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My First Gay Gangbang part 2

Chapter 1 (Please read the prologue first)

My heart was racing as I laid tied to the bed, blindfolded, waiting for men to come into my room and use me. I pulled at my restraints and confirmed what I already thought, they're secure and I'm not going anywhere until someone lets me out. I could hear people walking by outside and I wondered if they were coming for me. It seemed like forever, but finally I heard the door open. I listened as it sounded like he was undressing then I felt him climb on to the bed behind me. He pulled out my butt plug and immediately replaced it this his cock. It wa... Continue»
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Barnes and Noble Girl Part III

This part is rather a side story but it's meant to set everything for future parts

It was near closing time and Sandra standing behind the customer service counter in the middle of the store, looking over her employees getting ready for closing. Jenny was closing the cash registers and baristas were cleaning up the café. She was day dreaming about all that had happened and couldn’t help but to have a smile on her face. She still couldn’t believe she had done all the things she had, many people would scream at her if the... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - 4

After the hockey game I headed over to Pete and Katie's house. When I got there Pete was always naked and his five inch dick was at full staff. I'm guessing Katie was already sucking him off. Katie was wearing a shear nighty. After giving me a drink, Katie said, “What's your pleasure?” I gave Katie a passionate kiss and felt her ample bosom then licked my finger and stroked her clit.

Katie groaned and said, “Get out of your clothes.” I sipped my drink and said, “I want to watch you guys for a while.” We went to the bedroom and Pete and Katie got on the bed and starting making out. Pete wen... Continue»
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My first time with Molly Part 2

Molly had said to me that once she knew I was watching her she intentionally did things to grab my attention to see how I would react. She also stated that she knew I'd come and work for her at the beginning of summer knowing that this would be my last summer at home. She and Louisa talked for a few minutes alone in the sitting room and returned with a plan. Molly told me that if I wanted her I'd have to please Louisa first. Louisa would then report to her and tell her if I was worthy of Molly. Louisa led me to Molly's guest room where she closed and locked the door behind me. She stripped dow... Continue»
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Discovering My Love For Milfs pt2

So as I was saying in the first story I still had not had sex with my amazing neighbour but I felt it was coming!
Weeks past and I didn't receive any calls to babysit. Despite being split up her husband still lived with her so I wasn't going to just show up. Then one day my mom had left the house and I had forgotten my key. Knowing full well my sexy neighbour did I jumped on the chance! As I walked up to her house early afternoon I saw her husbands car was missing. Great I thought, I wont need to be on edge. I rang her bell praying that her k**s were in school. She answered the door with her ... Continue»
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A perfect fuck (it's a made-up story about a

Our story begins in midday in some hotel nearby the sea. You can hear water breeze and seagulls, as well as cheerful tourist going on the streets out of the window. As for me, I'm standing behind your room's door, waiting a second to get up courage.

It's the first time I let myself go out with some Internet girl, but we both liked each other in a chat and decided to translate at least one dream into reality after some of your hot chats. I knocked your door three times and you opened it with the eyes full of expectation. I didn't bring any flowers or something else. Nope. I am very romantic ... Continue»
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MUFFIN Meets a Few Fans

August 2011.

It was a hot sticky Friday afternoon, the k**s were gone for the weekend and MUFFIN and I decided to cool off at the mall. After an hour of walking in and out of stores MUFFIN winked and asked, "Do you want to go to the adult store on the way home, I could go for a naughty movie tonight". I smiled and said, "Sure that sounds like fun". As we were leaving a group of four guys, all dirty and sweaty from a hard day work, got out of their truck and walked by us in the parking lot. It was hot and MUFFIN was wearing a white, very low cut, bra-top and jean shorts. This is what... Continue»
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First experience with mature woman whilst at colle

Hi everyone. This is my first time writing about my experiences so I hope you enjoy. This is a true story about my first time with a mature woman whilst at college in London. Btw, I am Ryan. I am fairly athletic build, semi pro boxer, about 5 ft 9, olive skin, short hair. 8 inch cock, very thick and fat.

I went to one of those higher education colleges so there was a large number of mature students. People who were coming back to study... Government was paying their fees to help them get into work. In my class there was a girl called Sarah. I was 17 and she was 30. She was a mature student ... Continue»
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Thanks Mom

Summer had just started and I was halfway thru my s*******nth year. I was riding my dirt bike and had a pretty bad crash, broke both my wrist, my arm and got banged up real good. I had both arms in a cast from my hands up to the shoulder, one of those that hold your arms up so I looked like the mummy as my arms were out all the time. I could not do anything for myself, I could not pee, poop, take a bath, eat, anything. My mom was a stay at home mom and she had to help me do everything. It was plenty weird. And I was going to need the cast for six to eight weeks.
The other draw back that s... Continue»
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The train journey home

Laughing as they raced along the platform, Sinead and Sean leapt on to the
train as the conductor's whistle blew. "Made it!" Sinead gasped as the carriage
doors closed and locked behind her, her face flushed from the effort of their
mad dash through the station.

"Yeah! But only just!" Sean replied, his face as red as his girlfriend's.

"Whoops!" Sinead exclaimed, falling against her boyfriend as the train lurched
into motion. She kissed him lightly then smiled. "C'mon," she said, "let's get a

Making their way down the aisle, swaying against the rocking motion of the
de... Continue»
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Mom's Bad Boy

Mom's bad boy

Note: ——I am NOT the author!

