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Another threesome part two

He kissed me deeply, his hands fondled my breasts and I could hear myself moaning heavily. I got so horny my pussy was drenched with my own juice. Didn't take Petrus a long time to finally arrive to the room, he immediately pressed his body behind me, I could feel his cock slowly getting hard while he kissed my neck. I couldn't believe what I felt between my ass cheeks, it was the biggest cock I had ever felt in my life. I just had to see his cock so I turned around to face him and took off his pants just to see the most beautiful cock ever, it was smooth shiny chocolate uncut about the size o... Continue»
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A fine f amily pt8 FINAL

When Kelly came back home, she didn't want her mom to know she had skipped school. So she very carefully peeked into the living room window before opening the front door. When she saw her mom and Kevin on the couch, she almost dropped her shopping bag along with her jaw.

Her mother's ass was high in the air, and Kevin was sitting right next to her. Judging by the fact that his huge dick was only at half mast, Kelly knew they had just been screwing around. She couldn't believe her mother would do that! Or maybe she could...

Kelly snuck around back and entered through the basement door, wh... Continue»
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Sissy Son

The day had been a long, hard one at the office and I simply couldn't wait to relax and enjoy some dinner with my son. I wanted to surprise James with some extra time as I'd begun to realize just how disconnected we had become, the divorce not helping matters. Certainly my ex-wife had told me what a horrible father I'd been when she left with our daughter to shack up with some guy in New Jersey. But James had remained with me as he was graduating and didn't want to have to readjust to a new school for a few months.

So, I had taken to doing what I could by shoving 18 years of poor fathering ... Continue»
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Cum heals (Pt 2)


I was shocked. Didn’t I lock the damn door? I must have looked guilty. There walked in Sara. She was a co-worker that I had worked with for the last 3 years. “What the hell are you doing, Jim?”

“Ah, I’m just looking at her chart and her knee,” I said unconvincingly. How much did she see? Did she see anything? “I thought I knew her,” I lied, “but it wasn’t the person I was thinking of.” Boy, did that sound lame.

She walked over to the patient and me. “What’s this goo on her leg?”

“Ah, just an ointment.”

“What kind? Look Jim. What?? This looks like, like... Continue»
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Last week I was doing some work on the computer when a flat-top trailer drives passed. I notice it stop outside my neighbours’ house. Thinking I would be able to have a quick word with Tony I pop out. unfortunately Tony’s not there, but his daughter Amy is. She’s 21 about 5’1 slightly cubby but with beautiful breasts and a smile that lights up a room. I walk up and we start talking about the car about to be taken away. She’s wearing tight jeans and a black low cut tee shirt, and I have a great view of those puppies. We talk for about 30 minutes, about her job, living at home, my job, holiday p... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise

It was my wife's Birthday in a month's time, and I was racking my brains for a special surprise for her. Something she wouldn't forget.

She'd mentioned a few times how she'd love to have lots of men cum over her, but I'd always thought she'd just been fantasising and was maybe just saying it for my benefit. I have to say the thought really turned me on, and made me cum pretty quickly when she told me!

So, just for fun, I put a request out on an internet sex site for 10 horny men who wanted to cum on my wife.
The only two provisos were that they had to be well hung, a minimum 8 inches, a... Continue»
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My eyes were a little out of focus, but I do know when Janice is looking at me, and there she was. Just past her, Ginger was standing in the doorway, mouth open and eyes wide. All I could think of was that I was screwed. I thought Janice would loose her mind, throw me out and take everything I have. And I knew that Ginger would be heartbroken and mad at me as well. They were my women and here I was, naked with a boner in bed with my also naked mother. Nothing I could do but take is as they give it to me.

I sat on the edge of the bed with ... Continue»
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I'd had suspicions for a while that my wife had a lover that she was seeing when I wasn't around.
Our sex life was still great, but a couple of times when I'd slid my cock inside her cunt, which looked really swollen, after she'd been out clubbing with her friends, she felt much creamier than usual, and when I pulled out my cock was covered in a thick creamy film that looked very much like cum.
She denied anything was going on, and just said she'd been playing with herself on her way home.
Then, a couple of days later, I'd put the washing in the machine, and a pair of her black panties fe... Continue»
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Weekend with Kelly, my new lover, part 8

Slowly and sensually I dried her beautiful body, starting
at her feet, working my way up her shapely legs until I reached
her crotch. I avoided her cock instead reaching around
and drying her ass while I went to my knees. My mouth opened
as she pushed her hips forward, her cock slid into my mouth
all the way to the end.

She moaned and so did I.My hands were working working on
drying her ass when I dropped the towel, spread her cheeks
wide and inserted a finger inside of her.My tongue was swirling
around her cock, my mouth slowly working up and down her
shaft which was getting big... Continue»
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Weekend with Kelly, my new lover, part 7

This is a story about the LOVE of my life, a T-Gurl whom I'm
gonna marry someday soon.

I sat at the table while Kelly finished making breakfast.Kelly
waked in with a plate that had a breakfast burrito, sausages,
toast and a carafe of coffee.

I asked her where her plate was. She said, this plate is all
mine, picking up one of the sausages, sticking it halfway
in her mouth, stroking it in and out while licking the underside
with her tongue.

