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just a little fantasy..

It all starts at the bar, were getting d***k and hitting it off. You drop a line and ask if i know how to play pool. I answer honestly and say I'm not very good at it, You assure me that you're the b**st teacher ever with a wink and a seductive smile. I giggle and give you a flirty shove. You rack the balls for us, and ask if I have ever used a pool stick. I have, but still am no good at it. You come around behind and wrap your arms around me. You're so close to me, I can smell your cologne. The smell of you, on it's own turns me on. You place your hands over mine on the pool que and position ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #6

iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #6 - Cough

[Warning - there is no sex in this story, please don't hate me for that, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless]

"Do you have any idea how busy I am right now, babe?!"

"Yes…" Freddie said slowly, putting his hand on the shoulder of his bride-to-be and kissed her cheek before she was able to pull away and start freaking out about something else. "But you need to relax."

Jade looked over the main area that would serve as their reception space and couldn't believe how much there was to do, and for Freddie to just assume that... Continue»
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A Special Request


As a high-priced call girl for the last two years, I’ve had plenty of offbeat requests from clients: men who just want you to read to them, or who want you to spank them, or to pee on them — which I refuse to do because it’s disgusting — or to dress up as a nun or a nurse or a teacher or whatever. It’s mostly fine as far as I’m concerned, and just part of the job.

But recently I got involved with the most bizarre and fascinating situation of my career. I got a call from a woman (which itself is more common than you might think) who was looking for something ve... Continue»
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Neighborhood Sex Orgy with i****t

Most neighborhoods do not have a high concentration of swingers, but down here.... We are lucky. But with my little girl having just turned 18, could I really continue living that way....?

Bob is a perverted neighbor that I have known since we moved into the subdivision 20 years. My bride and I were introduced to swinging by him and the hot tub on the back porch has had as many as eight naked people in it as a time, thanks to Bob.

Then my wife died brain cancer five years ago. The parties moved to Bob’s place and I joined in them less and less. ... Continue»
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Quickie: Getting caught.

I was out hiking by myself along a nature trail in a state forest. I was about an hour from my car. I hadn’t met anyone, but my thoughts turned sexy. My hand kept moving towards my cock, which was starting to stiffen in my shorts.
I realised I needed to clear my head if I was going to enjoy my walk. I kept telling myself that I couldn’t jerk off in public; that was what weird people did. But I couldn’t take it any longer. I turned off the trail and crept through the trees until I thought I was out of sight. My heart was pounding, I didn’t want to get caught.
I put my backpack down a... Continue»
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My First Time Was With Gran

I’ve been going around to my gran’s house to cut her lawns and little odd jobs for the last year now since my granda died. I don’t mind as it is extra pocket money for me and another benefit is that when I was tidying the shed out one day I found granda’s old stash of porn magazines that I have read and learnt a lot from.

I love the stories and photos from the reader wife’s, they seem more real to life than some model posing on page three. Some how I am drawing to the plumper wife’s photos and being fifteen I have wanked many times at there pictures in the garden shed.

I have just finish... Continue»
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The woman who took my anal virginity

It's been a few years since a girlfriend first talked me into letting her take my anal virginity... convincing me to lay face-down on her bed with my legs spread apart, so that she could get between them and have her way with me.

It was obvious that she was really turned on by doing this kind of thing and that I was not the first guy that she had done it with, because what started out as a gentle probing with a single finger gradually turned into a vigorous ass fucking with a good sized dildo that she brought out from a box of toys that was hidden under her bed.

She began things quite sl... Continue»
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The Smell of Money and Pussy

My final couple of years of high school I got into to this work study program. I was a very smart k**, kind of a nerd. I had all the credits needed to graduate so they thought this would challenge me. I got this job to work at the local bank during school hours. I shadowed the bank president. She was a tall slender woman with silver, almost white hair. She kept it in a bun on her head. I figured she was around sixty. Not bad looking for a granny. She dressed all business. Skirts and blazers. She was all authority no bs kind of boss.
Several nights we would work late. She gave challenging... Continue»
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Who's The Boss Now

She passed Fifth Street and checked her watch, right on schedule and thankfully the crossing light was on her side this morning so she eased across the intersection without having to stop. Music from her IPod spurred her on as she rounded the corner on Jackson Avenue, in the home stretch now. The warm early May morning sun at her back, she could see the entrance to the building at the end of the city block and urged herself to push a little harder. Picking up speed, her music was drowned out by heavy breathing and the bl**d pounding from her heart into her head. With a hundred feet to go, Kimb... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 4

Chapter One

I finally met my Sir. His name is Everett. He is one of the newer executives at the insurance firm I work for at night. We’ve been seeing each other for the past few days. He has been taking it slow with me since I am a novice. I now wear his collar, a soft leather choker with an O-ring in it. It’s more discrete so that it can be worn in public. I find myself touching it all the time. It reminds me of him.

