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He wears panties too

David had been his best friend since they were k**s. They did everything together: growing up, hanging out, going to games, sharing and enjoying cars, beer, and girls. They even went to the same college and stayed roommates. Now David had moved to the coast and seemed to be settling down; he had found a house and moved in with a girl. The fact that they got engaged made it likely the change would be permanent.

Jonathan had to accept the pair were finally growing apart, yet the bond was still close and he was determined to make the most of this visit and their time together. That his best fr... Continue»
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My New Boy Toy Christopher pt2

I was working my cock in and out of his anus slowly and stroking his throbbing cock even slower. Through slightly parted eyes Christopher asked 'daddy can I come now,' 'no you can't come now, I'm not ready for you to come,' I scolded. 'OOOOH, daddy, please, baby, I wont to come soooo bad,' Christopher begged.

'I wont you to take hold of your ankles and pull your legs as wide as you can and let me get at this boi pussy right,' I said. Christopher slowly moved his hands down his body up his thighs to his ankles and began to slowly pulled them out to his sides. The wider he stretched his l... Continue»
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A boring Summer Holiday - Saturday

Sam woke up and looked at his bedside clock it was early. He walked silently to the bathroom to empty his bladder. Downstairs he could hear his parents talking.
Leaving the bathroom he turned left and headed towards his twin s****rs room. Her door was slightly ajar the early morning sun was streaming through the pink curtains giving the room an odd hue.
Jo lay on the bed with her back to the door. Her breathing was heavy as she slept soundly. Jo was curled in a foetal position her left leg d****d over her right and tucked into her body. She was wearing a cream coloured satin nightdress, wi... Continue»
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Trish s first gloryhole visit

Trish was a tad naive when we met. She had desires and curiosities, but had no idea what to do with them. She knew she wanted to be fucked by multiple men but she is a woman who can’t and won’t cheat, so she never thought it would be possible. She never dreamed of meeting a man who would encourage her to take all the cock she wanted, provided we did it together.

The more I told her about the doors I wanted to open for her, the more eager she got. Not only eager, she started coming up with her own ideas that I hadn’t thought of, which I found quite exciting. Here was a cum slut in the t... Continue»
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I hadn't minded much when I realized I was more interested in girls than guys. I didn't personally know a lot of lesbians, but I did know there were plenty of them out there. There was never anything wrong with it in my mind.
girls from
What bothered me was realizing there was one girl in particular I liked hanging out with, or unobtrusively watching when I got the chance. One girl who I unintentionally compared all the others to, and who beat them every time. Of all the options out there, I had to go and get a crush on my big s****r April.

It was understandable in some
... Continue»
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The Other Zoo Part 4

“Little Brown Eyed Susan”…my new title from The Voice because he knew I needed a name to distinguish me from the other a****ls...
But, after careful consideration, The Voice reconsidered and decided that Gizella the Gazelle was more appropriate. The Voice called out, “You are now, Gizella, my fast and limber little doe”. Tonight she would meet the other a****ls. The Voice wanted to observe their interactions, compatibility and sexual prowess.
“Gizella! Put on your collar and nothing else”. I was led down a dark passageway to an awaiting hungry, lust filled cage of a****ls. They w... Continue»
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My first BJ was my boss

When I was 20 I worked for a guy named Doug. He was in his 30's and I suspected he was gay or at the very least bi-sexual. One day we were talking and I brought up the subject that I was curious about what it would be like to be with a man. After a few days of conversation we agreed to meet at my place and he was well aware by this point that he was going to be pleasured. As he sat in a chair I noticed a bulge in his pants which looked promising. He had told me he was big but I was not prepared for the 8 inches which wa soon in my mouth. I licked his cock and balls until he exploded all over h... Continue»
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Kristina Gets More than She Bargained the end

The van pulled into a warehouse that was about 1000 square feet. The garage door closed behind them, and Kristina found herself alone with the six boys. One of them pulled the thong off her head so she could see again, and the six of them filed out of the van, pulling her with them. It was dark, and Kristina could not make out much of anything that was not directly in front of her.

Several of the boys set to stripping her down. "Hands above your head," one of them ordered. She immediately obeyed. They pulled her tank top up over her head and unhooked her bra. One of the black guys held her... Continue»
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This story takes place in Boston, on a cold,rainy, October night.

We just got to our layover hotel in Boston after a fairly long, bumpy flight from L.A. The Captain, First Officer and myself went down to the hotel bar for a bite ti eat and a night cap. The other 4 flight attendants decided to go to bed. It was about 9:00p. After a light dinner and a few drinks the pilots decided to call it a night.
Across the dimmly lit bar, I noticed what appeard to be a customer who looked liked the handsome older gentleman who was on my flight. He glanced over my way and we made eye contact. I moti... Continue»
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Zelena's Story 4

In just two days Zelena would leave the village and fly to London but tonight she was going to give herself to her father for the last time for what was to be a long time. Dinner was rather quiet because they were all aware that they would not meet again for months. Her last night she had promised to Karl, but tonight was Daddy's. After dinner was through and the dishes cleared away Zelena and her father left hand in hand and went to her bedroom.They kissed and kissed and kissed, then her father undressed her. He unbutt... Continue»
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I loved it

I'm Marcus, and the story I'm about to tell is about an event which happened while in university which changed me into the pussy lover I am today.

