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My Vacation

I had no idea that it would be this good.

An hour ago I was sitting at the bar in O’Malley’s, an Irish bar across town that had nothing to do with Ireland outside of its name. The woman in the form fitting black dress looked like it had been poured on her had made eye contact several time, a subtle but direct hint of things to come, and I will admit, it had set my heart rate soaring.

It wasn’t what she was wearing, or really, wasn’t wearing, that had me spinning like a top. It was that X factor, the something that words can’t do justice. Her body was perfect made flesh, from her heart sh... Continue»
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My Swinging Deckhand

My career was spent as the owner/operator of a 100' charter yacht in Alaska. It was a high-end operation and not cheap. It wasn't unusual to have 12-15 passengers and up to 20 crew members. Most of my customers over my 30+ year career at sea were at least in their 60's, and sometimes well into their 80's. They had to be well off as the trips lasted 10-15 days, and the daily rate was more than what some people would pay for a week on a large tourist ship. What all of them had in common was lots of money, and many of them were looking for thrills that had little to do with seeing the sights ... Continue»
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Captured ( long story)

It was evening around 8:00pm or so when I was leaving my condo walking out to my garage I needed to run to the store to get a few items. As I edited the building and was walking to the garage I noticed a white construction van parked at the back of my building. It was a pretty common thing around here someone was always having work done so I didn't think anything of it. As I approached the van I noticed a worker towards the back of the van down on his knees looking at his back tire. He saw me and asked if I could help him he thinks he has a flat and asked if I could shine the flashlight on the... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 5


Miley Cyrus was once again on her way to see her good friends turned secret lovers Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Once again they had been very cryptic about what they would actually be doing, just that she was going to have the privilege of meeting two girls who just so happen to be part of this special Disney girls club that Miley now so desperately wanted membership into, the former Hannah Montana hoping she could impress these two girls and help her finally gain that membership. Or at least tell her what she had to do to get it.

Of co... Continue»
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iWant To Go Further #3 - iCome Out

iCarly: iWant To Go Further #3 - iCome Out

[Carly and Sam are still early in their relationship. When the more experienced Carly wants to go faster, how will Sam take it?]

"Carly? Principal Franklin called. He said that if you and Sam wanted to stay home today, he'd understand," Spencer yelled up.

So the principal heard about it too. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. For neither the first nor the last time that morning, Sam wished cruel and violent death on Freddie's mother.

Once again, Sam knocked on Carly's bathroom door and pleaded for her to come out. Once again, t... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 5

After our hockey game I drove behind Pete to his house. We entered the house at the same time. As usual, his wife Katie was there and ready for fun and games. Katie was wearing a thin robe and sheep skin slippers. “I've been waiting for you boys.” she said.

I kissed Katie and said, “Wow you look beautiful.” Katie smiled and said, “And I'm not even naked yet!” We kissed for a minute or two then I sat down in a kitchen chair and pulled her to me. Katie's tits are big and pillowy with just a little sag. Just the way I like-em. I put my arms around her waist and opened her robe so I could usck... Continue»
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Miss French, Part 1

As near as I can remember, my first sexual experience as a little girl happened when I was just ten years old. I was in elementary school in the fifth grade. I had an introduction to French class with a teacher that was probably the prettiest girl I had ever seen up to that time. The Intro to French didn’t teach the French language to us, but was rather more about France itself, and to get us interested in electing the French language course later on in the seventh grade.
At ten years old, I had very long (down to my butt) wavy, natural light blonde hair that I almost always either kept pinne... Continue»
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Performing Again!

There had been a few parties after the Holiday Bash where Harry made me go topless and service him in front of his friends, but nothing like what happened at Christmas. It was now springtime and back then colleges went until mid to late May. This was the first weekend of May and his school had a spring fling tradition. It was an unusually hot May Saturday and Harry picked me up at 11:00. He was wearing a tank top, cut off jean shorts and tennis shoes. I had on a short tube top, which I don’t advise small-breasted women like me to wear but hey, everyone expected a show and today I was going to ... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Revelation (Proposition part 4

She was so startled and disappointed by how things had suddenly taken a U-turn since Saturday. Having become immersed in this brave new fantasy world, running parallel with the reality that Rachel's daughter, Emma, was now a lesbian, she too had done more than dip her toes in to test these new waters. But maybe it had been a case of too much too soon.

Rachel didn't know what to think right now. It was as if the d**g had subsided, and prematurely, sending her high plummeting to the depths of depression. What world had she entered? What had she done with a perfectly good friendship that she ... Continue»
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The Gay Nuru Massage Dare

Mark "Sandy" Sands didn't take his gay friend's heed too seriously when he warned that these house parties had a tendency to get out of control. Also when he said that he was "generally up for anything", he didn't seem to realise the full extent of what that meant to the people interested in him for more than his personality. Sandy couldn't say that Josh hadn't warned him!

Taking an invitation to a gay house party; what on earth was he thinking?

