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video booth takes a turn

This happened when I was in college and changed me forever. My girlfriend at the time was a virgin and never finished me off. After spending all night dry humping her to frustration, I would visit the local A.B.S. and get my dick sucked by who ever was there. The gloryhole was great because I didn't have to interact with anyone. (just their mouth) As soon as I blew my load, pants were up and I was out of there. I wasn't interested in small talk or reciprocation of any kind. One night when I arrived, there were two large guys standing in the hall outside my normal booth. I decided to go down ... Continue»
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Another long girl's night out for Ana

Another long girl`s night out for Ana

Friday night Ana told me she had been invited by some girlfriends to go out dancing.
She chose to wear an incredible dress to go out: this one was red, and sexy as hell. The straps were thick, but the top was really a kind of bra with skirt attached…
Furthermore, the dress was backless and the fabric came together in a "V" at the top of the skirt portion, the point of the "V" hovering just over the crack of her ass. I was sure that anyone would be able to see her panties, wet with sweat after a night of dancing.
The skirt part was so short, that eve... Continue»
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My bbw wife: our first expierence mff threesome

Thru the years my wife and I had talked about our past sexual expierences. My wife having quite alot more to talk about than me, I mainly just listened. More times than not it always led to her talking about her being with girls during her high school years or the cocksucker she had sucked back then. I guess she figured out quick that if she sucked a guys dick that she could get whatever she wanted front him. So that's what she did. She's never told me an official number of how many guys she sucked off back then, I've never really asked. But from the stories and comments she's told me she has ... Continue»
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Never Bet On Sports

Carrie Underwood sat back on the sofa and stared at her TV. It was a little after 1am and the game just ended after double overtime. Suddenly she yelled, “FUCK!!!!” at the TV and then threw her glass at it, knocking it over and shattering the screen. She knew she was in deep shit. She just lost another bet as her losing streak continued. The phone startled her when it rang but she knew who it was. “Hello? Yeah, I know. I KNOW!” she said to the caller. “OK, I’ll be there. YES! I said I’ll be there.” She turned the phone off and sat back. She was glad her husband and k**s were away ... Continue»
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Sex Questions

1. Have you ever had intercourse? Yes

2. Oral sex? Yes

3. Licked an ass? Yes

4. Had your ass licked? Yes

5. Stuck your tongue in their ass? Yes

6. Swallowed cum? Nope

7. Practiced bondage or BDSM? Experimented a little

8. Had anal sex? No

9. Had an orgasm from anal sex? Nope

10. Ever squirted or made someone squirt? Yes, dated a squirted for a while

11. Had sex with someone of the same sex? Nope

12. Did a threesome? Yes MMF

13. Did a foursome? Nope

14. Been in an orgy? Nope

15. Been in a gangbang? Nope

16. Had sex in public? Yes, good ole
... Continue»
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how did i lost my virginity

The storie start like that i was always goving to a secret place during day off and week ends for crossdressing and taking sunbathing
For many years i always go to this place and i never so anyone there !

But this time when i entered the forest i forgot to look behind me and this was my mistake and i will pay the price for that mistake !

So i walk true my secret place but a guy was following me but i didont see is
As usual i arrived t8 my place so i open my bag put a blanked on the floor and sited down and started to dress slutty and makeup sexy !
I was ready for my sunbathing so ... Continue»
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Fantasy - FMF

This is not true, but I one day hope it will come true. I write down my fantasies to share with my wife, in the hope that she will find them enough of a turn on to act them out. Thought we would share them with you all too.
We have met a couple and have invited them round for the evening. We are sitting in the front room, they are on the sofa.
They start to kiss and touch each other through their clothes.
We both get turned on watching them. They invite you to go and sit with them. Although you are not too sure about it, you ... Continue»
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A Ball-sucking Slut

I know there's nothing you like better than having a big set of hairy
balls hanging in your face.

Sure, you've always liked having a cock in your mouth--having a guy grab
the sides of your head to hold you still while he fucks your cute little
face. And you've always liked laying on your back, legs up in the air and
arms up over your head and a big cock slamming in and out of you and the
guy treating you like you're a cheap hooker.

But what you really like is a big red swollen set of balls hanging in
your face.

I got my legs around your arms, sitting on your ches... Continue»
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No Pussy is Created Equal

Ed and Antoinette worked at the bank together for 6 years and developed an endearing platonic friendship the last 3 years. Both were beyond attractive by standard means.Ed and Antoinette worked at the bank together for 6 years and developed an endearing platonic friendship the last 3 years. Both were beyond attractive by standard means. Ed was was african american with creole. Light gold complected with a 6'2 a thin, cut, basketball physique that remained from his college playing days. Antoinette was carribean mixed with puerto rican and italian. She had ample perfect shaped ass with womanly t... Continue»
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My Affair with a Hmong/Hmoob co-worker

To get the full story, please go read "Married Hmong affair - Part 1"

She said don't quit if you quit, make sure u tell me or else I will MISS you a lot...then I said really? LOL!! then she replied "oh yeah!" and LOL! Then I said to her, "i can get your phone#?" she said, "i will think about it." Then she walked back to her desk. I have thought about it over night and I felt scare to myself. I could get into trouble if she tells anyone like her husband, friends or our manager at work.

