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Becoming sissy Jenny Part one

Hi, my name is Jonas and I´m 25 years old. This is the Story of how I became a sissy. So actually my name is Jenny now. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. The story has a slow build up, I hope it´s interesting for someone. Thats part one, I will continue the story from time to time. Everything sexual in this story happens to people over the age of 18.

I guess it all started whit my mom being a gold digger. One of those women who have a pretty face and a nice body and try to make a living out of it. After a few years of being an e****t, getting to know people, sucking the right dicks, gett... Continue»
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f****y Business Pt. 2

A few weeks went by and one day I received a call from my daughter, Emily.
“Hi Daddy” she said “It's my f******nth birthday soon and I know what I would like from you”

“What's that my darling?” I asked.

“A birthday party, daddy. Well more like a birthday orgy.” said Emily, giggling

“Well I think I could organise that” I laughed, “Who do you want me to invite?”

“Well” said Emily,”obviously you, mum, Lynsey, Laura, Wendy, Alison, Hannah, the twins, Jen, Celia from the tattoo parlour, Andy, Pete, Roy and Chris. That would be an ideal number. I can be fucked by everyone but there i... Continue»
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Ally's Club - I love getting my Teeth Cleaned

Ally's Club
The qualifications are very stringent:
Disease Free
In good overall health, weight below 200 lbs. unless over 6 feet, then the limit is 230 lbs.
You want to be more sexually active and are open to explorations beyond traditional sex.
Have a net worth in excess of $1 million.
No current relationship ties.
Can keep secrets.
All sexual activity is limited to members of the club, no outside sex

In the first part of the story, I describe being recruited into the club. Now it is time I begin to meet some members.

I woke up Sunday afternoon, alone in my bed. Was ... Continue»
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The Village 4: Raisa

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Raisa was dragged along sobbing. She shivered as the massive iron door creaked open to the main house. The things that she had already witnessed were overwhelming. She was so innocent. She had her whole life ahead of her. She had never dreamed that women or men could be used as slaves, and yet here, she was thrust in the middle of it. She longed so to go home. And now she had lost he... Continue»
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Three Male Slaves, One Mistress

I had to repost this one.

"Lydia, go take the c***dren outside for a while." I wave my hand dismissively in their direction, "Swimming or something. Just away from here for a while."
Lydia placed her right fist to her left shoulder in a salute and bowed to me. "Of course, my Mistress." Without another word, she herded Runa and Lucia, my two adopted daughters, out the door. I knew she would be ample protection for them, as I listened to her armor clank, as she walked away with the c***dren.
After they have left the house, I walk around to the main dining hall and find one of my male slav... Continue»
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Our first threesome

My beautiful wife Krista,

Realizing that our marriage may need a little spicing up, I decide to do something a little crazy. I ask you to think of a date to take an afternoon off and begin to set up what will be a new page in our story.

We decide on a date and book a room at the Thompson hotel. We arrange for someone to watch the k**s after school and I tell you that we are going to the city to get a room for the afternoon for some wild sex and pictures. I tell you to bring lingerie, heels and a blindfold and explain that the deal is that you must do everything I ask you... Continue»
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Blackmailing Daddy

Penny and Marci were the best of friends. They had known each other their entire lives, living only four doors down from each other. This particular afternoon, they were at Marci’s house listening to music in her bedroom and talking about their upcoming s*******nth birthdays which was only a week apart.

Even though they were nearly the same age, Penny was taller than Marci. She stood about 5’7”, had long dark hair that contrasted against her pale skin. She was thin which made her 34B breasts seem larger than they were. Marci was only 5’2” with long blond hair and deep green eyes. Her slend... Continue»
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Ghost Cum Pt.2

I woke up this morning in a haze. With a solid morning wood. Was last night even real or was it some kind of dream. God i hope it was real and she comes back for more. I go and take a piss and head down stairs.

I grab a bowl of cereal and sit down at the table. I start to eat my breakfast and read threw the paper. As im chewing my food. I feel a hand reach into my pjs and grab my balls. I jumped and knocked my knees on the table spilling the milk.

Fuck i yell and attempt to get up to clean my mess. Im pushed against the chair and my cock is pulled out. I feel it enter her warm wet mouth... Continue»
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True Sex Stories: The Intruder

Since graduating from university, my sex life has been somewhat quiet. As I've been living at my parent's house for nearly three months, I've been desperate to have a really intense fuck. As I'm still in the process of finding a job; out of boredom, I've been watching a lot more porn than I normally would and by doing so, my mind has become more open to kinky sex. After watching a gay porno of an intruder breaking into a guys house and fucking him, I wanted this to happen to me. I relished the idea of a stranger breaking in, wearing a hoodie and gloves and using me. The amazing combination of ... Continue»
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A late night massage. (Part 3)

What a night. I got up around 10:30am, and had a message on my machine. I checked it out and Stef had left a message saying her daughter was in need and wondered if I could show up around 12. Luckily I still had my table there, so all I had to do was eat a bite of breakfast, take a shower, grab some fresh sheets and I was headed back to work. Semi nervous, I knocked on the door and awaited for it to open. I didn't even know her name.