Josh's friends were not in Sandy's social circle. Just like anybody other broad minded and free spirited person, Josh had several circle... Continue»
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The Life Model

I should warn you that this story contains no actual sex. It's very subtle, I think
women may enjoy it more than you men. It's kind of about what goes on in my head,
and it goes back to 1985 when I was s*******n and at college.

I used to do art but it wasn't one of my main subjects. One day in my final year
the art teacher called me into his office. He explained there was a life class
that day, and the model booked had been in a collision in her car and was not
able to come. I asked why he was telling me this, as I wasn't due to attend.
He went on to ask me if I'd model.

I was ... Continue»
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Mum and Dad had gone out for the day leaving me alone to indulge my new found passion for wearing my Mum's undies and nylon's ...oh I was going to have lots of fun. I looked through the washing bin and found Mum's used knickers tights and 2 pairs of tan seamed nylon's there was also several suspender belts as well. I tripped off to my bedroom and stripped off.... putting on the suspender belt and rolling the nylon's up my legs gave me a huge thrill as my cock grew and throbbed with anticipation the knickers were next trapping my erection and making me throb more.....I went into Mum's bedroom a... Continue»
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Mutual masturbation

Today I had thought of cooking some rice and making a shrimp and rice dish for dinner. This was easy to make, and often left enough for another meal or two, I had mentioned this to a lady co worker, while we were shredding some documents, and she asked if there were enough for two, if she brought the wine, I replied yes.
So, back to the hotel, a shower, towel off, then on with the pajamas. Into the kitchenette; these long stay hotels had small kitchen areas with limited appliances, but they did work; I started some water to boil, 2 pots, one for rice the other for the shrimp. I would h... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude 8

As we enter our neighbor's back yard I am a bit surprised that Sharon is willing to go along with this. Then maybe I shouldn't be. I've noticed a few other times, over the years, when my stepdaughter could be a little daring. Once, at a wedding reception for a friend, we were all sitting outside having a few drinks. That day Sharon had worn a pretty little country dress, a loose fitting, slip over type, not really short at all but as she sat in the chair she did have it pulled up past her knees. I didn't know it at the time, (but probably should have suspected it), that Sharon was not wea... Continue»
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Dogging and Neighboury love (continuing story of a

Back home we decided to add dogging to our portfolio of activities and after the success of the first trip we got bolder and decided to keep to locations closer to home. We kept it spontaneous, one warm clear night we turned up and saw one of her neighbours cars, it was an easy spot not many powder blue s-type jags about and saw that both front windows were down and cocks were being sucked and pulled from both sides. The passenger side we could make out it was the wife but couldn’t make out the driver’s side. It was decided I would find out who it was on the driver’s side servicing guys as qui... Continue»
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Poker Night Part 7

A continuation of my story. Parts 1-6 can be found on my profile page. Thank you and Enjoy!

Morning of Halloween Day was uneventful. Daddy prepared breakfast for the two of us and Mistress Claire had come by as well to join us. "Are you excited for tonight?" she asked. I said "Oh yes Mommy I can't wait to get candy!" She giggled a little and said I looked so cute and adorable and continued eating her breakfast. Daddy placed a couple pankcakes on my plate and then I noticed his rock hard cock was fully erect, he was stroking it with one hand and patting my head with the other. "Would my baby... Continue»
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Tranny Dogging Experience

Not my story as i'm a proper woman lol but i just loved reading this...................

I am a 24 year old male to female transsexual, I have been dressing up as a a woman since I was 14 and had nylon led sexual fun since my early teens. Often wanking myself whilst wearing a pair of sheer stockings. The result is that today I have a very large wardrobe of clothes and shoes, I am completely smooth all over apart from a landing strip and have manicured nails and shaped eyebrows and with killer legs in high heels. I am single but I had this strong desire to go dogging. I fantasized about being... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Intuition (Proposition part 3)

Memories of the rest of that day flooded her mind ever since - seeing Donna to the door dressed in nothing but her black satin robe, her hair ringing wet with sweat and still falling down around her ears, kissing her on the lips and hoping she'd come back soon!

How hastily she had then set about washing and drying her daughter's strap-on dildo and then hoping it would be unnoticable that she had even moved it, let alone the other things she had done with it. And then she poured herself a hot bath and soaked with a glass of chilled wine. It wasn't long before she was touching herself bene
... Continue»
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Total Submission

The perfect session.

my mistress called me and told me to meet her in the secret house,i couldnt hide my excitement,
my heart was pumping hard when she opened the door,she was standing there,pure prefection,
long leather boots,and a rd collar in her hand,and said get naked tie your balls and put the dog collar,you have one minute to do it doggy.
as i was undressing i notice there is another naked masked waiting in the bedroom,
good doggy,she said when i was standing in front of her naked with a red collar i have a special treat for you doggy,but you can start worshiping my boots,i when ... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


1: 10 PM


Tiffany Phelps clicked the alarm button on her keychain and waited for the telltale chirp of her BMW convertible. After the annoying noise informed her that her car was secure, she dropped the keys into her purse and made her way the short distance up the steps to her townhouse and found the front door locked. Annoyed, she rapped on it several times.
Her son, Franklin opened ... Continue»
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