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Young Mistress takes Man to Hotel

This story is a true one, it just has not happened yet. Mistress L will recognize herself in the first paragraphs.
For the rest of you, this is a story of a young woman and an older man meeting in a hotel room. I have written this scenario a few times before, so if you are just looking for a hot story to go with the picture...scan down to where they get to the hotel. That is where things get.... boiling!!

There had been a flurry of PM’s and texts going by all the previous day and even this morning. At first th... Continue»
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Watching My Wife'sBiker Initiation Pt. 2

I was dumbfounded watching a film of my suburban wife’s initiation into a biker club. I put in the second Disc and the camera panned back to the RV where my wife was fucking her brains out and giving blow jobs. My wife went in with her boyfriend Butch and another guy. I remembered she still had two more guys to fuck that night. This second guy was Kevin he commented to my wife about the cool lesbian dance she had done earlier. Kevin said Butch asked him to help you earn your “brown” wings. She crudely replied “well stupid, you can start by fucking me in the ass dipshit” that’s why Butch in... Continue»
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The Best Week Of My Life Part 1

I'll preface this by saying that I wrote these almost 5 years ago just after I got out of high school and I published these on a different site through my username on there (meaning these are all mine).
I sat alone on my back porch in a green metal deck chair, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd's newest album, "God & Guns" on my iPod, chilling out, knocking back a cooler full of my older cousin's Stags and his Millers, watching the heat lightning paint the northwestern sky a golden colour and smoking a cigarette. I reveled in the glory of finally graduating from high school a few weeks before.... Continue»
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Age is just a number.

I was sitting on the two seater sofa with a naked young Cindy on my lap stroking my rigid cock, I was watching Anne wearing nothing but suspender belt and stockings and a pair of six inch high heels dancing with Cindy's husband Stuart, who was wearing nothing other than a grin.
We had met the two of them through adult friend finder at our first attempt at Internet matchmaking, we had to admit at being surprised at their interest as they were just 19 and 20 and had been married for a whole of six months and we were pushing 50. At first we thought they weren't genuine not helped by phoning half... Continue»
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Surprise Visit

I’m in my bedroom staring out of the window, I’ve just got home from work and I’m wearing a short black tight fitting dress. I like to wear this to work, so I tease all the fellas in the office with my long sexy legs, firm arse and ample bust. I always like to bend down to pick something up from under my desk, when I see one of them passing, as I feel their gaze undress me as they pass.

As I’m gazing out of the window, I feel a presence move close behind me, and a warm breath down my back. I think it must be Chris! Slowly he begins too softly kiss my neck, which send a tingle strai... Continue»
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iWant To Go Further # 2 - iGive In

iCarly: iWant To Go Further # 2 - iGive In

[Carly and Sam are still early in their relationship. When the more experienced Carly wants to go faster, how will Sam take it?]

Two days passed since the challenge, and Sam was beginning to think that Carly had forgotten about it. Such thoughts were, of course, foolish and immediately proven wrong. The suggestion wasn't awful, but still not something Sam would want to hear for the rest of their relationship. Carly reacted to the rejection with a playful slap on the arm, which in turn led to Sam pouncing the brunette, which triggered a play figh... Continue»
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By The Evening (By The Pool part 2)

Update: his name was Will, he was 36 years old, had a real nice car (Audi A3) and absolutely loved being fucked!

After the pool... shall we call it an incident or just a situation... I took him up on his offer of a few drinks and we got to know each other. First he dropped off his car at home and got changed, and then we walked a couple blocks, talking as we went and introducing each other properly.

At 'The White Horse' we settled into a corner booth and ordered some snacks so not to shorten the session (you know what drinking on an empty stomach will do). And isn't it funny when ... Continue»
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Ringing Aunt Bells Chimes

As I stepped out of the shower one night I was drying off when I noticed an old scare on my stomach. I had forgotten all about it until I saw it that night. It put a smile on my face and a tingle in my cock as I thought about what it had come to represent.

I had just completed my junior year of college and was looking forward to the summer break. That was until I had a sudden attack of appendicitis and had to have surgery. It's not that my parents didn't care about me, but they had plans for a summer trek across the country in their RV, and they weren't about to let my appendix stop them.
... Continue»
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True Tales of a Salesman #3

Well it’s been awhile since my last true story. For those of you who have read #1 and #2, this one’s just another tale of a traveling salesman (me) as it happened.

Finally, after a few years of being on the road with my custom mobile showroom (my motor home), I relented, and decided to be a vendor at the Chicago Spring Apparel Show. Upon my arrival at the arena, part of the major chain hotel, after unloading my racks of apparel in my assigned booth, I was told that the garage could not accommodate my motor home as it had 8 floors all on a 15 degree slope. There was no option of park... Continue»
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Watching my roommate masturbate, then gay fucking

I live with my wife and our roommate Mark. One night my wife was out of town, Mark came home d***k. He had been drinking a lot recently ever since his girlfriend dumped him. He said he needed a break from women. I inappropriately laughed at his face, noting that is what all people say when they’ve got girl problems.. He was a very sad man, the alcohol made him even more emotional. I apologized for laughing, but I reminded him some day he would find the humor in that. We talked quite a bit; he told me that being in his 30’s, it was time for him to settle down. All the good ones are being taken.... Continue»
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Living in cockington part 8

Just after dinner I stood in the kitchen washing up and I started to remember early in the day fucking those hot twin girls and their mother and I soon began to feel a twitch in my trousers again.
Then as I stood there I remembered what Bridget, my neighbours blonde twenty something housekeeper had said about working late and would I like to fuck her ass.
Out of curiosity I finished the washing and then wandered out into the garden and casually wandered over to the garden fence.
I could already here some voices and other noises and then peering over I saw Bridget naked, on her knees being f... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Initiation (Proposition part 2

Now kiss me like you want to take me to bed!

