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My BDSM awakening

Have you ever been with someone who makes you feel electric inside? If you have, you know the feeling I'm talking about, as you kiss them, you start getting dizzy when you kiss them, feel slightly dr unk when you walk away from them after making out and if they where wearing cologne, you'll surely going to smell your clothes later on when your away from them to remember and feel close to them for a brief moment. It was in that kind of relationship I had my first experience with bdsm.

We had met randomly on the street one day, each of us walking somewhere else, both lost in our heads think... Continue»
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Alone Time

Trina woke from her light drowse when Eric came to bed, but didn't stir. The gentle sway of the mattress when he sank down onto it did little more than jostle her. Almost absently, he touched her in the small of her back, over her nightgown, and trailed his fingers down past her hip, beyond the hem mid-thigh, and behind her bare knee. It tickled, but she didn't want to make love, didn't really want him on top of her or inside her. She loved Eric dearly, but it was a mood thing, sometimes, when she just wanted to sl**p.

"Honey?" Eric's whisper was low, barely voiced, but she could hear the h... Continue»
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First trip to a naturist club

Julie is 62 years old, 5’2” has glasses, grey/white hair, a little overweight, and looks like every other school teacher who is near retirement. She’s got a fabulous manner of speaking and sparkling smile, and from her looks, no one would ever know that such a woman would have a sexual appetite as she has. I'm 7 years younger.

I found her on line on a swinger site, and started chatting. She would answer questions of mine with, words such as “I might.” “Perhaps.” etc. She has been with 2 other Americans and liked them very much.

Two weeks ago, as my trip to Europe was appro... Continue»
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My Wife had a great Black Boss!

When we lived in Baltimore, MD. My wife was working downtown for an insurance company, part of her job was to be a part of a team that would travel from city to city and inspect and evaluate the companies that were under their corporate banner, to ensure all legalities and ethics, and rules were being met and followed.

After a few years of traveling with her team, they were told a new manager was coming in from San Francisco and he would be assisting them and learning the process, so when he went back to San Francisco, he'd be able to assemble his own team and continue the process on the ... Continue»
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Teaching Jenn Tie and Tease Bondage

I have trained maybe 6-8 women now how to safely tie up their man for some added spice and fun, but Jenn will always be my favorite!!

Jenn was not the first woman I had ever trained how to tie and tease a man. She was just the first of several that I taught whom I had met only for the express purpose of teaching. We had worked out all of the details through PM’s on XHAMSTER and then I agreed to rent the hotel room of her choice and provide a variety of things that could be used so she could see how they could be used. In return, she would reimburse me for the room and pay an additional $... Continue»
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Meeting Daniel: My first big cock

Daniel could be called my first "boyfriend" I suppose... our relationship is a little muddy, kinda part dom, part boyfriend, and part... normal friend, really. I have a few stories about him, but for now I'll start with the earliest times with him!

I was a little chubby in highschool, maybe a little bit of the cute chubby, but I wanted a flatter stomach, so I talked with my parents and we got a f****y deal for a gym membership. I read some online tips on how to work out in order to avoid being too muscly and areas to work on so i could try feminizing myself a bit more. (At the time I sti... Continue»
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Another Fantasy of My Wife - the swinger's sp

I have lots of fantasies about what I would like to watch happen to my wife. This one is based on a few occasions I had at swingers parties and some videos I have watched on xhamster. I should stress this is all fantasy.

I managed to talk my wife in going to a swingers club when we are on holiday in amsterdam. I had gone online and checked out a few but this seemed the most suitable and the pictures of the rooms had given me some ideas. My wife only agreed to go as it was not likely we would meet anyone we knew and we would have to go when the club was not busy. We turned up at 2pm as she ... Continue»
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Life of a cum addicted cukold

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Cuckold Savours The Smelly Load
by Balls Juice (


This is a story about a man that who feels the need to
be cuckolded and convinces his wife to fulfill this
need. She agrees happily with her husband's proposal,
but asks him a special favour. The husband agr... Continue»
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We all go through phases with our sexual desires and needs. Sometimes you want the whole kissing and fondling and love-making thing. Sometimes it's a lot more basic and primal than that.

I got into a stage where I felt the need to be degraded. The idea of that was the only thing that would get me off. One guy I was talking to online seemed to understand that. I made certain stipulations which he agreed to, so in the end I arranged for him to come round to my house.

After a couple of days he texted that he was free that evening and could be with me in around an hour. I told him that... Continue»
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Gymnast Jimmy and the Chair

Gymnast Jimmy and the Chair

Time: Near the end of summer…
Jimmy crawled into bed and drifted into a gentle sl**p. His asshole and peter were softly throbbing from his latest session with Coach. He knew he would awaken tomorrow, yet again, with a special stickiness between his thighs… a heavenly mix of Coach’s and his juices. Coach was so much FUN! And Jimmy was so very HAPPY! His sweet mouth smiled as he entered his amazing dreams… of his beautiful Coach.

