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My mom's slutty side

Since turning 18, I had developed a fascination for MILF's in particular. I don't know whether it was the fact that it was the knowledge that their bodies had matured or that they were experienced when it came to sex.

However being the typical college-bound guy, encountering MILF's wasn't exactly easy and so I believe it was from this desperation to experience what it would be like to meet one is what drove me to look at mom in a different light.

A bit of background on her, she's 40 years old and in terms of her body, really sexually attractive. She has long silky legs, a quite modest wa... Continue»
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The Firemen

It all started when i was on this other chat sight,i was on there for a few months & chatted to quite a lot of men frequently,i had some regulars & some were just one offs wanting to view my pics so i gave them permission but only if we had chatted.
Anyway i was approached by this guy who was a fireman we chatted a couple of times he loved my pics & i his,he was a lot younger than me & very athletic & good looking.
One day he asked me did i want to hook up,i usually said no,but i was so unhappy in my relationship & feeling so unwanted & unloved & he was quite local,so i ended up saying yes... Continue»
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Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

The story is about how my passion for wearing women's lingerie helped me to establish a more intimate relationship with my mother.

I'm a 42-year-old man and I still live at home with my mother. My Father passed away 20 years ago. We live in a suburban bungalow and I have a nice little apartment in the basement. It's not as private as I would like. That's important because four years ago after discovering a number of chat sites where men present themselves in women's underwear, I began to become interested myself. Now, once a month, I dress in very fin... Continue»
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A kinky story

Betty and I both work for the same firm. She works in
another building, so we never really met until the
company picnic. The heat was almost unbearable, the sun
was bearing down and the humidity was high. The
volleyball teams were chosen and Betty ended up next to
me. After losing the first game, our team went straight
to the beer cooler, everyone was dripping sweat.

I grabbed two brews, handed one to Betty, and asked her
to join me under a tree. We started talking and
immediately hit if off. It was so hot that it took
three more beers each to cool us down. Pretty soon it... Continue»
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A Good Husband

She was rapidly approaching the point of completely
losing herself in the passion and pleasure of the
moment. With her arms tied above her, and her legs
tethered by long silken scarves to the posts and iron
frame of the hotel bed, she could hear her own
breathing accelerate with each passing moment. The new
lacy nightgown that she was wearing for the first time,
a gift for "this special night", that her husband had
dressed her in, was now hiked up high enough to expose
her increasingly wet vulva to the attractive, young,
black stranger whose mouth was within inches of her
... Continue»
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A Charmed Life

learned a lot my Freshman Year. That was the year I
developed breasts. They just kept getting bigger and
bigger eventually I wound up a 32D. I hated them at
first, they made me feel awkward, and the other girls
would tease me about them. Then I discovered the power
that it gave me. Men loved them. Something about the
sight of these big breasts on my 5ft 4in 100 lbs frame
drove them wild. I learned quickly to exploit it.

When I had a conference with one of my male teachers, I
would go off to the bathroom first and remove my bra
sometimes going as far as getting a Coke fro... Continue»
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A Helpful f****y

This wasn't Rob's best day. He was out for the day
playing golf with his friends from the office and had
his worst game in 2 years. But if you want to make
partner by 50 you need to play the game. As he pulled
in to the driveway he saw 3 cars he recognized.

His 40 year old wife Janette had 3 s****rs, Jennifer
(37), Lisa (32) and Heather (30). They were all heath
and fitness nuts so they had the bodies of a 20 year
old. And here they were in his home. As Rob pulled his
golf bag from his trunk he paused to reflect.

Rob had jerked off more than a few times looking at the... Continue»
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The Approaching Storm

It was a warm summer night, and my window was open, a
gentle breeze blowing across my sheets. In the far
west, I could hear the sound of a summer thunder storm.
It would probably reach us within the hour, I thought.

I heard another sound --- and suddenly realized that it
was the sound of my bedroom doorknob being turned,
rattling gently. The door creaked open, and my mother
stood there. In the dim light coming from the hallway
I could see that she was wearing a short nightie, and
I had no idea what she wanted.

"Mark, are you asl**p?" she whispered.

"No, Mom," I said... Continue»
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She asked for it

-----We meet -----
We meet in a mutual place away from everyone unknown to all, like a warehouse on a rainy twilight evening . You know what you want , you know what you come for . These people with their hoopla of "Shades of Grey" you know we've been doing this so much before they wrote the book. You go to the back door of an old brick wall , the door is black like this darker side we like to visit. Upon entering there's a lonely work bench in the middle of the floor , you go up to it placing your things on it . You hear me ... I give you simple instructions .... "Take off your clothes " you... Continue»
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Weekend get away p1- night by the pool

You have finally done it. A much needed couple of days by yourself. You got a free stay at a luxury hotel. Very private and secluded. So on your first night you decide to enjoy the warm weather and sit by the pool in the moonlight. After getting comfortable in your deck chair you look around and see nothing but the glimmer of the moon off the water of the pool. Just for a moment you see to guys across the pool stripping down to nothing and jumping in the water. From the laughter and the noise you can’t tell if they are d***k or gay. After a bit they climb from the pool and walk over to you and... Continue»
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Our first Bi- Second experience

