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Confession - I did, I really fucked......

This is totally, 100% true.
After being married for a year we moved out of Jane's flat and bought our own home.
About a year later her s****r came to stay with us while the in-laws went on a long touring holiday which lasted 2 months in the end.
I got on well with all of my in-laws especially Jenny. She was 6 years younger than Jane and I, which made her 21 at the time.
Like Jane Jenny was a real head turner, she was taller than Jane, slim and pretty with long dark hair and, she had enormous tits!
All of my mates fancied her and before Jane and I got wed' a couple of my mates had fucked h... Continue»
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1 hot day I'm at work bored I get an anonymous text frm my ex. "What are doing" said, I replied "nothing at work bored" she ask am I around anybody I say a minute later I get pic of her pussy saying she horny I replay I am to I send her a pic back of my dick makes her even wetter. She replied " daddy I'm wet now I need yo dick in me where u working at tonight "I reply "at the equinox gym" she says "I'm on my way" I said OK as if I didn't believe her. 20 mins later she calls me "daddy I'm here where I park" I didn't believe her tell I went to the doors I told her to go around the corner & park ... Continue»
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shemale fantasy - i've read before and dream

I repair computers, often "on site"--in people's homes. I got a call from a woman asking me to come to her house to fix her PC. She told me her name was Shandra. We made arrangements for me to show up there Saturday afternoon.

I showed up at the appointed time and was surprised when I saw her--she was taller than I am (I'm 5'11", she had to be at least 6'2") and fairly stocky. She looked like she could kick my ass in a wrestling match, but had an unmistakable femininity.

Her hair was dirty blond and loosely curled, and her face was quite beautiful. She was wearing makeup, but it was und... Continue»
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2 Moms, 2 Sons, 1 Hot Night--- Part I ( repost )

Recently, I was reminiscing with my mother about "That Summer."

"What do you remember most?" I asked her.

"Only everything!" she replied.

"Yeah," I said. " It's hard to forget those things."

"As I recall," mom said with raised eyebrows, "those 'things' were 'hard' a lot!"

I get hard just thinking of that incredible summer; when I lost my virginity with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.

When I was f******n years-old, the summer after seventh grade, my uncle rented a big cabin in the mountains north of Los Angeles, for a week's vacation for both families. My father naturall... Continue»
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It was finally Friday. I couldn't wait to get out of work and into the car. Living this far apart from my girlfriend Caroline was difficult. But today was the start of the weekend so I was in a good mood. As it was Friday, it was also a lunch time finish which was even better. As soon a as my work was filed away, I jumped in the car and began the long journey down to Cambridge from Leeds.
I arrived at Caroline’s parents’ house about 6ish. Caroline is only 18 so still lives with her folks. We'd met via Facebook and after some steamy and sexy messaging I had come down to visit and now come dow... Continue»
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More Trucker Sex

It was almost 4am. I had been sitting in this rest area on I-40 all night. I was horny when I arrived, and, now, even more so. Nothing had been going on, and I had decided to leave several times, but just as I started the pickup, another truck would pull in, and I would think, “This is it.” Each time I had been wrong. I decided that I would get out, smoke a cigarette, and, if nothing happened by the time I finished, I would hit the road.

The rest area made a big circle; the ramp back to the interstate almost kissed the ramp off of it. I had parked near the on ramp, so I could see what was c... Continue»
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Mes fantasmes avec Reva (en anglais) My Fantasies

Ce sont mes fantasmes inspirés par la déesse Reva exquis de photographies. C'est une sorte de journal érotique écrite en anglais parce qu'elle parle l'anglais. Veuillez pardonner les erreurs éventuelles dans grammar ;b

These are my fantasies inspired by the goddess Reva's exquisite photographs. I will post the photograph that inspired my dirty thought. This is a sort of erotic journal written in english because she speaks english and these are comments to her pictures. Please forgive any errors in grammar. Enjoy and adore her:

This is the pi... Continue»
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Dream or True .......... You decide!

It was summer time, mid-August and one of those rare occasions when it was hot and sunny! I travelled to a coastal town to visit a relative I had not seen for some time and took the train as their house was only a 25 minute walk away from the station.
It was a while since I made the trip so I had to remember as best as I could how to get there! Their house is on the outskirt of town so the farther I walked the less houses there were. I was walking down a street and running alongside the pavement was a small brick wall about a foot tall, newly built to house a flower display – a pretty afflue... Continue»
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Knicker wank with friend

I’d been wanking on line with a friend in Scotland over pics of our wives. We talked on Yahoo and swapped pics till we both unloaded on mic over each other’s wives tits and asses. Spunk flying everywhere.

I wanted something a bit more up close however and decided to advertise on Craigslist. After a lot of guys who talked up a good meet without delivering I found a guy nearby who was eager and fitted the bill. He loved to toss to porn and pics but really wanted to unload his syrup into a wife’s knickers. Well, that got me throbbing at the thought. We chatted on the phone and arranged fro hi... Continue»
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Sore N Happy

The weather has stayed good for a few weeks now and after the last blog about wanking myself stupid outside I had really wanted to be fucked good n hard in the same place,was a serious itch that needed scratched anyway,I use Glasgow Gumtree to set up meets with horny guys,so seeing as I had some time off of work,set up an ad for a meet outside so I could be fucked,had the usual bunch of pic collectors and knob heads but did receive one from a guy who said he was from Beith which is the town next to my home town and is also right next to the loch as well so I said ok and told him where I
... Continue»
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Caught doing it, by my horny uncle, then again

Girls and boys masturbate, we do it regardless of how we appear to others. I started just before my menstruation began, and even then that was earlier than most of my friends, and if I am honest, I think perhaps I brought them on, because I just could not stop touching myself.