We still text each other constantly, mainly about what I am to wear that day. He may also have certain rituals that I am to perform for him. He sends me things to res... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 3

Chapter One

On my way to work tonight, an older man hit on me. He struck up a conversation, which led to him commenting on my attire. I was blushing. He kept staring at my breasts that were bouncing to the bumps in the road. My hardened nipples were abrading against the softness of my silk blouse. I found it hard to remain focused on the conversation. He was pleasant enough, but when we got off at the same stop, I became worried.

Come to find out, he works security in our building. I’d never seen him before and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe he was my Sir. He walked me to the ... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 6

“Hi handsome, how are you,” said Claudia to me, and I immediately reached over and cupped her breasts and moved in to kiss her.

We began to kiss deeply while I felt her large 38E breasts in my hands. Claudia’s mouth tasted like a very sweet pussy and I now realized what Angela tasted like. I reminded myself that I’d have to get myself a first-hand taste of Angela later that evening if at all possible.

As we broke off our long kiss, I replied, “I’m doing great now baby, so nice to meet you Claudia.”

“Same here honey, I hope we all have a long fun night tonight,” she replied and then mo... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 2

Chapter One

I slept fitfully for about four hours. I didn’t have another erotic dream and somehow, I’m upset about that. I did have a text when I woke up. It said that I should use the debit card he gave me to purchase sexy clothes, short skirts, sexy blouses, and lingerie. There is a $3000 balance on the card. I am to purchase what is needed and then the rest can help out with school, rent, or whatever I need.

I’m still a little upset about the money. I don’t want to be someone’s whore. But I rationalize that he wants me to wear certain things and I don’t have the money to purchas... Continue»
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Michele's Mistake - 1

Chapter One

My name is Michele, yeah that’s right, one L only. That’s the least of my worries now. You see, I got an e-mail the today from an unknown co-worker. In the e-mail it told me that I had left my journal in his office and he have been reading it night and day. I have no idea who it might be, but it has all my secrets in it. Things I wouldn’t want anyone to know. Now he’s telling me that unless I do exactly as he says, he will make my journal public and I will be ruined.

My journal has all my dark secrets in it. I’ve been writing it since I was in High School. I don’t have ... Continue»
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Wife Reluctant To Be Naked etc. part 3

So now my wife Judy has had two VERY EROTIC encounters with our postman, one of which I got to witness first hand. And this has been quite a learning experience for me, especially with me working on her for years for us to experience nudity in an environment other than at home. So I am now wondering if her willingness to go to a nudist resort is out of guilt, (because of the postman episode), or if she really wants to go. My thinking now is, if we do go to a nudist resort, it will be a much tamer affair due to most having strict rules regarding any sexual activities. The postman affair has all... Continue»
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Naked mile

This story happened to me a few years ago when I was in my first year of university. I immediately tried to tie for admission as many useful contacts, but the most useful was the fellow student Serge named Prince - he was the nephew of a provincial tobacco king, but it is not irrelevant. Proved useful contacts in the sense that I was just a couple of times each month have to save him from the charges (did him some tasks and fussed in the rector's office), as a student, he was not the most diligent, but parents say that It's all right. His benefit that I had - and it's not the uninterrupted sup... Continue»
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Un sueño convertido en realidad.


Una de mis mayores fantasías es sentirme muy femenina; lo disfruto mucho y en la intimidad me agrada comportarme como tal. Vivo deseando una intensa descarga nerviosa de orgasmos que se extiendan completamente por mi cuerpo. Mi piel es sensible a las caricias y al toque de unas manos deseosas de cada parte de mi cuerpo.

Hace años trabaje, con Noé, mi jefe, que no sólo lo admiraba por sus capacidades laborales sino por su seriedad y atenciones hacia mí. Frecuentemente salíamos a cenar juntos con nuestras respectivas parejas, pero muy en mi interior sabía que a él le agradaba mi com... Continue»
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Cock worship at the gym

At the gym
I’d just finished my workout and was getting undressed to shower, sitting in my usual spot in a remote corner of the locker room. As I sat taking off my shoes, I was aware of the warmth and the musky-sweaty aroma of someone standing nearby.

Looking up, I saw him standing a few feet away, naked, and sporting an erection that stood up nearly vertically against his toned belly.

“There you are,” he murmered, a slight threat implied in his tone of voice. “You’ve been ogling me on the gym floor for the last tw... Continue»
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Big Boob Hunting - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It was close to 3am when the alarm clock went off. I had rented a cabin just off the highway across the state. I was able to leave work a day ahead of my hunting buddies. They were suppose to get here the following day. I was going to scout out some good places to hunt. There was a lake not to far from the cabin. Its suppose to have allot of Ducks this time fo the year. I spend most of the time drinking and cracking jokes, then hunting anything. Sometimes I forget to load my gun. It's more like just getting away for the week. I was just dumped by my ex... Continue»
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My Fake Mom - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It was going to be another long summer living with my parents. I could not find a job after graduation. I wanted to move out. But I need to make some money. Both my parents worked. They were gone before I got up most days. They did not come home until after 6pm because of traffic. We live in a nice big development. There are a few house up for sale. The one next door just sold last week. I heard a moving van yesterday but I played video games all day online.

I had a long distance relationship for 3 months. But over time we just lost touch. She s... Continue»
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