My wife and I both kind of took some time to reflect on our bi sexual encounters
“What did you like?” I asked her
“I don’t know if I liked being licked by a girl better or watching you take it from behind”
“What about you?” she asked
“well…. No offense, but Tim sure know how to suck”
She laughed
“I also enjoyed watching you two at the pool outdoors”
“Yeah, Jenni said. I didn’t know what the gardener and Daniele were thinking”
We both laughed at the thought of our help watching us have sex outdoors
“Maybe we should do those things at other locations” Jenni said
“yeah, that;s probably ... Continue»
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A night time workout

I pull into the parking lot at the gym; it is after regular hours so its members only. There is only one car in the parking lot I assume it is the attendant. As I walk in the door you can feel the air change from a cool crispness from outside to the steamy humid feel inside. The girl behind the counter takes my card to check me in; I can hear the sound of weight stacks clanking in the back. I take my towel and head to the locker room. I had my work out cloth on so I drop off my bag and head to the exercise floor.
There is only one other soul in the gym. I have seen this guy before but ... Continue»
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Fucking A Kinky Mature Girl From Work (True)

This is a true story of me and a mature girl from my work. Hope you enjoy.

One thing I enjoy about my job is that there is plenty of sexy girls to leer at all all day but there was one girl named Susan who that was different then the rest. Her and I usually joke around with each other giving each other a hard time and even though she wasn't drop dead sexy as some of the girls I worked with Susan was my favorite. I worked with her for awhile and was surprised to learn that she was in her fifties and had three k**s. Susan looked nothing like she was in her fifties. She is thin, about five ... Continue»
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Grandad of love 9.

I arrived at Faiths house at about the time she told me and the house was already fairly full with party guests, everybody in costumes, from monsters to sexy nurses drinking and dancing.
I soon located Faith wearing a very sexy black dress with a very low plunging neck line that showed off a lot of her plump cleavage with black stockings, high heels and her face was made up to look like a sultry female vampire.
We said hello and I couldn't help having a quick feel of her plump ass through her dress.
"Eric!" she said blushing
"Someone might see"
"It's okay no one noticed" I replied grinnin... Continue»
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hot girl part 1

My wife Sonja is an enchanting seductress, or put another way is a fucking slut that gives off a vibe that makes every man she meets want to breed her and put his seed inside her. She knows she has that effect on men and she enjoys it. She likes to display her body, playing her little flirtatious games and being the object of as many male fantasies as she can.

She is a Latin female so I guess that comes with the territory. I am not sure if that is part of their culture or if comes with that stupid idiotic Catholic bullshit they put in their heads that you can do whatever you damn well pleas... Continue»
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hot girl part 2

I pulled my shaft out of Sonja's mouth and let her catch her breath. Her face was flushed with exertion, her make-up smeared.

Suddenly, I smacked the side of her face with my cock. The blow itself stung, but the humiliation was even more painful. She gasped.

"You wanted to be treated like a slut, so I'm doing just that."

Before she could respond, I f***ed my member back into her throat. I was fucking her now, holding the back of her head as I pushed my cock in and out of her throat.

After several strokes, I took it out again and jerked her head backwards by the hair so she was look... Continue»
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She loved to run at Night.

Stretching before leaving the house,
after the ritual of brushing her hair before pulling it up into a tight ponytail,
her housekey dangles from her wrist as almost an afterthought.

tunes are good for the soul, she thinks
her mind far away as sneakers tap moist pavement,
the lights of homes dimly lit this very close to midnight
her work of breathing increases, chest rises and falls with a mild burning
a sheen of salty sweetness is visible on her calves and arms
she admires this new part of herself

round the next block, she pushes herself faster, her f... Continue»
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Heavily Pregnant and in a Sex Shop

They say impulsive sex is the best sex, and I have a story to tell you, that might tend to make you agree with me.

I was seven months pregnant with my daughter, and we had stopped having sex three months before that, which compounded the problem, as most women in that state seem to find an increased libido, possibly due to our bodies being awash with hormones, I wanted sex more than ever and I was not getting any.

On the Saturday I went into town, and being seven months pregnant, I felt like a hippopotamus, fat and not too attractive, so I decided to have some shopping therapy, as my hus... Continue»
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I have been watching him for hours tonight (Friday), at the “Taste of Beaverton” festival in Griffith Park, a yearly event that usually lasts the entire weekend. Listening to the sounds of Kool and the Gang I notice he is poised, self-confidant, he struts his bulge attempting to tease the ladies and he’s all male, the best part is, he is alone with no ring on his finger; fair game.

I followed him all around noting the huge bulge in his jeans. I have to have him. He is going to be my sex slave. I opened my cell phone and dialed the house. Speaking to one of my roommates I suggested tha... Continue»
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The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 4


I feel tired but sl**p does not reach me. Feeling the warmth of sl**ping Archie next to me, I lie facing him and listen to his slow breathing. The cool air coming in from the window does not bother me now with him next to me, his warmth seems to radiate and fill the whole bed. It has been so long since I had anyone sl**ping with me, I had forgotten how warm it makes me feel.
My body still remembers with an mouth-watering ache the unbelievable events on the previous day. As I look at Archie's gorgeous figure next to me, I remember him at the beach, looking so magnificent in his small s... Continue»
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