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daddy's beautiful baby (part one)

(Disclaimer, I never had intercourse with my father but love watching other people do that and I love daddy role playing)

When I was a little girl, I was taught to never be ashamed of my body, I was actually taught to embrace it, and to embrace the bodies of people I loved, when I was five or six, I decided I was tired of wearing clothes. I sort of boycotted them, and both my bother and father accepted it, I would come home, go to my room, and strip, leaving only a shirt on so I wasn't freezing. Eventually my mother warmed up and started being topless when she got home from work.

My da... Continue»
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my new friends

I lived at these apts and met this Guy who was about 2 years older than Me , We used to hang play video games and stuff , , so one day after playing some video games , He said Hey Mel would You like to look at some porno , no ones home . So after a while my cock was hard . Jim was rubbing the front of his pants . He said You horny ? He said its ok to jerk off , I was a bit nervous , but Jim stood up an lowered his shorts an under wear . He said come on Mel , so I took off my pants an underwear . His cock was thick an long , He said step over Here lets see who is bigger , so We stood face... Continue»
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airport panty flashing - the story behind the vide

My wife and I had an over an hour to kill at the airport, and we were both already getting really bored. But luckily my sweet little wife still owed me a naughty upskirt dare video or two on this trip. So when she returned with our coffees, I pulled out my camera and told her about how I thought it would be fun if I capture a hot video of her when she is genuinely getting shamelessly upskirted by guys. She was slightly reluctant at first, but I explained I still had room on the camera and she still owed me videos. Plus she said it herself she couldn’t help but enjoy the way she was really bein... Continue»
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Disney Upskirt

My wife and I were on vacation in Disneyland. For the past few days that we were there she said she will go on the scarier rides with me but never does . So this day I gave her a choice of a roller-coaster or The Grizzly River Rapid Ride. She quickly and eagerly agreed to the raft ride and we waited in line, clueless to why I wanted her to go on the ride. It took a bit then my wife finally realized what she was wearing. I was really hot that day so She Had on a very short denim mini skirt, with a just a very thin tight blue tube top that you could noticeably tell that she was wearing no bra. i... Continue»
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my friends sissy slut with help from mum p2

When I finally summed up the courage to go back downstairs my auntie had left. My mum apologised to me for her bad mood the night before and told me that she could find me something old of hers to wear to the fancy dress party. She told me very casually and gave no hint of the plan that my auntie and her had come up with earlier. The rest of the week however my Auntie spent alot of time at our house and there was plenty of whispering and giggling going on. My initial arousal at the thought of my girly makeover had know changed to one of fear. I liked the idea of the makeover but not of le... Continue»
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Tori's Awakening

Tori’s Awakening
Part One

Wednesday Morning:

Tori stood watching from the stairs down to the basement rec .room. Her daughter, Cassie was sitting on the middle of the carpeted floor; her skirt was bunched about her waist. Cassie’s legs were spread out wide before her, her panties lay around her ankle. She sat sideways to Tori’s line of site, and it was obvious to Tori that her daughter was playing with her hairless pussy, agitating her clit with her fingers. Soft gasps of pleasure came from the girl.

Directly in front of Cassie sat Pam, Cassie’s friend. Pam too had her summer dre... Continue»
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The new summer job part one

Only two weeks left. School would be out and Daniel's Senior year would be
at an end, high school was over. He looked forward to some fun and wild
times with his friends despite his father's continued pushing for him to
get a summer job. He looked forward to sl**ping late, eating, beaching,
cycling and most of all fucking as many different girls as possible. He
looked forward to it all until he came home and found a summer jobs listing
his Dad had left on his bed. There was no getting around it; he knew his
father would win. Daniel's dream of a summer of debauchery seemed to fade
bef... Continue»
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hot tubbing part 2

so I bend her over the side of the hot tub and just looking at her pussy, my s****r's wet pussy, waiting and wanting, craving her b*****r's throbbing cock. I grabbed her hips from behind and teased her hole with the head of my rock hard shaft I dreamed of our f****y tree intertwining; filling my s****r's cunt with her b*****r's seed dripping with our i****tuous lust. I shoved my thick cock deep into her tight, wet pussy.
"oh fuck me hard, like you did when we were k**s." I felt her walls tighten against my shaft as she called out for me to fuck her cunt. my balls half in the water slapping ... Continue»
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My father fucked my glory hole

I can't help feeling the way I do about my friend. Although I am married, is it so wrong to think about him in this way? I decided to go to confession to find out......

(Stacey enters the confession box)

Priest: Hello my ch**d, what can I do to you? I mean for you?

Stacey: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been a month since my last confession.

(The priest peaks through the hatch and sees a beautiful woman with ginger hair, take me to bed eyes. She was wearing a dress which exposes some of her tits)

Priest: What is troubling you my ch**d. Don't be afraid to s... Continue»
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Older but young mind and curious - true story

A few years ago an older man offered to help my wife set up her first garden. The guy was in his late 50's, maybe 60, about twice our age. I realized he was attracted from the way he looked at her even then. It was fun seeing my wife joke around with him and my voyeur side enjoyed his mild flirting and her mild teasing. I had a thing for the way some guys look at her even before we married. In fact, the erotic excitement of watching my wife with other men had drawn us into the lifestyle several years earlier, when we were a young couple in the Navy. My wife's garden friend didn't know th... Continue»
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Tgirl Hooker pt5

All my stories and based on my own experiences.