Rachel had only thought it, not said it. Biting down on her lip, she flushed at the thought of having said it and became embarrassed. What had come over her, all of a sudden? Donna meant to ask her, seeing as she turned red before her very eyes, but remained captivated by the beauty of her long-time friend.

'I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm doing,' Rachel apologised, becoming flustered and fanning her face. She was now burning up, partly with shame, but mostly with an uncontrollable desire she simply didn't know how to express at that m... Continue»
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Ringing Aunt Bells Chimes.....Final Chapter

Bell smiled at me and leaned forward telling me how sweet I was as she went to kiss me on the cheek. I saw it coming and decided if I was going to make a move now was the time. As she went to kiss me, I turned my head so her lips met mine. To my surprise she didn't pull away, rather she left her lips on mine.

The second thing I noticed was her breast was touching my arm as I began kissing her just a little harder. Again she didn't pull away as I started moving my arm ever so slowly against her breast. I could feel her move in just a hair, her breathing becoming a little more labored. Then ... Continue»
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The Swingers Club Night - FFM Plus Part 2

Rachael began to stand at my last withdrawal and she climbed on the bed beside 69. She looked over at Rose and exclaimed "Fucking amazing or what?"

I moved forward and knelt onto the bed between 69's open legs. Her thighs coated in juices and saliva as I pushed closer and laid my hot cock against her pussy lips. Rachael leaned in and sucked on 69's breast as I entered 69 for the first time. I pushed in hard and fast, slapping hard against her pussy as I know 69 likes. I pumped harder and harder for several strokes aware of the risk of cumming. To slow myself down I angled my body so I could... Continue»
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Lesley part 26.

Rob retreated to his office when the sound of a car pulled up outside his house. He told Lesley that he would make sure nothing untoward happened to her, and told her to relax as much as possible.

"I'll be glad when mornings here!" She said. "I'm shaking".

"You'll be ok.....promise. It'll be all over soon. Remember....plenty kissing. Try to get him to say he loves you!"

"Ok...I'll try....wish me luck".

"Break a leg!" He replied in acting fashion.


"Lesley...oh my god. What a sight....fuck me...didn't expect that when the door opened!"

Lesley opened the door slo... Continue»
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50 Dawns gone on secondment her last weekend.

Dawns gone on secondment her last weekend.

A lot of this is fantasy some is true, you choose the bits

It was given me by her hubby a happy cuckold.

Her company had “chosen” her to go on secondment to the USA and she was to fly on Monday and would be away for a number of months, he was devastated.

Naturally they discussed it and decided what must be must be, it`s a harsh world out there, and they wanted the promotion that could follow.

It meant giving up a lot including her master who she regularly went to most weekends for some form of correction a... Continue»
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Loving BDSM

Something woke me up in the middle of the night. As I started to turn on the lamp a flashlight blinded me. Suddenly my clothes were ripped off as they tossed me back on the bed. Without warning a soft foot started caressing my cock and balls. Then there was some blissful pain as the same foot crushed my cock hard. Now, my house has a few things for torture. They d**g me out of bed and strapped me in my frame. 6 or 7 more kicks to my groin it stopped. When the lights were turned on it was my wife and her lesbian friends.

We have decided you will pay for all crimes against women. They were al... Continue»
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"I'm sorry. I just can't fuck you anymore."

Not the sort of thing any male wants to hear, eh? Even when coming from
one's s****r. I had been expecting this for weeks, but it was still a
jolt, especially since it was delivered in the midst of one of those
adolescent moments when you simply have to get off or die in the

I groaned.

"This is about Jake?"

Kim nodded.

"I'm sorry. I just don't feel right dating him and still doing it with

She was standing there in one of her "fuck me" outfits (though the
message was probably unintentional)--tight scoop-n... Continue»
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A Matter Of Time

It was only a matter of time...

As soon as it’s clear what we both want, there’s no preventing it and neither of us really wants to, despite what’s at stake. Your frustration and mine combined is like jet fuel-propelled lust, charging us into a frenzy of sexual desire where nothing else stands a chance of grabbing our attention!

‘I’m coming,’ I read when the text comes through.

‘Lol dirty bitch,’ I respond.

‘No, I’m at the station and walking to your house!’ you clarify. I crap myself (not literally). One day we’re sharing pics of nudes in an inbox conversation, the next we’... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude 7

(NOTE: I made an error in posting. Part 6 went to my blog instead of main story page in case you are following).

Sharon asked me just what did I have in mind about being "daring" for my neighbors. "Well" I told her, "You don't know this but a long time ago I stopped at a store that was going out of business". "I had no idea of what I might buy there until I found these." I then retrieved a box I had hidden away in my bedroom. "Here, what do you think about these?" Sharon began pulling the items from the box. Everything that was in the box looked like they came from a high-end store ... Continue»
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