I happened to be one of the poorer students, no rich parents or part time job, not the most athletic, no scholarship, but I had an elder b*****r who sold pharmaceuticals (if you know what I mean) and saw university as a prime location and gave me a job (if you can call it that). Surprisingly enough he was right, and after a short time working in the pharmaceutical trade I grew in popularity, and could afford nicer clothes, I even bought a cheap ... Continue»
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Loves song unsung - unfinished

He looked at her cool face, cheeks slightly pink from the cold night air.
Her eyes bright with reflections of the moons passing. Stars dancing in her eyes.
He wished he could delve into them, explore their depths before the sun rose.
She sighed, cocking her head slightly to her left.
"So, you got me here, what do you want to talk about that's sooo very important, it took me away from my bed?" Her southern drawl made the night air sizzle as she spoke.

Was this a magic night? No one knew.... then.

He touched her chin, with his trembling fingers, and tilted her head up. Slowing moving ... Continue»
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snuffing Sindy

I found this story on the web, it's not from me.

Sindy was the property of her Master, a wealthy New York lawyer who'd collared and contracted her as his own slave property three years ago, when she'd worked as a temporary filing clerk in his offices one summer vacation from college. Sindy had the perfect Dolcett looks, tall lithe, healthy with the right balance of meat and fat on a clean, toned and tanned skin. The fact that she was utterly submissive outside her job, and obedient to all of his own "particular requirements, made her an exceptional find.

So Sindy was pleased when he'd ta... Continue»
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MILF bareback surprise

This happened a few years ago when i was single and living in Wiltshire. I was invited to an evening out celebrating my mate Sue's birthday. Sue was married to W**** and we all had shared a house together when i worked in Norfolk. They had since relocated to Somerset to be nearer to her f****y. Sue was the middle of three s****rs, S****a and S**** being the other two. All three girls and a couple of other guys as well as myself were invited along to a Robbie Williams tribute act, i wasn't sure about the entertainment but it sounded like a good excuse for a few drinks and to let my hair down, (... Continue»
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Snatched for a Day...

I knew I was in trouble when I heard a voice say '...what you looking at bitch...' not thinking I was day dreaming as I watched a burly, well built senior working out in the schools gym.

Shuddering, I tried to explain that I was only watching how he maneuvered the weights and switched to heavier ones... He raised his hand and said '...stop lying, I saw how you watched my dick. You want some of don't you, well, you gonna get some like it or not...'

I started to walk away when suddenly he longed at me and grabbed my upper arm in his vise like grip. I tried to break away, only to be slam... Continue»
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Leah: Part 1

I got my first "real" girlfriend in college. Her name was Leah, and she was tall and skinny, with brown hair and small breasts. She lived in the suite next door to mine, with her roommate Michelle.

She was my first. We had started off making out, and then things amazingly -- for me, for the first time ever -- turned horizontal. I began to rub myself against her, and she rubbed back. Pretty soon I was on top of her.

That's where things stayed until I went back to my hometown for the weekend. When I got back, she again let me get on top of her. But this time we were both wearing sweatpant... Continue»
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my perfect fantasy night

well where to begin ...

when moving on to college me and my friends decided to go out for a couple of drinks to celebrate, after a couple of hours, vodka shots and kissin we headed back to our apartment which we all shared, on the way we bumbed into my ex boyfriend (who commented on what i was wearing - very short skirt, push up peep hole bra and knee high boots - with my bag filled with didlos and vibrators) was also celebrating with his friends

(to d***k to really realise what we was doing) me and my ex left our friends and headed back to mine, after a very long walk we wasnt home an... Continue»
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Second part of "hotzara's antics, part 2

Listening this, Zahid bhayaa increased his speed and now was fucking Sana pussy with full power.

ZAHID: "Aaaaaaaahhhh randi ki bachi,, meri chaloo chinaal behn main chootne wala hoon aur aaj main apni mani theree CHOOT main daloon ga. Thujay apnay bachay ki Najayez maa banawoon ga.. ooooohhhhh meri Rakhel sambhal apnay bhai ki mani ko."

SANA: "Aanay de bhayaa apni mani ko meri choot mai aanay de. Aaj main theray bachay ki maan banoon gi, apnay sagay bahi ke bachay ki. Bhar de meri bekaraar CHOOT ko apni mani se aaaaaaaaahh. Ooooooohhhhhh main gayeeee main aayeee.. main bhi chotne wali ho... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 21

Desert Heat – Part 21
Saturday, Aug. 4, 1985
We all must have been pretty tired after our time last night with Sherry because I was the first to wake up and it was nearly 9 am. I quietly made my way to the kitchen and started the pot of coffee. I slipped on pair of shorts and went out to get the newspaper. As soon as I was back inside, the shorts came off and replaced next to the door for tomorrow’s paper fetching.
With the coffee ready, I poured a cup and sat down to read the newspaper. I was almost done with the paper when Jerry wandered out, poured a cup of coffee and joined me at ... Continue»
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Loves sonata past and present..

I think I shall head to my lonely bed,
a place that used to be so warm,
thats now so cold and alone
without your there to heat my soul
and me to hold you close

To hear your breathing as you sl**p,
tis like a lullaby
its soothes my mind and helps me dream,
of things to come and life anew
Of you and I, in places far and near,
together we live and love forever
and raise our c***dren right,

A girl, a boy, you as my wife,
what more could I ask for,
except your happiness in my life,
you smiling eyes to behold each day,
each day we live without lifes strife,
for you are my
... Continue»
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