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Reluctantly fucking in the adult theater

I found this in a blog (story compilations). However, neither author nor title has been mentioned.
So, if you are the author and you don't want this to be shown here just drop me a line:

My name is Paul. My wife Sofia is a very beautiful woman with big breasts and firm body. We are married for three years now, although that we are young; I am 27 and she is 24. We are both faithful to each other, at least as far as I know. One evening, we were watching a porno video and drinking beers in our house. We enjoy doing this quite often. There was a scene, where a woman was "serving" two men in ... Continue»
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I watched my divorced mother with my b*****r

My mother was the bad parent, she was the one who meted-out the punishment if we had misbehaved, but particularly on my older b*****r, as he represented her animosity of our father, who ran off with her best friend.

It was during this punishment that something happened between them. He was at an age where sex was becoming an important defining thing in his life, and mother's domination was having an effect on him, and she knew it.

One day she did not know I was in the house when she came home and immediately began berating him, building up until she became physical, and began to beat him... Continue»
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dukes mound brighton uk true story

This is a true story & happened on Sunday the 1/11/15

I'm a recent cross dresser living in hove, as i have a good figure i can look quite good

I awoke at 4.15 am feeling horny, shaved showered & got dressed in my stockings, suspenders, heals, black dress make up & wig.
Buy now i had a massive hard on, so i had to put on some panties to hold my cock in a bit
I drove to dukes mound on Brighton sea front, passing through the town, lots of d***k women so no one took any notice of me stuck at the lights, o god seems like ages please turn green
I parked on the road above dukes mound ... Continue»
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Sharon's Boy's

“Big Jake” Starnes and his 5 young wards were driving the last of the stragglers toward the herd in falling snow. They figured it would take 2 hours before they reached the ranch. Stopping at Gabby's Lodge just to check their well being, he and Jared sipped coffee. Jared looked at Jake with such a serious frown, Jake asked what was on his mind. Jared told him all the guys were very thankful for taking care of them, raising them like his own, but they planned to leave after the winter. Jake saw the hurt in his eyes and asked why? Jared repeated that they all loved he and Sharon, but they nee... Continue»
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Holiday fun in the Caravan

My wife, Chris and I, Have a static caravan on the south coast of England. It is our holiday home and we try and get down to it at least 3 full weeks every year and as many weekends as we can. We try and get down Friday night and leave again as late as we can to get the maximum use out of it. We have made friends with several people on the site but one couple have become firm friends and we try our hardest to get down there the same time. Imagine our surprise when we got down there really late one friday night and found them waiting for us! They were going to spend the same week in the van as ... Continue»
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The Little Mink (AKA My ex wife before we married)

It felt really good laying on the soft blanket in the sunshine on a crisp Fall day!
Joy had been admiring herself in her full length mirror in her bed room after squirming her little round buns into the tiny green plaid hot pants. They were so short the hem of the leg holes all but disappeared into the very slight cleft of her pretty buns. She added a white halter top and a pair of sandals and headed to the small pasture in the woods her f****y owned a quarter mile away. She lay there soaking in the sun and looking down her body from her supine position, the air was perfect for laying th... Continue»
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Ever since I was little I've loved looking at men's penises. From my
earliest recollection of bathing with my father I remember being captivated
by his willy. I would find excuses to go into the bathroom with him when
he needed to pee so that I could watch. When I got tall enough to stand at
the toilet and pee I did so alongside him whenever I could, just so that I
could see his willy. I was equally fascinated by him peeing, so much pee
came out of him and in such a torrent, I was awestruck. I loved it
afterwards too as I watched him squeeze the drops out of, what seemed to me
an e... Continue»
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Subdued Shoplifter

Khambrel and Sean, two guards, push Darlene into the office, locking the door behind them. Then they drag her to the center of the room. She is scared out of her mind. Both of us are sturdy, but not overly muscular Black Men. She knows there is no way she could escape. We caught her shoplifting and now she has to pay for it. She thinks of her husband, Tim. She will be humiliated if he finds out.

"Get against the wall," Sean, the older guard says. The look on his face is so cruel and hard that Darlene has to turn away from his gaze.

"Why?" she pleads. She brushes her long, red hair over h... Continue»
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An old friend fucked my husbands ex girlfriend bac

I was cleaning up the house a bit late one afternoon when my s****r-in-law stopped by to visit. I grabbed a couple glasses of wine as the two of us sat in the living room and chit chatted for a while. As we were talking, she told me that while she was out a few days earlier, she ran into a couple of old friends of ours that we had gone to school with. I asked her who they were and she said that it was an old boyfriend of hers whose name was Mario and his best friend Sean, who we used to hang out with back when we were in high school. We had all been pretty close and obviously she had dated Mar... Continue»
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The Duke of Cockaign (Preview of my next novella)

The Duke of Cockaigne

Chapter One

Isabella Sharpe woke up with a start. Her pulse was rapid and she had a wet sheen on her skin. Her sl**p had been restless for the past few days. It could be the stress level at work. She had just been given a promotion to Lead Marketing Executive and the added responsibilities were beginning to build up. Isabella has a lot going for her. She’s a Wharton School of Business graduate, top of her class, and she’s single, attractive young woman of 26. Surprisingly, most find the latter is more intimidating than the former. She 5’9” tall, with long legs. Her ... Continue»
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Lovely neglected mom

There she was laying on the couch face down. She was wearing a night shirt that came halfway down her thighs leaving exposed most of her sexy long legs. Even the plain material of the garment could not hide her massive ass.