On January 18th, at our workplace, she came asked me about work related questions. I told h... Continue»
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The Dirty Old Man pinning and pumping Julie

Dirty Old Man slips a hand up the back of the goth's skirt, giving a firm squeeze to that thick rear.*

Julie lets forth a little whimper and leans forward, gripping her lower lip with her teeth at the feel of her skirt being invaded.

Dirty Old Man digs his grubby mitts into the goth's tight rump, groping and massaging the thick orbs tightly beneath the fabric. Hot breath washes over the back of her neck as he pushes her forwards, pinning her into the brick wall.*

Julie opens her legs a little, reaching her hands down and she pulls her skirt up over her hips as she's pinned against the... Continue»
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Fire in the cabin

There times were sex is more then the physical reaction. For me this was one of those times. Sometimes I think about being married and the reasons that I love me wife. Sometimes I wonder why the sex comes far and few, but always ends with her talking to her girlfriends about how mind blowing it was. Yet I figured that she is happy but I am not, that not to make a big deal. After all, I am having more sex then when I was younger. Then one day I crossed the line, on how I viewed sex and the emotions that went with it. It all starts with my choices of life, when I am bored and have nothing muc... Continue»
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Summer Night in Port Hueneme

We are at a beach house near Port Hueneme overlooking the ocean....
It is a warm evening...with a brisk breeze off the waves....we are sitting in a jacuzzi...on a deck elevated 2 stories off the sand.
You are wearing a red 'barely there' bikini ...You look amazing.
I'm sitting with some board shorts with bright blue waves on one leg. Your perfect little ass is half in and out of the bubbles...
You keep leaning over the watch the waves.....and the sunset.
You are pointing out the waves...the sandpipers running from the shore to the edge of the waves...then back ... Continue»
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A Warm Sunny Day. Part 1

My name is Josh, I'm 18 years old and had just returned home after my first term at university ,tired and ready to unpack and catch up with a few friends later. It was a warm sunny day, my parents had left earlier for a few days at the coast and I thought that I would do a spot of nude sunbathing in our well screened back garden letting the sunshine warm and rejuvenate my tired body.
I stripped off quickly and lay down on one of the two side by side sunbeds. I could feel the warmth of the gentle sunshine on my naked body. I had brought my MP4 player out with me, I selected some tracks and ... Continue»
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First Night Out as a Sissy

It was the first time I dared to act on my fantasies but the timing was most certainly perfect! Feeling the urge to explore my sissy side out in the world, I decided I’d hit the local sports bar in hopes I’d find a man that I could make want what I had to give.

After taking my time doing all the preparation for a confidant night, I put on my favorite panties and my tightest jeans (the ones I would never dare to wear outside until this night). I was getting so excited with anticipation of making my fantasies come true that I could feel I was having a hard time breathing. As I looked at my p... Continue»
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Scott and Beth

I had met Scott a couple of times and had spoken to Beth on the phone as she watched me jack off on camera. Strangers we hardly were. However, the last time Scott and I had gotten together didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. I intended to change this soon.

After getting back from being gone for 6 months, I was extremely horny. I also was still desiring something that I hadn’t yet had. Unfortunately, I was still an anal virgin. I had played with toys, but that was not the same. I was definitely wanting something more real.

I got onto Yahoo Messenger and was hoping Scott would log... Continue»
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the never ending sex story

I saw her for the first time a long time ago when she was young. I had not seen her again till this day . So I am down at this local park where alot of teen age k**s hang out . Yea some of them are thugs and some are just stoners and then there are your preppy folk that come down to the park . They usually have there dog walking them . Well this park is pretty wild from what I have seen . I mean there is sex going on in the woods at this little park . . I say this because she was on this giant blanket on her knees slurping and sucking on this old mans cock . He had this suit on and she she wa... Continue»
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Basic Training

It was a quarter till nine in the morning and I was running late. Well, not really. I was just in a hurry to get to the health club. I'd volunteered to be an instructor in 'free weight training' a couple of months ago, and I'd found it was something I never regretted. This morning for example, I had an appointment with a new chick that had just joined a couple of days ago. Her name was Lisa, and from what I'd seen of her the other day is what put me in such a rush this morning. She was a knockout!!

I'd been down in the free weight room in the middle of instructing some high school k** in do... Continue»
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How She got me to love BBC. (Part 1)

I enter the local supermarket once I get off the train on my way home from work. It is almost summer and yet the majority of the womeb walking around think that it is. So many of them are dressed in such provocative ways. I am not angry about it at all! I walk in to the market to pick up some milk to take home as I am listening to Mozart on my phone and not trying not to pay attention to anything, but then just like that, a glorious vision pops up in front of me. A striking Latina who is just beyond belief gorgeous. She is tall, with long hair, and she is wearing a short skirt that is barely t... Continue»
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Humiliated By Two Girls

I enjoy camping. Most times I just go to a campsite and pretend to rough it with a hundred or so of other suburbanites. This was one of those times, and once my tent was up, I ventured out for a swim and checked out my surroundings. There were a few families, couples, and a few single people. No one seemed like they would get out of hand and ruin the stay. The beach was fairly packed and the water warm. I surveyed the eye candy once I got out deeper and pretended to tread water as I pulled my trunks down and rubbed my dicklette while checking out a few girls in string bikinis diving near ... Continue»
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