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A Mother and Her Son 4

Sue felt guilt about what happened. It felt like she had taken advantage of her son's innocence.

Tommy was concerned that his mom would be angry with him for pushing her too far. Although, she didn't act upset and their conversations at the dinner table seemed normal. Still, he felt juvenile for not controlling himself and squirting in her face. Yet, she had left his sperm there, refusing the offer of his shirt.

On Friday evening Tommy got up enough nerve to ask his mother if she wan... Continue»
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Laurens First time

I did not write this story this is a real first time story

My first time was at high school, I joined the swim team and very quickly made friends with a girl my same age by the name of Sarah, she was a fantastic swimmer and had a beautifully developed body and I used to look longingly after her, because I was kind of skinny then and thought that she was so much more womanly than me.

I was with Sarah in the change room one afternoon after swimming comps and just by chance all the other girls had finished changing and left to go to class, leaving Sarah and me together, suddenly she place... Continue»
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White sissy tp black man

On the bed in the guest room, Jamie lay back against the flowered pillows, feeling pretty in his pink satin nightie, his stockinged legs spread wide, and the long black vibrator pressed to the mound in his panties that betrayed his tied-back cock. He slid the straps of the nightie off his shoulders and pulled one pale little tittie out a frilly lace-lined cup. He squeezed the small sensitive nipple and took the vibrator off his already wet panties and placed it instead against his tight asshole.

"Oohhh…" he moaned, licking the raspberry lipstick off his lips.

He opened his made-up eyes a... Continue»
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Grandpa's Lessons - Part One

Sara stood at the bus stop holding her suitcase and waiting. At sixteen Sara had been expelled from the last of a line of schools and her parents had enough. Her father had died when she was lttle and her mother had remarried and with her stepfather had several small c***dren. They decided they no longer had the time or patience to del with her disobedience and had arranged for her to live with Grandpa Mike in Kansas. He lived on a farm outside of smll town and he was willing to take her in.It was summer but she would stay there till she graduated and if she got expelled this time she was loo... Continue»
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Episode 9 - Where was Gemma?

Thirteen year old Gemma could not attend the Junior Porn Club School as she was back in St. Lucia topping up her tan and getting pregnant.
The journey
Dad dropped Gemma off at the Coach Station, chattering about usual Passport / tickets / money stuff and dreamily watched her bare black bum under a very short dress as she mounted the coach steps. Gemma flopped into a seat near the back, blew a kiss to Dad and selected a very graphic porn movie starring Molly and Becki to 'watch' on her smart-phone. The nipple rings pulsed in time to the beating music in her earphones, and he... Continue»
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The Shower

I’d had a really tough day at work, and as I walked through the door, on that sultry, June evening all I wanted was a long, cold drink, and a long, hot shower.

I looked in the fridge in our small kitchen, and saw what I was looking for. A nice bottle of chilled rose wine. I poured a glass, took off my shoes (ah Heaven)! And went to turn on the shower. I checked the time, glancing at the living room clock on my way past. It was 8pm - I still had hours before you got home. Plenty of time to refresh and pamper myself.

I turned on the shower and went into the bedroom. As I peeled off my swea... Continue»
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Wife Swapping - First time,

(A re-post from another site - but I enjoyed it and hope that you do the same)Wife swapping, first time.
Back in the 1980's there was no internet dating sites or the like, and it was tough trying to find or contact other people with similar sexual interests.
Usually it was through word of mouth or from magazines and often involved using dodgy PO box numbers, it was all a bit seedy and under the counter.
Also no mobile phone so no swapping photos etc.
Basically it was pretty risky and you never quite knew what you were going to get. Maybe that's what made things more exciting.

We read a... Continue»
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A Tight Fit

For a very special friend...thank you for being my first X

As Alan knelt, Mistress stood before him. Dressed in sheer nylons and a tight black leather skirt her nipples round and pert protruding from the top of her tight black corset. Her shaven pussy visible through her tights.
‘Mistress would like you to start at her toes and work your way up.’
Alan dutifully bent his head and as his cock ached he began to run his tongue from his mistress’ ankle until he reached her inner thigh. As he showered her with light little licks his hands stroked the flesh beneath the nylon, caressing her thig... Continue»
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The Girl From Soho Square

She wouldn't know, of course. No comprehension whatsoever of what was to come. Just a straightforward text message on her small red Nokia, as with all of her other instructions. 'Bloomsbury Crescent Hotel, Room 438. Full co-operation required. Overnight.'

Had she shivered when she'd heard the phone's bleep? Looked up from the park bench, around the green London square in which Alexander made her wait for her orders, wondering if anyone realised? Or was she used to it, by now?

Of course, the receipt of a message might even have come as a relief. I knew some of Ale... Continue»
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Sloppy Seconds With GF After She Got BBC

I started dating my girlfriend Jessica when I moved into the highrise of our town which was where a lot of the college k**s lived when they moved to town. I met her when I was moving my boxes into my apartment. She came walking down the hallway to introduce herself and to tell me that she and I were neighbors. She is absolutely sexy. She has blonde hair to her shoulders with black streaks. A tiny body with large tits and a tight ass. She has her lip and bellybutton pierced and has some tattoos on her arms and one above her ass. I wanted her the minute I laid eyes on her so as soon as I got my ... Continue»
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A treat For Her

Several years ago I found a video tape in a used car that I had purchased and decided view it. It turned out to be a pretty good porn tape with several different clips. Near the end was one of a blond white girl being screwed by a black guy with a huge dick. I mean this was a monster! I couldn't help but masturbate and had a really load of cum spurting onto my chest.

