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Don't Be Shy

Don't be shy with me... Fuck me, Fuck my tight little fuckhole. I want to feel your balls smack my clit as you grab a tit with each hand relentlessly, mercilessly pounding my sweet ass with your fat cock.

Mmm Fuck! I scream as I feel your cockhead enter me, pushing your long fat shaft all the way deep inside my ass with one hard push. Pulling completely out and pushing it straight back inside for the first few thrusts.

Feeling my body warming as your fat cock thrusts slowly and deeply. Pulling my ass higher as you grab my hips hungrily. Forcing moans from my lips as I grab the sheet hold... Continue»
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Young cravings CH. 03 (final part)

This the third in a series, so you should read the other two first.

It worked for a while. I didn't see Billy again until a few months later. It was a Sunday evening in late autumn, one month to the day after Luke's 18th birthday.

Sundays mean two things in our house. Football and laundry. Specifically, I do the laundry, and Simon and Luke watch football.

Simon and Luke were in the living room, watching the game. Simon had already gone through one six pack and had started another. As was custom since Luke had turned 14, Simon let Luke have a beer as well. It bothered me a little bit, ... Continue»
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A night in a slave's life

A Night in a Slave's Life

A full moon rises on this cool spring night.
While an icy breeze blows through the trees in the pale moon light.
A blond haired woman is bound naked in the forest.
Wrists crossed behind her back, helpless, vulnerable, surrounded by the crickets chorus.

Slave’s purple high heels reflecting the full moons beams.
A purple ball gag, clinched between slave’s red, pout lips, silences any possible screams.
The icy breeze dances across her perfectly smooth flesh causing goose pimples.
Led there by a leather leash connected to the chain of the nipple clamps secur... Continue»
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PART ONE...Having fun with a good friend on public

Hi my cute furry xhamsters!! I am Anne also known as Anna or low key Micha...Shhh!!! So I was with one of my Bff/Bf/boy toy Alex, we were on a casual trip/adventure to L.A for the day. Well me and Alex had just finished a lil bottle of alchy, well he had a surprise he had brought some nose candy*(shhh..Again) I told him my experience with this shit it makes me dumb and horny and some what Plus I was dressed supper cute as always with a lil skirt and a cute shirt... Alex wanted to party and told me he wanted to see what I meant by this, he told me that I am safe to do wha... Continue»
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D, the girl that wants to please Part two

As i was telling you earlier, i had just started licking and sucking her toes and feet and i was so hard i started to feel light headed. I mean i didnt have so much fun in a looooong time seeing how i am in a relationship. But this girl made up for all those months having the same dish. Her taste, her smell, her feel and her sexy voice made me feel like im in a different world.
When i got bored playing with her feet and heels i put her heels back on and on my way up i gave her another couple of good licks and once i was face to face with her i finally gave her an amazing long kiss while i ... Continue»
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The story of T part 3

T was a diplomat’s daughter, born on a Fijian island, raised in Canada, qualified allied medical professional who met and married her husband who was 10 years younger. They lived the good life. He was the owner of a successful private equity fund. A smart and incredibly successful man without the shadow of a doubt, but T’s perfect life came to an abrupt end when she discovered he had taken residence with a young eastern European hottie six months before we met.

They had property in North America and several Caribbean islands. His new girlfriend stayed with him in all of these. He even got ... Continue»
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I Am a Gang bang Whore for My Husband and His Frie

We've been talking about doing a full-on gang bang for a while and today it's finally going to happen. In my fantasy it's so rough and I am so helpless against a group of men who just want to beat me and use me to get their cocks off. I'm just their little slut, eager to please in any way and do whatever they want. I know it's your fantasy too. I'm scared but I'm also so turned on thinking about it that I can hardly concentrate on anything else!

You arranged the evening yourself. I'm not sure what you planned exactly but people were due to arrive any moment and I was dressed as you had inst... Continue»
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May's Taboo Chapters 9 and 10

May’s Taboo
Chapter Nine

It was Lucky for me that the Judge and I have been having an ongoing relationship over the past few years. Because when I entered his room we were able to get right down to business. There was no nervous tension that sometimes exists between two people that are new to each other. I even recognized there was no thrill at exposing myself in front of him like I get when I pose in front of Mark’s camera... Continue»
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My Friend

I have great sex with my friend's husband. She is not into sex and has tiny tits so he and I play nasty. I love his nine inch cock and he can fuck at least three times a night or day. Thursday he came over at ten in the morning and as soon as he got in the door I stripped him naked and began to jerk his cock as I kissed him. He soon pulled my clothes off and was finger fucking my cunt deep and hard. Then I shoved him down to eat pussy. He is very good at this and licks and suck and tongues. He keeps my hole clean of all the cum I give him.

We soon ended up in my bed and I was sucking his c... Continue»
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Sunday League - 0 Slutwife lost count

Last year we visited an old friend of mine, we went to school together. As we grew up we up we went drinking together and played Sunday League Football for the same team. Eventually, as you find, our lives had moved apart as we had families and jobs but we always kept in touch. We'd met up sometimes and our wives got on well too so when they he invited me to watch our old team we looked forward to having a few drinks and catching up over old times.

