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Moms Secret Chapter THREE

Notes: This chapter, written in the POV (point of view) of the mother will retell the events found in Ch.01 and Ch.02. However, she will also describe an event that happens to her afterward, which isn't found in either of the above chapters.

*Ch. 03 does not have i****t. Ch. 04 WILL have i****t.


Angie's Perspective

My name is Angela and I have been married to my husband, Daniel for close to 25 years. It has been a long marriage, but it was not a happy one. It wasn't the worst marriage ever in the history of mankind, though. For starters, I was never physically or sexually abus... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter TWO

Author's Note: Thanks for the patience. This chapter will contain some i****t elements, though it won't directly involve the son and mother just yet. If you're not comfortable with the idea of i****t, you could either skip some of the paragraphs in this chapter or just go on to read Ch. 03.

For Ch.03, I plan to write the mother's perspective which will briefly cover what happened in these two chapters, as well as other events that happened after - without the i****t.

Ch. 04 will be either the son or the mother WITH i****t. I haven't yet decided. It may depend on what the readers want or ... Continue»
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Moms Secret Chapter ONE

*Ch. 01 does not have i****t

Chapter 1: The Unveiling of My Mom

Before the one 'special' spring morning, right before I was going to work, I had been living an uninspiring, boring and monotonous life. I wasn't doing anything too different from everyone else. I was 23 years old, trying to balance school with work. It was when I discovered a series of videos of my mom that shocked me and changed me. I discovered the reasons behind it, but I'd need to provide some context, otherwise it would be unfair to my mom.

Prior to any of this, I saw my mom -- named Angela -- as self-sufficient, ... Continue»
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Wife Angela Gangbang

Let me relate to you what happened to myself and my lovely wife Angela a few years ago. I will start by describing us; we are both in our mid-thirties and enjoy an active sex life. Angela is 5'3", 110 lb. 34c-23-35, has shoulder length curly blond hair striking blue eyes and a face reminiscent of Anna Kournakova. Having never had c***dren her body is smooth and tight, like a 20 year old and is frequently mistaken for being much younger, her I.D. is frequently checked when we go to a out drinking.

Our adventure started when she related an incident that happen to her just before I met her whe... Continue»
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nurse's aid ( in good hands )

7in this occasion i want share a story that occurred when i was in junior high being that i am disabled and required help to do protocol in between classes nutrition and lunch.

it was my eighth grade year and i  was at that age where hormone were over active and the nurses aid was very attractive she usually worked along with someone else but my focus was on her, she was 5'6 nice firm beautiful breast perky nipples, nice smooth caramel skin, black long shiny hair, hazel  eyes, she was in her 40s but still well built nice firm hard ass you could tell she worked out to keep her figure sexy
... Continue»
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“I’m sorry, Mrs. Kent is in a meeting. If you’d like to leave a message, I can put you through to her voice mail.”

She sounds young and sexy and I wonder if you’ve fucked her the way you’ve fucked me, and if you use her the way you use me. Does she desire you, and why the do I care so much.


So the bitch thinks I’m old and confused and to be smiled at patiently because you’ve fucked her more recently than you’ve fucked me.

“Shall I connect you?”

Our last connection was in the ladies room of your building, and you pushed me down to my knees on the filthy tile. I let you f... Continue»
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hoes and e****ts i like them so much

Whats not to like about a hoe that sell pussy ? I mean really. Lately even tho human rights be posting fake ads and shyt it has been a ball. Some fine ass hoes been coming thru. I got some sexy ass hoes on the site. Some hot lil hoes that has never fucked on camera before and probably will never do it again unless its with me. I went to a hoes house a few nights ago and got a blowjob in my car in front of her house while her husband was in there sl**p. She didn't post so I text the hoe she said i'm at home. Hoe gave me directions to a damn nice area nice big new house. Even tho her husband com... Continue»
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My first time cheating

My first time cheating

Sarah and I were together for a while in college. More than half year. It felt like a long time for college students. We acted just like best friends to our friends and the other students. But it was more than that. She taught me to truly touch another woman. I learned how to reciprocate. In no time I was using my mouth to satisfy her also. It was a wonderful experience. She taught me everything I needed to know to be a lesbian, even t... Continue»
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It was a very rundown hostel with around 20 double decker beds. Good thing when I checked in that time, there were still available beds at the bottom.

I checked in around noon and it was almost deserted except for a Japanese guy. It wasn’t until the next day when I have some surprise – I found out the Japanese guy didn’t care about nudity. I went to pee (the room had two toilets and two shower areas with curtains) and was surprised to see the Jap taking a shower with the curtains open. Luckily there was a urinal between the two showers that I peed in a position that shows my dick to the Ja... Continue»
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My Job in a Lingerie Shop

Chapter 1 Getting The Job

As a student I applied for a job in a lingerie shop in London.
Having being dressing for years in my s****rs lacy pantys stockings suspender belts
and mini dresses and short skirts and blouses and high heeled shoes
I was really excited when I got a text to come for a job interview at the lingerie shop
I decided to wear my black lacy pantys and matching lacy bra under my shirt and
tight jeans. I tucked my big cock between my legs so as not to bulge too much

I arrived at the shop and as I entered went in and noticed there were a couple of old guys
longingl... Continue»
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My submissive fantasy

This is a fantasy I've been having for a while. I would LOVE to make it come true but it's difficult finding willing couples. I'm also picky about men. I find all (well, almost all) women beautiful but certainly not all men.