A minute passed by, and I could hear the rustling of footsteps coming down the stairs. Waiting for the door to open, I could feel that all too uncomfortable tr... Continue»
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Mommy's Time for a Massage

"Don. Come here. It's massage time."

The young man rose from the couch, flicked the television off, and trudged up the stairs to his mother's bedroom. As he entered the room, he approached a large king sized bed covered by a bedspread imprinted with little lilac flowers. His mother lay face down on the bed, a beach towel over her buttocks. The rest of her was bare.

This activity had started a couple of years ago. Don was sixteen at the time and his Dad had recently died. Don's mother Lilly had been devastated with her loss and the stress had built up to the point where headaches were a g... Continue»
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Cat’s Machine is Trina’s Pain

Victorious: Cat’s Machine is Trina’s Pain

Cat walked around with a big grin on her face, or rather a bigger one than usual. No one knew why, except for Cat. Beck had intervened and helped her get over her Sky Mall addiction, but she managed to find another version of Sky Mall, except this one was for adults. "Sex Mall" was that it was called and it was a sex toy catalogue and she loved it. She consistently bought several things out of there on weekly basis and now owned the top 50 female toys in the list and had even lent some out to Jade. She would spend all day playing with ... Continue»
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Amature Photographer

I remember the first time I came across her profile. She had posted pics of herself. Only a few though but it was of the one part that separated her from the rest of the people on here. She had magnificent breasts. No they were not the largest I had ever seen but they were big. They had a huge areola at least three inches across but that wasn’t what made them special either. They had this shape to them they were long and cylindrical with a dome shape accentuated by the dome of an areola. Those breasts got me excited every time. I could not help but leave a comment either, all I could think ab... Continue»
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A tribute to Joy

I had always loved women’s clothing. Well truth be told, I had always wanted to wear women’s clothing. I envied women’s ability to change their look with just a little effort, a tight skirt; that was so sexy in one way to a pair of jeans that was sexy in an entirely different way. Then there was the hair thing. I thought that it was so cool the way that women could change their entire look, even their personality by just wearing their hair differently. I really like women. If it wasn’t for that monthly thing I would want to be a woman. I would be a lesbian if I had my final sexual preference. ... Continue»
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There She Was

There she was.

As a young man she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She was the subject of every fantasy, every naughty dream and every relieved hardon.

At 26 my step fathers s****r was a good 11 years older than me but that did not stop me hoping that she saw in me everything I saw in her.
How I would look forward to those moments when she would stay over and I would hope for a glimpse of her in a state of undress or even better that she may decide to sneak into my room and slip of her clothes.

It would remain nothing but a fantasy.

My mother and step father went there ... Continue»
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Sexual Awakenings with a Mature Couple

I've been wanting to write this story for a while now, as thinking about what happened the first time I met John & Linda really turns me on and I hope it turns you guys on too!

I'm a 40yr old man, living in the UK and separated from my wife. This story took place around 12mths ago, just as me and my wife were splitting, although it had nothing to do with that. I love sex, always have, and what has happened during the last year has really awakened some hidden feeling that I'd never acted upon before or even knew were there. I watch a lot of different genres of pornography on this website,... Continue»
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Fucking before church

"How about a quickie?" I ask.

She's just out of the shower, getting ready to go to church. She's gotten as far as putting on her (40DD) bra, but is wearing nothing else. She's standing in front of her dresser, starting to rummage around for a pair of panties or something.

I don't wait for an answer but just push her up against her dresser. She gives a startled little cry but offers no real resistance. I push on her head to bend her over. She braces herself with her arms on the top of the dresser. Our eyes meet in the reflection of the big mirror.

"I need some cunt," I say.

"Take it... Continue»
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Another Visit to The Glory Hole

I went back to my favorite adult bookstore a few days ago. To my surprise there was only one other truck in the lot. I went right in the arcade and walked around until I found a booth that had a glory hole. I sat down and fed the machine a $20 bill. I figured I’d be there at least an hour and wanted to be ready if the place got busy. I found a channel I liked and after watching a few minutes I took out my semi hard cock and started stroking.
Several minutes went by before I heard someone enter the booth next to mine. After a few minutes I looked through the hole and all I could see wa... Continue»
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A Summer Night With Arlis, Part 1

I was home from school after my first semester in university and was spending a few days with a friend at his f****y's lake house. It was my third night there and was leaving the day after. We were having a great time and I was looking forward to the remaining time to be memorable. Little did I know at the beginning of the day it would be much more memorable than I ever could have dreamed.
The day was filled with the crazy things adolescents find enjoyable...swimming, running, eating, and horsing around. About four in the afternoon my friend's cousin suddenly appeared unexpectedly. ... Continue»
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Army Buddies - Part I

This is a story that I’ve wanted to tell for a long, long time, but didn’t for a couple reasons. First, I didn’t want the real identities to get out, and second, I just didn’t sit down and take the time to do it. It’s a story of a sexual adventure that sort of began between two soldiers, remained alive for a long time, and then evolved into quite a sexual escapade, involving men and women.

Back in the late sixties, early seventies, I was in the U.S. Army, stationed at a major installation in Texas. There I met Adam. He was not in my unit, but a similar unit. We sat together in the mess hall... Continue»
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