I went into the kitchen, fixed myself a plate. When I turned
around, she was right behind me. Grabbing my shorts and
yanking them down... Continue»
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Relieving the stresses of friends

The lad we visited in the last story had been released from hospital but was not fully fit and his wife was having a difficult time what with his and their yound son she was stressed out to hell. Donna said to Karen "You need a break" she said "You're telling me". Then one night a few months after we'd visited for the first time she looked like she was going to explode.

Donna said to Karen "Tomorrow your coming to our house". The following day she came up to ours, we made her some dinner and afterwards she was sat on our couch with a glass of wine telling us how much she's stressed out. She... Continue»
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Something new #4

So to set the scene, I have walked you into the living room, put a blanket around you and offered you some water or wine and a snack. We are chilling for a little bit, watching tv and just bonding/relaxing together. Making conversation about our past and just getting to know each other. I knwo you are a fantastic cook, and we start talking about food. You offer to make dinner and I resist, saying that we can both do this, it will be fun together. Ok, so we are in the kitchen making dinner, Im eyeing you like a piece of prime grade ribeye and once we have the food in the over to cook, I pick yo... Continue»
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Something new #3

So my baby Nicole, it's Labor Day weekend. You have taken the whole week off and invited me to join you in a week of nothing. I gladly accepted your invitation, arriving in NYC Monday night, giving you a day of rest with your f****y leaving and going back to Canada in the AM. You meet me at the airport, your beautiful cocoa/olive skin is like a ray of sunshine in a sea of angry, hurried people. Your smile has a glow that can only be matched by the most brilliant double rainbow after a storm. I walk out of the god forsaken TSA area and have no problem picking out my beautiful host among the cro... Continue»
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Something new 2

You sit on the sofa for a few minutes, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. In your 30ish years of life, never would you have thought this would of happened, but you are secretly wanting it to happen on a regular basis. You contemplate your options, looking at the clock, the time doesn't concern you. You have a burning in your stomach, not sickness or fear, more of a need to be here. You finish your wine and some cheese and crackers that are set out for you, still wrapped in the blanket, is that Fabreze, I love that smell. Lavender and vanilla, you muster the courage to confront t... Continue»
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Trying my hand at something new

It's a peaceful Friday evening that will soon change. You are leaving work, walking through the parking garage to your very suburban mom-ish Chevy Tahoe. A perfect vehicle for toting the k**s to soccer and swimming class, you even have a sticker on the back that says "mommy's taxi". As you are walking you hear footsteps behind you, not unusual, but a little un-nerving. You fumble with your keys trying to get the door unlocked, thinking to yourself that you are never parking this far from the elevator again. You glance back and notice that nobody is behind you, relieved you let you guard down a... Continue»
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the best fuck of my life

I had gone through a dry spell where I hadn’t been fucked in quite some time. I finally had enough and turned to an adult dating website. I was green around the edges when it came to adult personals and flirted with the idea for a few weeks before I began a serious search. Still not knowing what I was getting into, my first encounter was a safe choice. A nice guy with a reasonably sized cock. We chatted online for a couple of weeks and had phone sex once before we decided on a motel meeting. We had dinner first and then proceeded to the hotel room he had for the night. He must have had a dryer... Continue»
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Hubby's old flame

It was the last wkd in April I met up with an old flame off mine on a night out, just as my partner was away with her mum and k**s...
I got a message from the lads on a Saturday afternoon to go out on the lash which I hadn't been out for a while so I agreed to meet up and have a good blast.. Later on that afternoon I hit the gym for an hour session to get all pumped for my night out that I was looking forward to hey you got to look good in a shirt lol..abit later on I was looking we'll pumped and was getting ready for my night, I was wearing my blue jeans and I right fitting wht shirt which ... Continue»
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Wife's fling to spice are sex life up

It was my 40th birthday and was planning a nite out to Liverpool I wanted a few of us to go so I got 6 of us together and sorted it out for the following Saturday we decided on fancy dress but couldn't decide on wat. So we got our thinking caps on and I said we could do cheer leaders everyone laughed and said yea ok it will be a laugh I said we could put hair in pigtails really short skirts and cropped top haha.. Oh not forgetting long socks but make it loook sexy..
So the celebration begins I made some nibbles for us and I got drinks to get started early and we all started getting ready toge... Continue»
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My Bus Journey Part 6/6 - Final

FP sat down and stripped out of his pants completely under the blanket. He then applied some Vaseline to his dick and then asked me to come over to him and sit on his lap. He then reached under the blanket and applied some more gel to my butthole.

Still naked under the blanket, I moved over towards him, standing between his legs with my back to him. I slowly lowered my butthole towards his cock. Once I made contact with his cock, he held his cock in his hand and slowly slide it into my butt as I lowered my ass over his dick.

My ass had loosened up from the dildo and SS cock fuck earli... Continue»
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First time face fucked

I met a guy on A4A before I left for my business trip a few weeks ago and made plans to meet at my hotel room. I’m a total bottom and very submissive so when he ordered me to meet him at the door naked and blind folded my cock swelled. When the knock came I opened the door to let him and pulled blindfold over my eyes. I grab the back of my neck and turned me around and walked me into the room. When I felt my knees hit the footstool he stopped “last chance, you sure?” he asked. I was already hard and breathing so fast all I could do was nod. He pulled my arms behind me and I heard him slid... Continue»
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