... Continue»
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Sharing with my wife

My wife was a very sexy Latina woman. During our play times, I asked to share some things sexually from our past in order to spice it up. I began to tell her about my Step Dad who was a retired Southern Baptist preacher. I mentioned how I knew he was a major old pervert. I was going into detail about how I had found some of his playboys and OUI magazines. I also told her how one night I had woke up late one night needing to pee. I remembered walking out down our long hallway and the top of the wall had lattice so I could see lights flickering on the other side. When I made it to the middle of ... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Colonic (Finale)

Fancy that! One day you go for a colonic and the specialist somehow winds up balls deep inside you. Then you give him your number and what's supposed to be a date (of sorts) turns into a private session of marijuana and pink champagne before you find yourself on his bed being all but fisted and fucked with a vibrator.

Well, if you've read the last chapter you're well aware of what comes next...

Besides you and anybody else turned on by the story so far!

The head of Danny's cock pushes in through my slippery hole and stops right there before he goes any further. I swear, I don'... Continue»
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...the dance

Emily loves to dance, she enjoys being the center of attention, and really likes to tease leaving others in anticipation ultimately wanting...craving...needing more. Her friend Brian often desires her attention, wanting...craving...needing more. She decides to give him what he wants but little did he know her terms would leave him craving her more than ever.

Text exchange
Emily: How's your day going?
Brian: Ugh...long day at the office. Probably not going to the gym tonight :(
Emily: Rough one? Wouldn't the gym help you relax?
Brian: Not rough just long. Too late for gym but yes I need ... Continue»
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Dirty MILF Stolen Journal Entry

I spent the weekend at my slut s****r in law's house and started snooping through her computer late one night. I checked her recycle bin and found this journal entry that I'm sure she wanted no one to see. Being near 50, she probably just didn't think to empty the bin. I changed her name to MILF and made up the rest of the names as well. I hope you enjoy. =)

I'm trying to wrap the events of yesterday around my head and I think this is the only way to do it. My trusty journal. I'm not sure if I will delete this or not after I'm done. I guess we'll see at the ... Continue»
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M & D shower fun

"Ooh yes, that feel so good. Right there, just a little harder with your thumbs."
Gina just loved getting massage, she felt the goose bumps spreading across her bare body as her daughter Tanya, who was standing behind her in the bathroom, massaged her stiff t****zuis muscles. This was a routine that had been going on for a few weeks after her evening bath. The doctor had said that non professional massage at home would do her good to besides her regular visit to the chiropractor. She knew that her bad back and neck came from years behind the office desk but also due to her heavy breasts. Doin... Continue»
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Mistress wife takes a new lover

Today was so strange for me.

Mistress Jane, my wife, knows how much I adore her and want to be with her as much as possible, but today she was a little nervous about what would be happening later. For this reason she was spending a few hours at her s****r's house. Jane, her s****r and their mum would have lunch and coffee as usual, except that later in the afternoon she would be going to see Robert, alone, for the first time, It was probably best for us to spend the afternoon apart, as I would be too excited and frantic with cuckold nerves. I wanted Mistress Jane to be as calm and relaxed ... Continue»
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Naughty Receptionist

So Ruth works in a hotel as a Receptionist...This is a true story with some extras added to spice it up!
I was having to help out by working nights for a week and when should it be, but the busiest week for the races.
Starting the shift at 10:30 pm. ..I popped round to visit Mike before I started (we'd only been seeing each other a cpl of weeks and so things were still very hot and horny) We had a bit of a kiss and a fumble and then I went off to work.
Whilst working on Reception this guy came back from a night out as he had lost his mates and was fed up. He came over to chat to me and his... Continue»
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Henry came in naked to see if Lily was ready for the game. She was his best young slut yet. She was tied to the table with her arms down and her legs spread wide and up in the air. She was totally controlled. He looked at her nude body and walked to her. "I love to see you naked and ready for my game. Tonight I have a special plan for you. You will enjoy it as I will enjoy watching. He is like a raging bull for you." He then ran his hand over her tit and pinched on a nipple then down to her pussy. He rubbed her clit and then pushed a finger in her cunt and pumped her twice. He pulled the finge... Continue»
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Lesley part 8

The twins were playing football in the garden, giving Lesley time to sit down and relax. It had been a day of mixed emotions and she needed some quiet time to try and clear her head. She had a cup of tea and a biscuit and went upstairs to her bedroom and stripped off the now dirty uniform and through it in the dirty basket. If that garment could talk if would have a serious tale to tell.

She went into the bathroom and ran her bath, returning to the bedroom to get a load of washing ready. She went into the k**s room to pick up any debris and quickly made there beds. There wasn't a lot of me... Continue»
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Fucking Moms Jerk Bf Trying To Break Them Up

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals

When my dad left my mom and I it was obviously hard on the both of us but after many months passed my mom started trying to date again. Now it was never hard for either my mom or I to get guys because we are both very pretty. My mom has long blonde hair and a curvy but stacked body while I have the same blonde hair but am kinda short and petite with nice boobs and butt. But still my mom would come home night after night alone telling me that most of the guys she met just wanted sex and she wasn't sure if she was ready to ... Continue»
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How the hell did I get here? I blink my eyes a few times trying to make the room come into focus, but all I can see is a bright light directly over my face. After a few brief moments I realize that my hands and feet are tied securely and I'm lying on my back. I'm still wearing my clothes at least. I can hear voices mumble around me and I strain to turn my head to see if I can recognize or catch a glimpse of any of my captors. I get a sharp slap to the face and a rough voice tells me to behave and that it's too late to struggle now.

"You just wait honey, you won't have the energy to turn tha... Continue»
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