That ass stood up proudly almost as if calling to me. It was past midnight and I realized that she was there because she and my dad had another fight about sex. From what I heard he wasn't interested and she was practically begging for it. I couldn't understand this as I thought it would been the other way around.

My dad had let himself go and had a pot belly from eat... Continue»
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Handjob Race

Handjob race with cum eating consequences

We had won our 7th in a row and we were heading to state the next week. I had put up 18 points, 8 assists and 7 steals to boost us past our rivals. As our team headed into the locker room after the game I gave the head cheerleader a slap on the ass and said, "Hey Kacey!" She gave out a slight gasp at the sudden shock. I turned around and winked at her as I back pedaled out of the gym. She looked pissed, but I didn't care. We had just won!

It just so happened that she was my girlfriend and she was a perfect knockout. She was about 5'4" with tan sk... Continue»
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Just a spanking

Recently I had been chatting with an older man, of course about turn on's and I said being tied and spanked was a real excitement and not always having sex most of the time just a spanking. We continued to chat more he was saying to me he was a professional spanker and on a regular bases some women and men would come over to be spanked !!wow!! I was impressed and he offered his serves to me I said no no thanks anyway we chatted more over the next week until again he offered just a spanking he said mmmmmm ok so we arranged to meet, he said if I wasn't happy going to his place we could meet hal... Continue»
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Moni and Aaron

By my hubby Marc

My buddy Aaron called me up last Friday night and asked
if my wife and I would like to hang out. He said he
wanted to check out a new martini bar located down town
and that he wanted to hang out at his place first. He
mentioned that it was an upscale bar so to dress
accordingly. I knew that Aaron had a thing for Moni and
this would be a good opportunity for him to flirt with
her and get a real good look at her all dressed up.

I put on a sports coat and looked pretty sharp but Moni
looked amazing in the new dress that she had just bought.
She had her h... Continue»
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He'd wanted her forever. I let her have him.

My wife of 23 years is an uncannily sexy woman. She’s 5 feet tall and weighs around 110 lbs, and has a 32C-21-36 body with a “JLo” ass. Her creamy skin, auburn hair and big almond shaped green eyes make me feel like a fortunate man after all these years.

Eleven years ago we visited her older s****r and b*****r-in-law for the Thanksgiving holiday which is our normal custom. The s****rs have a close relationship and we visit four or five times a year between our home and theirs. They have a son, who was fifteen and a virgin at the time. From the time my nephew was six years old he had a fasci... Continue»
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59 A penny-worth of bondage

A penny-worth of bondage
My name is Worth, Penny Worth, and I love being in bondage, yep I know that`s a conversation stopper but it is the truth!
It all started when I was c***d by my reckoning, my mother leaving me in a harness on a dog chain to stop me wandering away when she was doing housework or working round the garden! It was done with the best of intentions by loving parents but its left its mark on my physic.
Anyway I now have a kink about being chained up and most of my friends accept that so if you don’t, read no further.
My kink and I freely accept that that is what it... Continue»
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A New Client

It is quite like any other business day in the Fall. Despite the cooling temperatures, I am out of office on a field trip hunting for a new supplier as our company is tired of the hassles in working with our old furniture supplier. I have been to several suppliers already by the time I met Samantha. So far none of them offered what her company seem capable of delivering, the service facilities needed to deliver when and where we need. It may be because they are not expecting a black representative, I'm not sure. However one wink from the sexy brunette Samantha as she took me on a tour of her ... Continue»
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Believe Me I'll Be Back

Having recently moved from the country into town you have discovered that you have a bit of an exhibitionist side.

The small town you moved to has lots of regular evening walkers. It seems like everyone on your street walks around town every night or at least down your street. Not being used to living so close to other people and also having a sidewalk right outside your front door, is an odd circumstance. You don't always remember to pull the blinds.

At the outset of the first night in your new house, you plop down in front of a large flat screen telly. You put a porn movie in the dvd ... Continue»
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Sex And The Clitty - my first lesbian experience

Nicole - My first Lesbian Experience

I should point out in this story the "fanny" I am referring to is the UK meaning,
i.e. poonani, chuff, quim, cunt.

April 2002 :

When I first started to spend a lot of time in London, I met a new group of people.
I was networking, I needed people to spend time with in the week, and bizarrely
I was introduced to a girl called Nicole, by a gynaecologist I visited.

Nicole was from Luxembourg via San Francisco , and had been a model, had been a lot
of things the truth be told, including an exotic dancer, and a grand-a-night call girl.

Ni... Continue»
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First time swap

My partner Angie , (see my lady album) and I were on holiday in Egypt , lazy days in the sun and a few drinks at night when one day by he pool we began chatting to a German couple, both about our age, mid 50's very attractive, slim & tanned. After lunch we started with a few drinks , with the sun & drink Angie got a bit merry, loosened up and was getting very hot & excited. Gret our new friend was very tactile and was touching Angie which made her even hotter and I was unsure where this would lead but was hoping it would lead to sex. When the sun was setting we were all a little d***k and Hans... Continue»
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