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A Center For Two

I had been in a few Bukkake parties before, but being invited to one of Mark's still sends shivers down my back. I absolutely lose myself in the activity. All those men, all that cum just makes me go weak in the knees. I got the call from Mark. He wanted to know if I would be the centerpiece for the party he was throwing this coming weekend. I of course accepted without hesitation. Mark told me that I wouldn't be the only center there and that he wanted to try Chelsea in another party, since she was such a hit last time. I smiled to myself. Someone to play with, I thought.

I arrived at Mark... Continue»
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A night on the Town

Brenda and John enjoy a romantic evening and then go
for a walk. Before they know it, they're in a seedy
part of town and then in a sleazy strip joint... on
amateur night. (M+/F, wife, exh, orgy)


Brenda and John were having a lovely dinner together.
They had all night if they wanted it. It had been a
rough couple months. The project had been a big one,
and they'd been very happy to get it. The money of
course was always welcome. The long hours were
grueling. And now, with the job complete, they treated
themselves to a perfect romantic evening alone, with
only the ... Continue»
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Chains and whips.

My name is Matt, 19 years old and only recently started dating. I had met a couple online who I liked, if I could I'd stay with them in their house I would, which they said could be arranged. I could sl**p in their cellar if I wanted to, they'd told me. They'd given me a tour of their house before but they'd never shown me the cellar. So, on our next date I decided to ask about it. They gave each other a quick glance and a slight smirk, hardly noticeable.
"I'm glad you asked about it," The oldest of the two said. He was 44, tall and was incredibly cute, we'll call him 'G' for short. "It's r... Continue»
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A Memorable Cruise

It was our third cruise to the Caribbean and my wife,
Amie, had been in a deep sexual funk for several months
over f****y and work-related matters.

This time, I decided, the sex would be better than ever
and she needed, at 43 to open up that more than ripe
body of hers to the joys of sheer pleasure.

I helped her shop in the port city for just the right
bathing suits, lingerie and sexy dining clothes that
would set her off from the crowd and help create
opportunities. For 13 years I had longed to see her
taken, by choice of course, by other men, as I watched.
This was ... Continue»
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A Key to Unlock all Fantasies

t was late April and the weather matched our somber
mood, dark and overcast with a smattering of rain, we
sat in the front room tired and bored, Kerry would
have loved to be out in the garden, therapy she calls
it, but the weather was too bad and I, well I was
tired having just worked six straight days and nights,
I had a whole stack of jobs that needed doing but
summoning up the enthusiasm let alone the energy was
nigh on impossible.

We supped another cup of tea and gazed restlessly at
the papers there was nothing interesting on the TV,
and neither of us could settle, t... Continue»
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Emma and Lucy 3

Lucy and Emma Part 3
Sunday Sun

It was just after six when the loud buzzing of an alarm clock woke both Lucy and Emma. Lucy limbly reached over to turn it off before rolling within Emma protective arms so that they were facing each other, both still in a state of half sl**p lovingly smiled at each

“Umm morin’ babe, I suppose we should get up then” Lucy groggily moaned.
“Yeah i suppose, We’ll be going it to deep woods i bet.” Emma offered in reply. Lucy pulled herself her free and raised so that she was in a seated position as she answered
“Yup, you know this forest... Continue»
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Sex with my friend's girlfriend

This is a true story about an experience I had with my friend’s on again, off again girlfriend back when we were finishing high school. They were on a break when this happened, but truthfully, she was a terrible girlfriend and cheated on him multiple times and fucked around a lot after their relationship truly ended. She’s the first slut I had the pleasure to be friends with.

…We were on the couch in her parent’s basement watching a movie when she put her hand on top of mine and pushed it onto her breast. Even though the two of us were close and she’d been flirtatious with me, it caught me ... Continue»
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Becky Better Behaviour

Went down to Minehead Butlins on a cheap promotion out of season.

I like cycling and walking and fancied a bit of a break, just been made redundant so plenty of time.

Anyway before out off on a cycle was having breakfast in the cafeteria and this girl came in with her Mum and step father I later learned. Becky her name is and a right chavvy, gobby, miserable little bitch you could wish to meet and made it obviously clear she didn't want to be there. She was here as her parents didn't trust her to behave, rightly as it turned out, but I'll get to that.

I cam back from my ride and wen... Continue»
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Fine line between pleasure and Pain

I love to be spanked & I love getting tattoos. It starts out so much pain...then after a bit of time It lessens. The pain recedes and the pleasure starts to build I love being spanked.. Then the artist removes the needle. The Pleasure then lessens back and forth pain pleasure pain pleasure. It lasts for hours and you have to be still & quite so the artist doesn't know how much you need a big hard cock. My panties are always soaked, just dripping wet every time.

