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When Mrs Estelle B. came into the lobby a month ago I wanted to pitch her myself. Stacked, classy, blonde with the pouty full lips I love. Course I didn't have a chance. No luggage except a purse, I caught the look from the manager, she paid with a credit card to a phoney gardening shop the Royale owned, so this wasn't her first time. Meant she had a buck lined up already, which she did. An hour after I showed her the room, a huge black buck picked up the key in the lobby. Couple hours after I went up with her drink order and found them brazenly still coupled. She did say 'come on in', and you... Continue»
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Fishnets, fun and two of your five a day!

You invite me around for dinner - I ask if I should bring anything -
as I usually like to bring a surprise - but you tell me just to bring
a fine bottle of wine and a smile.
I arrive and you direct me immediately to the bedroom - you tell me to
sit in the armchair in your room and wait.
You leave the room and my mind runs riot with what the hell is going on!!
You re-appear with a corkscrew and two glasses and tell me to open the
wine and pour some out - I do as instructed.
You re-appear five minutes later and immediately my cock begins to harden!!
You are wearing a santas helper outfi... Continue»
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The Saucer of Cream

The Saucer of Cream
If you put a saucer of cream in front of a kitten, then the kitten will surely drink.

As the taxi pulled up out the front of the house, Andrew kissed Thuy good bye,
“Bye sweet heart, I’ll back on Friday night.” It was a Wednesday afternoon, so he would be away just two nights.
“OK, honey.” Thuy kissed him back “Behave yourself – no naughtiness with those Hanoi girls.” she smiled “Don’t forget - I know what they’re like – I know what tricks they get up to.” Thuy had a look of mock consternation.

As usual, Thuy was wearing an oversized, loose cotton singlet an... Continue»
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Treat from Girlfriend (Holiday at Goa)

Hi guys, Rahul is back. Those who have read my earlier story ‘Fun in the Karnataka express’ know me and my gf Priya. Those who haven’t read it, I am Rahul Shetty (name changed) an IIT Delhi student and my gf Priya Rao (name changed) who worked in a MNC in Delhi for 7 months but now works with a reputed 5 star hotel in New Delhi. We both are from Bangalore but live in Delhi due to studies and job respectively.

Now, I am 22 years old while she is 25. For those who don’t know, I am 6ft tall, fair and I have an average body while my gf is 5’7″ ft tall, fair, has medium sized boobs (34D) and a p... Continue»
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Julie's Bedroom - Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of my book "Julie's Bedroom" The entire book is available for purchase at Leave a comment and let me know what you think. If people like it I'll add some more.

Chapter 1

Julie was working on her computer at home. She was distracted, thinking about the last time she fucked. He had started kissing her neck standing behind her. She was just about to leave for school and he was leaving for work. His hands started on her hips and reached up under her shirt to her waist. She felt him pull her against his crotch and felt his cock through his slacks... Continue»
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Weekend with Mistress and Master.

This weekend we were at home. I have been in chastity non-stop all-week. I don't usually stay locked up that long but Mistress has been gone. I have been with master and we have been fucking. Normally I will cum from anal every couple of days or so but I haven't at all this week. Mistress thought she had a plan. After she put me in a cute babydoll, she blind-folded me, handcuffed my hands behind my back and led me through the house.

She hand led me to and put me on her sybian. She put a collar around my neck hooked me to the wall. The sybian felt very good. Mistress was touching my body she... Continue»
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Wife Reluctant To Be Naked etc. part 4

So there lies my wife Judy, her legs parted and allowing this strange man, a man we had met only moments ago, pierce her shaved pussy with his rather good-sized manhood. As he positioned the head of his cock right at her entrance, he was nice enough to inform her that he was indeed bareback. And she informed him right back that was not a problem for her. I picked up my lounge chair and moved closer to the upcoming action. I never in my life imagined that I would take pleasure in knowing another man would be fucking my wife. I guess all these years of us going naked and the fact that I am not t... Continue»
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my s****r fucked by old farmer part 5

hi,as part 4 was very short it was not accepted as a story and it is stored in my blog and if you want to read the full story series from part 1 then please go to my blog to read part 4.this is the 5th part of my s****r fucked by old farmer story i continue from the previous part.shahziya was now sucking both the old man's dick one by one.after sucking for few minutes she got up and began to kiss the old sarpanch jeevraj shinde.while prakask singh was kissing her back and pressing her boobs from behind.then the old sarpanch put her on her bed and and lay beside her and told her"shahz... Continue»
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The Breeding of Chris

I wrote this fantasy for an online friend who gets turned on by big hard cocks and lots of cum. She also had a pregnancy fetish. She is a big girl too, which I love!

Let me know how you enjoyed it.


The Breeding of Chris

Being at the prime of your womanhood, we’ve openly talked about your
natural desire and cravings for getting pregnant. The insatiable urge
and need to be inseminated by a big hard cock in your fertile womb
gets you instantly swollen and wet. The thought of making this happen
for you makes my cock ache with desire and lust. This is an all or
not... Continue»
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My Teacher

I sat there transfixed on the sight before me. Mrs. Farr was leaning over talking to me and I could see right down her shirt, those large melons calling for me. I could see her nipples! This was not the first time for this to happen as she wore loose fitting tops all the time.
Mrs. Farr is no super model sorry to say. But for a eighteen year old k** that has always struck out with the ladies this is just as good. Mrs. Farr is average height, curly brown hair with some gray. Big warm brown eyes. Freckles, on her face and chest. A small pot belly and maybe her ass was nice when she was yo... Continue»
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First time going gay

I was in my late twenties, and had a huge circle of friends, mostly male. Everyone was straight, many of the guys having girlfriends or wives. It was a social group too; lots of barbeques, parties and get-togethers; we'd basically use any excuse we could to be together. Sports were a big part of our group; everyone loved the 'Vikes'.