I was living with a girl at the time who could be really hot in the bed and I could hardly wait for her to get home so she could watch this. We had viewed porn tapes before but had never seen anything like this.

... Continue»
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House peeping!!

I like going for a walk at night! Some of the houses in the area are student houses. The cheapskate landlords not only convert the front room on the ground floor into a bedroom, they skimp on the blinds. I noticed the light on in one such room, the window blind a good 6" too short at either side. I took a closer look. A slim sexy blond 20yr old student was getting ready for bed, she was just cleaning off her makeup.

She then started to remove her trousers and panties in one go. Her shaved minge came into view as I spied through the gap in the blind. Her hairless vulva and pink labia l... Continue»
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jackson and his dad (2nd part)

next day
jackson sit to the table thinking about last night
when his father come down
" good morning son , how are you doing "
" am fine dad , dad can i ask you a question ? "
" son i know , am sorry i don't know what happened to me "
" well dad it's weird but i liked it "
dad looked at jackson " well why don't we do it agian later this night ? "
later that day
jackson was in the shower when his father enter
" son is there any place for your old man ? "
jackson's father was undress and join his son in the shower , jackson start looking at his dad's dicks and h
... Continue»
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In every way you could measure, Candy's body was average.
Average height, weight, breast size, hip size. For colors, they
were all typical -- fair skin, light brown hair, eyes of an
unremarkable brown color. The only thing that wasn't average was
the overall effect -- her face was beautiful. As for her body,
I've always found an average young woman's body to be very sexy.

We worked in a software development company. I was a programmer
and she was one of the QA people. She was reserved, but had a
lovely smile when something pleased her. I sensed a depth to
her; something unu... Continue»
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s****rs are so wonderful (part 2)

Although my interaction with s****r #1 was minimal, I did get brave and touch her and occasionally slip a finger on her pussy, but not brave enough to actually penetrate her (wish I had!), she would open her legs slightly and breathe deeply when I would touch her. I was too young to understand why (dumb shit I was!). I never went futher than to touch her, and eventually she stopped "sl**ping" on the couch.
However, my next s****r (3 years older than me, and eventually ended up getting pregnant at 16!), used to have girl-friends over all the time, and they were HOT. One in particular was a... Continue»
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His First Time

It was summer and I was 17.I was on my way one Friday night to" the corner "as we called it .The place where our crowd hung out.Two guys I knew from another street stopped me.They said one of there buddies was turning 16 and still a virgin and they needed my help to get him layed.I said" what do you want from me". "Well you are the perfect girl for the job" they said.I wanted to know who he was .He was this skinny,long hair,goofey k**.He was a nice k**.After some begging and pleading I agreed.I asked where we were going to do it. They said we could use the one guys car.I needed... Continue»
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taken advantage of

OK I havnt written for a while and was debating on writing this but here it goes
I dated a guy a few times ,then one evening I mentioned a band I loved was coming to town but it was sold out, He told me he would see what he could do.
The next night he called and said "I have good news and bad news.Good news is I have the tichets, bad news is I have to go out of town but you can certainly have the tickets"
I was thrilled and really didnt care whether he was going or not, but in short notice I couldnt find anyone to go with me ,all my girlfriends were busy and It just wouldnt be right to... Continue»
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spin the bottle

About 2 yrs ago me and a few friends went to Kingsnorton a suberb of Birmingham England. We meet up with a load of student girls studying at the local University. These 4 girls we all single and extremley shapley ladies ;)
the night was going so well I couldnt belive my luck. One of my mates had to leave early as he had to go pick up his girlfriend from work. So i was left with a guy called Andy and 4 stunners. The drinks were flowin and the girls were getting more and more aroused and flirtasious by the minute. Kim (the small petite blonde size 10 small boobs but a g8 ass) suggested we play ... Continue»
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s****r in Law

Recently, my wife and I had to stay at her s****rs for a bit, our house was being renovated. We needed a place to stay for a couple days, and her s****r Susan lives close by.

Susan was always fun to be around, she is always so outgoing and we always enjoyed each others company. Sometimes I couldn't help but notice that she could be quite flirty with me. I would flirt a bit back, but nothing out of the ordinary. Although i would get quite excited,but who wouldn't? She was about 5'5" long black hair, and a rack that was too die for. At least 36DD and a bit plump, but thats right up my ... Continue»
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The b*****rs and I

two b*****rs, Fred and James, coming home for prison, have no pussy after 10 years. They called me over, and we begin to smoke a blunt, drink some beers and watch basketball on tv. I was sitting between them, wearing a mini dress without panties. My legs spread open, my pussy were wet and hot. Fred (one of the b*****rs) begin to rub my wet pussy, whisper in my ear;'you want me to eat that pussy'? Yes, I reply back; so, Fred stick his tongue in my pussy, start sucking on my cunt, while, James pull out his dick, put it in my mouth, and suck it like a lollipop. All three of us remove our clothe... Continue»
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