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Jayden's Dark journey Chapter 3 by Micah Cook

Darius began to run his hands all over the younger white teen. His one
of his hands slipped under the back waistband of the dirty basketball
shorts as Kenyon kept Jayden busy by kissing him and playing with his
nipples. He rubbed the younger boy's ass all over `til he finally reached
the black butt plug. Once he reached it he began pulling and pushing on it
causing the young white teen to moan into Kenyon's mouth.
"Let's go over there into the woods where we won't be disturbed
J'man," Said Darius with a lust filled smile as he picked up his and
Jayden's skateboards. He and Kenyon ... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

Black Man's White Pussyboy

Story from the perspective of a white pussyboy who gets fucked and dominated by a couple of nigger bucks. He also meets another pussyboy but ends up getting fucked by everyone. Good dialog.

I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom,
furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper. I hoped to
rent this place quickly, then I would be full and could devote my time to
some maintenance and repairs rather than showing places. I looked at the
rental application he had filled out just a minute earlier. From the date
listed... Continue»
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The Slave. Part 2 - Getting Dressed

“Put this on, Nico.” Selena said as she handed him a lacy red thong and smiled.
“Yes, Mistress.” He said and complied by stepping into the flimsy lace and pulling it up his thighs.
Selena giggled, “Crouch down, Nico. You didn’t do it properly.” She waited while he squatted down and looked up at her. “Here, let me fix them for you…” Selena kicked off her heels and rubbed her bare foot over his cock and he moaned as her toes moved over the fabric, pulling and tugging until it coved his balls and his cock was pressed against his abdomen. She walked behind him and grabbed the lacy material befo... Continue»
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Hot fuck outside

It was a warm night when I was lying down in bed. All of a sudden a message came to my phone
That read "Hey still up?" after confirming the sender I repied with a capital "YUP!".
It was a girl I had a crush on named crystal. She stood about 5"4,a huge round ass, double d breast
smooth caramel skin and short dark hair that she kept styled often. Ring Ring Ring went my phone
Shortly after my reply. I answered and across my phone came a soft sweet voice saying "Hey baby..Im
Horny and can you come over and FUCK ME." In shock..since this never happened before I studdered y-yes
... Continue»
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I met Danny at The Wing Hut on Monday night. Nine p.m. sharp. Danny was holding our favorite table. As I approached I could see his scorecard on the round table top. With three empty beer bottles. A fourth in his hand. Not good. I was expecting to see two names on Danny’s scorecard. There were none.

The four Amigos were using golf scorecards to record our game. From the Wisconsin Breeze Golf and Country Club. Two cards each, eighteen holes per card. For a total of thirty-six holes. Holes. How appropriate. How many holes could we plug? How many holes-in-one could we sink? Th... Continue»
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Sister-in-law and Niece visit pt.VIII

I know, I know. Its been a while.

A lot of things were certain to me by know. First, and foremost, my cock had never been harder nor needed release more than it did at that moment. Second, I could absolutely be d***ker! Thus, thirdly, my cock was going to have to wait.

"I dare you to help me put your mom to bed", I said, standing up slowly, stretching, giving this snowbird an unhindered, close-up view of my full-on fire hydrant.

"What?" was all she managed for a reply, hints of sadness, regret, and perhaps even a twinge of relief seeped through her quietly screeched word. Up to this p... Continue»
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The Musician

*This is not my story, My friend wrote it and asked me to put it up on here for her*

The Musician

Taryn always always always makes sure she’s remembered. Someway. Somehow. Yeah, that’s a good way of putting it. But there’s more to this sex kitten. More to this sensual siren. She’s realizing she wants…..wants…well…she wants to mean something. Inspire. Motivate. And not always sexually. She’s got a soul like everybody else. Just nobody knows the humble and modest part of it. But God, how the hell does she share that? One day off has just began at 9:00pm on a chilly rainy Saturday night. J... Continue»
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Mom Punishes My Sissy Cock

Story about a sissy boy who is punished by his mother for being such a pervert.
Note from Pussyboy – this is the story that was the inspiration for my video and picture gallery session with the same title.
Mom Punishes My Sissy Cock
Why did I feel such pleasure when my mom humiliated me like she did? It was a question I had asked myself many times before and here I was asking it again as I stood before her naked, hands behind my back, my cock hard as a rock in anticipation of the punishment she was about to give me. Did I secretly like being sexually punished and humiliated like this?

'... Continue»
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The Palm Bay Spring Fling

*This is not my story, my friend wrote this story and asked if I could put it up on here for her*

The Palm Bay Spring Fling
It can get downright BORING with the same people, clubs, and trends where Taryn resides. Sometimes, she needs new scenery. New light. And most importantly, a place where nobody knows her. A place to leave her calling card.

“Jay, pack your shit. We’re going to the bay for the weekend. Pack EVERYTHING,” she said all in one breath.

“Yep. Yep. Be there in 15,” replies Jay.