Then next day his wife had a bit of an emergency with a friend, something about her husband cheating on her if I remember. So my friend took m... Continue»
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The Beauty of Urge and Lust

It was a warm afternoon tea time--outdoor pub, the best spot for relaxing. We've promised to meet up in this exact venue. While waiting for her, I've decided to browse through the menu.

While I was focusing on the menu, I smell a wonderful scent of aroma from distance. In my mind, it's smells like my girlfriend's legging that filled with floral scent, while pairing with sexy high-heel boots. From the visual of it, I could feel my bottom begins to erect enormously. Somehow I couldn't help fantasizing it. So i decided to order a glass of wine. As the waitress began pouring wine, I began to p... Continue»
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The summer of 1981

Although I'm now 50 years old and happily married now and 7 years into my second marriage, the summer of 1981 was a lot different. This is a totally true story.

I was 17 at the time and I'd not had full sex with anyone, just groping, fingering with various girlfriends, the odd handjob when we both were d***k but then when were both sober next day pretending nothing had happened.

Then, in May 1981, I kept seeing this lad who was roughly the same age as me, usually as I walked home from work during the dinner break, while he was messing around on a rope swing on the tree near the start of... Continue»
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Video Man

I am a video freak, I mean I love cameras of all types and using them also. I have become a great photographer and video production guy. People can't believe that at the age of fifteen I am so good at what I do. I have won many awards for my videos and photos. I started a business to make money making videos and taking photos.
My s****r, Sissy, who is ten years older than me and married came to me with a different kind of request. She wanted me to make a porno of her doing three strangers that she could show to her husband. They are into wife swapping and swinging and stuff like that and ... Continue»
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Older MMF

Ten years ago Donna and I were on holiday in the Algarve, after a day of sunbathing we decided to eat in the hotel restaurant instead of going out in the town. We were sat overlooking the bay when another couple came and sat at the next table. We got talking and Geoff was 66 and his wife, Carol was 63 but she was in a wheelchair due to a stroke 20 years ago.

It seemed that Geoff had to give up his job to care for his wife for 20 years, this was there first holiday for 8 years. As we talked we seem to have a lot in common and had a really good time. After dinner we headed to the bar and Geof... Continue»
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A Weekend of Pleasure and Pain - Final Part B

This is the second iteration of what turned out to be the final chapter in this adventure. After Final Part A ended up being a little too heavy, this story line was born. Which is better? Your choice...enjoy :)

And we sl**p, wholly and completely. We spend an exhausted night just wrapped in each other. And it is brilliant. sl**ping in Your embrace is the perfect end to a long and boundary-blowing night. i am completely at ease and comfortable in Your arms. There is no better end to a night like i’ve just had. i sigh, and smile, and sink even deeper into blissful slumber... Continue»
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Suzanne setting up a metting for her first BBC

To catch everyone up on what has gone on. It all started when I walked in on Suzanne masturbating with her feet tied to our guest bedroom bed and fantasizing about being fucked by a BBC. I then got her a black dildo and she rewarded me with her BBW friend Kelly. At that point I took Suzanne to an adult theater and she got to suck off a few black cocks in a gloryhole.
The next evening from our visit to the adult theater Suzanne got in the shower and cleaned herself up. I was in the bedroom watching TV. After about 20 minutes Suzanne walked into the bedroom totally naked and announced tha... Continue»
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The Redhead's Secret

The other night I saw a woman on the subway. A beautiful woman, probably in her late 20's, with long dark red hair, pale skin, and a body seemingly covered, every inch, in freckles. She wore a white blouse and a green pencil skirt, as if she'd just come from the office, though it was late, past 10pm, too late for her to have come from the office. She must have stopped somewhere after. She sat quietly in a corner, smiling to herself, as if she had some secret only she knew of. So I couldn't help but wonder to myself, what that s... Continue»
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My buddy Mike

It had been a good night but it was time to leave. I gave my mate Mike the
usual big hug and he kissed me on the cheek at which I looked at him
in the eyes and said "I love you". Without a second thought I leaned in and
kissed him full on the lips and to my surprise his mouth opened and his tongue
snaked into my mouth.

With our mouths locked to each other his hands slid to my bum and squeezed
my cheeks firmly meanwhile I was fumbling to unfasten his jeans. I slid his
jeans down and slipped my hand into his briefs and grasped his rapidly thickening
shaft. With our tongues entwined
... Continue»
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The following story is fiction, but is based on a real life female who works at a local Macdonalds Drive-thru.

Its Early evening, and im driving back from work, i was feeling hungry but couldn't be arsed cooking, i knew there was a Macdonalds on my route home, so i pulled in, placed my order n paid for it, i was waiting for it, when a supervisor popped her head out of the window saying my order was ready and if i parked up somebody would come out with it, found a nice spot in the car park which was not full.
What seemed like ages, my food turned up it was brought out to me by a fr... Continue»
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Fucked 3: The Abbey

There is nothing remotely remarkable about this story, two consenting adults of the opposite sex -
albeit with quite an age gap - but basically just two co workers fucking in a hotel room. It was, for
whatever reason REALLY erotic, so I just hope I can tell the story well enough to put it across:

In the stories Fucked and Fucked2 I ended up having a romp with my 19 - years - older colleague, Derek,
and his on/off girlfriend the GORGEOUS Elaine, and then (in Fucked 2) I just Fucked everybody else.

This was the first time Derek and I had actually been 'one on one'.

We were on ... Continue»
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