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My EX & I.

Back in late 80’s, my ex wife had lost her drive. We were down to sex three times a month when things were good. Nothing I could do would get her drive back. That is, until she took a job working from 4pm 10pm. Things were normal for the first few weeks, she’d come home right after work and go to sl**p. Then one night she called and asked if she could go out for drinks with her coworkers at one of the local bars. I had no problem and said it was OK. This happened about four more times over the next two weeks.

One night she came home and crawled in bed while I was asl**p. Instead of her usu... Continue»
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Valentine's Day Surprise

I had taken a part time cleaner job on Saturdays just for a little bit of income while I searched for another job in he mean time, and the job itself was pretty easy, I just had to clean up a woman's house for a few hours. Her name was Susan Bates, she must have been about mid 50's and she was quite slim and had a good well tucked body. Medium length brown hair, glasses, and had a good dress sense, which suited her age. Honestly she could have probably done it herself, she lived cleanly and she was an active woman, I guess she just wanted to help out someone with a little bit of income, as wel... Continue»
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I am now concerned about what kind of life I have led.( That is not really a true statement, I know I'm just a swinging dick man whore." I only say this because the rules above cover more than half of my best stories. Well, all I can say is "Shit, piss, motherfucking goat, squeal like a ****d pig, and bless the girl scouts.

I was taught about sex by my xxxxxxxxxxx. It started when I stayed over and was taking a bath. Picture me naked other person not but soaping me up really good. Okay now we all know that I know that thing is for more than xxxxxxx out of. So, I was educated early on the ... Continue»
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A recent date.

Normally I don't use Craigslist because of the fakes, flakes and phonies but this guys add caught my eye and his pics did as well. I wrote him and we set a date for the following evening at 8:00pm sharp. I gave him the directions to my apartment and told him that I would be expecting him. I added a pic of the outfit that I would be wearing as a tease and to fuel his imagination. The next afternoon I started to prepare for the evening's activities. I shaved my face smooth to remove any stubble and then drew a hot bath with lightly scented oils. I shaved my legs smooth, paying extra attent... Continue»
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Tammy, baby - part one

In high school I worked as a teacher’s aid at the local junior high school for extra credit. Since I was in high school and had my own car, it upped my cool factor with the girls at the school. Many of the girls would flirt with me, but most of the time it was just joking around, nothing serious.

My favorite was the little s****r of one of my classmates. Tammy, was four years younger and maybe 4 foot 6 with dirty blonde hair and barely filling out a training bra. She had deep brown eyes, sexy little bubble but and great tanned legs. “My s****r says you’re a good kisser,” she said to me one ... Continue»
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As soon as we made eye contact, I felt my knees start to weaken with the urge I felt to get down before him.
“Fuck yeah daddy!” I whispered as he walked past. I continued to watch him as he first entered the room, left the door open and then he again looked at me. He watched me blatantly stare over his 6’2” dark haired and bearded manliness and smile. He then tossed his head in suggestion that I join him there; I was quick to step in his direction.
Just after I rounded the corner, before I got to the doorway, I unfastened my jeans. Brown eyes had seen his hairy stomach and my mouth be... Continue»
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Bea Hive's

President Beatrice Kendall the first 3 term president in 280 years, elected by landslide. Her first term election won on one theme, "give Women a Chance". After Men as rulers of the world nearly destroyed it, she proposed radical changes. Prior to her election, men said, what would not happen and those things did. Her second election won by the fact that the female sex had become an endangered species. A terrorist plague released in the USA killed millions of females for years. Her third term stood on one platform, reproduce. She introduced "Bea Hives".

With men outnumbering women 17 to... Continue»
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The pursuit is in the genes

Cheryl, my high school crush and I are both in our late 60's. We got re-connected through our 50th high school class reunion just last year. My wife did not attend, as usual, and Cheryl is divorced. She does have a "beau" but it doesn't sound that serious. We sat with a small group of old classmates, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion. Cheryl sat next to me and her twin s****r (Stacey) sat across from us. Double the pleasure for me, that's for sure, because these gals are still quite attractive: dark eyes and dark hair, clear complexion, luscious lips, big tits, trim hips (they work o... Continue»
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The Farmer's Daughters

Jim was getting worried! The clouds on the horizon looked ominous. Getting caught in a Nebraska downpour was the last thing he wanted on his motorcycle.

He started to look for a place to take shelter when he saw a farmstead just up ahead. There was an equipment building that had a roof and plenty of room to hopefully sit out the storm.

He pulled into the drive way and parked in the shelter. He was just getting off the bike when an old pickup truck turned in off the road. Jim hoped that the farmer would let him stay.

As the ... Continue»
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My First Blowjob

Where does it all begin? Sex, that is. For me it was in my teens with male friends of my own age, usually from my own class at a single sex college. What did we do? Wank, nothing more. Play with his cock, make it hard then wank until his hot cum spurted over my hand. Then he did the same for me. No finesse, just straightforward curiosity driven by hormones. Where did we do it? In the toilets (bit risky) or in nice weather a trip across the road to the Common where there were many secret places deep in the undergrowth. Well that was the norm, until one day …..

