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Lip Gloss

He watched closely as the tube of lip gloss slid slipperily over her lips. She has beautiful lips, thick and pink, and she had them sticking out in a funny way so she could get maximum surface area for the gloss. She put the gloss on thick, then did it again, and those beautiful pink lips glistened in the sunlight.

"This one's watermelon," she said. "Oh you gotta try this it's so good!" She reached the tube out in his direction.

"Sorry, I don't put on lip gloss."

"Oh come on! Just a taste!"

"There's only one way you'll get me to taste it."


He looked at her, waiting f... Continue»
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Cousin Gina

It all started when I was in 8th grade. Girls were drawing my attention more and more every day it seemed. I was becoming distracted by them during class and pretty much everywhere I went.

Then one day it hit me like a freight train. I was sitting at lunch with some friends when I glanced up at the counter. There was a blonde, with some shapely hips and long legs. She was shifting her weight from side to side in a very provocative way. Her blonde pony tail tossed back and forth with her movements. My eyes were locked on that tight ass and narrow waist. It seemed like an eternity that I sa... Continue»
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Bed side manner........

I woke early the next morning for my bl**d test and after showering dressed in a black soft cup lace bra, I now filled the 38B cup and resolved to buy some larger bras that day. I slid over my feminine hips a pair of matching hipster boy shorts and suspender belt. As I clipped on the suspender belt on the lace top stockings I mused on what outer wear I could reasonably get away with. i choose a very pale, almost off white with a tinge of pink linen shirt. It was loose fitting but when close to the skin became tantalisingly just see through. I then those a baggy pair of off white cream linen tr... Continue»
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Little Megan Takes Cuntrol - of Mom

In taking control of Pop, Megan had shown how brutal slut she could be. But the next day things continued in a most unexpected way.

Mom came home after staying at the college the night before, she was greeted by her perverted daughter... and, well, If you thought Bryan, the Pop had trouble controlling this young woman, wait to you read how she treats Tina, her Mom!!


As Tina pulled into the drive her heart sank. Bryan’s car was gone, which meant he had alr... Continue»
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The sl**ping Pill (aka the G-Spot)

If you have been one of the few who have read my story "My Greatest Love", well this is "post Stevie". After enduring the heartbreak of not being able to be with my true love, I moved here to NH and met a woman at work I'll call Emily. She was the polar opposite of Stevie: more full figured, less religious, raucous rather then demure, not as bright but funny as hell, and so on. She and I were both coming out of failing relationships, so it was a double rebound situation. The sex was pretty hot, two people reveling in that intense feeling of intertwining bodies; the touching, the longing, the p... Continue»
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Hütte am See 2

TabusDie Hütte am See Teil 02
Die Hütte am See Teil 02

3 -- Einstieg in eine neue Welt

Liebe Freunde, einige von Euch haben bei mir um eine Fortsetzung der Geschichte gebeten und da ich im Moment gerade gut drauf bin, füge ich noch zwei Teile hinzu, bis die Story endgültig zuende ist. Ich hoffe, die Teile gefallen euch!

Gut, dass mein Vater hinter mir stand und mich hatte auffangen können.

Ich konnte nicht fassen, was ich gerade gehört hatte. Mein Bruder hatte Sex mit meiner Mutter? Und diese freute sich darauf, wenn mein Bruder auch endlich mit mir schlief, weil es ihr ... Continue»
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Neighbor Lady Tells Me About Her Foot Fetish Story

Being as old as I am now, over 65 is all I will divulge to you, I have discovered a fondness for seducing younger men. Now younger means from 20 to 40 years of age, and since my profession still has me traveling most of the time, I am able to indulge my passion as I always come into contact with quite a few males of assorted ages and backgrounds who are just waiting for a talented lady like myself. What it is I find that turns me on, and most of the young male population that I come into contact with is my use of my 5 or 6inch high-heeled pumps or using my black nylon stockinged feet to massag... Continue»
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Doing it in front of an audience gets stronger!

My lover and I went off to two separate colleges in the same city about three hours from our hometown. He played football so I was there every weekend of home games. It was homecoming and after the game we were to go to his best friend, Steve, a senior, apartment for some drinks before dinner and the dance. It was a warm late October evening so I put on a long blue with white print halter dress, blue French cut panties and white heels. Harry picked me up and off to Steve’s we went. We had about three or four beers with Steve and his fiancé’ Jan, a beautiful redhead in the Reba mold, before we ... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 5

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 5

Carly woke up at 7:33 that morning, about an hour after Melanie had fell asl*ep, only she didn't know that. She opened her eyes and say Mel straight across from her, sound asl*ep. Carly smiled. She looked sweet. At peace. Whatever was going on between her and Sam, it didn't look like it was bothering her right now. Carly smiled as she seen a smile come across the sl*eping Melanie's face. She watched as Melanie grabbed the pillow she was sl*eping on tighter, the smile never vanishing from her face.

‘Whatever she is dreaming about,’ Carly thought, ... Continue»
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Freaky Friday fun!

Freaky Friday fun!

OMG-----Last Friday was incredible! When I got off of the commuter train Barb and Scott were there waiting for me. When we got to the car Barb said that Scott would drive while we sat in the back seat so we could all chat. We talked about what happened on July 4th, my cuckold boyfriend and their personal history which was really nice. By the time that we pulled up to their condo building it felt like we were old friends. They live on the top floor of a six floor condo building with a very private balcony and it's the tallest building in the immediate area.