Well here I am at my mothers funeral. Im now forty-two, been married for 10
years and have 3 beautiful c***dren. As I stand in the cold January wind, I
think of growing up with mom.
My first remberance of my sexual cravings was when I was 7 years old. I was
late for the school bus and had to get into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
The door was closed, I knew mom was in there, so I screamed, "mom if you don't
get out of there now I'll miss the bus.""Serves you right for taking your
time" she answered back. Finally she told me I c... Continue»
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The Day He Opened My Eyes

I never liked being told what to do and certainly not being controlled. The idea that I would ever be a submissive never crossed my mind, until it happened.
I met him in a chat room, our lives similar, stuck in marriages that left us wanting more, not necessarily wanting to leave for different reasons, yet unfulfilled in the bedroom. We talked for weeks, discussing fantasies, wants, desires. At some point we exchanged numbers and started texting, our late night chats left us missing each other during the day. We had become the other’s sounding board, someone to vent to, get support from, s... Continue»
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My Haitian nurse care taker after my accident

I had a cast on one leg and one arm, the other arm in a sling. I had a rack tied to my back and I laid in bed for almost two months. An off road dune buddy accident nearly killed me.
My f****y could not care for me and I did not want my mom doing it any way. So we found a part time worker at the Hospital to come into our home. She lived in my room the entire time taking care of me. The degrading shit on a bed pan and have her wash my ass. the pee in a urinal and have her hold it, shake it after. She gave me a bath every morning after the f****y left. For a sixteen year old teen, it was not h... Continue»
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Fucked at Cousins Wedding

My Mom and I flew down to Texas for a cousins wedding, We were booked into a hotel where most of the out of town guests were staying, we got ready, I was 17 years old what you would call plump, 5.4 tall very fat tits and ass shoulder length blonde hair, I wore a short green dress that made my Big Tits really stand out. We made our way to the church for the wedding, Once done there we moved the reception hall for the party. During the reception I met some of the grooms cousins, Dan, Chuck and Sam all 3 were really good looking guys between the ages of 18 & 20 years old, I could tell by the way... Continue»
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call from the ex

A few hours ago I got a call from my ex, haven't talked to her in years.
I guess my ex step son was heading to Florida and now has trouble with his car.
luckily for him he wasn't too far from where I lived roughly about a 45 min drive for me.
I agreed to see if I could help him seeing he didn't have much money and what he did have was for gas and a two day stay at a hotel She gave me his number and I gave him a call. Chris was now 25
and said the car was running fine then just quit. I said with the time of day and it being the weekend he wouldn't get much help where he was at. I took a car... Continue»
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My Personal Banker

My Personal Banker

I had a little issue with one of my bank accounts about 6 weeks ago, so I headed to the local branch and met with Kelsy, a personal banker. Kelsy was about mid to late 20's, beautiful dark hair, really pretty eyes and a great smile. She was on the heavy side though, not overly fat but if she had dropped about 30 pounds she would be considered hot. Her tits weren't as big as you would expect and small for the rest of her but she had great legs, especially in the small heels she was wearing that helped accentuate her ass. We fixed what was wrong and I left. About a month l... Continue»
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College life spring semester 20


Between the sun, sand, water and being on the go all day, it wasn't that
long at Noah's beach house before I was more than ready to call it a night.
There wasn't as much beer or alcohol as I actually expected but there was
plenty for us to drink. It was not only us but a few other party crashers
that had joined the fray but what would three or four hurt things?

Naturally, we heard a few lewd comments when Corey and I headed for the
door to walk back. By now, we were used to the comments and laughed them
off heading out the door. Corey had a few beers in him wh... Continue»
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Being only fifteen years old and just a sophomore in high school,
Jake had never thought about boys wearing girl's clothes. So that
was the farthest thing from his mind when he was running back
into the locker room two hours after practice. He had left his wallet
in his locker and his mother refused to give him a ride back to
school. So he rode his bike in the rain back to his high school,
hopped off and bolted into the locker room. What he saw there he
couldn't believe...

Stephen Nielsen was one of the best athletes at St. Peter's all
boy's ... Continue»
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Come shower with me! Please ;)

As you already know, my husband loves watching me have sex with other men. Since we generally meet men on "neutral" ground, a hotel is usually our chosen venue. Lately, we have discovered a little-known secret about hotels.

MOST hotels have rooms that are specially equipped for the handicapped. These rooms generally share very similar concessions for the various guests who stay in them. Here is a list of the main things we have noticed:

* The room door has more than one "peep hole" in it at different heights in case the guest is wheelchair bound.
* The light switches in the room a... Continue»
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Playing Housewive

Things with my boyfriend Joe were going really well, so when I got kicked out of my apartment because it was being demolished, Joe insisted I move in. In the same month, the bar I worked at closed and I was left unemployed. Joe didn't seem to mind, but it bugged me not being able to help with rent. I tried to carry my weight by cooking, cleaning, and even doing some gardening on Joe's tiny yard. His house is small and a little dated, but has a lot of charm. The first day I moved in, we made a point to fuck in every room.

After our initial honeymoon phase of living together, things were a li... Continue»
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