My Man saw how wild I get with a bit of Pain that bring me so much pleasure. So he decided to treat me to a new pain & pleasure ex... Continue»
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My First Time Dressed as a Girl (PT 2) (Aftermath)

My First Time Dressed as a Girl,(PT 2) Aftermath
Hi Reposting an account of how I got started XXXdressing so that the first month is properly documented because it was what set my behavior for the next three decades).(The events of this story are true and reflect what happened thirty years ago the first time I went all out and dressed as a female. The conversations in it may not be completely accurate, as this was a long time ago, but are as accurate as my memory of these past events can provide. A quick note for those who are coming upon this account for the first time; please read part one... Continue»
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Beginnings: My First time as a crossdresser (PT 1)

( Hi I am repostng because I want to string everything together for continuity ) Everything is connected so you should start at the beginning.) (This is a true story, the conversations in it are only as accurate as my memory can supply, as this happened Thirty years ago)
When I was 17 I was dating a girl from the local college. I lived in a medium sized college town in a western state and it was 1983. It was Halloween weekend and we were both drinking some wine coolers she’d bought, the drinking age was eighteen at the time and she was nineteen, and smoking some pot I had brought over. We had... Continue»
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Hotel meet up and fuck with a girl half my age.

It is not always easy to cheat when you are yourself. So my young lover and I have resorted to role playing to help facilitate our meetings. Last weekend I came home one day early from a job in Montana and got a hotel room on the business credit card since I go in on a flight that cost the company less. This is what played out once I hit the hotel.


I walked into the bar in the hotel lounge and saw her immediately. She was sitting at the bar, sipping... Continue»
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Spring semester college life 36 (spring semester i

Waking the next morning after my wacked erotic dream, I looked over at Kris
still sl**ping and smiled. I showered and dressed as usual before waiting
on Corey to walk to our first class. Corey was talking about all the
studying he had done and how confident he was feeling going into the finals
that were starting next Thursday.

He stopped half way there and looked at me, "Matt, is there a problem? I
know I haven't been the greatest boyfriend the last few days but I feel so
good right now."

"Oh it's nothing," I said. "I was just being a good listener."

"I so promise we'll have... Continue»
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Mom and dad fuck

This story is a true life experience. It tells about the first and only time when a six year old watches his parents fuck.

I remember when I was 6. On Christmas day our X-mas tree caught fire and almost everything in the room was ruined. Since our flat was only two rooms, I and my 3 years old brot/her had our beds in there while mom and dad slept in the other room. But by necessity we had to sle/ep in our parents' room for a while during the renovation process.

Maybe some months earlier my mother had told me 'approximately' how babies were made when I asked her why girls d... Continue»
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Sex Ed 101 by loyalsock

Helen Boyer glanced up at the clock on the classroom wall and with a couple of hard raps on her desk with the butt end of a ruler, quickly brought her fifth period Human Sexuality and f****y Planning class to order!!! "Okay everyone," she ordered, "please open your books to chapter eleven, page two hundred fifty two, today we're going to be discussing condoms and when we should be using them!!!" "Now, how many of you use condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse, please raise your hands!?!" "Well, that's almost all of you, but a few of you didn't raise your hands," she continued, "and I thin... Continue»
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Bring Cheryl by loyalsock

Tommy knew he was taking an awful chance, but if he was ever going to fuck Cheryl, he just had to let her watch him fuck either Miss Parsons or Miss Williams!!! If she could see how much pleasure he gave them with his big pecker, he was that then she would gladly let him put his penis into her cute little box!!! The trick was getting her to join him in Miss Parsons' room after school, if she suspected anything, she wouldn't show up! Then it hit him, why not have Miss Parsons make Cheryl stay after school like she did him last night, then he wouldn't even have to say anything to her at all and ... Continue»
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Erotic Massage

Melissa sat in the usual morning traffic, strumming her fingers on the steering wheel waiting for the light to change and for traffic to once again start moving. As she sat there she began thinking about how her life was getting to be in a rut. She wanted to do something different, something exciting only she couldn't figure out what.

As she sat there mulling things over in her mind, she inadvertently looked to her right noticing some large red letters on a white building that was set back from the street. The words spelled MASSAGE. She wondered if it was one of "those" kind of places. Her... Continue»
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My first Threesome

I was about 18 when i had my first threesome with my ex girlfriend Jasmine and her friend Tiffany we all ran away from home and went to Houston. We found an abandoned home to stay in. Tiffany was about 5.9 with a light brown complexion pretty skinny with a cute ass and a D cup and short black hair where as Jasmine was 5.4 i was 5.5 she had the same complexion but a fatter ass than Tiffany and a cup size of C. Around this time i had perfected my sex technique and i was 8 1/2 inches at the time. The abandoned house had a bed in the living room i let the girls take the bed while i slept in the be... Continue»
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Polly and Pat (Tights fetish)

I met Pat on a back to work course. He was a strapping guy. He used to be a labourer. Outside during a smoke break it was freezing. I told him as much. I wondered how he coped in cold weather where he used to work.
'Oh me and my work mates wore thick tights under our overalls,' he said
'Well they make your legs warm.'
'I suppose they would. Are you wearing a pair now?' I smiled.
'Haven't got any. Could do with a pair if this weather keeps up.'
'You think, I should get some too.'
'Wouldn't hurt. Better than freezing your bollocks off.'
'Maybe we could get a couple of pairs at ... Continue»
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Friday night: more than she bargained with.

She came home from an evening out with friends and snuggled next to him in bed. He directed her hand to his cock and she wanked him. She asked him if he had the energy to give her arse a gentle spanking. She wanted to feel back "at home". His cock stiffened further. And then she got more than she bargained with...

He donned her cuffs in a flash and secured her wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs. He instructed her to lay face down on bed. Arse up. Her hands by her ankles and legs spread. He spanked her arse repeatedly. She thanked him. He then reminded her that as her cunt is out of action he ... Continue»
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