Time: The start of summer…
Jimmy awoke already excited. Today he would start training with his new gymnastics coach. He had ... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 6

The fluorescent light panel hummed and flickered hesitantly before it lit the room consistently with its bright white light. Melinda woke with a start. The computer lock on the door sprung open, and almost before she knew what was happening, a woman, dressed identically to the woman who had brought her to the cell last night, was kneeling by the mattress.
"Very nice," she said, looking at Melinda's naked body. "I'm surprised they didn't whip you."
Melinda blinked the sl**p from her eyes, and read the name on the silver brooch pinned to the leather leotard: 'CYBELE'. She was a big woman, with... Continue»
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My work friend makes me his sissy

I'd always been a little insecure about my sexuality but was embarrassed by my fantasies and had never tried to explore much.

I had recently moved to a new town and didn't have too many friends but wished I could meet some more. I had a coworker that I was kinda friendly with so invited him over to puff a blunt and watch some TV one day. I wasn't intending on anything sexual and still kinda thought i was straight but he was pretty attractive. He was tall, black and muscular, about 2 years older than me.

He said he was down but didn't have any trees. "That's cool, I have a bit we could sm... Continue»
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Well, it would be on a night when your boss asked you to stay late to finish up some work. Since we
were planning on going to a gig later that night, you told me to stop by to keep you company while you
finished and we could go straight to the show when you were done.

I quietly let myself in and, being the mature adult that I am, sneak up behind you, reach around, and
pluck off your glasses, giggling as you swat at my hands and snatch them back. You laugh out a “hi” as
you turn back around to the project you’re working on.

I rest my folded arms on the back of your chair, and peek ove... Continue»
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Relief is just a quick blow job away!

I’m older now, not so ‘cute’ anymore but…I still love being used and providing some pleasure to other guys when I can.

We recently opened a small hostel and I was spending a lot of time there because we were having problems finding people to work. Especially someone for the overnight duty because most Vietnamese are afraid of ‘spirits’. The job demanded that the person sl**p in or near the front desk (common here) and be available to allow guests in and out.

After a month a young guy showed up and applied for the job. Like the majority of young Vietnamese guys – he’s 22 – slim build,... Continue»
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My first time with older man

I used to work in a theatre, selling programmes, drinks, ice creams and helping out with whatever needed doing around the place. After every the final show of every run there was a ‘last night party’, the bar stayed open and the drinks flowed. In one particular show there was an older gay man in one of the roles. He was in his early sixties I guess and rather portly with a large belly and double chin. He was good fun and I'd got to know him a little bit during the run, telling him often that he was barking up the wrong tree when he’d flirt with me.

The night of the party he’d been at it a... Continue»
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I had found a dogging website late one night. I had always been fascinated by the thought of dogging. I mean the fact that some woman is alone in a park and you can just walk up and fuck her and then leave I thought was pretty cool. And I want ed to go see this first hand when I had the guts. Then one night this one ad showed up. This woman named Sara was going to be dogging in the park near my house. WOW! So I waited till the date and went to see what was going on. I found them, Sara and a fat man named Ron. Ron was her husband. Sara was a skinny woman not very good looking. Black hair on h... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce Janie (and me) Part 6

This installment of the saga follows on from the episodes linked here:

Categories.... This story has anal, first time, blow jobs, gay male, lesbian, crossdressing, voyeurism, taboo.
Pick your poison.

Lucy had been masturbating while she watched Janie fuck my ass with the big strapon.
Now she suggested that since it had ... Continue»
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Couple with stranger man

"I don't know, sweetheart. All it says is be ready at 5 and pack a weekend bag!"

"Ready for what?"

"I don't know!"

"Well what does the invitation say?" You shout down the stairs at me.

"I just told you. That's all it said!"

"You are remarkably unhelpful" you complain and retreat back into the bedroom. Pondering what to pack for a weekend we don't know where, attending an event that is a complete mystery. My bag was easy to pack, a few pairs of pants and button down shirts. Easy as pie.

There's a car honking its horn outside, a black limo as it were.

"Honey, let's go!"
... Continue»
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An online meeting in person

It was the morning around 10 on one of those perfect spring days, the kind that compels you to stay outside and enjoy nature. I was sitting in a diner waiting for her and wondering if her online pictures were real. She was a 40 something brunette with a beautiful body, her face was still unknown. We had both been chatting online for a few weeks and had been sexual, friendly and eager to talk to each other, in the way that you become almost d***k on a person.

After drinking some coffee, people watching, wondering if she would come and if she did come, if I would be attracted to the woman ... Continue»
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Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 5

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 5

After breakfast we jumped into Dr. O'Bryan's Jaguar with Bob in the front
seat and me in the back. Bob started laughing as soon as his dad started
the car. "Dad, I cant't believe you called it the 'naked truth'. That was
so funny. Of course, now John knows that we camped out naked. I'm sure that
freaked him out."

"I'm sorry, guys. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to mess with
you two. I still don't understand why John David didn't just go back to his
house after you finished playing cards," Dr. O'Bryan replied.

"I know what you me... Continue»
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