Once ... Continue»
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Kira and me

I announce that we are
going to be playing strip chess, and you laugh. For each piece you
lose, you lose an article of clothing. I set it up on the counter, and
we begin to play. You are a bit better at it than I am, and I am down
to my underwear in no time. You still have pants on. Your eyes gleam
as I smile as we play. The wine flushing my cheeks. I make another
move and eliminate your queen, so you lose your pants. You exclaim
that it isn't fair that I have two forms of underwear, while you only
have one. I laugh and say alright. I remove my bra to make us even.
The rest of the clo... Continue»
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Weekend la Constanta

Prima parte:
Sotia este din Constanta si intr-un weekend ne-am hotarat sa o vizitam pe mama ei.
Plecam de vineri si urma sa revenim duminica seara.Petreceam acolo tot weekendul.Soacra mea este o femeie de 45 de ani,voluptoasa,cu sanii maricei la care am observat de multe ori ca nu poarta sutien iar din cand in cand,i se ridica semet sfarcurile.Are un mijloc de viespe iar fundul este destul de bun pentru varsta ei.In fusta fundul parca cerea sa fie mangaiat.
Zis si facut.Plecam la drum.Scapam de aglomeratia Bacaului si dupa 2 ore iata-ne in Constanta.Descarcam din masina lucrurile si eu m... Continue»
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BDSM Fantasy 1: Because she is worth it.

I lie in my bed and stare at the ceiling while I enjoy the silence of the morning when the birds still sl**p in their nests and there is no sign of man on the streets. The sun is not yet up for hours and the only light is the light of a street lamp shining through a gap in my roller blinds leaving me in a surreal world of black, white and shades of grey.

The silence of the early morning ends when next to me, a body moves and I hear the unintelligible murmur of someone talking in her sl**p. The body turns to me and I feel an arm over my chest and a warm body creeps close to me. As a protecti... Continue»
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What is feels like

Imagine being bent over, legs slightly parted, ass tilted up. You feel him behind you before he touches you. All your senses are focused on your asshole…it clenches in response. You feel on overwhelming urge to be spread open. Then all of a sudden there is a low growl and your ass cheek is grabbed and pulled to the side. You feel it start deep in your belly and then spread out to your cock and balls. You want him to stick something inside of you…anything…his thick finger, his cock…his tongue. The first thing you feel is his wet spit followed by a string of obscenities at how fucking ho... Continue»
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Thailand part 6

The next couple of days and nights were calm and relaxing, the couple managed to be civil and entertaining as I remembered them. Affording us some very good dinners after work for me and sightseeing for them. I decided to take the last day of their stay off to allow us to have late drinks somewhere together.

We decided to start at the Indian restaurant again but the only table we could get on a Thursday night was at 6:00. As is always the case something came up and I rushed to get back to the apartment and shower change and relax, something had to go so the first couple of beers at the res... Continue»
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Lesbian twin s_ister Part 2

Lesbian twin s_ister Part 2

The sun was just rising behind the trees lines at the back of the pool when I woke up in Sara’s large king size bed; we were both naked. Her arms were wrapped somehow around me and she snuggled up tightly into me. She looked so at peace and happy and it took me a little while to put everything what happened last night into place. The smile on her face and of course on mine, plus the sticky mess between my legs refreshed my mind rather quickly. The smell of stale sex and sweat still lingered in her room. Did I let this whole situation get out of hand? Did I, or be... Continue»
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Helping Grandma

After serving time in the service then getting an honorable discharge, I decided to go to my grandma's house to see her before going on to mom and my stepdad's place, that was off in another state or two from where my grandma lived. The main reason for going to grandma's place first is cause I really wanted to see how she was doing since my grandpa had died one and one half years before, plus I needed to get an address for my mom and stepdad's place any way, and I knew that grandma would have their address.

I pulled into the drive way at grandma's house and saw that her yard was in need of ... Continue»
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A Great Trip To The DMV!

Had a pretty interesting day, thought I'd take a few minutes to put it down here and share with you :)

I woke up around 7am to the horrible sound of the alarm, I took the day off so I could go to the DMV. I wanted to get there as early as possible and just get it over with, but at that moment I convinced myself I had all day to do it and hit the snooze button a few times. During these short sl**ps I had the most fantastic sexual dreams, nothing elaborate but intense all the same, a solid fucking. I finally woke up fully, turning off the alarm and ready to get up, but feeling really amorous.... Continue»
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I'm coming home.........

The text from Mistress pure;y read, "I've missed you coming home Monday midday, rest of day off" It came in Monday morning. I had had an uneventful Sunday which had allowed me to complete some washing and house work.
Monday morning was relatively plain, with the exception of a letter from my doctor asking me to come in for some tests on the following day. I rang and made an appointment for early morning.
Mistress arrived shortly after noon. She looked tired and travel weary. I had dressed plain in a grey figure hugging skirt, Hold up stockings a plain white thing, low kitten heeled sling bac... Continue»
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WKRP: Serving Loni's Ass

The ultimate blond celebrity and ultimate ass worship.
(ass kissing, facesitting, ass licking, buttsniffing, face-farting, analingus, s**tology)


WKRP in Cincinnati was popular on television because of its comedy and also because of Loni Anderson, its voluptuous blond star. What many people don't know is that the series was created from an actual radio station, a station where I served as a work-study schoolboy intern a couple of years before WKRP aired.

Our staff was much like the tv show. In fact, Loni Anderson w... Continue»
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