I was staying with my cousins Alexis and Sophia, and one night we were out playing out back, 'Hide and Seek', nothing new for c***dren, but a game that does do things as you wait to be found.
I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach about being caught, as I hid low behind the row of Wheely Bins.
I was squatting wit... Continue»
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Dinner turned into fantasy meeting.

She has always fantasized about a perfect encounter with an on-line lover, completely unplanned, so when this happened Leslee was completely taken by her good fortune.

She was on vacation with her husband, him having a business trip to Phoenix, and every night they would choose a different restaurant to eat and unwind at. This night it was the Hilton, with its revolving restaurant on top. Being a 5 star restaurant, Leslee wore a blue strapless silk sheath, matching heals and silk nude thigh-high stockings( no lingerie underneath so she could feel the silk rubbing all over her sleek body).... Continue»
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Real Estate

Karen is a successful real estate agent in California. Standing at 5-2 and about 110 lbs, she's a very attractive married woman of 42. Her all natural 34D curves significantly add to her beauty. Karen frequently shows property to clients from all walks of life and nationalities.

A man named Bruce whom was looking to see a couple of homes over the coming weekend had recently contacted her. Karen said she would do her due diligence on the properties and get back to him. Karen researched the three homes Bruce was interested in and found that she could show two of them that coming Saturday. Sh... Continue»
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Masturbating mom

I was totally horny. I couldn't stand it any longer. My husband, Jim
was away on business again and I couldn't wait another minute, much less
another two days. My son, Paul was out on a date, so I was all alone in
the house... alone and frustrated! My pussy wanted attention in the
worst way. Since Jim wasn't around to help the situation, I was just
going to have to take matters into my own to speak.

I wasn't new to masturbation. Quite the contrary. I loved doing it.
It was fun. Some of my girl friends said that they would never do such a
thing to the... Continue»
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One Rainy Night...

It was a rainy Friday. Rain makes me horny… I don’t know why....but it does, though. She knows that. So when I got back from my trip out into the storm, she was waiting for me…

She was wearing a shirt, no bra, her nipples jutting through the thin fabric. Again, she knows that drives me crazy. Her shorts were super short, exposing all of her beautiful tan legs. She was barefoot, and I could feel her heat as soon as I embraced her. It was obvious; I was not the only one horny.

I didn’t say a word; I took her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. Once at the foot of the bed, I kissed her... Continue»
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Jury Service Finally Fnished OR Mature Maureen


At last.

Finally the jury service had finished. Case closed, the guy never did anything wrong, as far as we could see.

It hadn't been a bad couple of weeks, to be honest. We had a good bunch on our panel, all with a sense of humour. Seven women, and five men, including myself.

We had been sent out after giving our verdict, and were pretty much just waiting to be told what to do next and, as there was a canteen, made use of our time by drinking coffee and talking shit.

As happens with these sort of groups, people drift off into their o... Continue»
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Succubus :)

I glanced over to the passenger in my car, marveling at her beauty, and my good fortune. She looked back with a soft smile that sent a tingle straight through my spine. God, how I wanted her. It was only a few hours ago that I had met her at the bar, her long blond hair shining even in the dim light of the smoky room. The thin, light blue dress she wore clung to her form, the loose skirt wrapping itself around her legs with every step she took. Her feet were displayed in silver heels, the hem of her dress stopping slightly above her ankles. The scooped neck presented her cleavage to the wander... Continue»
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making them pregnant pt 11

Nurse Anna said, “Exam Room 8 is ready.” and she turned around and left the room. I followed and we entered Exam Room 8. As soon as the door was closed Nurse Anna stripped off her uniform and sat on the table. I stripped off my clothes and walked over to her. I kissed her on the mouth for a long deep kiss. I moved to her breasts and started to suck and lick them. I moved between the two of them and admired the size of the nipples and the firmness of the breasts. I kissed Nurse Anna deeply again and moved down her body. As I did this she lay back on the table and positioned her feet in the stir... Continue»
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Erotic Fiction

The stories posted are saved from a Yahoo Group I visited back in 2006. "Charlotte" is the author, and the hot, dirty young starlet.


Two of my boyfriend's friends, Peter and Steve, dropped by to see him
while he was out playing golf. I was home alone, just relaxing. It
was a warm day and I was wearing a pair of skimpy cut-offs along with
a tight tee shirt, accentuating my large breasts. I'm considered
attractive, with my long brown hair and blue eyes. Everyone says I'm
a Jane Seymour look-alike.... Continue»
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Hotel Tag-Team

I go to Seattle to play quite often because there's such a choice in BBC. There's something about a black men, what can I say (and, I don't really care how big they are).

I was in a hotel downtown, and I was online hoping to pick-up and host in my suite.

I was walking around naked and showing off on in the Squirt cam room when I got a hit from a guy. When I checked out his profile I was definitely turned on: 57 y/o black top with a great uncut cock (I LOVE uncut!).

I immediately invited him over and then he asked if he could bring his friend as the two of them were playing a little an... Continue»
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