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The Ball

Jodi came into the lounge, took off her wrap and flinging it onto a chair pirouetted round the room singing a song she remembered her grandmother singing:

"After the ball is over, after the break of morn/After the dancers' leaving, after the stars are gone/Many a heart is aching, if you could read them all/Many the hopes that have vanished after the ball." She heard Roland come in from putting the car away and suddenly self-conscious she stopped her gyrations and singing. He entered the room taking off his jacket and dropped it onto Jodi's wrap, his tie quickly followed.

"Phew, I hate fo... Continue»
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The Last Star

"What are you reading Russ," Kath asked as she plonked herself down on the divan beside him.


"I asked you what you're reading."

" stupid story."

"It may be stupid but you certainly seemed to be engrossed in it."

"Was I...oh not really; I don't think I'll read any more of it."

He laid the book on the coffee table and Kath quickly picked it up.

"Mmm, 'The Lost Star'. What's it about?"

"A film star who goes out sailing with her son; there's a storm and they get washed up on an island."

He stopped speaking and Kath said impatiently, "Well go ... Continue»
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the slip

The slip
It was a birthday gift from my Mistress-owner.
But I race ahead.
I was invited to have lunch with my Mistress on the day of my birthday which also coincided and celebrated two years as her registered slave. She had also promised to take me to bed on the day too.
When I arrived the first thing after kissing was had I got something a little more suitable to slip into. I had arrive drab from a visit to the dentist, of course my feminine lingerie and stockings were worn along with my pink silicon chastity as a matter of daily routine whatever the day has planned.
I went upstairs and ... Continue»
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Eden is Paradise

I looked out of the window as the aircraft banked to line up with the Port Eden airstrip. Below me I saw the town spread out in the late afternoon sun like a necklace clinging to the edge of Eden Bay and behind the town the tree covered hills.

There were half a dozen boats out in the bay looking like tiny insects on the water. “Amateur fishermen,” I thought. I saw a larger boat ploughing across the bay towards the open sea that was obviously one of the boats of Port Eden’s small professional fishing fleet. Glancing out beyond the bay I could see what looked like a naval patrol vessel scurr... Continue»
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I can only watch

I can only watch

One evening my sweet Ana told me she was getting horny, because I was very stressed and tired to fuck her properly at night.

Then she told me about one black girlfriend at her office that had offered her own home in case Ana would like to fuck another man.
My wife was delighted with that proposal and she asked me if I would mind if she fucked a black man…

Her girlfriend had told Ana she could go to her home and there she would be safe. That girlfriend and her husband would be present as another black friend fucked Ana…

I finally agreed with my sweet wife and she a... Continue»
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Friendship Bands

Chapter 1: At the Market

John and Craig were old friends, right back to when they were both k**s
causing trouble around the streets of South London. As they grew into
men they'd both had a keen eye for the girls and had no shortage of
success. They made a good team.

John was a natural leader with his broad shoulders, 6ft 2in height, dark
hair and handsome features. The girls would all swoon over him. Craig
was usually happy to provide back-up, chatting up the best friend of
John's preferred girl for the night and saying what a great guy John was.
"John's got hidden depths," he... Continue»
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Peter, ch. 3 - Debbie wakes me in the morning

I woke in the morning to the amazing feeling of Deb taking my cock deep into her wet, warm mouth. The perfect start to the day and a fantastic continuation of the marathon session we had enjoyed last night.

I let out a deep moan as she went all the way down. She released me for a second so she could talk, "Oh, you're awake! Good morning baby... Thought I'd relieve your stress a bit. You've been hard all night! Ever since we talked about Peter's... abilities..." With that, she took me back into her mouth and started to suck harder.

I felt her tongue work the head of my cock as she moved... Continue»
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Sex Tourism - for Jon

I'm bemused with the mainstream idea that women don't like porn. I love it. I browse all the most hardcore sites and use one in particular, xhamster which is easy to use, a gateway for talking to like-minded people, and a place where you can download your favourite videos.

I started chatting with a guy called Jon. I live in the north-west, he lived down south. I thought I was pretty safe from 'having' to meet up with him, the distance being a good excuse.

But unexpectedly we hit it off. We talked on-site, and then we started Skyping which I'd never done with anyone before. We mastu... Continue»
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Pimped out at the movie

My BF likes to see me get fucked by other guys because he knows that I can never get enough and like to cock tease and get fucked by strangers. My BF has a very kinky mind and likes to think up new sexy adventures. If you've read any of my other stories, then you know that I really enjoy being a super nasty slut and getting fucked and passed around by strangers. There's just something wonderful and a big big turn on to have some new strange guy put his hands all over me and lift up my skirt and finger my twat. I'm a slut and don't care, because I know that most guys are just horny cheating bas... Continue»
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Crossdresser getting TRAINed

I was home alone when i got a call from a friend that is train driver / railroad engineer. He is 40 years old and spend most time alone driving a train. He asked me if i could not come over, because he is feeling alone. I had nothing better so i visited his flat. So i put makeup wig and some tight dress with thong and heels. I wanted to put stockings but already had heels so i decided just to go with my smooth legs, it was hot that day anyway.

He already had prepared some beer and drinks. We talked about his boring job while watching television. After a while he started rubbing his p... Continue»
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Barefoot Slave

When I saw the man walking towards me, my dick started to twitch. Even from
half a block away, he was sexy. As he got closer, his dick hardened more.
The man was medium height, wearing boots, jeans and t-shirt. He was the
perfect looking Daddy, with barrel chest and beer belly. He was rugged,
with a big bushy mustache.