All other parts are on here and would recommend you have a read.

The next time I saw Emma my ass was still sore and I was quite bruised inside from how are she had fucked me, so we went for a curry and a few beers.

After Emma had been perved at all night by the staff and some older business men in the restaurant but I know she loved it, the cute little giggle she done, the way she would look at them and bit her lip, for all I know they could be clients of her's. The thing I learned was although I was her fuck buddy, I was still paying he... Continue»
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Mom Taught Me Everything I Know - Part 2

If you have not read Mom Taught me Everything I Know, please take the time to read it. It will let you know how I ended up in this situation with my mom. Please understand that she is a good mother. She cooks, cleans, works at a crappy job and yes she really does take her time to teach me everything.

After we went to the store on Saturday and she bought the box of condoms I thought I was in heaven. I had no doubt that I was going to finely have real sex that night. Instead I went to bed alone and jacked off. Soon she started to put real pressure on me not to masturbate at all. She ha... Continue»
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The first time I sucked a cock

The first time I sucked a cock was at home by our pool, I was 14. My b*****r's friend developed a crush on me when my boobs appeared at age 13, before the boobs, he wouldn't even look at me, then pop! we got boobs and he turned real nice and attentive. I liked the sudden attention, he was my first.

Happened in the summer, hot days of lounging around, we had a pool so most days all I wore was a little bikini, I loved lounging around the pool, I'd jump in, swim real slow, get out, sunbathe, back in the pool. My b*****r's friend, let's call him B, would come over a lot then, he always wanted t... Continue»
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Finally Getting Lucky Part 2

Read part 1 for more info. Please comment.

Brian had just had sex for the first time, although the girl he was with, Ashley, didn't get to cum. She wasn't leaving him until she did.

"You ready to go again" she asked him.
"You want to do it again?"
"Well I didn't get to cum so yea we're fucking again. You're gonna use that big cock to make me orgasm.

She pushed Brian back on the bed and started sucking him. His cock was starting to get hard again. It felt so good to brian because she had his whole dick in her mouth. She was sucking him off with a purpose. She was making gagging sound... Continue»
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Ture story of what happened to a friend

I was in College in a small town in northern California when I started to go to the gym and workout with weights. I had been small in high school and was determined to put on some muscle so I didn’t have to spend my life being too self conscious to take my shirt off at the beach.

I took weight training for physical education, some easy units and learned the basics. I quickly realized that I liked it and also that there was the added perk of having a reason to use the locker room to change and even shower sometimes depending on what my class schedule was if I didn’t have time to go home t... Continue»
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"Daddy, this is my friend Lizvette."

I turned in my chair to see my daughter standing in the doorway to my den. Next to her was stood a pretty young girl with a sweet angelic face and a smile that was both innocent and naughty. She was wearing a loose white t shirt and a pink and black bikini bottom. "Hello Mr. Conn."

It took all my will power to keep my eyes on her pretty face and away from her smooth young legs and the slight bulge of her pussy in her bikini, but I got enough of a glimpse for her to notice my excitement. "Hello Lizvette. I'm so happy to meet you."

"I invited her ov... Continue»
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husband made me expose myself to others

While my husband was at a conference in southern california I had several adventures at the nude beach. I went with him as I wrote in my blog and stoires and then went with girl friend Jen. We met the waiters from the night before and had quite a time....first time in a long time I had been so close to another cock and actually held and stroked it and he came on me on the beach. We were at an uncrowded part of the beach and it was the most exciting experience I had had in a long time. Strange cock in my hand and mouth..and cum all over my tits public too.

Jen and I told our hus... Continue»
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Deon's Trouble (Part 2) (Interracial)

Second part of my most recent sexy (mis)adventure. I could have also titled this, ‘Why I need to stay away from bad boys’. For more on me and what I write about check my site. Kate Rousseau

My mistake with Deon wasn’t sucking his cock, which was really pretty hot. It was giving him my phone number. He didn’t text for about two days and then all of a sudden, he was texting me every half hour. He repeatedly asked me to come over. “When u comin 2 my place so I can get up in dat phat white booty” was a typical text from him.

The first few times I responded to him, he’d try to t... Continue»
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Filmed With Dogs Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Charlotte finished showering and wrapped a towel around her wet, naked
body. She fluffed her hair and left for the kitchen, starving for some
food. Sucking Khan had given her a ravenous appetite.

"You look delicious in that towel," Felicia said, looking up as
Charlotte padded into the kitchen. "Doesn't she, Craig?"

Craig's smile widened. "Fantastic!" He set his coffee down to admire

Charlotte basked in their compliments. She felt wonderful, excitement
coursed through her veins. She felt their eyes on every move she made
as she fixed herself some toast. She dr... Continue»
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Nerdy Girl is a Total Freak!! True Story

Wanted to post a story about the freakiest sexual encounter I have ever had. A few years back I was finishing up my junior year in college, and like most college guys I wasn't really interested in anything except getting laid. Being a taller guy with an athletic body it was probably a little easier for me then most. It was the middle of spring semester and I was really struggling with Anatomy and Physiology and close to failing the class...and that was not gonna fly!! I was telling a buddy of mine in the class that I was worried about failing when a small high pitch voice from behind me chirps... Continue»
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