A married couple eyes me up at a local bar. They are about 35. She is sexy, not in a model way but more like a flirty showoff. He is handsome, not creepy, and looks like a clean-cut type. I see them whispering and staring at me and finally, the wife approaches and tells me that they are staying in a hotel downtown for the weekend, and they want me to come back to their... Continue»
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My very first time with a guy - Part 1

This was my personal and real experience with a guy.

I am 25 so this happened 6 years ago. I had this classmate very fresh dude and nice athletic body, and we knew each other since we were a k**s, we lived very close by my house and we were very close at that time. As we grew up we went to different schools, but in high school we were brought together.

S(i will call him S in this story) and I were sitting together in most of the classes and we were really close since c***dhood and we always joked with each other. He was wearing tight shirts, so his muscles could popup and S was popular ... Continue»
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Good time with the niece

Near Christmas my 19-year old niece Clara would come and spend the holiday with us. I have had an idea for some time that maybe my work buddy John could give her a nice time and that I was gonna be able to watch them.

He was a 24 year old blonde tall and handsome guy with a nice body.
My niece Clara was a good looking girl with brown hair and brown eyes, a pretty face, slim body and a tight ass. I had seen her in bikini last summer and I liked what I saw then. Her breast was unfortunately very small, but her stomach, legs and ass is real sexy. Through rumors I had heard that she had beco... Continue»
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Tomboy From Work I Fucked (True)

This is a true story of mine I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy guys and gals.

Like most people I hate going to work and if I had my way I wouldn't but one bright side to my job is the amazing amount of good looking girls that work with me. Staring at their asses and tits seems to make the days go faster sometimes which doesn't sound like much but it gives me a reason to get my ass out of bed in the morning and go to work. I was also friends with plenty of guys who shared with me the enjoyment of staring at the gi... Continue»
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Fucked 4 : Jo, Derek, Lyn and Kevin

This follows on from Fucked 3 The Abbey, so read Fucked 1/2/3 first please.

C 1997: I was around 21, Derek would have been 39/40, Lyn about 30 , and Kevin about 35.

In fucked 3 I had outlined some of my sexual fantasies to Derek. I had met Lyn
on a couple of occasions and I thought she was gorgeous (see Fucked 2 ). We had technically sucked
each other's tits, but this was for the entertainment of a man.

I had met Derek's buddy Kevin once by chance on a train on the way in to work after a night at Derek's.
He knew we'd been fucking, you could tell, his eyes bored into me, I wan... Continue»
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Offering Mom to Master

hi guys hope u all like ma stories.
This story tells another episode that took place in ma life.
Names have been changed due to privacy problems.

Here it begins:-

We are a f****y of 3; me Ram ma mom Swetha and dad. Ma dad works abroad, so mom is alone home
in the earliar part i have told u about ma mom and master and some episodes that happened in ma life.

We (myself Ram, master and ma mom) was having our BDSM sessions in the absence of ma father.
as it goes there occured an incident, ma cousin s****r shifted to our home. She was studying for engineering near t
... Continue»
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I Became a Crossdressing Slut

I told in my last true story how I had been introduced to my neighbour's husband who loved crossdressing sex. I plan continuing that story later.
After this couple had dressed me up for sex and the effect it had on me both mentally and sexually, I became addicted to it. It was such a thrill for me a teenager, that I couldn't get enough of it. But I had no female clothing. So I had to consider buying some and then how do I get dressed without my parents knowing. From my past experiences I knew that men, especially older men loved my body and my cock. I had sex with many men, all who were stran... Continue»
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The first lesson

It was a long night at work and Sarah just wanted to get home shower and get into bed. The bar was packed for a Thursday night and she made good money. As she checked the bar to get ready to lock up she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and before she knew what was happening he was on her. She felt a strong arm rap around her and lift her off the ground. Fear shot through her and her mind raced for a way out. His grip was too much for her small frame and she was his to do with as he pleased. As she struggled she saw he had on a mask in the mirror behind the bar and her fear grew even m... Continue»
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Caleb my Fantasy hookup

I was at the adult bookstore the other day just checking out the dildos and such not really looking for anything. While I was checking out a video of a guy sucking a hot cock a voice behind me asked if I enjoyed sucking to which I replied I was. He introduced himself as caleb and after a few minutes of small talk he asked if I was interested in going into a booth with him and demonstrating my sucking skills. After looking at the bulge in his pants I quickly agreed. We walked into a booth and just started the first title that was on. Not sure what it was it was all background sound to me as I d... Continue»
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The Transformation part V

Mistress Anna walked me down the hall. "Are you ready to have your little sissy purpose fulfilled?" she asked me.

My heart raced. What did she mean. I could hear someone in the kitchen but I knew it wasn't Mistress Heather or Mistress Anna because they had helped me get dressed. My voice shook as I nervously answered, "yes mistress." With my reply came a firm slap to my thong clad ass.

"Good girl!" mistress Anna exclaimed. She brought me into the dining room and helped me down to my knees. The blindfold felt like it was soaking wet because of the sweet and heat from my face. I fe... Continue»
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