Taryn begins to pace in her bedroom. She absolutely hates packing. But she would committ fa... Continue»
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Lesbian Girlfriends on a Snowy Night

It is always cold in Traverse City, Michigan, but tonight Alma was warm, Gretchen her lesbian lover for several months now had eaten her pussy with her four inch tongue followed by a good fucking with Gretchen’ s dildo. Alma was left totally satiated. She held her lover close, their bodies melding into one under the down comforter. Then Alma felt Gretchen’s hands on the top of her head as Gretchen guided Alma down to her pussy. Now it was Alma’s turn to bask in the scent of her lover’s pussy, but first she began to run her tongue around Gretchen’s small fine breasts. She licked each nipple unt... Continue»
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reststop encounter

My wife and I pulled into the reststop after 3 hours of driving. She was asl**p when I got stopped so I just left her in the car as I went to the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder.
When I returned I noticed a truck had pulled up next to us. It was one of those jacked up four wheel drive jobs with tinted windows.
As I approached the car I noticed that my wife was laying there with her hand on her chest and her legs spread wide. Her fingers had caught in her buttons and opened her shirt up, revealing some of her ample 38D bra covered breasts. Her skirt was riding up her legs and you could ... Continue»
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My magical night and weekend with Alexis!

NOTICE: ALL of my stories are of real experiences that I have had. My previous 2 stories about Eddie and I are 100% true, as is this one......

I should begin by telling you that I have an almost insatiable thirst for Shemales. I have had several encounters with Shemales over the course of my life thus far. From meeting them at bars that specifically cater to the Shemale (I'm not embarassed to admit it) sometimes paying for the company of Shemales and their rather large packages.

With the technological advances that we all enjoy, now I have been able to sometimes meet and g... Continue»
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My magical night and weekend with Alexis

[image]NOTICE: ALL of my stories are of real experiences that I have had. My previous 2 stories about Eddie and I are 100% true, as is this one......

I should begin by telling you that I have an almost insatiable thirst for Shemales. I have had several encounters with Shemales over the course of my life thus far. From meeting them at bars that specifically cater to the Shemale (I'm not embarassed to admit it) sometimes paying for the company of Shemales and their rather large packages.

With the technological advances that we all enjoy, now I have been able to sometimes ... Continue»
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Lori had James who had been her sissy boy for a long time. She loved to dress him like a girl and get him a date or a hook up with another gay guy. Tonight she stripped him naked and bent him over and used her thick strap on in his ass. Even though he was a sissy he had a great body. He had a nine inch thick cock and a great ass that he loved fucked. Lori fucked his ass hard as she jerked his cock and waited for him to cum in her hand so she could feed it to him. Then she pulled the cock from his ass and let him suck and lick it. Then she pulled her panties down and pushed his face in her cunt... Continue»
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Tammy loves some nigga cock!


thank you cindy once again for the help!!
checkout my profile once finished with the story!!

15 years you know when something just isn?t right. I couldn?t put my finger on it, but Tammy just seemed a little distant or preoccupied with something other than her f****y. At 5?2? and 38 years old she still looked good. She?d gained a few pounds but I liked a full booty on a women. I on the other hand, was the same weight as when we got married. Being a long distance runner, I had almost no body fat on my lean body but ... Continue»
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Ms. Nancy, Part 4. We take a huge risk

I mentioned my friend's f****y was well off, and because my large f****y didn't make a lot of money, I think THEY had a "soft spot" in their heart for me. So they sometimes took me along on f****y trips and vacations and the like.

In my 18th year, they decided to take a golf vacation to Kentucky and I was invited along. It had been quite a while since my handjob fantasy was fulfilled by Ms. Nancy, and once again, I was wondering where I stood with her. I eagerly snapped up the invitation, and soon we were driving together to Kentucky for a golf vacation.

I am sure you can imagine the se... Continue»
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Jenny's first time. this story is about a 24yo crossdresser who calls himself Jenny and his adventures.
jenny is 5'11, 60kgs ,complexion-very fair(which made his job of turning into a girl much easier).he had nice long hair which looked good on him,with his slim and hairless body and long legs. he face was very girlish and didnt really need much make-up when he dressed up, but he still loved applying a lil of sumthing, just to make it more sexy.
Jenny had 2 s****rs and many cousin s****rs, this got him accustomed to female clothing, he even used to try em on when he was young . even it was w... Continue»
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Valerie and the Old Gits

In the 1980s, my girlfriend Valerie and I had been together for about a year, and had enjoyed an erotic episode when she flashed and passing truck drivers while I drove along the M4 motorway to London. This had ended bizarrely with us stopping at a motorway service area, to which we were followed by one of the truck drivers, where Valerie got out of the car and stood with the driver one side of her and his mate the other, Valerie with her generous tits out and being cupped by each of the two men while I took photos.

This opened up a new side to our lives, as I had no idea my girlfriend Val... Continue»
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An adventure

I was nervous since I had never done anything quite like this before. I
sat in the parking lot for quite a few minutes waiting and thinking about
what I assumed I might see - and do - if I went in. My thoughts were having
the expected effect on me as I began to become more and more excited. The
parking lot was for an adult theater in north Denver. It has a book store
with an arcade in the lower level and a set of 3 theaters in the upper
level - my destination. Finally, I went in and paid my admission. One
admission allows access to theaters 1 and 2 which show straight porn... Continue»
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X-Mass Eve (Jess n Trey prt2)

okay let me start by saying this is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real, nor are the situations. That being said..feel free to comment on my writing. But do note I reserve all copy writes.
Please forgive any spelling mistakes
Please read Winters kiss (Jess and Tray prt 1)
For thoes fans asking for more im sorry it took so long…..

Chapter Two
Jessica’s knees were still wet, and my dick was still hard when we entered the store. My head was swirling and I felt like a teenager all over again. I mean fuck! Jess and me were both just shy of being past 40. She bein... Continue»
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