I cared about most of the people in our group and I truly enjoyed our time together. I was one of the quieter members of the gang though I wasn't shy. I dated often, liked sex, but rarely let a relationship develop. I guess I'm good looking, sometimes overhear... Continue»
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First anal with a college freshman

This is a true account of the first time I had anal sex with anyone. For starters I am 6 foot, male, athletic (six pack etc.) and am pretty lucky size wise (7 inches and thick). I am still finishing college, and this took place my freshman year. While I was at school I regularly had sex with a girl who I will call Jess.

At maybe 4 am one Saturday morning I got a knock on my suites door, I had just gotten back from going out and was not tired yet. Opening the door, I found Jess waiting in what were obviously clothes she had been out in that night. I remember a black pencil skirt and heels we... Continue»
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Torrid Young Policewoman's confession

We were put on short standby, as trouble brewed down-town. Fellow officers were out and reports were coming in that numbers were increasing, and our radios were alive as fights broke out, with colleagues calling in for reinf***ements.

I was a rookie just into my twenties, more a pin-up girl than a butch fighting feminine policewoman, in fact I was caught up between the sexes, with as many of my female friends as desperate for my attention, as male colleagues, during our patrols.

The high testosterone and oestrogen levels attributed to the nature of the job, then there was the power surge... Continue»
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Sissy Tom, Marsha, and Me

I had never been to Tom’s before, so I was please when he invited me over to his place to play. When I had arrived, he had stood at the opened door with his hard dick sticking out of his trouser fly. From that point I knew this was going to be a fun time. I was no sooner through the door and it was closed behind me that Tom kissed me full on the mouth. And then said, “Welcome to my humble abode.” The only thing i could think of was fuck his abode I want his cock. It was poking out of this trousers. It couldn’t have been a better welcome sign. I bent down and sucked his cock into my mouth. Oh,... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 8

We began to kiss again and I slid my hand between Claudia’s thighs and found a very slippery and wet pussy waiting. She began to moan and let her head fall back as I began to play with her clit and slide a finger into her pussy. I could smell her pussy and it was really turning me on.

At the same time Janet was beginning to deep throat Marcus very heavily and she was having a great time gagging on and spitting all over his cock which was now glistening as it was covered with her spit.

“Suck that cock…what a good slut,” said Marcus. “You want to be my slut don’t you?”

“I want to be eve... Continue»
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Friends meet to explore thier kinky desires. P4

Part 4 – Into The Gardens

Walking through the bar, beside each other...not the clichéd image of you walking behind me on the leash...what we are going engage in is not solely for some dominating pleasure of me treating you in a servile manner, or you surrendering control of yourself as a person...this is about mutual pleasures, in whatever manner they may come. And there will be submission and domination, but in a way we both acknowledge and accept is of mutual respect. However deliciously perverse and kinky our pleasures turn out to be when acted out, and there is always the testing and pu... Continue»
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Georgina in the library

9.37pm. The clockface of my watch stared back at me as I caught my breath. I was pretty sure all the way to the library immediately after training was not the requisite cool down that my coach expected, but this wasn’t the time for that. The glass doors of the library closed behind me. I had 23 minutes. I cursed my lecturer under my breath. Who gives an “open book” exam the next morning when the book is a restricted one that cannot be borrowed out from the library. What’s more, there was only one copy stocked. I groaned, hoping that I would be the only last minute mugger in the library before ... Continue»
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(MF, 1st, prost)
Written by AB-2010

A story related to me by Jon B. (Northern California)

I'm a little over 50 as I relate this story. I have a good looking sweet wife and three lovely young girls that I love more than I can say. I've only made love to two women in my like, my wife and before her a German prostitute, who actually broke me in, and made me a man.

Back in the late 70's before the Berlin wall came tumbling down I was stationed in a large Bavarian city called Nuremberg. I was young and full of hormones and a complete virgin. And I was more ... Continue»
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A MILF - BLACK MAIL - f***e - FUN !!!

Two intruder's cause mayhem in a young woman's life
A stylish house in North Hudson Avenue, Hancock Park, South Hollywood, late May, 2012. Gina Cohen’s Saturday morning started out like most other Saturday mornings did...the ordinary things of daily life, cleaning her ground floor apartment, washing bed linen, vacuuming floors, putting stuff away from the night before; the usual stuff people do at weekends. She had her I-Pad on speaker, in the background, playing tracks from classic Doors album, ‘LA Woman.’ The music put Gina in an optimistic mood and she hummed along to the magical refrain o... Continue»
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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - The Intro

First story I've ever written... be nice ;)

After a year of being with my partner, things had come to an all time boring low.
The sex was still ok, but I worked long night hours and he was always doing morning
shifts as a baker. We were in that ever-obvious couples rutt. He was 25, I was 22.

One night, after sucking on his 7 inch uncut cock for a mere 3 minutes before he blasted
a load of cum down my throat and declared he was ready for bed, I'd decided I had had
enough. I was comfortable in this relationship, but I couldn't keep up this... Continue»
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