The man saw my gaze and stared at me intently. I started to blush, but
didn't look away. The man came up to him and put out a big hand.

"Hey fella, noticed you looking at me. You're a hot young man." I was big
and built and often got compliments, but hearing ... Continue»
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How I Made Myself a Cuckold ( part 4 )

Pauline eventually came back into the club with the doorman in tow, she looked flushed and contented from their 30 minutes in the cleaners cupboard. The doorman said, thanks baby, see you next week, as their hands parted and he went on with his duties.
Everything OK I said. Yes i`m fine thanks Pauline said. She took her phone from a small bag and keyed in the unlock code directly in my view, she keyed in four letters , S - L - U - T, before sending a short message , that information would be very handy if I was to hack into her phone when I got a chance

I noticed Max the club owner walking... Continue»
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Worship my Manhood!

I love to have my cock and balls and asshole worshiped teasingly and slowly until I erupt like a volcano! When YOU do it, start with me in the doggy style position and you kneeling down behind me. Open my asshole to see my most private and sexy area. Study my anus and see the wispy pubic hair around my shiny pink rosebud. Open me up further and inhale deeply to smell my manly odor and essence. Sniff all around my asshole, noticing the fragrance get stronger as your nose moves in closer to my anus. After smelling me out for about 5 minutes, you get to taste me. Start by licking the top crevice ... Continue»
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Old friends meet...

Gaby was one of those ‘friend of friends’. The kind of friend that you met up with at Christmas parties, Weddings and christenings. She was already married to Ashton and they seemed very much the perfect couple.

I had better describe her, she is about 5 foot tall, long curly deep red hair, pretty freckly face with sparkling blue eyes and a delicious gap between her front teeth. She is well stacked, a lovely pair of boobs and a regularly on show cleavage. Her bum was perfect, well rounded and eminently bangable against. Overall, there was no doubt that she had ‘that look’, I knew she wa... Continue»
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Zur sissy gemacht Teil 1

Mein Name ist Jens Bahlmann, 32 Jahre alt und dies ist meine Geschichte, wie ich von einem heterosexuellen Mann zu einer schwanzgeilen Sissyschlampe umgewandelt wurde.

Es begann vor knapp 2 Jahren, ich war seit 6 Monaten nach über 3 Jahren Ehe von meiner Frau geschieden. Ich hatte herausgefunden, daß sie mich seit unserer Hochzeit regelmässig betrogen hatte. Durch Zufall habe ich es erfahren, als ich im Internet Fotos von ihr und mehreren Männern gefunden hatte., die sie als tabulose Gangbang Schlampe anpriesen. Ich war total geschockt und am Boden zerstört. Noch am selben Tag habe ich die ... Continue»
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Lisa and Kevin

Small town life really doesn't expose one to all the things available in the world. And Lisa was about to have her eyes opened forever to things she had been missing.

Settling down at a very young age, she became somewhat bored with being a wife and a mother, but also felt her husband was too jealous most of the time.

It seemed like he was constantly looking over her shoulder, always wondering who she was talking to and why. She was a good wife, and true to her husband, but, he was pushing her in the direction that most jealous husbands often do, the life of having an affair because of t... Continue»
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18 Year Old Seduces Her Tutor

Roger Boyer was a 20 year old junior in the Engineering School of the local college. He still lived at home and commuted to school. He was paying his own way through school and he had just started tutoring high school students in math. Being and engineering student he was very proficient with math.

He was a swimmer and had swum for the high school team but now he did it just to stay fit. Roger was also a runner and his 6'2" 190 pound frame was well toned. Between college work and tutoring he stayed quite busy although he still did find the time for girls.

Having a steady girlfriend was... Continue»
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Peter, ch. 2 - Debbie gets some details

We were three drinks into the evening by the time we ordered food. So we were feeling pretty good. Despite Peter being in his upper 50s and about 10 years older than me, he could definitely hold his liquor. As a result, the conversation was flowing freely as I brought up his penchant for bedding married women.

"It's great because they never want anything long term. That would definitely get in the way. Oh, a bunch come back for seconds and thirds... And hell, even fourths sometimes... but it's just mutual satisfaction at that point. I make sure they're happy with their husbands before anyt... Continue»
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Watching my friend's wife get dominated

It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured an update was in order. My enjoyable situation continues, but I've found that it's been tougher to just write about it. Most of my Saturdays are very similar to previous posts, so as fun as it is, it makes for a repetitive read.
Last Saturday was a little different though, so I figured it was worth writing about. So as fucked up as this might sound, one of the aspects that I've unexpectedly come to enjoy from this arrangement is watching Anna let herself get treated like an object.

That statement deserves a little backstory, so here goes: S... Continue»
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Happy birthday Angie

She was so nervous she could hardly contain
herself as her parents got ready to go out. They felt safe leaving her home by
herself, now, since she had Davey to protect her. Just a few days before, Angie
wouldn’t have even dreamed of the things currently running through her mind.
The difference between then and now was that one of her friends had sent her a
forwarded e-mail, saying “OMG this is sick! You have to see it!” When she
opened the file, she’d at first been stunned to see a huge Great Dane fucking a
woman as if she were another dog. After getting over t... Continue»
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