Kevin was my best mate,... Continue»
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A Secret Fuck on the Beach, (a true story)

I walked in front of my husband, he was carrying the necessary beach bags, as I trudged on my bare feet revelling in the soft white sand, feeling the heat radiate and warm my inner thighs, a few degrees cooler than everywhere else, as the Sun mercilessly bathed me in its radiant glow.

Beneath my dark shades I scanned the empty beach for an opportunity, my mind was looking for another man who might also appreciate my presence, and as I searched with eyes, my body ached and panicked, should there not be another, 'Darling', my poor husband whimpered, 'why can't we just bathe here', he continue... Continue»
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s*s and I again

I have been asked by a few about my affair with my s****r?
I would melt this sites drives if I listed everything we have got up to. After all its been alongwhile.
I quick dirty story readers might like accurd at my s*s house during her 1st marriage.
I often "popped" round. Her husband often remarked we must be very close as I visited around 3 times a week lol.
She would tell him Every visit so neighbours didn't speak of strangers cars etc.
One Saturday morning I had got the all clear telephone call to home. She had a boiler problem. Mrs remarked they needed a new boiler! "You worked on it... Continue»
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Daddy Letting Strangers Fuck Me On RV Trip

My name is Emily and I am six teen years old. Ever since my mom left its been just my daddy and I and as hard as it was at first we are now closer then we have ever been. I don't have many good memories of my mom but one thing that I took from her was her looks. My dad tells me constantly how much I look and remind him of her. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and like my dad always says an "Angelic" face. Anyways my dad and I managed on our own just the two of us but eventually my dad and I agreed it was time to get away and relax. We sat down and planned where we wanted to go for our vacatio... Continue»
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Mature Asian

An Asian f****y moved into our cul de sac and had been living there around a couple of months, they were Ok, practising Muslims but only on certain days otherwise they dressed in Western clothes and were the same as the rest of the families in the road. This particular Sunday they were having a party some of their relations were here from other parts of the Country.

The road was chock a block with cars and after been out I had to leave mine a distance away from my drive. After a few hours a space became available so I moved the car and got closer to the house. This Asian guy stormed up to m... Continue»
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Wife's Erotic TV Audition

Note - This is a completion to the unless otherwise incomplete story called "My Wife’s Audition for TV Serial (very erotic)"

I had choosen india to be the place of this story as it is a great country with a blend of modern western and old eastern can find there the conservative people and the open minded ones.there is one last reason which is that i really like dark women and brunettes all over the world wherever they are.I wrote a story with no fucking but i'm sure that you will like it cause it is very will see how much it can arouse all of you (males and females).... Continue»
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Fiery Heat ch 4

Fiery Heat Ch 04


Damon laid Tristan on his bed and proceeded to strip him naked.

“Damon, the light.” Tristan said shyly. After all he was stark naked whilst Damon

remained fully clothed.

Damon didn’t answer him. He stretched out on top of Tristan and captured his lips in a

fierce kiss, a kiss that rocked his soul. Damon’s tongue pushed past his lips, pumping

into his mouth with slow, deliberate strokes, teasing him, making him groan in hungry

need as his cock became rock hard. Tristan wound his arms came around Damon’s

neck and kissed him back for a... Continue»
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Fiery Heat ch 3



Damon stopped his Jag at the gate of his house and punched in a code. The gate

opened and he drove inside to park directly in front of the huge mansion.

“You know, I never get over how huge this place is.” Tristan said, getting out of the car.

“Your place is huge too.” Damon countered.

“Yeah but not as huge as this.” Tristan stated the obvious.

The estate was as huge as a castle. Since his mum had re-married about two years

earlier and gone off to like with her new husband, Damon lived alone. He did miss his

mum but Luke was a very nice... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 3


As I left the booth I was in heat. But first I needed to pay a visit to the rest room and finish my browsing, so I replaced myself wet and adjusted my clothes. I thanked him again and he thanked me and then complimented me on being hot. He closed the door and locked it behind me.
I turned right and followed the maze of booths to the restroom. I went inside and locked the door, remembering that night years ago when I had been all but f***ed to suck off a really big nasty guy who “made me.” It wasn’t cool at the time but it was a source of stimulation and fantasy ever since. On ... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 2


My cock is so hard as I write this. Occasionally, one hand strokes while the other types.
Most guys love a good blowjob. Most guys are afraid to try a finger in the ass, but love it after they do. Most guys want a woman to be a total wanton slut or act like the nastiest whore of their wildest dreams. Most women aren’t loose enough to be that “hot” or that incredible of an experience.
I picture myself as everything I wish I could find in a slutty bitch. You know, a total nympho who really will do anything and then ask for seconds.
Before I tell you about what happened th... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 1.


I am such a slut.
I was soft a few minutes ago after cumming hard, but now as I drive to my motel I’m getting hard again. I keep pulling my cock out of the side of my panties and rubbing the sticky head as I remember the man behind me gripping my hips and pumping my ass. Precum lubes my thumb work. My ass is a little sore and leaking lube after a hot slow fuck from an older Hispanic man who was a little too gentlemanly and a bit too small for my tastes. I fixed my makeup but I should have done a better job with my thick auburn wig. Although I just came and I got fucked like I w... Continue»
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